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A major band gets
a major label

taking back

Adam Lazzara’s
new perspective

Sister Hazel outlives

and outlasts on Release

The Trouble boston’s buzz

with tickets
A proposed merger could
band fights
turn the whole business
into one giant auction
the hype
(AIR) Guitar
Melting faces and
saving the world, one
performance at a time

remembering the georgia theatre>>


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The buzz instigated by five Boston
kids just barely able to buy a Sam
Adams at their local beer joint is

passion pit
inescapable — and quickly making its
way to a town near you...

by Kristen Lee

(40) the georgia theatre

A proposed merger of live music giants

could turn the whole business into one
giant auction.
by Ed Morales

questions with sister hazel
by Natalie B. David (46)

A Major Step
(48) The Avett Brothers get a makeover — Rick Rubin style.
by Alec Wooden

New Again
rs. The U.S.
tic controlle and save
e pesky plas melt faces
Forget thos on sh ip s
Champi time.
Air Guitar mance at a
one perfor

the world,

by Natalie
Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara finds a fresh perspective.
by Nicole Black


Ten Tunes Worth Noting

Life...after MJ

Astrology for Musicians

11 spotlights
Regional Report: Memphis, Tenn. 66

13 Manchester Orchestra
Lissy Trullie
Derek Trucks 13
Eric Lindell 14
Eric Heatherly 17
Mindy Smith 18
Vienna Teng 19
fun. 20
Passion Pit 22
Chimaira 24
Marshmallow Coast 25
Blind Pilot 26
Keyshia Cole 28
Van Hunt 29

Futurebirds 30

64 38 EAR CANDY: Album Reviews
TOUR DIARY: Tishamingo
MOVIE PREVIEWS: Worth your money? 67
Mike Epps: A Big Kid Livin’ in a Grown Man’s Body 69

Cool Treats!


Go Ahead, Make My Date
ATHENS LIVE: The Month in Photos 78
DEAR READERS The Athens Blur Magazine
“Just be there opening night.”
That’s all Wilmot Greene wants — or, at least, that was his response to my P.O. Box 7117
hollow-feeling (yet heartfelt) question, ‘what can we do to help?’
As he says this, his pride and joy (The Georgia Theatre) isn’t even two weeks Athens, Ga 30604
removed from being gutted by fire. Donations and goodwill continue to pour
in, but rebuilding the joint isn’t, at this point, a foregone conclusion.
Main Office(706) 353-7799
Still, he’s confident: just be there opening night. Amazing. For my part, Sales(706) 207-9091
there’s not a circumstance on this planet that could keep me from it.
The truth is, of course, there is more we can do.
As a community, keep giving. Don’t let the donations slow as we become Executive Editor
further removed from the tragedy on Lumpkin street. As music fans, get out Alec Wooden
to one of the many benefit shows that continue to pop up around town. Oh, at the Theatre opening night.
For our part as Blur Magazine, we’re trying to pitch in a couple ways. This Director of Sales
month’s centerfold feature is a simple and poignant look back at memories Stephen Simmons
made in the Theatre. Photographer Kevin Quinn generously donated a large
part of his archives for the project, showcasing photos from around 2001-
2009. Following the photo spread are just a few of the favorite memories from Account Executives
a wide range of people both willing and eager to share some of their favorite Adrienne Klein
times had in the building.
Also, I’d like to draw your attention to the page normally dedicated to the Jim McGahee
Georgia Theatre advertisement (this month, immediately after the above-
mentioned section) as we announce our efforts to chip in on the fundraising. Zach Greco
In partnership with, Blur is proud to sponsor “Re-
vive the Theatre,” a massive percentage day planned for Saturday, August 22 at Jen Allen
more than 20 establishments around Athens. These businesses have generous-
ly offered a percentage of their full day’s sales, which will be gathered and do-
nated through the current online giving means at Advertising Interns
For a full list of participating bars and restaurants, see the advertisement or Elaine Emma Kelch, Morgan Kelly, Julia Ott
visit If you’re around on the 22nd, get out
to eat, grab a few beers, an ice cream cone, whatever. Know that every dollar Design
you spend will be chipping in to the rebuilding battle — and it’s a long, uphill Colin Dunlop, Lauren Mullins,
battle — and getting us one step closer to opening night at The Theatre. Carlye Norton, Alec Wooden

Editorial Interns
Jessica Cole, Will Hackett, Lindsey Lee
Kristen Lee, Lauren Moot, Julie
Alec Wooden McCollum, Sarah Saltzman
Executive Editor
Contributing Editor
Jon Ross
editor’s playlist Contributing Writers
old or new, 10 songs I can’t get enough of this month Natalie David, Ed Morales,
Zac Taylor, Jon Ross, Melissa Coker, Amanda
“1901” Phoenix “Sunken Union Boat”
Cuda, Matt Fink, Kelly Skinner, DeMarco
John Vanderslice
Williams, PT Umphress, Jacquie Brasher
“So Blue” The Corduroy Road
“I’m Sorry Baby, But You Can’t Stand For general comments and inquiries:
“Cold Hands” Black Lips in my Light Anymore”
Bob Mould
“Polyanna” Patterson Hood For advertising opportunities:
“Trillion Candles” A PostWar Drama
“Miss Bliss” Dodd Ferrelle The Athens Blur Magazine issue 9, copyright©2009
“I’ll Be There” Jackson 5 (really) By The Athens Blur Magazine, INC. The Athens Blur Magazine is
an eight issue/year music and variety publication, proud to be
“Jessie The Goat” Joker’s Daughter based in the “Classic City” of Athens, Ga. All rights reserved. No
part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or part in
any way by any means unless written permission is received from
the publisher. Published monthly except for each summer issue
ON THE COVER: Boston’s Passion Pit, celebrating the release in the United States of America and distributed free of charge
(limit one copy per reader, each subsequent copy is distributed
of the new record, Manners. Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg. at a charge of $4.95). Postmaster send address changes to The
Athens Blur Magazine, P.O. Box 7117 Athens, Ga. 30604



Life...after mj “Jackson’s now cancelled
“This Is It” London show
remembering the man in the mirror series had him originally
Pop quiz, music fans: who’s the only 1980’s. He even holds a record for having
scheduled to appear 10 times
artist more popular than Presley and more the most records by a recording artist. A at London’s O2 Arena. When
prolific than Lennon? record for having records? Wow. But the
You got it. Michael Joseph Jackson. most interesting record to me? Jackson
ticket sales went through the
Okay, so I don’t mean that — com- holds the Guinness for the most chari- roof (at one point, sales num-
pletely. But let’s break it down for a sec- ties donated to by a recording artist. For bers were around 11 tickets/
ond. Like Elvis, MJ understood that being all the controversy that swirled around the
a musician wasn’t enough. His heart rest- beleaguered star, a whole lot of good came second), Jackson bumped the
ed in presentation, and no one did it bet- from his misunderstood life. number to 50 shows. Here’s
ter. Like Lennon, MJ wrote songs unlike The jarring thing about Jackson’s death
any other in his time period, showcasing — again, I dare say as it was with Pres- some perspective: when Paul
a genius unparalleled. So while it’s tough ley and Lennon — is that he was not an McCartney tickets for Citi
to make the above blanket statement, it’s artist totally out of the sphere of cultur-
certainly a defensable one (by the way, in al relevance, despite the general concen- Field (New York) were going
an interesting coincidental sidenote, Jack- sus that his musical prime was long, long well for two shows, the pro-
son’s death came one day before the 32nd gone. Jackson’s now cancelled “This Is It”
anniversary of Elvis’ final concert). London show series had him original-
moters bumped the number
As was the feeling (I think, I wasn’t ly scheduled to appear 10 times at Lon- up to three shows. A British
around) in 1977 (Elvis’ death) and 1980 don’s O2 Arena. When ticket sales went
(Lennon’s), a generation of fans is now through the roof (at one point, sales num-
star in America added one
left with a simple, profound and hollow bers were around 11 tickets/second), Jack- show by popular demand.
truth about their days on this planet. Life son bumped the number to 50 shows. An American star in Britain
exists now in two distinct spheres: life be- Here’s some perspective: when Paul Mc-
fore June 25, 2009, and life after MJ. Cartney tickets for Citi Field (New York) added 40.”
Jackson is one of those sad cases of were going well for two shows, the pro-
the last decade (think OJ Simpson, if moters bumped the number up to three
you’re a sports fan) whose name has be- shows. A British star in America added
come a punchline in its own right for a one show by popular demand. An Ameri-
joke that needn’t even be said. I didn’t care can star in Britain added 40.
then — 2005, during the trial — and I This column wasn’t originally going to
don’t care now about the allegations. Yes, be about Michael, ya know. By the time
some sick charges were brought forth you read this, he’s been gone for at least
and, was he to be found guilty, nothing a month, and the news outlets have long
would have excused the behavior. But that since retreated from the story. But when I
doesn’t change 200+ million album sales. checked the mailbox today, sitting inside
That doesn’t change countless #1 singles was “Now That’s What I Call Music, Vol.
(back when it meant something to have 31,” and it made me stop in my tracks at
a #1 single). That doesn’t change genius the irony of its arrival date. Looking down
— genius — writing and arranging. It the artist and track list, I couldn’t help but
doesn’t change an untouchable legacy of think the genres Michael bred and saved
showmanship. time and again are essentially dead, as
Any legacy, to be untouchable, must be they have been in his absence from the
properly defined — a chore not even re- music scene before his death. Will we ever
motely difficult when dealing with Jack- see this type of genius again? I’m not con-
son. The week after his death, he sold vinced the answer is yes. I hope it is, but
over 400,000 records and claimed 14 of I just don’t know. There was everything
the top 20 spots on Amazon’s UK charts. before June 25, 2009, which was blessed
The week prior? He sold around 10,000 by his presence. And now, without warn-
and wasn’t even sniffing a chart. Jackson ing, we must head into something which
holds a host of Guinness world records. something music and pop culture is frank-
He claims the top selling record of all ly not prepared — life after MJ.
time, the most successful run of concerts
of all time, and the most #1 hits of the — Alec Wooden
band on fire
behind the buzz of atlanta’s rising rock ACt
On the rock and roll career
trajectory, Manchester Orchestra
is somewhere between up-and-
coming and everywhere (think
Kings of Leon pre-“Sex on
Fire”). The promising signs are
First, there’s the crowd
volume. “It was a pretty sold-out
tour, so that was encouraging,”
said Chris Freeman, Manchester
Orchestra’s keyboardist, calling
in from his hometown of Atlanta
during a two-week break after
wrapping up the U.S. tour.
But for Freeman, the
“something’s happening here”
moment for him occurred a few
years back at Atlanta’s Variety
Playhouse. “Our hopes were
to sell 400 tickets, which was
the most we’d ever sold before,”
he recalled. “A couple of hours
before the show, it sold out at
Photo: James Minchin III
1,200, and we walked onstage
in our hometown and there While the rest of us have example, in “The Only One,”
were 1,200 people there going
ape-shit. …  I just couldn’t stop MANCHESTER been gradually catching on, Hull sings, “I am the only son
smiling the whole show, which ORCHESTRA the band has been steadily
hitting its stride, most evident
of a pastor I know who does the
things I do.” (Hull’s father and
was awesome.” on the group’s recent release, grandfather were pastors.) The
Then, there are the awkward Mean Everything to Nothing, lyrics on the new record have
fame moments. “I had my first WHO’S WHO Manchester Orchestra’s answer gotten more personal than the
encounter with a crying fan,” Andy Hull (vocals, guitar),
Chris Freeman (keyboard), to Weezer’s Pinkerton. first, but sometimes they go over
Freeman admitted. “I had to go “Our goal was to make the even Hull’s own band mate’s
to the bathroom so bad ‘cause I Jeremiah Edmond (drums),
Robert McDowell (guitar), loudest parts louder and the heads. Freeman admitted that
was kind of drunk and we’d just quietest parts quieter,” Freeman for the most part, he isn’t quite
Jonathan Corley (bass)
played. This girl looks at me and said. sure what the lyrics to the music
just starts bawling her eyes out FORMED The effect leans on the he’s playing actually mean. He
and shaking.” (Wait ... it gets 2004 in Atlanta, Ga. dramatic side, but the band’s confessed, “A year later I’m like,
worse.) “I tried to comfort her other influences —  including ‘Oh hey, what the hell were you
until she grabbed my butt. And LABEL the Pixies and Neutral Milk talking about?’”
then it got really awkward.” Favorite Gentleman Hotel as well as what Freeman Remember back when you
Finally, there’s the whirlwind described as the “nasty, grungy, thought you were the only one
schedule. The band played 300 LATEST RELEASE
Mean Everything To Nothing loud” sound of Atlanta bands like listening to Kings of Leon, and
shows in one year following its Dead Confederate — keep the then it turns out most of your
first major release, I’m Like A
edge on. As far as what influence friends were, and then suddenly
Virgin Losing A Child, and the ON THE WEB growing up in the South has had everyone you know name-drops
promotion for this record is just www.themanchester on his music, Freeman said, “We them as their favorite band? Well,
as intense. Freeman said it’s “tour, were all raised in the church, so with Manchester Orchestra,
tour, tour” until Thanksgiving. “I I think that definitely affected your friends are onto them, but
saw the schedule about halfway said), the constant togetherness us musically, and we listened to the band’s music hasn’t exactly
through this last tour, and I makes them tighter. a lot of Christian music growing infiltrated mall department
thought I was gonna have a “When it came time to write up.” stores. It is not a bad spot to be
mental breakdown.” for a record, it was just super easy. Though the discovery of — all of the awareness without
All of that touring does have We’d been around each other for, Radiohead in high school steered the over-saturation that happens
its perks, though. In addition to you know, ever — every day,” the musicians in a different after a big hit song. But at this
upcoming shows in Australia, Freeman said. “Playing all of direction, religious themes do rate, it’s only a matter of time.
England and a gig at Lollapalooza
(“My favorite festival,” Freeman
those shows, you end up getting tend to pop up in singer and  
better by default.” guitarist Andy Hull’s lyrics. For — Julie McCollum



lissy’s european vacation rite of passage

great food, killer accommodations...and a case of swine flu the surreaL Travels of musical prodigy derek trucks
Zac Taylor: You’re fresh back from A yard sale and a $5 salvaged
Europe. How’d the tour go? acoustic guitar provided enough
Lissy Trullie: Our tour was an LISSY TRULLIE intrigue to spark the interest of
unlucky one. Ian fell sick, and then nine-year-old Derek Trucks
the following morning we took to become a musical prodigy. By
him to the hospital in Hamburg WHO’S WHO age 11 he was gigging with some
Lissy Trullie (vocals, guitar), of the industry’s most prolific
where he tested positive for Josh Elrod (drums), Eben
the Swine Flu! We all had to artists of all time, developing
D’Amico (lead guitar), Ian his pickless style and slide guitar
be quarantined and spent three Fenger (bass)
days in a hotel room where we skill.
were not allowed to leave. We FORMED “You’re at an advantage at that
had to cancel a gigantic chunk of 2009 in New York, N.Y. age — musicians will open up
the tour and had to take Tamiflu the book to you and teach you
(wrecks your stomach; not fun). LABEL things if you’re inquisitive and
We were only able to salvage Wichita Recordings your attitude is right, where
a little later in life it becomes
the last two dates — Paris and
Amsterdam — as a three piece.
LATEST RELEASE more competitive,” said Trucks. THE DEREK
All and all, it was not what I was
Self-Taught Learner (2009) “At that age I found that a lot of TRUCKS BAND
expecting from this tour, but I’m world class musicians - whether
ON THE WEB it was Bob Dylan or Buddy Guy,
so happy Ian was alive in the WHO’S WHO
end. sytrullie or people we would do shows Derek Trucks (guitar, photo courtesy derek trucks band

