$Id: CHANGES.txt,v 1.3 2005/03/24 15:42:08 vauclair Exp $ 2005/03/24, 2.

2beta1 (r2_2b1) ============================= Notes: This release fixes all known bugs. It has been tested on various platforms and computer architectures. Mac OS X and Sparc Solaris are now fully supported. New features improve the user experience. Simplified release system: EJP Tracer and Presenter are now versioned and released together. Presenter changes: - Fixed bug #925446 "Method ID of exit event (xxx) does not match entry event (yyy)". The parser was not correctly detecting when a method was entered with a given version of a loaded class, and exited with another version. - Fixed bug #928574 "fails to load (EOFException in RandomAccessFile)". Improved classloader parser performance by buffering input. - File(s) to open can be specified on the command line. - Support for big (>2GB) .ejp files. - When deep-expanding nodes, a progress dialog is now displayed. The operation can be stopped at any time by clicking on the Cancel button. - Improved screenshots of displayed tree (the whole tree is now exported, not only the part viewable in the scroll pane). - Implemented export of displayed tree to HMTL, XML and CSV. - File chooser dialog remembers last browsed directory (only during the application lifetime). - Nodes no longer display method parameters, but show "..." instead. This was done to hopefully improve readability. - Times of entry into a method and exit from it are now displayed in node tooltips. - Java files are compiled with the debug (-g) option. - Exception stack traces are displayed in Log window. - Support for big-endian files. Tracer changes: - Fixed bug #904736 "Assertion fails in stl_alloc.h, line 291". - Fixed bug #926898 "Assertion failed: m_methodIdStack.back() == methodId_". - Implemented RFE #1056040 "Mac OS X Support". - Applied patch #899847 (ability to specify location of filter.cfg). Thanks to Jon Nall. - Fixed a bug where some threads could be incorrectly named. - Fixed a crash where output file was closed and renamed before all events were written to it. - New output files format (incompatible with previous versions). - Removed dependency to zlib. - New file naming scheme: when a thread is created, its file name extension is ".ejp.!"; when the thread is terminated, its file name extension is changed to ".ejp". - Support for GCC 3.4. - Sample startup script and filters for JBoss. - Fully tested on the following environments: * ppc-darwin * sparc-solaris * x86-linux * x86-solaris * x86-win32-cygwin * x86-win32-mingw

that hides nodes which time spent is bellow a customizable threshold. Changes: . Tracer 2. . 2004/01/07.Reactivated suppression of time spent in profiler.0beta1 or later. .Fixed a very common bug (aka JBoss/Catalina bug) occurring in multi-threaded applications during startup of some specific threads (SF bugs #873770 and probably #660473). Tracer 2.cfg). Generated trace files are compatible with EJP Presenter v2.Raised size of output file buffers to 4kb to improve performance.Replaced memory-mapped buffers with random access files to fix an error when opening big files (1GB or more). Will see if this is problem in some environments. This release also fixes the crash reported in JBoss. . Generated trace files are compatible with EJP Presenter v2. Catalina and some other multi-threaded applications.1beta2 (r2_1b2) ==================================== Notes: This release fixes an assertion failure introduced by previous release.Implemented customizable class filters to restrict data acquisition (SF RFE #873411).1beta1 (r2_1b1) ==================================== Notes: This release introduces a major (and most requested) feature: the filtering of profiled classes.0beta1 or later.g. Adds a new filter that hides less significant nodes. J2EE applications inside their containers.Differed file creation and buffered file output to improve performance. . Changes: .Added a new filter: Remove-non-significant. .2004/02/12. As a drawback.Made filters no longer customizable once a view is created.1beta1 (r2_1b1) ======================================= Notes: Fixes I/O errors occurring while loading huge files into the Presenter.Handled unloading of classes and methods by the JVM (SF RFE #885469).Fixed invalid (-1) body times in leaf nodes.Fixed a bug (assertion exception during application shutdown) introduced by new filter implementation (SF bug #895888). . . Presenter 2. . . memory used by the Tracer increases significantly. This release is compatible with trace files created by EJP Tracer v2.0beta1 or later. 2004/02/07. .cfg about the implicit final include rule. Class filter rules are defined using simple configuration files (see a sample in bin/filter.Fixed EOL of logs on Win32. .Added a documentation note in filter. It makes it reasonable to profile e. Changes: .