  with — were always pretty open slide guitar), Todd Smal-

and would invite you into their Theatre burned down. I know you see things differently. We try
ZT: How do the European lie (bass), Yonrico Scott
what got us where we are going. circles.” (drums), Kofi Burbridge there are so many musicians that to take that to the stage.”
stagehands and accommodations had a strong tie to that room. Married to blues and soul
Everyone’s a critic, and everyone His father, a roofing contractor, (keyboards), Mike Mattison
compare to those of your most recent That whole scene was thriving artist Susan Tedeschi with two
loves a chance to call bullshit and mother, an elementary school (lead vocals). Count M’Butu
tour of the United States?   when I was just coming to. I was small children, Trucks is the
on something. Give them that teacher, named him after Derek (percussion)
LT: I think the European techs/ starting to gig, play and travel quintessential time manager,
chance and prove them wrong. of Derek and the Dominoes,
sound guys are a little more FORMED and it was an eye-opener seeing continuing to play with the
  and he remains appreciative
attentive, but we’ve had great 1994 in Jacksonville, Fla. all of those great musicians — Allman Brothers Band —
ZT: Your blog is very charming of his situation. Enduring the
experiences in the U.S., too. As Athens was the hub for it.” who will celebrate their 40th
and honest — great photos, too. grind of the long, slow pathway
for accommodations, Europe LABEL Traveling hard, playing up to Anniversary this year — and
How else do you keep in touch with to stardom, Trucks has received Sony Music/Victor
kills it. Great food. Great 300 shows per year, the members touring behind the new album
fans and keep the word out about accolades and his rite of passage
dressing rooms. You get spoiled of The Derek Trucks Band have with The Derek Trucks Band.
your music? from infamous rock royalty, LATEST RELEASE
over there. managed to maintain a sense of “You make great music that
LT: People have asked me about including Eric Clapton. Carlos Already Free (2009)
  humility about their craft. An you believe in, you don’t cut
Twitter. I can’t think of anything Santana called Trucks’ playing
ZT: What kind of mentality did evolving, growing entity for more corners and your intention
more terrifying (that’s a little bit “stunning” and unlike anything ON THE WEB
you have when you were living in photo: jay hanna than 16 years, the group credits is pure,” explained Trucks.
of an exaggeration), but I have he had ever heard before.
New York and knew you wanted to the Atlanta and Athens music “Then, you throw it out there
ZT: How would you describe the my experience, it can also be a feeling mine would be either “I remember having my whole
pursue the musician life full time? scene — along with the likes of and whoever is turned on by
current New York music scene? Is from the standpoint of the really boring or borderline family in London, staying with youngest musician named to the
Was there a moment when it all Colonel Bruce Hampton & The it — great. Writing the tunes,
it overrated? Do you fit in? Does it journalists labeling my band offensive. Probably not the best Eric Clapton at his place in magazine’s list of the “Top 100
fell into place, or was it a gradual Aquarium Rescue Unit — with recording it and producing it
ever drive you mad? “cool” and using it in a negative idea.  the country,” recalls Trucks. Guitarists of All Time.”
realization amidst working odd contributing to its progression yourself (Already Free), it felt
LT: I think that being from connotation. Many interviews I   “It hit me how surreal it was Asked to join the Allman
jobs to survive? Did you pass into a Billboard chart-topping a little different than the other
NYC often impresses people do are more like myth busters. If ZT: What have you learned and/ watching my dad, the roofer Brothers Band as a permanent
around a mailing list at open mic blues-rock standout with its records. You tour so much and
that aren’t from here, and that’s I had a penny for every time I’ve or taught yourself with the Self- from Jacksonville, Florida, member in 1999,Trucks accepted
nights? Open up for bigger bands? latest release, Already Free. you work so hard and you’re out
something that’s overrated. It heard, “Wow, you’re really nice. Taught Learner EP? What do you sipping tea with Eric Clapton. with assurance that he would
LT: I’ve always played music. It “There was such a great there just trying to make things
should be about the music only. I thought you were too cool for want to do with your upcoming Or, you spend time with guys maintain the freedom to pursue
was never a conscious decision; period in music from the 50’s work. Sometimes you have to
As for fitting in, I don’t think school,” I’d be a rich girl. NYC full-length record? like Santana, people you grew his own work outside of the
it’s just what I do. I went to to the 70’s and so many great take a little break and a deep
that’s ever happened to me, and their idea of “cool” often LT: I learned the value of time. up with completely admiring band. In June 2004, The Derek
college in New York and worked artists — singers, songwriters breath and realize that what
musically and beyond. clouds perceptions. The EP was crammed into and learning from. Just spending Trucks Band released Live at the
a bunch of weird jobs, but I was and musicians,” said Trucks. “It you’re after is right in front of
    a small amount of time and time with them like people, like Georgia Theatre, which Trucks
making music the entirety of seemed to get lost for a while and your face.”
ZT: Much has been made over ZT: There are so many bands in money. For the full length, I’m friends — you definitely cherish considered a turning point —
that time. I’ve done everything become completely commercial
the trendiness of the scene — that New York City. Some are good, but definitely going to experiment those moments.” the group’s first statement as a
from solo gigs to strange arty driven. Music shouldn’t just be — Luanne Byrd
it’s often style over substance. Is most are bad. You’ve managed to with many different instruments Sharing company with the unified band.
conceptual shows to proper for entertainment, it should
there a higher value placed on the take your brand name to the next and sounds that we didn’t have likes of John Mayer and John “Athens was one of the first
opening shows. It just fell into serve a different social function The Derek Trucks Band featuring very special guest
coolness of a band over the quality level. What has set you apart? the resources for before. Also, Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili towns that we started doing JJ Grey & Mofro is the first performance of the
place when it did, I guess, and — it should enhance your life.
of material and performance? Good reviews? Hard work? Luck? it’ll be my first time working Peppers on the cover of Rolling really well in,” said Trucks. “We season in 2009-10 Bud Select Music Series at
thank God. I was fed up not There’s a reason music is in all of
The Classic Center Theatre. Tickets for the 8 p.m. show
LT: Yes. Coolness can be LT: I’ve paid my fair share of with a producer.  Stone’s “2007 New Guitar had some great shows over the on Sept. 16 are priced from $20 to $38. For tickets or
being able to only make music.  the major points in your life. It
confused with substance, and dues, but I think working hard   Gods” issue, Trucks was also the years and it’s sad that we’re information call 706.357.4444, visit www.classiccenter.
  has the ability to tap in and make
com or stop by The Classic Center Box Office at 300 N.
that often happens. From and playing lots of shows is — Zac Taylor
 coming back after the Georgia Thomas St. in downtown Athens.



defying description
eric lindell can’t be pinned down
Eric Lindell is a blues
musician. Wait, no — he’s a soul
artist. Actually, hold on there. He ERIC LINDELL
might be a funk musician. Or
a practitioner of New Orleans
inflected rhythms. Or a reggae WHO’S WHO
Eric Lindell (vocals, guitar)
artist. Or ... well, what is he
exactly? FORMED
All of the above and none 1993 in San Mateo, Calif.
of the above, said Lindell, 40,
during a recent phone interview LABEL
from his home in New Orleans. Alligator Records
The San Matteo, Calif., native
has been performing music for LATEST RELEASE
much of his life, but still doesn’t Gulf Coast Highway (2009)
know quite how to define his
style. “It’s kind of all over the
place,” Lindell said.
The musician’s latest album,
Gulf Coast Highway, came out in His musical style continued
April and, like his other releases, to evolve, as he moved to New
combines elements of soul, York City in 1998 and played
New Orleans funk, blues and some gigs there before moving
other styles to create something to New Orleans in 1999. That
unique. Though some critics city quickly became his adopted
have tried to pigeonhole him as home. Upon arriving there, he
a blues or New Orleans artist, discovered the area's roots music
Lindell eagerly admits he doesn’t scenes. He hung out in West
fit into one category, and that’s Bank dive bars in Gretna and
the way he likes it. After all, his Algiers, Louisiana, where he met
tastes in music have always been older musicians who helped him
diverse. Throughout his life and get regular gigs.
career, he’s been influenced by a Lindell has come a long way
variety of artists, including blues since those days. In the 16 years
singer Buddy Guy, reggae artists following the release of Bring it
Toots and the Maytals and Back, he’s recorded several more
Motown acts like Sly and the albums. His last three discs have
Family Stone. “To me, it seems been for  the independent blues
pretty broad,” Lindell said. label Alligator Records, including
Perhaps one of his earliest Gulf Coast Highway. Since that
musical influences was the Los courtesy alligator records album’s release, Lindell has
Angeles band Fishbone, which spent most of his time touring
combined multiple styles, to promote it and is already
“Every record I made in the studio, I just musing on what he wants to do
including punk, funk and ska.
knocked out live. I really took my time with this with his next album. But, for the
That sort of versatility impressed
Lindell, even in his mid-teens, one. Sonically, the record came together nice.” meantime, he’s happy with Gulf
and he credits Fishbone with Coast, which he considers his
most technically assured album
inspiring his loose, undefined — Eric Lindell — to date.
style. “They crossed all genres,
kind of seamlessly,” Lindell said. “Every record I made in
wanted to form a skate band.” honed his guitar and bass studio, I just knocked out live,”
Lindell’s been playing Lindell played the bass in the skills and eventually added the
music practically his whole Lindell explained. “I really took
band, though it wasn’t his first harmonica to his repertoire. my time with this one. Sonically,
life. He received a guitar at choice. “I wanted to play guitar Lindell played with a few short-
age 10 and, just four or five the record really came together
really bad,” he said. “But my lived bands in California before nice.”
years later, Lindell joined his friend was the better guitar starting his own band in 1993.
first band, which consisted of Whatever the future holds,
player, so I got demoted.” In 1996, he produced his debut one thing’s for sure: it won’t be
him and a few friends. “We That little setback aside, album, Bring it Back, and began
were all skateboarders,” he easy to define.
Lindell was quickly hooked building his reputation as an  
explained. “And we decided we on music. As he got older, he eclectic artist to watch. — Amanda Cuda


Oh, the things he can do
guitar slinger is a man of many talents
 What’s in a name? Well, “Heat”
is in Eric Heatherly — in more
ways than one. The multi-award
winning, multi-talented phenom
perennially proves an ever-
engaging showman, startlingly
gifted lyric-shaper and master of
his beloved green Stratocaster. To
call him country’s grooviest guitar
slinger is an understatement.
“I’m not a man of many words ...
but baby I can still communicate/
You’ll understand me when you
hear me play … journey worlds
away from this old bar/Oh, the
things I could do to you with
my guitar,” he cleverly constructs
on “The Things I Could Do to
You,”   a track  from his much-
anticipated album, 2 High 2 Cry.
He can also command attention.
He planted firm roots with first
album, Swimming in Champagne. courtesy eric heatherly

Released in 2000, it hit No. 6 on added, “The glory and all …  it’s show. Both the hot-rod strap
Billboard’s Heatseekers chart,
became its 44th Top Album of ERIC HEATHERLY shallow compared to what artists and the arresting new handcuff
can really do.”  Not to mention strap are distributed worldwide
the Year and yielded three Top his anatomy. It’s quite a visual, at Guitar Center stores (the latter
40 singles. His best known song, though something of a grey area. wherever Levy’s Leathers products
“Flowers on the Wall,” grew to Eric Heatherly (vocals, Heatherly’s self-penned, highly are sold). Just don’t let the cuffs
be the third Top Country single guitar) contagious “Unforgettable” was fool you: this is one man who is
of 2000 and the No. 1 video featured in a recent episode of neither chained in nor imprisoned
on both the Great American FORMED TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy” (On a by the industry.
Country (GAC) and Country 2006 in Nashville, Tenn. related note, Playgirl named him “Every single song [on Cry]
Music Television (CMT) stations. one of country music’s top five is a different vibe and mood,”
He was the sole — and acoustic LABEL
Mercury Nashville sexiest singers, twice). he reflected. “‘Bluer ‘n  Blackie’
—  opener for Merle Haggard at Oh, and another thing. This is mainly for guitar players,
the Ryman Auditorium in 2003. artist, who is such in every sense ‘Unforgettable’  is like roll your
Heatherly has recorded two LATEST RELEASE
2 High 2 Cry (2009) of the word — he paints, for one, windows down, ease back and
more  works, 2002’s  Sometimes It’s plus plays at least 10 instruments groove, and ‘Curb Appeal’  will
Just Your Time and The Lower East ON THE WEB — is really quite a tool. He single- make you get a speeding ticket.
Side of Life in 2005. Sometimes isn’t handedly founded a clothing/ I’m getting a really, really good
widely available, but it does surface icheatherly music accessories company, and unexpected response from the
online from time to time. Life some of his designs have made rawness of ‘Close.’”
traveled to Europe and spawned their way into the Musician’s Hall When it comes to music-
six top 10 singles. day one — make a living playing
music and be able to pay the bills of Fame in Nashville. He also co- making, Heatherly just can’t
Speaking of life, Heatherly got created and patented the hot-rod shake the ache — he’s booked up
an early start on it. He wrote his with a guitar around my neck.”
One way he’s taking matters seatbelt guitar strap, featured on a through 2010.
first song at age eight, took the Guitar Player cover. “I’ve spent the last three years
stage at thirteen, then confronted into his own helping hands is by
placing copies of 2 High 2 Cry and   Lately the strapping star has writing, touring and recording for
the college circuit for a two-year fashioned a handcuff design my real true fans,” he said. “I paid
stint at Yesterday’s (now Midtown more merchandise (like original
lyrics) on eBay, passing along a and divulges he made one for for the making of this record one
Music Hall) in his hometown Miley Cyrus mere weeks ago. He gig at a time.” 
of Chattanooga on the banks of portion of sales to the Make-A-
Wish Foundation.  describes it as soft pink, stone- Stay tuned, and do remember
Graysville, Georgia. lined leather with handcuffs. He his name. Knowing Heatherly,
“If someone asks me what I’m “Make-A-Wish is close to my
heart,” he said. “I’ve sent several also made a tough jet-black leather he has plenty more hot one-of-
doing now, I tell them, ‘The same strap with black cuffs for Billy Ray a-kind surprises up his well-
thing I’ve done since I was five kids on Disney cruises already
… I love animals and children.” Cyrus. The original design locked outfitted sleeves.              
years old. I never stopped,’” he in a “Show Stopper” designation 

said. “This was really the goal from Heatherly, who rescued his dog,
Lucky, from an animal shelter, at this year’s prestigious NAMM  — Melissa Coker



the next best thing a little less kinky

mindy smith jumps back into the limelight former software engineer traces history through song
Though most musicians have When songwriter Vienna
the unenviable task of spending Teng’s grandparents escaped
most of their careers trying
MINDY SMITH communist China for Taiwan,
to get people’s attention and they left everything behind.
the rest trying to keep it, the WHO’S WHO In the decades since, Teng has
expectations that come along Mindy Smith (vocals) grown up hearing fables of
with being labeled a “next big her father’s childhood in the
thing” are  both a blessing and FORMED Taiwanese rainforest. He told of
a curse. In 2004, Mindy Smith 2003 in Nashville, Tenn. the guns he made out of bamboo
was one such artist, with a and of wild afternoons tying
critically-acclaimed debut LABEL water snakes into pretzels. 
Vanguard Records “My favorite story was about
album (One Moment More), a
single on the radio (“Come to the time when my grandfather
LATEST RELEASE caught an eel in the creek near
Jesus”) and a high-profile fan Stupid Love (2009)
named Dolly Parton who sang his house and wanted to eat it
backup harmonies on Smith’s ON THE WEB by himself but didn’t want my
first record. After 10 years of grandma to know,” said Teng.
struggling and being ignored, she “So he hid it in what he thought
finally had our attention. Smith had that throughout my life was a rain barrel but was instead
made the most of her moment, with music. It’s nothing new. a bottle of rice wine my grandma
appearing on late night television I’ve gone back and forth with was making. [The snake] woke
and barely taking a break from it. Most people look at trying up pretty drunk before he met
nearly two years of touring to go to do art or music, trying to his demise.”
right back into the studio for her have a professional career, [and] Inland Territory, Teng’s latest
follow-up, 2006’s Long Island typically they go, ‘Well, good release, is about roots. The album
Shores. Then, unexpectedly, she luck with that!’ But, for me, it ranges in subject matter from a
released a homespun Christmas was what I was going to do, and grandma’s disapproval of her rock COURTESY ROUNDER RECORDS
album, 2007’s surprisingly it did take me a long time,” she star granddaughter’s lifestyle —
unsentimental My Holiday. And explains. “Sometimes music and yes, it’s autobiographical — to
a song about people running “It was kind of this scary and exhilarating
then nothing. Mindy Smith had
I get along, and sometimes we
don’t, like a relationship.” out of their homes in a flood VIENNA TENG moment where I was like, ‘Alright, here we go, this
“I feel like so much time Music is a fickle lover, to a song about lovers traveling thing I’ve been planning for a couple of years is
has gone by that I don’t know however, and Smith has been through time. finally happening.’”
if people know that I’m still faithful enough to her restless “My last album (Dreaming Vienna Teng (vocals,
around,” she laughs,  seeming creative vision that she probably Through the Noise) was a very guitar)
eager to discuss Stupid Love, mood-centric album, and with — Vienna Teng —
ensures that Stupid Love’s shifts
her eclectic and darkly cathartic from electronic to acoustic, from Inland, I thought it was more FORMED
important for me to dig deeper 2003 in Saratoga, Calif. have a job while I was sorting would have to quit. It was kind
fourth album. “I think, to me, it pop to rock to country, will face
with what was on my mind. that out.” of this scary and exhilarating
embodies an explanation of the long odds in finding the sort of
There were a lot of things that LABEL So as she worked as a software moment where I was like,
two years that I took off from COURTESY vanguard records mass audience that will pay off
were going on with my family Rounder Records engineer to support herself, ‘Alright, here we go, this thing
music. I had some things that I Smith’s mortgage. She might
at the time,” Teng said. “There Teng recorded her first album I’ve been planning for a couple
had to deal with in my personal “But, for me, it was what I was going to do, not have a future at the top of LATEST RELEASE
were a lot of people who made and released it on her own. She of years is finally happening.’”
life. Sometimes you have to and it did take me a long time. Sometimes music the charts, but in continuing to Inland Territory (2009)
a lot of sacrifices for me to have started putting her music online She admits that she’s always
release that, and I feel like this reinvent herself song by song,
and I get along, and sometimes we don’t, like a the life I have and there are a lot for people to buy, she submitted been a bit “kinky,” always the one
record is an exploration of failed she has the next best thing. ON THE WEB
relationship.” of people making sacrifices for music to reviewers, she learned to gravitate towards the geeks
relationships and my career being “There might be people who
their children right now. There’s how to book her own shows and and the nerds as “her natural
on hiatus. Sometimes you think go, ‘Oh, this was not what I
just the sense of me needing to she started soliciting labels — all tribe,” which may explain her
relationships are going a certain — Mindy Smith — was expecting or wanting,’ lifestyle of a performer is a
recognize that and to find my of which took about three and a obsession with dissecting the
way, but they’re not. I think it’s but, personally, I think it’s my bit of a second life for Teng.
way to feel grateful for that, half years. songs of musical greats like
just about life … or my life,” she skittering electronic beats (“Love songwriting as therapy, one that favorite record,” she explains. “I Though she’s been playing piano
which has led to a lot of the “When I really made the Radiohead or John Coltrane
says. “It’s hard to explain.” Lost”). There are brokenhearted captures a period of time when write songs and do all this stuff since she was five years old and
songs. A lot are autobiographical leap from software engineer to (her own music sounds similar
What Smith struggles to banjo-laden ballads (“If I Smith was content to be away so that I can just sing. That’s always saw it as “unchallenging
— some of which are more musician, I had been working to Sarah McLachlan with a shot
explain in conversation is Didn’t Know Any Better”) and from her responsibilities and really my agenda,” she laughs. and comforting,” it wasn’t until
like me imagining things like for Cisco for two years, and I of Dido with a little Feist thrown
abundantly clear on Stupid ruminations on a devastated wasn’t even sure she wanted to “So I make up all these songs so an epiphany halfway through
situations in the Middle East or had just gotten signed to a small in for good measure). But it’s the
Love, however. There are breezy internal landscape hidden under continue making records. I can sing them. That’s what has college that she knew she wanted
past lives or future lives.” independent label who wanted content of her songs that sets
drink-myself-into-a-stupor driving electric guitars (“What “I did feel like that,” she always brought me back, having to be a musician.
As a computer science major me to tour,” she said. “I looked her apart. After all, stories are in
ballads (“What Went Wrong”) Love Can Do”). Obsessively admits. “But it’s all I know how an opportunity to use my voice.” “I didn’t really know where
from Stanford University and at my calendar and saw that I her blood.
and frustrated post-breakup disillusioned but never self- to do. I said, ‘Nuts to this! I need 
 to begin,” she said, “so I figured
a former employee of Cisco had used up all of my vacation  
ruminations scattered over pitying, the album is a study in to do something else.’ But I’ve — Matt Fink
 I might as well graduate and
Systems, songwriting and the days, so if I wanted to tour, I — Kelly Skinner