ESCAPE key closes the dialogs.Mnemonics and default buttons for New View and Run Program dialogs. 2003/12/15.New indexed encoding of method events allow for lazy parsing by the Presenter. . .Initial implementation of a lazy parser. It has also been heavily refactored to improve maintainability. Tracer 2. . Changes: . Excluded package list can be customized for each view. but rather collects the information needed to display the first tree level. Zlib compression is disabled for now. For this reason. Presenter 1.Remove-packages filter to hide specific Java packages. .Handled files now end with ". This release only handles trace files created by EJP Tracer v2.ejp". but is currently not acceptable in terms of speed because of the file format used. . Generated trace files can only be opened by EJP Presenter v2. It is now possible to remove from display.2003/12/15. . so generated files are very big.0beta1 (r2_0b1) ======================================= Notes: New lazy parser feature. User experience was improved with keyboard accelerators in many places of the Presenter. 2003/08/06. the lazy parser is disabled by default for the moment. indexed. Changes: .0beta3 (r1_0b3) ======================================= Notes: New feature: package filter. . .Keyboard accelerators: + (expand).0beta1 or later.Better correction of the time spent in profiler. Presenter 2.Thread-safe access to disk to prevent data corruption and to the console. .Generated files now end with ". and solves most memory problems.(collapse) and * (expand all) for call call tree navigation. Allows for instant and little memory-consuming loading of trace profiles. Such a parser does not read whole files at once.0beta1 or later. the nodes for events on methods declared in classes from specific packages.Updated STL allocator to fix rare access violations on Win32 with MinGW. encoding of profiles is under design and should address this issue. Tree nodes are loaded into memory and processed only when opened. This early implementation results in lower memory usage.New Common. .Lazy parser. An optimized. Additional information is read from file as nodes are expanded by the user. . whatever their size is.0beta1 (r2_0b1) ==================================== Notes: This release contains fixes for some major bugs. .Mnemonics and accelerators for many menu items.ejp". This results in instant loading of profiles. Changes: .Thread names are now always correctly obtained.

. Should result in performance enhancement and lower memory overhead during profiling. . 2003/08/05.Fixed a compilation problem under Solaris with GCC: added the "-mimpure-text" command-line option.0beta3.Updated run scripts for Win32. Those are automatically activated when creating new views.Fixed initial search path for Tracer output files. . Changes: .Simplified the ID entropy reduction system.Refactorings implied in its implementation resulted in one minor feature being temporarily disabled: the progress bar no longer shows up during parsing. . Note that this version is no longer compatible with profiles generated by EJP Tracer versions before 1. This should close bugs 628914. Tracer 1.0beta3. Tracer 1. When started up from another directory than bin/.Updated for new multi-threading support of EJP Tracer v1. . . Changes: . Presenter 1. 660473 and possibly more.Added new feature: default filters.Added multi-threading support. . It also addresses some compilation and execution issues.Fixed correction of time spent in the profiler agent's code for more accurate . support for old profiles could easily be added if it is required by users. they now correctly find required libraries.0beta4 (r1_0b4) ==================================== Notes: This version introduces a new ID entropy reduction system that results in lower overhead on speed and memory during profiling. A set of default filters can now be specified in the settings.Updated instructions for building the native library.a presence on Solaris (thanks to Richard Collingridge for reporting this potential issue). Thanks to Richard Collingridge for reporting the problem and suggesting this solution. 2003/06/13. Changes: .Fixed displayed ratios for 0-second profiles. Thanks to Sebastien Caille for the initial implementation of thread contexts.0beta2 or later.Minor changes in Funnel filters order. Added a notice about libz. Defined environment variables are now exported.0beta3 or later.0beta3 (r1_0b3) ==================================== Notes: Requires EJP Presenter v1. EJP Tracer now generates one output file per thread and safely protects shared resources with JVM monitors.0beta2 (r1_0b2) ======================================= Notes: Requires EJP Tracer v1. . Thus.Updated run scripts for Unik-likes. . 2003/06/13.

.0beta1 (r1_0b1) ==================================== Notes: First public release. .Added a Win32-MSVC++ project for building zlib as a multi-threaded static library. Tracer 1.Fixed linux makefile. 2002/03/23.Applied various refactorings to source code to make it look more like C++. Thanks to Dirk Hoffmann for suggesting and implementing the solution. . .0beta2 (r1_0b2) ==================================== Notes: Includes a pre-built DLL for Win32.Included win32 DLL to release script. Linux. . 2002/03/23.Fixed method list size limitation by using a STL map.Added a BUILDING.timings.0beta1 (r1_0b1) ======================================= Notes: First public release.Added a MinGW makefile. Changes: . . Presenter 1. Addresses one of the most reported bugs: method list size limitation.Modified makefiles for Solaris. Tracer 1. . 2003/05/06. Improves performance. Win32-MinGW and Win32-MSVC++ to factorize common parts. .txt file with detailed instructions for supported platforms. .Included Java samples for tests.

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