for the FUN of it

Members of The Format, Anathallo and Steel Train have a blast
It takes some guts to name
your band “fun.” By definition, fun.
it’s a word used to express
enjoyment and amusement,
but it implies a slurry of other WHO’S WHO
upbeat meanings, from the Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost,
whimsical to the adrenaline- Jake Antonoff
fueled. But for the band fun, the
new project from The Format’s FORMED
Nate Ruess, Anathallo’s 2008 in New York, N.Y.
Andrew Dost and Steel Train’s
Jake Antonoff, the word has
even more complications. 
“It’s scary. It’s really scary to LATEST RELEASE
have a band called ‘fun,’ because Aim and Ignite (2009)
you’re very much expected to
be fun or be zany and wacky ON THE WEB
or be danceable,” said Dost
via telephone from Michigan,
admitting that the group’s worse I’ve yet to know,” Ruess
debut, Aim and Ignite, doesn’t sings in his identifiable voice on
exactly match those descriptors. the album opener, “Be Calm.”
“We might not be fun. It might The record is a departure from
be ironic. It might be true. I The Format’s more straight-to-
don’t know.” the-point indie pop. The quirky,
Formed in 2008, the band effervescent tunes found on Aim
was born from the sudden and Ignite contain the obvious,
announcement that beloved over-the-top influences of
indie pop band The Format had ‘70s icons like Queen and
called it quits. “The news about ELO mixed with the style of
The Format was very much a modern bands like Weezer and
surprise,” said Dost, who had Superdrag. It’s a sound that
toured with The Format as certainly won’t alienate The
an added instrumentalist in Format’s anxious fans but still
support of 2006’s Dog Problems. sets the band apart from simply
Dost and Ruess had already becoming The Format 2.0.
bonded over a shared love of “I think once they hear the
‘70s pop and Weezer B-sides. record, they’ll understand that
They had even worked on a there are a lot of different
few tunes together while on the people in play,” Dost said. “And
road. When Ruess came calling if it still sounds like a Format
about the possibility of a new record, that’s not a bad thing.
project, Dost didn’t hesitate. I think the Format’s a great
“I don’t think I really had to band, and I would be proud to
think about it at all,” Dost said. courtesy big hassle media
sound like that, but when I hear
“It was pretty much instant.” the record, I can definitely hear
But following the analogy traces of everybody’s hands that
that a band is like a marriage, “It’s scary. It’s really scary to have a band called
were in the mix.”
did Dost feel at all like Ruess’s ‘fun,’ because you’re very much expected to be As for the band’s name, it
rebound? fun or be zany and wacky or be danceable.” may not be a sound that people
“If anything, we were both associate with “fun” now, but
rebounding,” he explained. “I they hopefully soon will. “It’s a
had recently parted ways with — Andrew Dost, fun. —
lot to live up to basically,” Dost
my band, and we were just said. “It’s a weird, bold choice
really in a similar point in time creative endeavor with the walk through the new streets
and it’s one that’s a little scary,
in our lives. It didn’t feel at all three of us.” of my new city/ my back
but ultimately I really, really
like a rebound — like I was a Aim and Ignite begins with an feeling much better I suppose/
love it.”
second choice to be a part of anecdote of newness, even if it is I’ve reclaimed the use of my

The Format. It felt like a new laden with apprehension. “As I imagination/ for better or for
— Natalie B. David 


ou see a band. You and buzz-wise, but musically

photo: elizabeth weinberg

really like the band.
Then, suddenly, you’re
PASSION PIT I doubt we’d ever be on a bill
together. I’d never say we’d be
in the band. the perfect bill with MGMT
Sounds pretty unreal,but that’s and Vampire Weekend. I don’t
exactly how Nate Donmoyer think we’d draw the same fans
Michael Angelakos (vocals), Frenchkiss Records/
became the drummer in the Ian Hultquist (synths), Ayad Columbia Records at all.”
electro-pop darlings, Passion Al Adhamy (synths, sam- If it sounds like Donmoyer is
Pit. plers), Jeff Apruzzese (bass, LATEST RELEASE complaining, he’s not. Any band
“I’m a DJ — that’s my synths), Nate Donmoyer Manners (2009) would be fortunate to receive
main thing. I ran a show in (drums) the amount of attention Passion
Boston and we would always ON THE WEB Pit has gotten as of late — it’s
book local bands, usually with FORMED just that, well, all this attention
sort of an electronic minded 2007 in Cambridge, MA is sort of a shock for someone
sound, to open up for national who isn’t far removed from
or international DJs touring playing in a bunch of bands
through,” begins Donmoyer. that weren’t even taken seriously
“[Passion Pit] played one night “Musically, we wanted it to be very positive and amongst their own respective
and I interviewed them for members.
euphoric. And the best way to describe it would be like a
a blog and I was totally like “When I was in high school I
‘I really like this band.’ I had cure. So like whenever you put it on, you feel better. Like a was in like six bands and each of
a couple friends in the band drug kind of thing.” them had like five or six geeks
already and then somehow, six playing in my bedroom and we
months later, I ended up being never played shows because we
Nate Donmoyer, Passion Pit
passion pit: in the band. Since then, I’ve
gotten to be really great friends
sucked,” he said, laughing but
not joking. “This one is actually

minding its
with all four members. It’s pretty any type of buzz, ya know?” critical bar set for it, or the band fun to play in every night.
lucky to have it be that way.” The formula behind Manners is doomed for the all-too-often During Manners’ tracking,
Long before Donmoyer — was, for the band, quite simple. failure in the eyes of commercial the quintet employed the help
before every band member, “Musically, we wanted it to be expectations — and a lot of fear of an unexpected (and much
actually — Passion Pit was very positive and euphoric. The can sprout from this concept. younger) source for the backing
born from the simplest of best way to describe it would be “I guess [what we fear from] vocal pads on the album — a

circumstances. Chunk of Change, like a cure,” said Donmoyer. “So the buzz standpoint, that Chunk children’s choir.
the band’s 2008 EP, was actually whenever you put it on, you feel of Change is the last thing that “It was so humbling and
a solo production of now- better. Like a drug kind of thing. will ever be good; that the full inspiring to see. They were so
frontman Michael Angelakos, However, lyrically it hits on a length doesn’t live up to it or on point and didn’t seem like
recorded two years prior as a lot of pretty dark subjects. That something, that we’ll just be a 4th and 5th graders. They were
Valentine’s gift for his girlfriend kind of contrast, I think, is in all flash in the pan,” said Donmoyer. better singers than I am,” said
at the time. Now, Angelakos the music that I love, we love.” “We were 21 when we made it. Donmoyer with a laugh. “It
has a full band, a record deal If Manners is a drug, critics Please stop comparing us to was an after school program,
The buzz instigated (actually, two — one with the
boutique Frenchkiss Records
aren’t the only ones addicted.
Fans, too, are quickly catching
bands that are on their seventh
and eighth album and were in
because their public school
doesn’t have a music program,
by five Boston kids in the U.S. and the other with
Columbia across the pond)
on. Not only is Passion Pit
gracing the stage (or has already)
their mid-30’s when they made
[hit records]. See promise, but
with an amazing director who
knows how to approach music
and gigs from Atlanta to Paris of nearly every important music don’t see this as our end-all-be- for younger years — mainly pop
just barely able to behind the band’s official debut,
festival this year (Bonnaroo,
Glastonbury, Lollapalooza,
all and every single thing we
music — and that’s what we
wanted. A bunch of kids, not a
buy a Sam Adams at Unless you’ve been living
under a rock, it’s been hard to
Austin City Limits), but they
are touring non-stop, collecting
The boys of Passion Pit
aren’t the first group of kids to
polished choir, just kids singing
their hearts out and that’s totally
avoid the buzz instigated by a mere 14 days off from May release a heavily-hyped record what they did. It was really kind
their local beer joint these five Boston kids just barely
able to buy a Sam Adams at
until Christmas Day (at least 10
shows in that span are already
of late (think MGMT and
Vampire Weekend) — but their
of moving.”
Rave reviews. A buzz for
is inescapable — and their local beer joint, marqueed
by sterling reviews from Clash
sold out).
“[Tour dates] on the MySpace
similarities to these brethren
serve, if nothing else, to actually
which bands spend a lifetime
searching. Throngs of fans and
Magazine (9/10), Rolling Stone are very limited to what actually highlight the differences. ticket sales through the roof.
quickly making its (4/5 stars), Paste Magazine
(92/100), Spin Magazine (3/5
is happening, just because we’re
going to be coming back to the
“I mean there are definitely
songs that are electro-pop, but
All signs point north for
Passion Pit — but can they

way to a town near stars) and Pitchfork (8.1/10).

“I still just feel weird, having
same cities and I guess we’re not
supposed to put up that we’re
not the entire album is pop,”
said Donmoyer. “Listening to
possibly keep up the current
people critique our debut album going to be playing later on so MGMT’s record or Vampire “It’s insane,” Donmoyer said
you... like it’s our masterpiece or
something,” said Donmoyer of
people come to shit [now],” said
Weekend’s record, the overall
feeling I get [is that] all three
with a nervous laugh. “But I
wouldn’t wanna do anything
the recent attention. “Wait until This type of publicity comes are completely different. I else.”
our fourth or fifth album to with a price, though. Manners understand the analogies that
decide whether we’re worthy of must absolutely live up to the are made between us career-wise — Kristen Lee

the metal revival inspiration from odd places
one band’s struggle to make it with metal finally pays off andy gonzales has a new album and a new direction
Metal thrashers Chimaira For many musicians, writing,
(pronounced Ka-mare-ah) are playing and recording music is not
among an elite list of metal their full-time job. Too often (and
bands from the late ‘90s credited this is certainly true in Athens)
for a movement known as the the singer in the midnight slot
New Wave of American Heavy at Caledonia has someplace
Metal (NWAHM).  While the to be in eight hours.  But from
movement may have been a slow these day jobs comes inspiration
process through the latter of the — Andy Gonzales can attest
‘90s and the beginning of the to that.
Gonzales, an Athens
‘00s, these days Chimaira has mainstay for a decade, has worn
finally gained momentum on many hats during his Classic
the metal scene. Lead guitarist City days. Once a member of
Rob Arnold discussed all things Music Tapes and Of Montreal,
metal recently during a phone he’s best known as creator and
CHIMAIRA keeper of Marshmallow Coast
(briefly M Coast). And while
Nicole Black: It seems like metal he’s also Andy from Denver
faded and went underground in and A.G. Forrester, during the
the late ‘90s/early ‘00s but it seems Mark Hunter (vocals), workday he’s Registered Nurse
more and more there’s a rebirth in Matt DeVries (guitar), Rob Photo: Adrenaline PR Gonzales.  And it’s there the
the metal scene today.  It just seems Arnold (lead guitar), Jim muse will hit him.

the support is emerging again for LaMarca (bass), Andols So everybody’s always singing helps us out and keeps us sane.’ “I work in endoscopy; I’m MARSHMALLOW
metal music, would you agree? along in English to the words.  NB:  Do you think your music
Rob Arnold (RA): I totally agree. 
Herick (drums), Chris Spi-
cuzza (keyboards/FX) I think it will be the same way is responsible for the actions of
totally inundated in that world,” COAST
Gonzales said. “I have this song
I don’t really know what to say in Russia. others?  For example, if a mosh- in my head right now called
photo courtesy andy gonzales

or why but we (Chimaira) were FORMED   pit gets out of control at a show or WHO’S WHO
1998 in Cleveland, Oh. ‘Poop Cycles’, which is gonna
definitely affected by that.  We NB:  Would you agree the key someone commits a crime listening Andy Gonzales (guitar, vo- “Im never going to be on VH1; why don’t I just write
be like this great ’80s song about cals), Sara Kirkpatrick (flute,
were a young, up-and-coming to musical success is constant to your music; do you feel the band pooping — probably the first whatever absurd lyrics come to mind? That’s more real.”
LABEL touring? is responsible? percussion)
metal band in the early 2000s.  Ferret Music and last song about it. But I can’t
RA:  Totally, especially with RA:  I personally don’t think On this album: Heather
I don’t know what people were change the lyrics; the lyrics are — Andy Gonzales, Marshmallow Coast —
McIntoch (cello), Jesse
listening to at that time but LATEST RELEASE metal.  That’s really the only way that at all.  I think that’s unfortunately stuck with that Flavin (guitar), Will C. Hart
metal certainly wasn’t as popular Infection (2009) to have your band known is to ridiculous.  Every person is title. It could be this amazing (4 -track madness) where my interests have been for about his approach. A fiddler of
as it is now.  play, play, play and let the word responsible for their own song that’s going to end up as a quite a while.”
 sounds and lyrics, Gonzales is
  ON THE WEB of mouth spread.  There’s no actions in my eyes.  Obviously, joke video on YouTube.”
 FORMED Where other Marshmallow comfortable with the recording
NB: You have an upcoming radio for metal bands, or videos.  somebody has a problem if Three years removed from 1999 in Athens, Ga. Coast albums, such as Slang and tools that allow him to create
summer tour with Hatebreed, was You have to catch an hour of they can’t decipher between his previous release (Say It Ride the Lightning, bounded with songs from his bedroom. And he’s
Hatebreed ever influential to your Head Banger’s Ball on a Friday right and wrong and feels some LABEL
Europe but it just happened to in Slang under the M Coast independent jazz piano riffs, 1960s psychedelic embraced his identity and voice
style? night at one in the morning; it’s form of entertainment drives moniker), Gonzales dusted off pop and nods to classical music, amidst the sea of songwriters.

work out perfectly.  We were
RA:  They probably came the only time you get to see a you to do something crazy the Marshmallow Coast name Phreak is a child of the 1980s. “I have the freedom to work
able to work the dates out before LATEST RELEASE
out a year before us.  While metal video.  But yeah, word of or commit a crime or fight.  and returned to the racks with Gonzales sought to create on whatever I want. I can record
our European headlining tour. Phreak Fantasy (2009)
we’re all huge fans of the mouth and touring is the only Perhaps indirectly but in no way Phreak Phantasy. The nine- electronica, but not the electronica a song I feel OK about releasing
band, I wouldn’t say they were way to build a successful career. directly do I think our music is song collection of “nasty and ON THE WEB listeners would expect.  at home, which is something I
NB: I’ve always wondered about
influential.  They’ve always been   responsible.  weirder” tunes has Gonzales “My major influences before never had before. If somebody
these other countries that might
a hardcore band.  We came NB:  Do you feel like your music   singing to drum machines and mallowcoast were classical music and turn- else delivered my songs, it might
not know English that are fans
from hardcore bands but we makes people angry or do you NB:  And it seems like it’s more synthesizers, aided by his wife, of-the-century French music, so sound crappy, but I hope in my
of American music, when they are
wanted Chimaira to be a metal think your music’s a therapeutic like parents trying to find an Sara Kirkpatrick, and Circulatory I feel like I’ve gotten away from delivery there’s a little sarcasm
there rocking out, are they singing
band.  So I wouldn’t say they outlet for anger? excuse for their kids’ actions. System’s Will Hart with some that,” he said. “I’ve been inspired that makes it OK,” he said. “A lot
in English? “I left the band, and he went
influenced our music because RA: I would say the latter ­— RA: Absolutely.  I remember “4-track madness.” by ’80s production and drum of songwriters try to write for this
RA: You’d be surprised; on to do that with great success.
we were doing two different a therapeutic outlet for anger.  being young and my mother The seventh Marshmallow machines. I’m trying to approach audience that isn’t their audience.
everybody everywhere in the I was about to record an album
genres of heavy music.  But like And we hear that all the time.  thinking heavy metal music was Coast album, stamped with the the kind of modern music style They try to write for a bigger
world speaks English.  There that was going to be kind of like
I said, we’re all huge fans. So many people say, ‘Oh I’m in all about Satan and drugs.  Of Elephant 6 seal of approval, has like what I  think electronica is. I audience than they have, like, ‘I’m
are so many countries over that with Derek (Almstead), but
  this rough spot and Chimaira’s course there are those relations Gonzales reaching into his past.
 don’t listen to that kind of music, gonna write songs that could be
there (Europe) that are taught Derek was, ‘No, let’s do drums;
NB: What made you decide to music really helped me out’, or but I turned out to be a good “Forever ago, I used to be in but I want to use those tools and played on VH1.’ I’m never going
it 1st through 6th grade and let’s make it a big production.’ I
include Russia on this fall tour? ‘Chimaira’s music saved my life.’ kid and certainly not Satanic in Of Montreal and Kevin (Barnes) create my own version. I’m trying to be on VH1; why don’t I just
everybody has to learn it thought that was a great idea. We
RA: The right offer came in. A lot of the troops overseas, anyway.  And now she’s totally and I were talking about doing to approach that from a naive write whatever absurd lyrics come
because it’s such a universal did that record as M Coast. Now
Things just never worked out we get letters or (Myspace) happy and supports me and is this kind of upbeat music with perspective.”
 to mind? That’s more real.”
language.  For the most part we that I have my home studio, I’m
scheduling wise or time wise comments from them saying ‘It’s proud of what I do.

 drum machines, synthesizers When it comes to making  
rarely run into places where the gonna go on this path I meant
while we were going to be in brutal over here but Chimaira and keyboards,” Gonzales said. music, there’s nothing naive — Ed Morales

majority doesn’t speak English. — Nicole Black
 to go on five years ago. That’s



round and round and round

band spins wheels to launch career

Israel Nebeker (guitar,
vocals), Ryan Dobrowski
(drums), Luke Ydstie (up- PC Sales & Support
right bass, vocals), Dave
Jorgensen (keyboard, Networking
trumpet), Kati Claborn
(dulcimer, banjo, vocals), Printer Sales & Service
Ian Krist (vibraphone)
FORMED Phone & Surveillance
2008 in Portland, Ore. Systems
LABEL Website Building
Expunged Records
& Hosting
3 Rounds and a Sound Email Hosting
Call us today to see how we can streamline your IT.


“There is a little more pressure

photo: jay blakesberg
to keep connected in the digital
world, but I think too many
What does it take to make it as “I personally think it is a better time than ever artists spend too much time
a band? Talent. Determination.
to make music. It certainly isn’t perfect, but the working on that instead of the
And ... quadriceps?
less industry involved, the better it will be.” music,” Dobrowski said. Like
The musicians in Blind
the bike tour, the band even
Pilot, the indie folk band out
puts their own home-spun twist
of Portland, Oregon, worked — Ryan Dobrowski, Blind Pilot— on blogging. The page consists
their legs almost as much as
of postcards Dobrowski writes
their instruments on a 2008 Blind Pilot jumped onto the Dobrowski said. from stops on the band’s tour. “I
tour of the West Coast. With national music radar last July In a time when many generally don’t enjoy computers,
no accompanying van, the when its single, “Go On, Say musicians yearn for the old days, but I liked the idea of post
band members transported It,” was featured as the iTunes Dobrowski embraces the digital cards. It seemed like a good way
themselves and all their gear by single of the week. The song music revolution. “I personally to keep people updated on our
bicycle, crafting handmade bike is emblematic of the group’s think it is a better time than whereabouts but more fun than
trailers for their instruments. brand of folk rock — softer and ever to make music,” he said. “It just standard blogging. It isn’t as
Bassist Luke Ydstie’s trailer for smoother than that of the Avett certainly isn’t perfect, but the immediate, but ultimately a little
his upright bass was dubbed Brothers but harder than Fleet less industry involved, the better more satisfying,” Dobrowski
“the coffin” for its odd shape. Foxes’ music.  3 Rounds and a it will be. If iTunes has helped explained.  
Musicians aren’t immune to Sound, Blind Pilot’s debut album, to break that down, I think it’s For the rest of the year, Blind
pitfalls, however, and the tour, rides the wave of recent success great. Plus CDs and jewel cases Pilot will be busy touring the
planning to take the band from seen by the folk genre. Infused are kind of a crappy format for country (not by bike) and
Vancouver to Mexico along the with soothing harmonies and music. It’s great how fast music working on its second album.
coast, was cut short when the smooth pop melodies played can spread now. It is pretty Dobrowski has a humble
band’s bikes were stolen in San with folk instruments, the amazing.”   outlook on the band’s future. 
Francisco. In just a year, Blind record has a pure quality thanks In keeping with the times, “I think we feel very fortunate
Pilot has gone from stolen to Nebeker’s voice, separating Dobrowski does maintain a blog to have experienced so much in a
bikes and handmade trailers Blind Pilot from its more gritty for Blind Pilot, but while some short amount of time. Hopefully
to wowing music critics and a Southern folk peers.  “I think musicians spend more time in things will keep growing. I think
European tour. The band also there is definitely a rise in folk- the blogosphere than the studio, Kati and I are just happy to not
welcomed a few new members, influenced music at the moment. you won’t find personal rants be working at the coffee shop
swelling from Ryan Dobrowski It wasn’t anything we were really and ravings à la Kanye West anymore.”
and Israel Nebeker’s duo to a trying for, it just happened,” or John Mayer on this blog.
six-piece touring band.  —Lindsey Lee


share her world hunting for goodness
keyshia cole’s tumultuous life is an open book limitless mind equals flowing neo-soul
We don’t know what’s more
amazing, Keyshia Cole’s meteoric KEYSHIA COLE
rise to the music stratosphere in
such a short period of time or the
fact that we’re able to get her on
the phone long enough to talk Keyshia Cole (vocals)
about it. For the sake of keeping
this story going at a decent pace, FORMED
we’ll go ahead and say the latter 2004 in Oakland, Calif.
is slightly more unexpected.
If you’ve ever been to Oakland, LABEL
California, Cole’s hometown, Universal
you know the city has its rough
edges. The singer was raised in LATEST RELEASE
A Different Me (2008)
one of East Oakland’s grittiest
corners. While musical acts like ON THE WEB
En Vogue and Tony! Toni! Tone!
made names for themselves in
the Bay Area, Cole knew that
if she too was to shine, a move
down to Los Angeles would be
“When I’m singing
in order, so she did just that.
Cole found a recording home about pain, you can
at A&M/Universal and released actually feel it. It’s not
the well-received debut The Way something that somebody
It Is in 2005, which spawned FM wrote for me. That’s my
mainstays like “I Should Have life. That’s my family.
COURTESY big hassle media

Cheated” and “Love.” With the When the clock hit midnight [Matthews] was a humbling said, “but, of course, there are the
CD, which has sold more than That’s a side of my life.”
1.4 million copies, the world
on March 8,1970,some certainties
were established: artists such as
VAN HUNT experience. … Here’s a guy
making a million dollars a show,
natural pleasures like love that
will always come to relieve you
of R&B had seemingly found — Keyshia Cole — James Brown and Ray Charles and he was as down to earth from the hard times.”
a younger version of Mary J. had paved the rudiments for soul WHO’S WHO as could be,” Hunt said in a Hunt is currently working
Blige. music, Stax Records had formed Van Hunt (vocals, guitar, smooth, easy-going voice that on his latest album, Popular,
“That was six years ago,” “We know everything about in Memphis and the singer Van bass, keyboards, drums) incorporates the compelling and a collection of unreleased
recalled a maturing Cole during my mother and my family and Hunt was taking his first breaths classiness that percolates through studio outtakes, Use In Case of
a rare, slow moment in her what I’ve been through and of Dayton, Ohio air. Once bound
FORMED his music. Emergency, that will supplement
summer touring schedule. “I the road it took to get here,”
1997 in Atlanta, Ga.
together, those oxygen molecules Hunt worked with Dallas Hunt’s planned two-year tour
was young when I went to L.A. said Cole, who’s ending her TV layered Hunt’s lungs with soul, Austin in Atlanta until 2008 and with his band. Before that
and first got my deal. Also, me LABEL
show and allowing the spin-off, jazz, funk and, damn it, some Blue Note has since moved out west to Los happens, however, the solo artist
and my family, we’ve all grown. “Frankie & Neffe,” to air in all amazing talent. Angeles. The move to L.A. can must tackle the task of selling his
I’ve grown as a musician, as its drama-filled delight this fall. In asking Hunt about the LATEST RELEASE be a whirlwind for anyone, but music. Since the albums are all
an entertainer. I’ve learned so That’s too bad for fans itching process of making his records, he Popular (2008) for Hunt it became a balancing Hunt, the business has become
much more about the business to see footage of the artist all replied, “Well, since it’s just me, act. all Hunt; in both a literal and
and how to handle myself and hugged up with current boyfriend it can take some time, man.” In ON THE WEB “I just stay away from [the figurative sense, he must prey on
actually prepare. I’ve evolved as and Cleveland Cavaliers guard 2006 the Recording Academy fast-paced life of L.A.],” he says those who truly appreciate his
a person throughout everything Daniel Gibson. recognized this process by of his decidedly low-key lifestyle. work.
in my life.” “When I’m singing about pain, honoring Hunt with the Grammy “I’ll just stay inside, play music “It’s hard to get a perspective
  Since those days of getting you can actually feel it,” Cole for Best R&B Performance by a industry, but at the end of the and stay away from it.” [of the music industry] from
her feet wet, Cole has released said. “It’s not something that Duo or Group with Vocals for day, it’s the votes of your peers After all, soul music, in its the outside looking in,” he said.
two more heartfelt albums, 2007’s somebody wrote for me. That’s his collaborative work with John that really matter.” broadest sense, is a blend of “But I wanna get my work out
Just Like You and A Different Me my life. That’s my family. That’s Legend and Joss Stone on Sly Peers are something of which the sacred gospel music and to people who already love my
in 2008. Cole has also changed in COURTESY keyshia cole a side of my life. But my music and the Family Stone’s “Family Hunt has many, ranging from the profane blues music. It’s work and to people who might
both the physical sense (another side is definitely something Affair.” his work with Dallas Austin as though Hunt just lets the love my work. If I spend less
move, this time to Atlanta) and the 27-year-old songbird are in “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is,” to manager Randy Jackson —
different. That’s why I wanted “Man, despite all the politics world present the profane and money making a record, I may
symbolic one (she’s a certified her personal life. But it’s likely that has shown confrontations yeah, the guy from American
to try something different. And that go behind it, that was one encapsulates it with his sacred make less, but I know I will be
star with more than three million you already knew that, seeing as with her mother, Frankie, fights Idol — to sharing the stage with
that’s why I named this album A of the bigger pleasures I’ve had,” talent. getting it out to the people who
in domestic album sales). all her business is pretty much with her sister, Neffe and DNA Coldplay, Curtis Whitehead and
Different Me.” Hunt said of the humbling “Most of my songs are about truly love my art.”
Still, the area where things public knowledge because of searches featuring guys claiming The Dave Matthews Band.

 experience. “The momentum the everyday struggles and that 

may have altered the most with a revealing BET reality show, to be Cole’s father. “Working with Dave
— DeMarco Williams for the show comes from the life gives you no promises,” he —Will Hackett



flocking to a familiar sound

together, athens’ futurebirds found what they were after

Carter King (vocals, guitar,
banjo, drums), Payton
Bradford (vocals, drums,
mandolin, guitar), Daniel
Womack (vocals, guitar,
banjo), Thomas Johnson
(vocals, guitar, banjo,
mandolin), Brannen Miles
(vocals, bass), Dennis Love
(pedal steel)
2008 in Athens, Ga.
Futurebirds EP (2009)
PHOTO: Alyssa De Hayes ON THE WEB
They had the big show booked, turebirds
the studio time slotted, the songs “What I’ve heard, which I like the best, is we’re
poised for production. What they psychedelic cowboy country-esque but with a
Holt (percussion, vocals) round
didn’t have was time.
It was the start definite weirdo edge to it.”
out the crew. 

of March, and the seven members
An online roster of band
of Futurebirds were rushing to — Carter King, Futurebirds— members lists an eighth Futurebird,
record an EP to showcase at their
one with a curious yet familiar
March 4 gig opening for Blitzen
eponymous six-track EP (available were.
 name: Reverend Cleophus James,
Trapper at the 40 Watt. Playing in
for download at futurebirds. “I knew a little bit about them master of the doom stick. After
different groups over the years, the is exactly what being an Athens resident — you a little investigating, the truth is
band members had a good feeling
the seven sought. A mixture of kind of have to — but I didn’t revealed; Rev. James was the name
about their brewing, underground
melodies accompanies a healthy really do a bunch of investigating of James Brown’s character in the
sound. But something else was
helping of guitar, banjo, mandolin, until we heard all that comparison cult classic “The Blues Brothers.”

brewing overhead.

keys and pedal steel in a wide- stuff,” he said. “People go, ‘You “Yeah, James Brown is in the
“We wanted to record in two
ranging free-for-all that’s difficult sound like these bands,’ but I band,” King said with a laugh.
days, but we had to record in
to describe — though King gave haven’t really listened to those “He’s our spiritual adviser.”

two and a half days because we
it a shot.
 bands. I guess Athens just has that Summertime saw the band line
got snowed out,” said Carter
“What I’ve heard, which I kind of feel.”
 up dates in Nashville, Tennessee;
King, Futurebirds’ “grease-stained
like the best, is we’re psychedelic Joining King in this latest Atlanta; New Orleans and Austin,
monkey wrench” (code for vocals,
cowboy country-esque but with enterprise are buddies from Texas. And while the wanderlust
guitar, banjo and keys player), of
a definite weirdo edge to it,” he previous (and present) ventures is the sign of a band raring to
the freak snowstorm that left
said. “Everybody plays something and buddies who moved from go, unlike the recording of the
Athens in a deep carpet of white.
different on every song.”
 other projects. Payton Bradford auspicious EP, King said this time
“It never snows in Athens. We
For some, the sound evokes (drums), Thomas Johnson they’re not in any particular hurry.
were just trying to crank that out.
the Athens of a dozen years (mandolin, guitar) and Brannen 
“We all met in college and had
We got some cardboard sleeves,
ago, when the denizens of the Miles (the bassist who took over all been in a few different bands,
I made a stencil, and we spray-
scene were ruled by Elephant for China-bound Reid Scott) but no one was getting the kind of
painted the stencils all crazy —
6 and Kindercore bands. King anchor Futurebirds; they also sound they were after,” King said.
some of them sucked, some were
was intrigued after hearing his play with King in The Interns, a “But we found it. It was a slow
cool — and just gave them out.”
band compared to Olivia Tremor folk rock outfit started after they evolution and it is all working
In a few furious days,
Control and Masters of the met as (you guessed it) interns at itself out. We’re all still young and
Futurebirds’ good feeling was
Hemisphere, though notes there Chase Park Transduction Studios. fresh — we’re not in a rush.”  
confirmed. And now flocks
of listeners are heading their was never any intention to mimic Daniel Womack (guitar), Dennis
them. He hardly knew who they Love (pedal steel) and Jessica — Ed Morales

direction. Fresh yet familiar, the



EAR CANDY Luke Winslow-King

New Old Baby 

There are 46 different similes used by Luke Winslow-King to

express exactly how tired he is, and you can hear all of these in
the track, “Never Tired” from the Cadillac, Mich. native’s new
The Cubists
album, New Old Baby.  It’s kind of ironic to hear Winslow speak
Mechanical Advantage
of growing tired of something since it seems nearly impossible
to tire of this album. 
The new record from Augusta-based The Cubists is anything but ordinary.  While known by the bar
King approaches each song with an affinity for a whole slew of genres that include:  New
scene as an indie-rock band, the band also fuses pop, new wave, electronica and dance. Some songs,
Orleans rag time, delta blues, country blues, folk and even classical composition.  Showing
such as “Redux,” have no vocals and showcase the band’s unique yet sometimes eerie instrumentals
love for such a vast array of musical styles,  New Old Baby stays interesting through and
that call on Pink Floyd and Rush.  I wasn’t a huge fan after hearing the four minutes of psychedelic
through.  One instrument that is rarely heard in contemporary folk tunes is the jazz tuba. 
sounds from “Redux” and the six minutes from “Lights Out.” However, after I heard  “Hallelujah
The instrument stays prominent from the first track “As April Is To May” to the last track,
Hollywood,” The Cubists quickly had my undivided attention with its upbeat dance rhythm that will
“Your Eyes, Your Eyes.” Wilson’s voice is a wispy wind on a dry New Orleans afternoon and
easily lift you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.  Noel Brown leads the eight-man band with
it is hard not to think of him as a Big Easy version of M. Ward, but with a fantastic '20s era
his soft voice, while sometimes playing multiple instruments.  Brown sounds like a gentler version
brass section. 
of Thom Yorke in The Cubist’s “Fire in the Backyard.”   Listen also for peaceful sounds that may
The horns can be heard most prominently on track five, “It’s All The Same.”  The
remind one of the Postal Service in “Best Friends,” my personal favorite. The stylings of The Cubists
combination of sax and trumpet creates a fantastic mix of free flowing riffs that unfold
left me feeling refreshed — partly because I had never heard anything quite like them before and also because the band, put simply,
evenly with the lyrical rhythm.  Another track that stands apart is the instrumental
rocks. Mechanical Advantage is worth a listen, especially since there is a little bit of every genre incorporated into the music. The band has
“Birthday Stomp,”which gives you the feeling that you are listening to the prelude before a
the potential of quenching every listener’s musical thirst for good music.
Vaudeville show, or maybe what you would hear playing at a carnival in the 1920's.  Either
  — Sarah Saltzman 
way, the track is a light hearted and extremely fun, toe tapping type of song — one which
would be ruined by any sort of lyrical input.  All those who are fans of the nitty gritty delta
blues can appreciate “Bird Dog Blues.”  With lyrics like, 'Don’t bird dog and don’t trail me/
Don’t track where I tread/ What I picked up I’m having/ And back through what I said,'
Pattern Is Movement Winslow makes you believe that he knows what he wants and goes for it. This mentality
All Together is how New Old Baby is fueled.  Luke Winslow-King’s new album is definitely one you can’t
fully appreciate until you’ve given it a couple good listens. Every spin makes it easier to
The first thing that struck me when I popped Pattern Is Movement’s All Together into my CD player distinguish all of the wide varieties of sound.  With all the work that seemed to be put forth
was the seemingly endless amount of noise the band managed to pack into their songs. And I don’t in New Old Baby, it would be appropriate to assume that Winslow is as tired as a Mardi Gras
mean to say noise in a negative way. It’s just that this band has strung 10 incredibly frenetic, overly night — that would be simile number 47.  But no matter how many different ways he can be
dramatic banging songs back to back with such a fast and intense pace that I kind of felt like I just tired, one thing is certain:  Luke Winslow-King will never tire of making stand-out records.
got done running a marathon once I finished listening to it all the way through. While the beats
and banging minor chords get a little baffling (and tiring) at times, Andrew Thiboleaux and Chris — Jessica Cole
Ward somehow manage to pull it off. Ward’s thumping drums hold Thiboleaux’s strange melodies
and keyboard choir together, if at times only by a string. And every once in a while, a truly beautiful
section emerges from all that sound to keep you pushing through. “I Just Like the Sound of Your
Voice” gives the listener a peaceful break with a more composed song featuring beautiful tinkering
it’s all crazy! it’s all false! it’s all a dream! it’s alright
keyboards accented by a slightly eccentric horn section and more comprehensive lyrics. Although the overdose of sound and slightly off-
kilter melodies may come off as esoteric or pretentious to some listeners, overall, All Together is a success… if just barely.
Having not drunk the proverbial Kool-Aid of indie/
— Laurie Moot
experimental rock that would magically allow me to totally
forgive a band its blatant musical sins in exchange for its
obvious artistic creativity, I find myself deeply conflicted when
it comes to mewithoutYou in general, and their new album it's
Pete Yorn all drazy! it's all false! it's all a dream! it's alright specifically. So, at
Back & Fourth risk of being crucified by devout fans, I will speak my piece to the
  masses and promptly make my exodus.
When I was little, I was a Dimetapp junkie. At the slightest sign of sickness, I’d demand a generous I like mewithoutYou, and if I could get over the disturbing fact that mewithoutYou’s
spoonful of that sweet grape syrup, and even if I wasn’t sick, I’d play ill just to get a fix. singer Aaron Weiss tends to sound like a creepy cross between a folksy Sesame Street
Fast-forward 15 years and I’m a writer who has called Dashboard Confessional “Robitussin for character and Heath Ledger’s Joker, I just might love the band. I will say, their new album
the broken heart” – a surefire remedy for what ails you but which, when unneeded, is practically contains much less screaming, ranting and violent instrumentation – traded in for a
unpalatable. Well, if Dashboard is the ‘Tussin, Pete Yorn’s Back & Fourth is Dimetapp, because I’ll playful, Nickelodeon-ready vibe and folksy, childish singing inflection – so it sounds much
be damned if Mr. Yorn hasn’t turned me into a 24-year-old drugstore cowboy jonesing for sugary less like the schizophrenic rock ramblings of a religious nutcase and more like the subdued
nepenthe for the broken-hearted, despite the fact that I have absolutely no legitimate need for it. soundtrack to a Sunday school puppet show…put on by a religious nutcase.
Yorn wears his lyrical heart on his sleeve without coming off as trite, and he bears his musical soul It’s really too bad I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place – the rock being the sense
without being over-the-top or melodramatic. If the album were to be boiled down to two adjectives, that I’m listening to a band that jacks off to Raffi tapes (“A Stick, A Carrot & String”) and
I would say: “honest” and “subdued.” It’s honest without being brutal, and subdued without being the hard place being the growing fear that their lead singer belongs to a cult and I’m being
boring. Like chugging on Dimetapp when you’re not really sick, listening to Yorn’s new album when you’re not presently heartbroken subliminally recruited (“Bullet To Binary (Pt. Two)”).
isn’t exactly something to brag about – but it’s also far from unenjoyable. Bottom line, if you’d like to see the wolf in sheep’s clothing, this one’s for you.
Bottoms up.  
— PT Umphress — PT Umphress


These United States
Everything Touches Everything

Through assembling cities and realizing the truly important things

in life, to waking up feeling a need to make a change and hope
cracking open a beat heart, These United States take listeners on
the roller coaster ride that is the human condition in their third
full-length album, Everything Touches Everything (out September
1st). The band comes out swinging with their banging guitars and
throbbing drums that just scream rock ‘n’ roll. And just when you think you’ve got a handle
on them, they throw in a glockenspiel or a dobro and create a completely new sound. Bridging
the gap between tunes that make you want to get up and dance and lyrics that make you
want to sit down and think, Everything Touches Everything allows for anything but a passive
listen. These United States play every song on their 42-minute album like they mean it. This
eccentricity gets passed onto the listener, and by the time the album reaches its final track,
“Good Night Wish,” it feels like an entire day of emotion and adventure has passed by and it’s
time for the band to sing you to sleep. And honestly, this album is so good, I wouldn’t mind it
if they did just that.

— Laurie Moot

The Idle Hands:

The Hearts We Broke On The Way To The Show

Before I even listened to The Idle Hands, I knew the band had a great
sense of humor just from the name of the songs on its first album The
Hearts We Broke On The Way To The Show. Lead singer Ciaran Daly
and his Idle Hands, brother Criostoir on bass, Eileen on keys, Emma
on guitar and Nick on drums, are a trip with their lyrics to “The
80’s Killed Your Boyfriend,” “The Fall” and “Loaded,” showcasing a
dislike of all things popular and mainstream. The first four songs on
the album were made with the help of Mark Needham who worked with The Killers and Cake.
Daly’s voice has serious character, changing the genre of the band from song to song, especially
in the spontaneous sounding must-listen-to “Sunshine On The Tenements,” that may possibly
be the best song on the album. One second, The Idle Hands are punk rock, the next, electronic
infused pop, and the next, new-wave…it goes on and on, even entering the realm of disco and
just plain rock. They add a little bit of the synth player to get that new-wave rocker sound
in their radio hit “Loaded” and “The 80’s Killed Your Boyfriend.” If you are a fan of the Arctic
Monkeys, look no further. This band is definitely for you. Song “Space Thing” reminds me of
the voice of a softer, grungier version of James Mercer, lead vocalist in The Shins. The band
members hail from Irish decent and the Midwest, making the mixture of sounds on this album
interesting, unique and just plain good. Album set to release September 8th, 2009.

— Sarah Saltzman

Dave Matthews Band

Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King

Being one of the most successful bands in recent memory, DMB has
delivered, yet again, a kick-ass collection. With the death of founding
saxophonist LeRoi Moore, DMB proves that a table can indeed stand
with one leg missing. The New Orleans' roots that scream out of Big
Whiskey and the GrooGrux King should serve as a perfect tribute to
Moore, who died from complications after injuring himself in an ATV
accident. The opening sax solo “Grux,” is an unintended tear jerker with the recent memories
of Moore flowing through the listener's mind. Hit single “Funny the Way It Is” rings the typical
DMB tone, yet its refreshingly new jazz/rock style incorporates the Cajun roots of the album.
Produced by Rob Cavallo, the liner notes do not specify which tracks Moore was a part of, as he
died before the bulk of the recordings were finished. Jeff Coffin (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones)
subs for other tracks on the record and is currently on the road with the band. GrooGrux is a
true New Orleans-style mourning, with its crooning ballads crammed between brawny and
healthy jams.
—Will Hackett
1939 - “The Wizard of Oz” premieres in
Hollywood, Calif. 1923 - An ordinance is passed in
1964 - The Kinks Kalamazoo, Mich.,  forbidding dancers
1969 - The first day of The Woodstock release “You Really from gazing into the eyes of their partner.
Music and Arts Fair begins in Bethel, N.Y. Got Me.” 
1993 - Elton John’s lyricist and longtime
1986 – Def Leppard co-writer, Bernie Taupin, is married to
1972 - Paul and Linda McCartney are drummer Rick Allen Stephanie Haymes.
arrested for drug possession after a plays his first concert
concert in Gothenburg Sweden. after losing his left 1994 - Jimmy Buffett’s plane flips
arm in a car wreck. shortly after take off in Nantucket. He
1985 - Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”

becomes the first album by a female to swam to safety.

be certified for $5 million in sales. 1989 - Izzy Stradlin of Guns ‘n Roses
2001 - Aaliyah and eight others are is arrested for creating a disturbance
1974 - The Ramones play the band’s first killed when their plane crashed on an airplane.
1962 - Booker T. and the MG’s release show at CBGB’s in New York. in Marsh Harbor of the northern
an instrumental song, “Green Onions.” 1995 - James Taylor and ex-wife
Bahamas. The cause is ruled as
1985 - Madonna and Sean Penn are wed. engine failure due to the plane being Carly Simon reunite for a concert on
1972 - Elvis and Priscilla Presley file for They would divorce in 1989. Martha’s Vineyard.
divorce after being married since May
of 1967.

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1960 – “The Twist” by
Chubby Checker is released.
1957 - American
Bandstand makes its
1991 - Charges of
1966 - John Lennon apologizes at a 1882 - Tchaikovsky’s
“1812 Overture” 1983 - Jerry Lee Lewis’
network debut on ABC, news conference in Chicago, Ill., for 1967 - The Grateful Dead play
assault and property his comment that “the Beatles are debuts in Moscow. wife, Shawn, is found at the wake of a Hell’s Angels
hosted by Dick Clark.
1981 - MTV makes its debut damage are filed more popular than Jesus.” dead at the couple’s member hit by a car in San
at 12:01a.m. with “Video against Axl Rose 2001 - The remaining home. The autopsy would Francisco.
1975 - Stevie Wonder
Killed the Radio Star” by the of Guns N Roses in 1998 - Scott Weiland of Stone dates of Foo Fighters reveal she died of a
signs a seven year, $13
Buggles as its first music connection with a Temple Pilots pleads guilty to felony European tour are methadone overdose. 1986 - Tina Turner receives a
million contract, the
video. riot during a show in heroin possession. cancelled when the star on the Hollywood Walk of 1974 - “The
highest contract in the
St. Louis, Mo. band’s drummer, 1998 - Shania Twain is Fame. Partridge
recording industry at
Taylor Hawkins, is forced to halt a Syracuse, Family” ends
the time.
1997 - Garth Brooks 1975 - Hank Williams, Jr. fell 500 feet admitted to the N.Y., concert when its television
plays a free concert down a mountain in Montana. After, hospital. lightning hits the ground 1906 - The Victor Talking run.
1962 - Robert Zimmerman in New York City’s 40 yards behind the
changes his name legally to two years of surgeries, he returned Machine Company
1973 - Stevie Central Park. stage.
Bob Dylan. to music. commences the 1997 - James Brown
Wonder is seriously 1956 – Big Mama Thornton
manufacturing of the Victrola. becomes the first
injured in a car releases the original version
1991 - Rick James is arrested 1992 – A riot occurs at a concert in The units would sell for $200. U.S. artist to appear
accident. He of “Hound Dog.”
and charged with sexually 1964 - Bob Dylan Montreal after a Guns ‘N’ Roses’ set 1947 - Margaret Truman, in Lebanon after the
permanently lost
torturing a 24 year-old and Joan Baez is cut short because Axl Rose has a daughter of President Harry 1979 - Led Zeppelin released lifting of a travel ban to
his sense of smell 1992 - Kurt Cobain and
woman in Los Angeles, Calif. perform for the first sore throat.  Truman, gives her first public its last album, “In Through The the country.
and was in a coma Courtney Love have a child,
time together on performance as a singer Out Door.”
for four days. daughter Frances Bean.
stage. 1952 - The original version of at the Hollywood Bowl to
an estimated audience of 1967 - Brian Epstein, former
1989 - Adam “Hound Dog” is recorded by Willie
1978 - Muddy 15,000. manager of the Beatles, is
1963 - The Beatles make Clayton of U2 Mae Thornton.
Waters performs found dead in his home
their final appearance at the is arrested in from a drug overdose.
Cavern Club in Liverpool. at a White House 1995 - Michael Stipe of R.E.M. 1998 - “Scary Spice” Melanie
his home in
picnic for U.S. undergoes surgery for a hernia. Brown announces her
Dublin, Ireland 1990 - Stevie Ray Vaughn
1974 - Jeff Baxter quits Steely President Jimmy pregnancy.
for possession of and three members of Eric
Dan to join the Doobie Carter.
marijuana. Clapton’s band are killed in a
Brothers. 1985 - Michael Jackson outbids
Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono for helicopter crash.
1977 - The Pretenders
1956 - Elvis Presley releases the ATV music-publishing catalog 1964- The Beatles begin their first played their first public gig.
“Hound Dog.” which gave Jackson the rights 1970 - The Kinks release “Lola.”
American tour in San Francisco.
to more than 250 songs written by John Lennon and Paul 1987 - Sonny Bono
1980 - John Lennon and McCartney for $47.5 million.  1996 - Isaac Hayes, co-writer of “Soul Man,” sends a protest
1980 – In Toronto, 1,400 people announces plans to run for
Yoko Ono begin recording letter to presidential candidate Bob Dole about the use of
riot after Alice Cooper cancels a mayor of Palm Springs, Calif.
their album “Double 1995 - The Grateful Dead decide to cancel their fall tour in the his song, which his supporters had changed to “I’m A Dole
show due to illness. He would win the election.
Fantasy.” wake of Jerry Garcia’s death. Man.”
July 3, Casalmaggiore
- Arrived to Italy that morning, show that night. Sort of in twilight
zone due to time change and not much sleep.
- Reacquainted ourselves with how incredibly scary people drive
over here. We came to grips with the possibility that we might not
make it home in one piece.
- Fun show.
- Sang four part a capella “Star Spangled Banner” at midnight for
4th of July....proud to be Americans.
- Richard barfed in his food during a laughing fit at dinner....

July 4, Aosta July 8, Brindisi

- Drove 200km to the - Early trip to the airport to

tour diary:
mountains of northern Italy. fly from Milano to Brindisi (the
Bellissima! southern tip of Italy). Hungov-
- We were told by the pro- er...badly...

Tishamingo in Italia
moter that we were incredi- - Still hungover, they put us
bly too loud....pretty standard on the very back row of a plane
really. that’s sweltering hot and smells
- At dinner, journalists con- like jet fuel.
ducted an interview for a news- - A member of the band (who
This will be Tishamingo's 4th trip to Italy. This time we are here for just two weeks and playing six shows (“breve” tour). We find on paper. The questions all seemed will remain nameless) passed
these tours that we usually eat and drink our way through this beautiful country. We also have a little time to explore, drink more and try to come back to the Allman out shortly before landing. He
not to get booted from the hotel. We are very thankful to have friends and fans in Italy who love blues and rock ‘n’ roll music and always Brothers. For ex: “Richard, you awoke shaking violently in what
make our trips over very memorable. On this tour we have Tishamingo and our great friend Jason Fuller, who actually played keys on took lessons from Butch Trucks? resembled a grand mal seizure.
our debut album. Due to the fact that the show last night was rained out and rescheduled for Sunday we have only played three shows as Tell us about that.” “Cameron, Other passengers requested
this is written. We are about to head to our fourth show in the town of Traviglio (Tra-vee-leo). Again Graziemille to the wonderful folks do you think Dickey Betts is a a doctor and the flight atten-
who support us and make it possible for us to play music in such a beautiful and wonderful place. Tomorrow we play on the north side of better guitar player than Duane dants pulled out an insulin kit
Lago di Garda in a town called Malcesine (in redneck it is pronounced Mal chesney). That would have been the end of tour party but we Allman?” Or even, “Jason, your and a defibrilator. Apparently,
have a make up gig on Sunday in the Castle of Soiano. This just means two end of tour parties right? By the way, everything in this tour uncle was in Canned Heat. Did this band member had a dream
journal can be accounted for and verified. Some shit you just can’t make up...Ciao! they ever play with the Allman that the plane was crashing. He
— Chuck Thomas, Tishamingo Brothers?” We are still laugh- thought we were going down
ing about the possibilities of and freaked out in his sleep.
that interview going any longer. Needless to say, the ambulance
A typical day in Italy while we are touring looks like this: For example, “If Derek Trucks
9:56 a.m. - Wake up and head down to hotel lobby. Try to catch breakfast and deeelicious caffe greeted our plane on the tarmac
and Warren Haynes had a baby, in Brindisi. Phenomenal...the
(espresso) or cappuccino before breakfast ends at 10.
what would he look like? Would
July 5-7, off July 9, Soiano
11 a.m. - Following breakfast we get in our Fiat Ducato 8.5 passenger van with “Beppe,” our tour - Ate absurd amounts of pas- band has arrived. “What? Ya’ll
he be a better guitar player than - Flew back to Milan. We
manager, at the helm and head to the next town. “Beppe” is short for Guiseppe, sort of like Dick is short ta and drank lotsa vino. don’t like to party?”
Duane Allman?” decided to forego the medical
for Richard. He is a great tour manager and very kind-hearted. Not quite sure he knows what to make - Traveled to Lake Garda - Band member was released
emergencies on this flight.
of us and our antics, but seems to be going with the flow pretty well. (Lago di Garda) one day and re- from medical professionals once
-Set up in the amazing
acquainted ourselves with cul- vitals come back okay. He was
outdoor venue at the Castle of
tural customs of women not given a mild sedative, making for
wearing tops on the beach. a hell of an afternoon for him by
2 p.m. - Stop at Autogrille to grab a small lunch consistiwng of Pasta — they have chefs and full - Show was cancelled on
- Watched way too much BBC. the pool later on. Rumors have
service restaurants at the rest stops over here! The food is delicious even at a highway restaurant. It account of inclement weather.
- Drained the mini-bars in all it that said band member pissed
would be nice to have that on the road in the states. Typical lunch on road? Caprese (7 dollar ball of - We decided to get com-
of our rooms. his pants...really.
buffalo mozzarella w/ tomatoes and basil), large plate of delicious pasta, too much bread, large piece of pletely drunk there on the lake
- Late on the night of July 6, - Drive to amazing old estate
meat, water and wine — either vino rosso (red) or bianchi (white), depending on the mood. No, we instead. As usual, the night
Jess and Chuck got into a mi- that has been turned into a des-
are not here to fuck around or diet. Finish it off with “un caffe” and then back on the road. degraded into talking to our
nor, non-violent altercation with tination they refer to as “Agri-
4 p.m. - Check in hotel. Usually the hotels are pretty nice but every now and again we will wind up friends in accents that seem
the hotel attendant. We some- turismo” or Agricultural tour-
in a place where one could contract hepatitis D. What is that you ask? That would be Hep “D”= All The more like something out of
how managed to avoid getting ism. It was an amazing hotel
Above. Ok...they’re not that bad... Star Wars than anything Ital-
kicked out. That guy was real- with a 2,000 year old church on
ian. Luckily, no one was of-
ly pissed. the premises. Pool was phenom-
fended. Cameron kept buying
6:30 p.m. - Sound check (no load in...sweeet) - Got completely hammered enal, placed conveniently amidst
those beer tower things like
9:30-11:30 p.m. - Showtime! at an incredibly packed bar in a massive olive tree orchard.
they have in Vegas.
Midnight - Sit down for what is usually around a 2 hour dinner (w/ possible “southern rock” Brescia. Learned crude things - Show was really fun. It was
- Night ends with our Italian
interview following). The dinners are pretty ridiculous. Our first dinner on our first night here, Rich- to say to Italian women, made an American Music Festival on
comrades singing the theme
ard our drummer was so full and laughing so hard that he just puked right there on his plate. Had to many friends...well, maybe a a farm. It was also a Sausage
song to "Happy Days," and
include that because it is not something that Richard would normally do. couple enemies, too. Cameron seriously, they were
doing beer tower stands to see
2 a.m. - Continue drinking, either back at hotel or a bar with new Italian friends. Try to speak ate two roses on a dare from two grilling copious amounts of sau-
how many liters we can drink
Italian, but the drunker we get we end up sounding like Watto from Star Wars. Italian ladies. They then told sage. Okay, there were too many
at's sooo cold when it
???? - Make it back to room hopefully with a few hours to sleep before breakfast. him “bye bye.” drunk dudes there as well.
hits your lips!


remembering “The Theatre was a place of memories and raging good times for many, including myself. It would be hard
to describe my times there in words better than the photos I have captured could. I hope these bring mem-

the georgia theatre ories of good times to you the same as they do for myself. Be sure to help resurrect those great times by do-
nating to the rebuilding of the Theatre. Thanks for all the great times and fond memories!”
— Kevin Quinn, photographer —

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Georgia Theatre crowd Particle Herring, Rogers and Sipe (2006) Moonshine Still (2006) Kris D (2006) Halloween (2006) Box Office line in 2006 AthFest (2006) Bling the Children
Classic Theatre Crowd RAQ Wilmot Greene onstage with Perpetual Groove Backstage with Dubconscious & Grogus Basement, Matt Martin (2001) Back Home STS9 (2002) Moonshine Still (2006) The Frequency Tom Hamilton & TAB (2006) . Manchester Orchestra Dubconscious (2006) The
Will Hoge . Perpetual Groove (2006) Les Claypool Frog Brigade Spam Allstars (2006) Grogus (2006)
Jay Markwalter — Singer/songwriter, former High Hat owner: Kevin Lane — The Arcs: Nelson Wells — President, Team Clermont Publicity:
the georgia theatre I have been very fortunate, over the last 17 years in Athens, to work with
so many great people and musicians as a manager and friend; howev-
I have SO many great memories of the Georgia Theatre, but one that sticks
out in my mind is a show I played there in October 2001 when I was with
My memories are of moments at “The Theatre” and they are powerful; they
date back & include many great shows, including Book of Love, Dead
memories, stories and
favorite shows from years past er, Athens musicians and music industry professionals aren’t just friends – The Possibilities. We’d been asked to take part in a Community Connec- Milkmen, Marilyn Manson, Allgood (& meeting my first business partner
they are family. I am not sure that I stopped in the years of good times to tion benefit show and a day or two before the show was to take place, I got Jimmy McLean there), Derek Trucks at 15 years old, Feist, David Byrne,
realize how much I love the Georgia Theatre until I saw it burning. The a call from the R.E.M. office asking if the band could use our gear to play Dave Matthews Band, The Avett Brothers, Ween, Venice is Sinking, Kud-
Dave Schools — Widespread Panic: scene of barefooted Theatre fans and a former mayor working together to a set when we were done. We said, “sure.” We were asked to keep it a se- zu Bowl IV 1991, Team Clermont Prom with Patton Oswalt & Tiny
hand exhausted firemen drinking water made me realize how much I care cret and we did, but it didn’t matter. The word inevitably got around and Sticks, the Athens Comedy troupe, Drivin & Cryin, & of course witness-
Widespread Panic was playing the Theatre 3/13/1992. This was the key- about the Athens community and what a special place downtown Athens the place was completely sold out by show time. We played some Neil Young ing Wilmot’s proudest moment with the installation of the largest fan on
boardist John ‘Jojo’ Hermann’s first night playing with the band and he is for so many people – especially a landmark structure that thousands have covers with Scott McCaughey joining us, some Big Star and Posies songs earth; just to name a few.
didn’t know that the bands usually enter in the side door on Clayton Street. enjoyed….A ticket for a great show, a stroll past on tip-toes for a look and with Ken Stringfellow, and Pete Buck joined us for “ You Don’t Mean It”
He was stopped at the door by security guard Steve Fleming. Steve was the listen, or maybe just a wave to a friend working inside - that's the Geor- (a song of ours that the Minus 5 had recently covered on Conan O’Brien).
best door man on the planet and wouldn’t let Jojo inside. Jojo tried to con- gia Theatre - the shows run together but the experiences brand the sights, R.E.M. followed and the place went nuts. Somewhere in the middle of the Daniel Peiken —, Analogue Records:
vince Steve that he was in the band but Steve pointed to the photo on the sounds and smells forever!! set, Michael Stipe thanked us and dedicated a song to us! That was one of
wall. It was an old photo with the previous keyboardist, T Lavitz. Af- MANY special nights that I’ve spent at the Georgia Theatre. My first visit to the Georgia Theatre was in 1987 as a University of Geor-
ter almost missing his very first gig with Widespread Panic, Jojo wrote the gia freshman. It was a ‘Carafe and Draft’ at that time and I liked it. Since
classic “One Arm Steve’.
Derek Trucks — Allman Brothers Band/Derek Trucks Band: then it has hosted thousands of unforgettable rock shows and I’ve made my
Troy Aubrey — Nomad Artists: way to hundreds of them. I’ll never forget seeingWidespread Panic, Phish,
There are so many musicians that had a strong tie to that room in Athens. Hot Tuna or the Ramones at the Theatre. I was also lucky enough to see
Owen Gray — Theatre Staff/Nimbleslick Entertainment: We played so many great shows in that room with a lot of different people I have some fond memories of seeing some amazing shows at the Geor- Drivin’ N Cryin, the Drive By Truckers and the Chickasaw Mudpuppies
back to the days when Colonel Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue gia Theatre during my time in Athens (1988-present)…like The Replace- there. Warren Zevon sang ‘Werewolves of Athens’ on January 22, of 1992.
I started working at The Georgia Theatre in the summer of 2006, dur- Unit were playing amazing stuff. We did a lot of shows with those guys. ments, when during the 1st song some kid threw one of the big Theatre Those memories will never be forgotten and I look forward to creating more
ing Beck. First day in, Wilmot gave me two free tickets to Phil Lesh & beers at Paul Westerberg and he threw his guitar down and jumped off musical memories in the New Georgia Theatre.
Friends, and that’s the kind of person he is — cares deeply about his staff the stage with fists pumped after the kid, crowd surfed around and then
and friends. One great night was a surprise birthday bash for Adam Per- Bruce Burch — UGA Music Business Program: jumped right back up on stage, picked up his guitar and told the kid “not
ry. After a huge dinner we all hung out at the Theatre ‘til very early in the to fuckin’ do that again” and went right back in to “I Will Dare” with- Mike Rizzi — Former drummer, Five Eight:
morning with different musicians playing their hearts out, collective im- The Georgia Theatre wasn’t here when I attended UGA from 1971-1975 out missing a beat! Coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Paul’s been my hero ever
promptu. Now more than ever, I feel what the people and endless nights of and neither was the Athens music scene. I came back here in 2005 to start since.Can’t wait for the new and improved Georgia Theatre, but will miss The biggest memory of all is running into Wilmot Green in Athens a few
music at the Theatre mean to me. the UGA Music Business Program and the first place I went was to the
the old one dearly! years back and he told me that he just bought the Theatre. Then he took me
Georgia Theatre. Wilmot Greene introduced me to the Athens music scene
on a tour of the Theatre (which I've seen many times, but this time was spe-
and I will forever be grateful to him. It felt like coming home.
cial). He had a glow and was proud of his new baby and I totally was hap-
Andrew Heaton — Packway Handle Band: Nic Goodson — Sleepy Horses: py to see him so excited about something I longed to do myself someday. Not
Daniel Hutchens — Bloodkin: a better guy to have to own such a venue. He understands the musician,
The Georgia Theatre was one of our wilder venues and the bar for extreme I stumbled into Athens (without ever having set foot in Georgia before) seeing as he is a great one himself, and has a perspective most owners don't
antics on stage had gotten pretty high. One show, we drew a blank and I remember the "Bar Tab" shows my band Bloodkin participated in, along on a balmy day in August. I had decided to move outta Texas for some rea- have. I don't doubt he'll rebuild and it will be even greater than before.
went on stage with no real plan except to think of something. Nothing with members of Widespread Panic and several other bands around town, son or school....change of scenery. My first night in
good came to mind, so in a panic, I announced a “sexiest dancer” contest on during the mid ‘90s...those were always great gatherings, lots of old friends, town I heard that Will Johnson (Centro-Matic) would be playing with
stage for a free CD. Several girls got on stage and then the half of us who Patterson Hood and Don Chambers. I found the Theatre (after a long,
Benjy Davis — The Benjy Davis Project:
new friends, just pretty memorable events...and about two weeks before
were paying attention broke into "Happy Birthday" (to “Blah, Blah”) at the fire we did a "Bloodkin & Friends" benefit, and lots of those same fac- long walk around downtown). I fell in love with Athens that night. I
breakneck speed. It was impossible to dance to, but they tried and the result We have always loved the warm welcome the Georgia Theatre and Athens
es from all those years back showed up, and it felt like a full circle...though was in awe of the Theatre. I decided right then that I had to play the The-
was ludicrous. The audience loved it. Half the band was profoundly em- gave us. The fans there rocked. I remember when we were playing with The
I hope it won't be the last time we ever play the Theatre. Let's rebuild it. I ater someday. I've played there quite a few times...however, AthFest 2008
barrassed to have been a part of something so idiotic. I just shook my head Kin, there was a woman at the show who worked at a salon. So we took
also always recall seeing the Replacements at the Theatre, and Soul Asylum Sleepy Horses played with Don Chambers + GOAT....I had come full cir-
and thought “man, what was that?” It was the Georgia Theatre. her backstage after the show, and she gave us all haircuts.
on a different occasion...two of the better rock shows I've ever seen. was a perfect night."

Sometime in the early morning, a

massive fire breaks out in the back right
Sea Level is the first per- Carafe and Draft The building is sold to Wilmot corner of the building. While the walls
Elite Theatre Movie House Publix-Lucas Theatres Inc. buys the Theatre opens as mov-
former of the Theatre’s new Greene and Randy Smith, who are salvaged, the roof and interior are are
opens on ground floor, while United Theatre Enterpris-
building, cuts it in half, builds a incarnation as a music hall. ie house, with “Raiders of the undertake massive renovations
es Inc. buys the building; badly damaged. The investigation is ulti-
The Majestic Hotel occu- balcony and opens a new cinema. Lost Ark” as the first show.
continues Georgia Theatre. over the span of the next 5 years. mately inconclusive in its search for a cause.
pies second and third floors.
Jan. 11, 1978
1918 1930’s 1967 April 9, 1982 2004 June 19, 2009

July 7, 2009
1889 1926 1960’s Oct.,1975 1977 1979 2004
From Wilmot Greene, in his latest
Building erected and con- Reopened as a music venue, Kyle Pil-
Masonic Temple Associated Serves as a worship hall for The Police make a tour public update: “The smoke has cleared
Georgia Theatre shows Sam Smartt, Hap Harris, grim and Bill “Duck” Anderson buy the The Derek Trucks Band
verted into the first YMCA of Athens buys the building. United Methodist Church.
George Fontaine and Shef- stop at the Theatre. and now it’s time to focus on rebuild-
of the South. Would later it’s last movie, building; plan to open Georgia The- recorded Live at the
fy McArthur team up to open ing the Georgia Theatre. I am still
become a department store. “Brotherhood of Death.” atre as a concert venue. First band to Georgia Theatre.
Georgia Theatre as a concert hall. confident that out of all this confu-
play was Pylon on October 2, 1989.
sion something positive will emerge.”
Ed. Note: A special thanks to Daniel Peiken for contributing past Theatre ticket stubs!


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Hazel. So I think that was another thing that well. A lot of bands have started paid fan clubs,
brings it together. It can be the most avant and we’ve been in the middle of whether or not
garde music brought to the table, but Ken’s still SISTER HAZEL we wanted to do something like that. With us
gonna put his take on it and make it what it is, being so accessible, we’re sort of caught in the
which makes it sound like Sister Hazel. middle that we’ve done so much where our fans
Ken Block (lead vocals, guitar), Jett are used to whatever. But we decided that one
ABM: Now this is also Sister Hazel’s 7th Beres (bass, vocals), Andrew Cope- of the other ways for people to recognize the
album, excluding live releases and other land (guitar, vocals), Ryan Newell name, because so many times people have heard
things like that. Once you hit album 7, do (lead guitar, vocals), Mark Trojanowski our music, “All For You” or “Champagne High”
(drums) or “Change your Mind,” but they don’t connect

you still get butterflies about its release?
MT: Oh, I think anytime you put our new the name to the face of the band.
music you’re excited about the fans hearing it 1994 in Gainesville, Fla. And at the same time, we’ve got some good
and other people getting to hear it for the first relationships with different bank people and
time, and the big thing for the band is getting LABEL it’s sort of a difficult economic time, not that
to play new music live. You can write new Croakin’ Poets we are encouraging people to take on debt, but
music and play it live, but without a record it’s we think it’s one of the lowest rates possibly out
LATEST RELEASE there. Obviously we don’t encourage people to
almost kind of pointless because without fans Release (2009)
getting to hear that song ahead of time, or at go get a credit card and put all their spending
least having a recorded copy of it, you get a lot ON THE WEB on it, but we always try to do different things
of people looking at you with blank faces when with our fans and we felt like this was another
you play music that they’ve never heard before. way to brand our name and brand who we

questions with sister hazel

So it’s exciting for us that we can play a bunch are by people using it and hopefully we’ll be
days we started with our fans at the Rock Boat, offering different specials and perks to some of
of new music live and people know the music which is coming on the 10th one this year and
and the words already, so, it just kind of breeds those people who use it as well as, or instead
that was a fans-based, sort of appreciation thing of, having a fan club. Maybe as more and more
excitement, not only for the record release, but after one of our tours to try and get every one
for touring and live shows. Once you make a fans start using the card, we will offer concert
together and have a big party and it’s just this tickets and things like that as a way to give back
record, usually there’s a lot of creative energy big music festival. And we do the Hazelnut
around to create more songs, so hopefully we’ll to them through that system, rather than use a
Now on the verge of releasing their 7th and most collaborative album yet, Sister Hazel’s Mark Trojanowsi sounds hang, which is in South Carolina in May. And fan club based paid kind of thing.
go back into the studio in the fall.
as determined as ever. On a phone call from Atlanta, the drummer is eager to discuss the band’s latest, what it so we just try to do some fun things with our
takes to outlast their peers and having their faces on a credit card. Read on…By Natalie B. David fans. Ken, our lead singer, has the Lyrics for Life ABM: You all are really involved in a lot
ABM: You’ve really kind of out-lasted a lot charity foundation. So it’s just being accessible
of bands that emerged around the time of different things, but I have to admit
Athens Blur Magazine (ABM): The new own or you collaborated with other people, we went into this record knowing that everyone and trying to have our fans be as big a part of
when you all did. Has it always been easy that I didn’t know about most of it until I
album, Release, is a very collaborative got together in Gainesville for a week before was getting all their material on the record and our music world as possible.
to keep the band going? was doing research for this interview.
effort for the band with every member going to Nashville to the recording studio, and so I think that was another positive situation
MT: I think the most difficult part was MT: Well, that’s been the hardest thing.
contributing at least two songs — how that was the first time that the band got to play for us, knowing that you were not going to have ABM: You mentioned Lyrics for Life —
probably in the early years, but once we got past We’ve been that band that has been around
did that idea come about? everyone else’s songs. And we knew we needed to wait to the end of the process to know if your what are you hoping to achieve with
our first two records, I think whatever could’ve since the late ‘90s and we’ve done all of these
to do that in order to go into the studio and play songs were going to be on the record. You knew Lyrics for Life Day?
Mark Trojanowski (MT): It got inspired from potentially caused problems for us, and then things, but a lot of it is so much under the
them and it still sound like a band, like Sister from the beginning that your songs were going MT: I think the goal is, we can only do so many
our Christmas record a few years ago. We went broke up many other bands, kind of dissipated. radar because we weren’t considered the
Hazel. So even though everyone had their to be on there, so we just sort of picked what we things in a year, right? And we can only be so
into the Christmas record with everybody We don’t really have to worry about that much media darlings and we weren’t considered the
songs, everybody in the band still had to learn liked the best and put them on there. many places between touring and family life
choosing three songs and you could either anymore. Even with this record, while we were Matchbox Twenty-type band, whatever. But
their parts and what they were going to bring and we had a Lyrics for Life main event that
choose to do original Christmas songs or in the studio we were playing shows. A lot of there’s certain things that we can control and
to the songs, so that was a pretty crucial part of ABM: Sounds easy enough. So Release we were doing here in Atlanta for many years
cover Christmas songs, and then you got to do other bands will make a record, do a tour and certain things that we can’t. And that was one
the process. And we’ve always done it on every is certainly varied, but in a subtle way. and then Tim started doing smaller satellite
whatever you wanted to produce those songs, then disappear for two years. You really can’t of the things that has helped the five of us
other record and we knew that we needed to do Having five people writing and helming projects in the New England area, and we do
whether you wanted to do them acoustically do that and have a career like this. Your fans continue our career and forge ahead and we
it on this one as well. So we got together for a the different songs, what did you all do one in Tampa in the fall, which I think is on
or do full band versions. And that record was want music. They want to see you. And so we’re just have to learn that there are certain things
week and every person had a day to bring their the day that they’re hoping to do Lyrics for Life
sort of made in multiple places — everybody to make sure it still sounded like a Sister always playing at least four to five shows every that we can’t control and we don’t worry
three songs in and get the band to learn them. Day, and then there’s Operation Swan Dive in
did their own things. Some people recorded in Hazel record and not just a compilation? month or so. I think that has been a major point about it. If our song doesn’t get on the radio,
Then, the following week, we went to Nashville the Boston area, where people actually jump
Ryan [Newell, guitars]’s basement. I went out MT: Well, I think the one thing I already said in why we’ve held out as long as we have. it’s not going to be the end of our record or
and pretty much in four days recorded all of out of a plane and people get donations for
to Dallas. So with it being a hodgepodge like that sort of addressed that was getting together the end of our career. We’re just gonna go out
the bass and drums on all of the songs on the Lyrics for Life from people who sponsor them.
that, recording being all over, it all seemed to and playing the songs as a band. I think it there and tour and do other things to get our
record and then we took several months after ABM: You mentioned your fans, and you So there was all these sort of side Lyrics for
work really well, and we did a lot of the vocals, would’ve been quite different if we had gone to music out there for people to hear it, and I
actually, out on the road. So after having the
that to start doing all of the guitars and over guys have an incredibly loyal fan base, Life events popping up and we could only do
Nashville and never played it until we got into think that’s why we continually come and
dubs and keyboards and strings and vocals. the Hazelnuts, but what have you all done so many of the events in a certain year. Some of
success of that, and everyone kind of getting the studio. There wouldn’t be as much of a band play Athens and play other college towns
more of an integral part of the recording process to attract such loyal fans? these other events were started by other people because if we don’t have a vehicle, whether
feeling about the music at that point, and at least,
and creative process, we decided that it might ABM: How did you all decide what songs MT: I think that partly is because we do who wanted to help so we just felt like let’s try it’s media or radio or television for the new
Ryan and Jett [Beres, bass] and myself having a
be a good way to do a new studio record. from each of you would be the ones that appreciate them and try to do as much as we to organize all these people to do something on younger college students or younger people to
strong foundation of the rhythm sections of the
made the record? can for our fan base. We’re very accessible at the same day. hear our music, then we have to go out and
songs was a major key. And it’s kind of hard to
MT: Um, it was just, everyone just kind of not sound like Sister Hazel when you have Ken our concerts. And I think that we’ve always play it live for them. And that’s what we’ve
ABM: So when you were writing your
picked the material they felt strongly about. [Block, vocals] singing. So having him sing been that way, in the early days when we were ABM: I have to ask you about this: when continued to do for all these years. If one door
songs, were you off in your own little
Some people only wrote two songs. Some all the songs, even though Drew [Copeland, starting, trying to get ourselves out there, we I went to the website, the first thing that gets shut down, we open two or three more
world, or was there much collaboration or would walk around at colleges and just hand
people wrote three songs. The normal process gutars/vocals]’s singing the most he’s ever sung popped up was something saying to apply until we can make it work for ourselves.
input from your bandmates? was people write songs and it was a vote system out our music and just meet people and try to
MT: The way it works for us, everyone had their on a Sister Hazel record on this one, you hear for the Sister Hazel credit card…
of what was going to make the record. So we Kens voice and instantaneously know it’s Sister get them interested in our music. And these MT: Yeah, we actually started that this year as B
songs and then, whether you wrote ‘em on your


traded its cozy, boutique home of Ramseur
Records and settled in the with the magic
touch of some guy named Rick Rubin in a
little place known as Columbia Records.
“I can’t honestly tell you that I wasn’t a WHO’S WHO
little uncomfortable playing in front of Seth Avett (guitar, vocals), Scott
Rick Rubin the first couple of times,” said Avett (banjo, vocals), Bob Crawford
(bass, vocals)
Crawford with a laugh. “But it’s typical to
shut your mind off to who is in the room for FORMED
me personally. I think it may have been felt 2000 in Concord, N.C.
by the other guys, but after you get used to
it, and it kind of goes away.” LABEL
What’s developed between Country Was Ramseur/Columbia
and I And Love And You has been steady LATEST RELEASE
songwriting maturity, not overstated in its I And Love And You (2009)
process but evident in the end product.
“Between I And Love And You and ON THE WEB
Emotionalism (2007) there isn’t a great
distance. Ya know, we learned a ton but I
think song-wise and playing-wise there is
only a step of evolution.  I think between it’s never been a problem for us.”
Four Thieves Gone (2006) and Emotionalism Watching an Avett Brothers show is an
there is also a step.  I think between exhausting enterprise for a fan, let alone for
Mignonette (2004) and Four Thieves Gone the men on stage making the magic happen.
there is a step.  A Carolina Jubilee (2003) and But if the trio has slowed with time, they
Mignonette there is a step, so if you want to hide it well. Much like the improvement
take A Carolina Jubilee and I And Love And on their respective instruments, Crawford
senses a better understanding of what it
takes night in and night out to put on the
“For us, it was always kind of no-holds-barred, whiskey soaked
the live show before there melee they’ve claimed as a trademark.

A Major Step
“In a normal show, I have found in recent
was anything else.” years it’s better to pace yourself,” he said.
“It’s almost like when you’re exercising, you
might get on the treadmill for ten minutes
Bob Crawford or work your legs or whatever you want to
The Avett Brothers do, but you stretch, you get loose.  I like to
PHOTO courtesy crackerfarm get loose on those first four or five songs
and pace myself, rather than let it all hang
The Avett Brothers Get a Makeover — Rick Rubin Style by Alec Wooden said Crawford. “The world is very small, and so
I don’t think you’re gonna have people that play
You there will be this huge gap.  But if you
take them all in context, it is a nice steady
out and be beat for the last 30 minutes of
the show, which has happened sometimes.”

atching Bob Crawford on the a tour with Dave Matthews, all the while thinking about how much like filmmaking ‘old time music’ the way the very bizarre rules of, ladder and a nice progression and very Crawford’s words make perfect sense
road is no surprise. Bassist for prepping for the release of a new studio that that process is and that it's a very visual say,  certain types of jazz or rag time do. You’re comparable for us.” coming from (and going to) any musician.
the hell-raising North Carolina album, I And Love And You. process to make a record.  For me, there is gonna always have people that try to carry that Apart from the records, Crawford has Such a steady progression is a musical goal
“grungegrass” (we’ll get to that) trio The The well-spoken Crawford sticks out from a lot of commonality in making a movie or tradition on, which is great and necessary and seen a progression in other logical ways — of any band. The commercial success is a
Avett Brothers, Crawford and his bandmates the group in a couple ways, namely the lack television show and being a touring band or we need that. I think the larger population that simply put, for the first time in years as a bonus, and The Avett Brothers enjoyed the
(brothers Seth and Scott Avett) have enjoyed of a particular lineage (obviously, he’s the only in the aspect of making a record, filming and makes music is going to be influenced by a lot band, the Avett Brothers now brim with more rare combination of the two being
a meteoric rise through the musical ranks, Avett “brother” without the last name Avett). logistical things that a lot of people probably of fringe elements. What I mean is, you can’t confidence in their actual playing ability. hand-in-hand. Of course, the terrifying
realized the old-school way: touring. Lots Moreover, he’s the band member that almost don’t think about. It's 80 percent logistics. tell anybody now that they’re a certain genre. The elaborate stage presence for which the side of the coin is that with each new album
and lots of touring. Naturally, then, as wasn’t, nearly choosing a career path in film Creativity, of course, factors in but you need I mean, it’s always 'this meets this', well 'this band is known was, at one time, essentially comes new expectations and all-too-often
Crawford speaks through the traffic noise on production shortly after his move to North to have all of these logistics in place so the means this' and so on. I think ultimately when a cover up for what many saw as relatively crushing pressure from a large and still-
the other end of the line, he must be steaming Carolina and shortly before he got hooked creativity can flow open.” people talk about this period of popular music, sub-par playing ability — now, however, growing group of fans.
toward some new musical high – Bonnaroo, up with the songwriting brothers. Years later, In that flow of creativity, The Avett Brothers it will be a more generational term, where you it’s a compliment to the much improved “What fans can expect from I And Love
MerleFest or any one of the mid-sized there’s little doubt his career that didn’t pan have conjured up some unique genre monikers kind of have a term to represent a generation. I technicality of the members. And You, I would say, is that we expand
performing arts centers across the country out has immensely benefited the one that (or the fans have, more correctly). There’s think it is going to be less jazz/funk or rock and “I think we are only beginning to the range of sound and texture.  We play
they’ve come to sell out with a frightening did. “polk” (punk + folk), “bluerock” (bluegrass roll, there will be less of that kind of stuff and understand how to play our instruments and more of the different instruments than I
regularity. “I think about [the similarities] all the + rock) and the ever-popular “grungegrass” more of like, whatever, information age rock or more in a professional manner and I think think we have in the past,” said Crawford.
“Actually,” he said, “I’m driving to Ohio to time, especially with recording I And Love (grunge + bluegrass). Whichever one chooses, technology music, I don’t know.” to make up for the lack of professionalism “The topics are getting broader and deeper. 
go see my parents.” And You and the way we did it. In film you a large part of the Avett Brothers appeal, The Avett Brothers have long been a “major” with our instruments, we just let it all There are some songs on the new album
Oh. have storyboard, where you get the shots that particularly to a younger demographic, has player in the music world, with a cult following hang out and leave it all on the stage,” said that are just incredible and then the
Well, if anyone deserves some R & R at you need to get but, you know, you won’t use been the high-profile left turn from the turned super-sized as a result of each album Crawford. “For us, it was always the live songs that we are just playing now and
their folks’ house, it’s these Avett fellas. They every shot. You get so you shoot as much as romanticized view of folk music as old-timey, since the sterling debut (with the current show before there was anything else. We’ve learning that are even newer that I think
claimed over 150 shows alone in 2008, and possible and you edit — that was more of the out-dated or “Deliverance” laden music. lineup) Country Was in 2002. I And Love And always felt like if people are choosing to are even more incredible — so I think that
2009 has already seen them hitting the above approach in recording this album than it had “This is the information age, and You, however, marks the first “major” step for the spend their time with us, we’re going to give the progression just kind of continues.”
listed hotspots and freshly-removed from ever been before. I was kind of beside myself everybody is influenced by everybody else,” band in the literal sense of the word, as the trio them their money’s worth every night and B


Something New Again
Adam Lazzara gets a fresh perspective by Nicole Black

here’s more than one reason lead singer Adam Lazzara “Emo was a word that we used
of Taking Back Sunday feels new again. Not only does
TAKING BACK SUNDAY to make fun of our friends with.
he have a new album and a new band member, he’s also
a newly married man. It’s no wonder the band chose New Again as I wouldn’t consider myself emo at
the title for its latest release. WHO’S WHO all. It’s weird we got put in that
Adam Lazzara (vocals), Eddie Reyes (guitar), Mark
“Both in our personal lives and wour lives within the band, that’s
just how everything feels,” Lazzara said. “When we were writing O’Connell (drums), Matt Rubano (bass, vocals), category. Maybe it’s because of the
this record, there was this excitement that each one of us had, and Matthew Fazzi (guitar, vocals) bands we’ve toured with. I’ve just
it felt almost like a rekindling of a flame.” FORMED always considered us a rock band.”
Lazzara credits the rekindling to the band’s newest member, Matt 1999 in Long Island, N.Y.
Fazzi, who replaced lead guitarist and vocalist Fred Mascherino
last spring. “With the addition of Matt Fazzi, it really made it fun LABEL Adam Lazzara, Taking Back Sunday

photo: kurt iswarienko

again,” he said. “We [felt] like we were putting out our first record Warner Bros.
(Tell All Your Friends) all over again.” 
On finding Fazzi, Lazzara explained, “We’ve known him since
New Again (2009)
2004. We met him on the Warped Tour when he was playing with to go. We’re just really blessed. Somebody’s looking out for us. We
his band, Facing New York. We just stayed in contact with him. ON THE WEB always dreamed of doing this; we never thought it would happen,
He was actually the first person to come and audition, and he was though. Being that it has happened is just really awesome.”
just the right guy. We went through a lot of other auditions, but it After so many heartaches and devastating breakups, Lazzara
always came back to Matt Fazzi.”  says he has finally found someone that can put up with him.
Members of TBS decided to take a year-long break after heavy were reminding ourselves that it’s up to us to dictate who and what Married for just one year, you might wonder how Lazzara can
touring supporting their third album, Louder Now. Taking Back Sunday is.” still write such agonizing love songs.
“After we did the tour for Louder Now, we just wanted to take a Some people classify TBS as an emo band. When asked if he “The songs were written prior to getting hitched,” he admitted.
break for a little while to kind of get reacquainted,” Lazzara said. considers himself ‘emo,’ Lazzara laughed. “Leading up to getting married, just as we all do, I put myself
“We wanted to not feel like carnies for a hot minute.” “Emo was a word that we used to make fun of our friends with. through a lot of crap. You’d be pretty hard pressed to meet anybody
Getting everyone back together wasn’t a process, he explained, I wouldn’t consider myself emo at all,” he said. “It’s weird we got in their mid-20’s that doesn’t have some horror stories. There’s
“There wasn’t really a defining moment; it’s just what we do.”  put in that category. Maybe it’s because of the bands we’ve toured one or two that are quite the hopeful love songs, like ‘Catholic
New Again plays a little more with pop-rock than on previous with. I’ve just always considered us a rock band.” Knees.’” 
albums, as evinced in the song “Sink Into Me.” Yet the lyrics still Lazzara credits constant touring as the group’s reason for The most trying period lies ahead for the couple, as TBS begins
remain dark in true TBS fashion. success. a venue-packed summer tour to promote New Again. “I try to
“I don’t necessarily think that the music’s happier,” Lazzara “Since we’ve started, we’ve toured nonstop,” he explained. “And bring her out as much as I can,” Lazzara said. [Touring] is just
said. “The music just feels a little happier with a little bit darker we kind of all dropped our last names for the name of the band. what we do, and she knows that. We both knew that going in to
subject matter. We went in and said, ‘OK, there’s nothing that Then again, I have a bunch of friends that did the same thing this. You can make anything work as long as you put the right
we’re not going to try,’ and that was really freeing. It was like we (touring), and they’re still kind of struggling. We have a long way heart behind it.” B


I n three decades traversing the
music business, Wakeling has seen it all.
The 53-year-old Brit has been on stages
ticket market as well as many of the
world’s top musical acts.
as a writer I drink coffee by the boatload.
But I would like to have a choice. Whether

Now that’s power. the product is good or bad, it’s just not
big and small, playing in front of tens of a choice and that’s not good for the
thousands and sometimes just tens. consumer. The lack of competition is
Much of the industry has changed in never good for the consumer.”
those 30 years – once a realm inhabited In an analysis of the merger released
by the connected few, the personal by the American Antitrust Institute in
computer and Internet opened the gates April, James D. Hurwitz, who worked
to everyone, whether you want to listen, with the Federal Trade Commission,
create or simply learn about music. ere’s where we’re at. wrote: “Live Nation Entertainment would
“The old model we had of the music In February of this year Ticketmaster be a vertically integrated enterprise with
industry may be dead, but the music has and Live Nation announced they wanted dominance or substantial power on five
never been more alive,” Wakeling said to merge and become Live Nation market levels. The new entity would
as he prepared to take The English Beat Entertainment, a full service company therefore be able to use its strengths
out on a lengthy American tour. “It was uniting the largest ticket distributor in some markets as leverage to gain
all so sown up and cut and dried when I with the largest concert promoter. The customers or compliance in others. This
started, and certainly who you knew or two entities spent years fighting, as vertical integration would effectively
who you could meet could make a whole Live Nation ended its contract with frustrate new entry because, as a practical
big heap of difference. Monopolies were Ticketmaster in 2007 – which gave it matter, it would require firms seeking to
guarded very tightly and to be invited into sole control to sell tickets at Live Nation compete seriously against Live Nation
the monopoly was much sought after. events – and started a ticket service of its Entertainment to enter the industry on
It’s always been a mixture of sharks and own. Ticketmaster countered, buying several levels at once. The second factor
angels attracted to the music business, Front Line, one of the world’s largest is that the merged entity would likely
and I think it’s all for the better now. The artist management companies, and enjoy market power not just as a seller but
whole thing has fallen to bits. It deserved TicketsNow, a secondary ticket sales also as a buyer. In essence, the company’s
to.” subsidiary (read legal scalpers). market dominance would benefit it in
Amid those bits lie remnants of A few years ago, Live Nation started both ways.”
an industry’s past – concept albums, signing several top artists (Madonna, I’m not sure what it means either, but it
cassettes, large record companies, David

Jay-Z to name a few) to “360-deals,” certainly doesn’t sound good.
Lee Roth – while what arose remained giving them multi-million dollar
lean and compact. Small, tightly-run payments upfront in exchange for future
record labels, CD collections stored in percentages of their recording, touring
electronic boxes the size of your hand, and merchandising sales.
the music itself reduced to one or two The fight proved costly, as a weakened
downloadable megabytes. economy saw the companies’ sales and
Everything got smaller. stock prices plummet.
But not the live spectacle. What could save them? A gathering of ace it, the arena concert-
Concerts became the behemoth. the giants. going experience is a pain in the ass.
Amphitheaters of steel built in empty lots, “This combination will drive measurable If you’re lucky to get tickets to the
showcasing lights of all colors and sounds benefits to consumers and accelerate the concert of your choice before a) it
to deafen the sky. Lead singers displayed execution of our strategy to build a better sells out, b) Ticketmaster times out
their faces and egos on television screens artist-to-fan direct distribution platform,” your computer before you can make a
200 times their size (or 100 times, in Live Nation’s Michael Rapino said in a purchase or c) Ticketmaster sends all the
Kanye West’s case). statement after merger plans went public. best seats to its secondary-selling site
The crowds grew, the venues grew, and “This merger, and the resources of where you can buy tickets for five times
the tickets prices – oh my did they grow. these combined companies, will create the base price (a practice which reared
A show that was once $35 became $100 a new dynamic and unique creative its crooked head with Bruce Springsteen
(thank you Eagles), then became $350 platform of choice for fans across all levels tickets earlier this year), you’re still left
(thank you Paul McCartney). of the live entertainment experience,” paying a small mint for a few hours of
And yet for the last decade, this growth Ticketmaster’s Chief Executive Irving entertainment in what may be crappy
was steered by the power of two – Live Azoff said. seats.
Nation (the world’s largest live music Sounds good? Of course, for the convenience of
company) and Ticketmaster (the world’s “Monopolies are inherently bad,” said buying tickets online and printing them
largest live entertainment ticketing longtime rock critic Jim DeRogatis, who out yourself, Ticketmaster charges you
company). has written for Spin, Rolling Stone and a fee.
Now they want to be one. now resides as pop critic for the Chicago “We’re kind of on the cheaper end
One company controlling the tickets, Sun-Times. “I miss the corner coffee
the venues, the promotion, the secondary shops. I like Starbucks I drink Starbucks,


of the tickets and I’m grateful of that,” to do.” thereby returning us to a near monopoly
Wakeling said. “We do hear it sometimes, “You’ll start to see dynamic pricing,” situation in music ticketing . . . the abuse
where you might have a $20 ticket and Bluett said. “You’d have thresholds. You of our fans and our trust by Ticketmaster
by the time you finished buying it you would sell the first couple of thousand has made us as furious as it has made
might be paying $32 or $35 for the same tickets at $100 and then once they sell many of you,” Springsteen wrote on the
damn ticket.” out you put the tickets up to $120, very band’s official Web site. Ticketmaster
“What is convenient?” said Iain Bluett, much like the airline industry. It gets relented and apologized.
president of Atlanta’s Ticket Alternative, more complicated because the artists are But then there’s Billy Corgan,
a company fighting Ticketmaster for a looking to get more money out of it as Smashing Pumpkins’ front man, who
small piece of the ticket-selling pie. “The well.” wrote to a U.S. Senate Committee earlier
convenience was allowing you to buy the Surely the artists will put a stop to this this year that “the combination of these

ticket online? They have no competition ticket-selling plan. companies creates powerful tools for
and they built this huge infrastructure an independent artist to reach their
and that fee just kept creeping up and fans in new and unprecedented ways,
up. If they’re so worried about their fees, all the while restoring the power where
why are they charging you $2.50 to print it belongs.” Corgan, as it turns out, is
out the ticket yourself? Your printer, managed by Azoff.
your paper, $2.50 to do that? Ohhh, they “It’s starting to look a little less
have to pay for that technology. Well appropriate for $150 or $1,000 stadium
you know what, I don’t know how much ono didn’t know. seats tickets to go on and watch a
technology costs but it’s not that hard to When asked by DeRogatis about the band that’s in front of the television
print out your own ticket.” of Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger, screen with the singer dancing and
So you paid for the tickets, the fees, the bespectacled honorary knight, who miming their latest,” Wakeling said. “It’s allowing people to pay on layaway. “Ticketmaster is going to be forced much past their balance sheets.
now it’s time to go to the show to have seemingly knows something about becoming to appear a bit pretentious April’s Coachella festival (The Cure, Paul to sell TicketsNow, and if they do that But the window of opportunity to see
some fun. everything, was clueless to the news.  and particularly in this social clime when McCartney, Morrissey) checked in at I don’t think there’s any reason why it bands before they ascend to a new level
“You’re treated like a piece of shit,” “A charlatan and a fraud,” DeRogatis people are losing their jobs, their houses, $269 (or less than a single top-tier seat wouldn’t go through,” he said. “Those are could be closing faster by the day. With
DeRogatis said. “With Live Nation I said of Bono. “If you just made $50 losing any sense of hope for the future. for one McCartney show) to see more a complete conflict of interest, how on controlling interest in all music matters,
resent being treated like cattle. Whether million from somebody, you would It’s as though the artists have in some than 100 bands during the three-day earth anyone ever let that go through the merged companies could seek
it’s the added parking fee, which they do know.” ways separated from the people they’re event. June’s Bonnaroo (Springsteen, blows my mind. But if Ticketmaster does 360 deals with smaller, lesser-known
per ticket – four people carpool out to a In fact in 2008, Live Nation signed meant to reflect on and service.” Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys) charged that, then they’ll likely merge with Live bands to join their cadre of superstars.
show and each of them are paying $15 U2 to a 12-year touring deal worth “I know Ticketmaster makes a lot of $250 for the three-day festival, while Nation” Suddenly the up-and-coming band you
to park? $7.50 for a beer? $5 or $6 for a $100 million. And therein lies the next money,” Tim Mahoney, lead guitarist of August’s Lollapalooza (Depeche Mode, Members of the U.S. Congress and wanted to see before it was big has
hot dog? And then in between they have dynamic piece of this improbable puzzle 311 said. “To charge for a ticket now, The Killers, Jane’s Addiction) runs $190. the Justice Department are looking into reached the land of $50 tickets and $9
the audacity to advertise to me? I paid – what are the artists to do? most people buy it online, but the cost And Bluett, for one, is trying to tackle the merger, and some have vowed it will beers.
$50, $60, $100, $250 for a ticket, I just There are vocal barbs on both sides of for that service charge just seems like a the dreaded convenience charge. Ticket not go through. Of course, the winning The power of live music has never been
paid $60 for the whole car to park in the the issue. Many top artists signed deals ton of money. I know our band; we don’t Alternative, handling between 150 and of mergers such as this depends on more important, or valuable, as it is now.
middle of nowhere in a dirt field. You’re with either Ticketmaster or Live Nation, get any of that. It’s not like the bands or 400 venues nationwide in usually smaller how deft the companies are at playing There’s a belief that if the merger goes
lined up, they search your bag and God and their silence is deafening. artists are getting any sort of cut of it venues (such as The EARL and Smith’s political poker – and Live Nation has a through, live music’s best of the best
forbid you brought in a bottle of water – “I think there is a certain amount of … it interests me where all that money Olde Bar in Atlanta), charges less than face card in the hole. (and maybe even its middle of the pack)
throw that away because they’re going to artists spitting in the face of the fans,” goes.” half of what Ticketmaster does. “We only “I think it’s a 50-50 shot, I think will be reserved only for the affluent and
sell you one for $5. The experience is an DeRogatis said. “When Paul McCartney In the end, the artist will set the price make money if we sell tickets,” Bluett this is a really bad time to be selling connected.
inferior one.” was 15 or 16 he was able to see Little at what the people will pay. said, “so we work really hard for our the American public this argument of And those anchored amphitheaters,
This will change with the merger, Richard in Liverpool for the equivalent And they’re paying. venues to help them sell tickets.” bigger is better,” DeRogatis said. “On the much like the high tension wires they
right? of a dollar or two and it changed his “If I was in a band like Coldplay and Of course the merger can only help other hand, the Live Nation board has sit aside, will be forever seen but never
Trent Reznor, the mastermind behind life. Now some kid who’s sitting in a U2 and I heard that people weren’t him, since the overwhelming presence of a really interesting fellow on it named touched.
Nine Inch Nails, is quite vocal about basement learning to play those Beatles going because of the price, I would do one company could spur venues to look Ari Emanuel who happens to be Rahm “The thing that is old as mankind itself
the merger, especially in what happens songs, unless he has access to his dad’s everything in my power to change it,” for alternatives. Emanuel’s brother.” is the traveling troubadour who goes
to ticket prices if it were to go through. gold Amex card at $350 a ticket, can’t Bluett said. “Unfortunately there are “It’s actually a great thing for us if it Who is Rahm Emanuel? He’s President from village to village with his mandolin,
On the NIN Web site, Reznor wrote a see that experience. Paul McCartney has 80,000 other people at the Georgia Dome goes through because a lot of the smaller Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff. puts out his hat and if he’s any good he
scathing review of the events, with a the right to charge whatever he wants, who don’t care and suck it up and say

venues are looking now to jump ship, Live Nation with a straight to the king. winds up with a couple loaves of bread
harbinger of things to come. but don’t you tell me you’re an artist ‘Well that what it is, screw you,’ click and like this is the final straw,” he said. “It’s and pennies,” DeRogatis said. “If he’s

“My guess as to what will eventually anymore. You’re not. This is now some they bought the tickets. We all do it.” a bit of a win-win, lose-lose for us. On not, he better become a blacksmith.
happen if/when Live Nation and capitalistic cash-in enterprise. How one hand, I don’t want it to go through “People talk about cybersex, but it’s
TicketMaster merges is that they’ll move much money does everybody need for 90 because consumers have a hard enough still just jerking off. It’s not as good as
to an auction or market-based pricing minutes of work?” time getting good deals on buying tickets the real thing. The one experience that
scheme – which will simply mean it will Springsteen fans bellowed after and the exorbitant fees those companies can not be duplicated in this digital age
cost a lot more to get a good seat for Ticketmaster sent tickets to his show to charge are outrageous. On the other is sitting in a room with a musician you
a hot show,” Reznor writes. “They will its secondary selling site, TicketsNow. hand, if it does go through it could mean et’s stop where we started. admire and he or she is playing this
simply BECOME the scalper, eliminating The Boss himself got involved, scolding great things for us because it’s going to For fans of the underground, none incredible music. That remains incredibly
them from the mix.” the company for its practices and hat, if anything, is push more promoters to look for other of this matters much. Clubs and bars valuable – that may be the only part of
“We’re moving to this world where demanding they stop: “The one thing being done? As the economy continues alternatives, which is where we step in.” were never tied to Ticketmaster and the music industry that is still viable.
you have to be filthy fucking rich to see that would make the current ticket to falter while tickets continue to But the billion-dollar question Live Nation, and likely never will be. And to have that in the control of one
a concert and if you’re not you’re out situation even worse for the fan than it anyone paying attention? remains: Will the merger go through? The underground, after all, is the company is outrageous.”
of luck,” DeRogatis said. Auctioning off is now would be Ticketmaster and Live Some of the country’s larger festivals Bluett sees it happening, though with future before anyone is aware of it, and
tickets “is absolutely what they’re going Nation coming up with a single system, remain a great bargain, and all are some concessions. monopolies are never too good at seeing


esy Dan E

ers. The
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hose p hips m
Forget t ampions t a time
. A i r G uitar Ch p e r f o r mance a
U.S , one
$3.99 save th
e world
by Nata
lie B. D avid

Directi rist and
W N GUIT air gui
YOUR O vorite champio
MAKE fa to colo
go od anytime! 1. Selec
t your
ng th e d o t t ed line
’ gea r -- m a k e sure
cut alo t some rockin
o u es and
(limit one per customer)
2. P i c k n iTun
d i n a t e .
w e r b a llads i use.
coor me po good
k up so ray to
3. Cran f h i s hair sp
3190 Atlanta Hwy. put all

air guitaris
score perfor ts, local music journali
6.0.  A perfec nces on the Olympic sts, and radio personal
t score from Figu it
  round one, ap re Skating scale: from ies,
tly, is a st
Judging is
ba raight 6-6-6. 4.0 to
merit (the ex sed on a combination
of three crit
guitar), stag tent to which contesta eria: techni
and airness. e presence (how well co s appear to be playin cal
De fi ne d by U.S. Air nt es ta nts win over g the
performance Guit the cr
an art form transcends the imitat ar as “the extent to wh owd)
io ich a
that makes in and of itself,” airn n of a real guitar an
it, well, awes ess is the va d be
  ome. riable of Ai comes
“It’s when a r Guitar
person is pl
just standi
ng there ma aying air guitar and
and you go dly gesturin yo
‘Wo g and flaili u forget that they’re
guitar,” Björ w. That guy, or girl,
n illustrate is actually ng their arms about
airness does s. ho
  melt faces.” “It’s best experienced lding some kind of
live at a sh
Commonly li ow, and
kened to po
it, airness rnography,
is as
singular el the pinnacle to whic in you know it when
em h yo
what rock ne ent that makes air gu every contestant stri u see
rd it ve
quality that s do at home ar wo rt hy of contest, s, the
turns air gu in their spare time. ra
Photo courtesy   itar legend Airness is cr ther than
Photo courtesy For The Fro, s into air gu ucial, the
Natalie B. David it ar gods.
Natalie B. Davi airness lie now in his second year
ce. with the or
iginal U.S. Chof competition, his stan
d rld pea Hello Kitty
h o n o r of wo br
performance. eastplate-clad maniac amp, David “C-Diddy” Ju dards of
rd” in Chris Harden “To me, that’s airness,” ’s 2003 world champion
ng, and that
“Freebi or not, people
Like any   c i o u s l y n g from Columb , a 34-year-old software says the superhero, al ip winning
n k cons bringi lves ia
but holy cr , S.C. “When I look at th engineer and comic bo s of one
with PBR ormal rock show, “I thin lly about is ots of themse a very ap! Every ti ok author
or, even be things are r e a e i d i h i s at , I kn ow
snuggled it’s ak sic, wh
ic   me I watch
it, I get pumphe’s not playing a guit
in the bl tter, straight-up running er to m not
seems lik ack box of liquor, is late. The crowd, p togeth ration of mund it’s about ically The Fro, a ch ed up.” ar,
e any oth
er night, tr endy E getting re lied
in c e l e b
form , a and b a s when embodi aracter pulled from Ha
any other ast Atlanta loung stless while al art iously f the ed by Harden rden’s comic
But look sh ow. e, The Earl. commun yourself ser says Björn o de. “And, and Jeff Ly
nn , is an exub book of the
closer. It “ It’s kind of taking a good time,” conscious s bout.”
i from good ol e. For his regional wi erant cross between St same name,
the ’ Villa Rica n in Atlant ep
Scattered all of having politically ld peace is
a C-Diddy, ligh ), The Fro pe a (he origin hen Colbert
rformed an ally hails
exploding inting candles beneath
character amongst the chatt t’s r
of the contes hat’s what wo Japan a ho mage to th
“Play With Meto his own rendition of mock-up of the air lege e now retired
OLyMpiCs gland,
s er
‘70s stereo come to life: a m ing crowd are se to me, t and, En orld title, .” nd
on v l C-Diddy’s si
a hybrid type with a mullet strous, spiked ro eral Guitar Hero   rom F i n e w   gnature song , before
of and Kool cker in bl tants f held th d : Extreme’s
suit weari a dirty hippie ci g a rett ack, a but with a lot more Contes ly have all g three worl the Beyond scor

a both fans an g, titles or prizes, it
around th ng super hero. Th nd John McEnroe, e-branded pants, a
and I e U.S. produc rs, includin U.S.
t i n g
as The Fr e ro om, mingli
ng wit
e la tter maneu
ev en a spandex
- “ “ with th ns in six ye and two-time
a Atlanta show d contestants coming ba these unique characte
is all abo and passes out g h the crowd. He inhis gigantic afro c h a m p i o c h a m p venues fill had a decent turn ou ck year after year. Al rs that keep
u t being sa u it ar picks tr oduces him involved t world ahan. to capacity t, in other,
more establ though the
  fe!”), work w curren Hot Lixx Hul stars, like with throng
The stage ing the cr ith his logo (“Air self que n e r ble an
d L.
of whom have A.’s Rockness Monster ans left waiting for entr hed cities,
is ba re ,
owd like
a pro.
Guitar -Björn Türo win
i a t e l y likea ir- fan bases th held U.S. titles in 2005 d New York’s William Oc y. Air guitar
This is Ai sa
r Guitar. ve for a spotlig   med is a
x is im bout h doesn’t instruments. at easily rival those and 2007, re ean, both
to For two h ht, but wh
o needs in Hot Lixbly humble a st glance he of local ba spectively, earn local
crowned At the eccentric wilours, contestants i
incred ents. At a f i r a Wor a l d   nds that re
la n ta l m ou ranging fr struments? m o hold ly on real
’s best air
nt the st
age om the chieve e the type t on stage he’s n’s However, wh
spirit of ips in Washingto itarist and conti in a quest to be k
seem li tar title, but t foil to Bjö eems
r A-game is on e maintaining a fan ba
hair style ro ck ‘n’ roll, fu n D .C . Wh n u e
ll of spli at results is a te to the national
Air Gui cker. A perfe s, Hot Lixx
c s it in throug way to become air gu se and keeping on your
h dedication itar Hall of
malfunct s, ridiculous nam ts, sta firecra pher ramblin ughtful of much
g the on par with , like Björn Fame materi air guitar
ions and es, stage jumps, moonwalkin ment to the o o circles is ththe greatest of rock my Türoque, or simply vi al, others make
drunkenn d
ess. Defin ives, burning chesg, outrageous philos used than th t still very as a
“It’s kind itely dru m
more a henomenon, b f air guitar
u performance, e case of Bettie B. Good ths. A story well-known circumstances
nkenness. t hair, costume which includ e. During he in
involved. of all of the thri whole
h e a r t o agnet” Kapronica, ed a metal r 2008 Brookl air guitar
too-ROCK”) An d lo u der music, ll of th e Olympic e l i e v e s in t by Zac “Mr. M der ac
chose to cont cidentally severed th folding chair, Bettie yn regional
b l
, ”
biggest p the undisputed fa explains Björn Tü but with a lot mor
s, ophize
d ected e ime e
rather than inue her performance fourth toe on her left al name Taryn
, re
philos he much resp tar and two-t anyhow, goin
alias of
s. In it si
ce of U.S.
Ai r Gu itar
roque (pro e
nounced “B beer Mu n r o , t i r g u i Bettie, whil medical help. The inci fo
g for air gu ot. Bettie
three yea rmer New York so nce U.S. Air Guita and perhaps one yorn an of a ndon.  
e the toe wa de
s inevitably nt resulted in a regi itar glory
rs, coming ftw r of its statesm hamp from Lo a sacrifice onal win fo
2005 nati
on in secon are producer Dan began in 2003, Bjö worl d c
inal a
rt The Fro hims to the gods r
the 2006 d als. His struggle d place a total of Crane, competed rn, the n e o f the f ow,” Air Guitar elf even had his own of rock.
ocumentary to fiv 11 ti   o n injury to sp
into his Air Guitar overcome air legen e times, including mes in lly is ight f spraining hi eak of,
book To A “It rea t least for r ppelganger o eer
Guitarist. ir N a ti on , d C- D id at the a o n during an in s wrist in a fall
If nothin Is Human: One Man and his further exdy was chronicle f o r m s , , t h e d
e n g i tense practi
  g else, he d in ot Lixx ht session. ce
is a mad
’s Quest to
B p lo it s wer says H a, California an’t be boug
As an act genius am ecome the World’s G e compiled Ala m e d i r . “I t c
ck e r o n
rock ‘n’ ro
ivity, air ong madm
en. re a te st Air illmeie t a sti ou. (continued on
ll, but it uitar has raged on Craig B You can’t pu away from yit. page 62)
when the w l d . i t e
World Air as first practiced since the earlie or so ne can tak e
k i l l t o h a v
o f
1996. The Guitar Ch on an Ol st days of o s d
U. it. No e any ll that kin
roll had S. organization, su mpionships began ympic-style scale n’t tak A
no represe rp in Oulu, Fi It does orn with it.
  ntation a rised that the bi e b
World org t the wor rthplace nland in Y o u ’r
ld ’s , rmed in 20 of rock ‘n’ stuff.” gin
anizers be fo can be win a ties,
based on
th gan the co 03.
  c o n t e stants hey have to rch hit 25 ci d Boston, in st, but
guitar. Cu e belief that you ntest as a way to b e f o r e t i t l e , t h e s e a l l a s a n us que nd
stomary a
t ca n’t hold p ro mote world But
i n g a world on. In 2009, t Angeles, Da ’s a ridiculo ir mullets a
s join on the end of every a gun if you’re h peace plott l competit i r k , L o s r i s t . I t o n t h e
olding an , a ew Yo guita g to d .
stage for
a mass air
n, all air region ng Atlanta, N y’s best air ants willin to the stage Photo courtesy
i r p
guitar to includ of the count ager partici droom and on ir guit
search e plenty of out of the b
e e Hero, a ds. In the Natalie B. David
u it a r n
there a he air guita
r ame G er two rou The
video g ov choice.
e n t s for the aking place ong of their ey must
am , t s th e
  r tourn and furious seconds of a round, where testants hav
simila t 0 n
Unlike ions are fas en perform 6 e compulsory me cases, co eviously
it m h so r
compet und air axe move on to t ng that, in which have p llo, as well
s t r o t o r s e d s o g e s , M o r e ran
f i r
f i v e compe t i
p r e -d
i n
eterm ced. Three ju gods like T
d o m as vete
to p r m t o a p r a c t i u i t a r
rf o ne l g
all pe eard, let alo included rea
, fell l, t
tairwell e my fal g a wris
p e cl im bing a s he ground brok ow I was wearin
o k e a r o s a y s . “T th e s h et, but
“I Br r,” he ay of the plan
the floo til the d n stage.” balls on ore and pushing
right to nice, but up un l before I got o l l g o o f
which wa my wrist could h
ea ck ‘n’ ro ing back for m it is
icated ro m any ways
brace so o f th e most ded ir guitarists co ing because in m essary skill,
are some keeps a o appeal t the nec ets
aithful or Finland that ar mythos is s citement withou on fee, which g
h e a ir guitar f to D .C . a ir g u it l a n d ex is tr a ti a r e n o
T ip e reg e
a free tr ge. For many, th l the glory, thril ing up a small ’ roll alias, ther
it’s not th e ed s y : a l fo r p o n y r o ck ‘n
t to nta us
the spor ate rock star fa uipment. Except truly outrageo
m eq ming a
the ulti ns or expensive in s to r d
connecti in free beer, an n.
d br a mullette
ck io th a t th ey’re all lived with
a it d
paid b
ents for
compet arists is ave a mullet, an walks of
requirem air guit h Photo court
n ce p ti on about Björn. “I used to ey come from all e two-time esy
th e co m mon misco r mother,” says g u it a rists, th it ec t w ho is th
d th a t’ s Nick Roble
“I th in k it h th ei g o n e. A ir is h a r ch m m o n , a n
ho live w are long to a Brit ing in co and
losers w , but those days at Mets stadium all have one th uty that is rock
m o th er v en d o r in k w e th e b ea
my og th
m a hot d on. But I celebrate
life, fro mpion from Lond me on stage and
worl d ch a n o s h a inly of a
b il it y to have a r is ts are certa come to play
the a air guit ous. Those that f shame.”
roll.” the best ci o
to a n yone but shy or self-cons e and total lack
u l y o p en o r th e m p l et
rsuit tr ’s not f ion, “a co fake
It’s a pu aracter type. It the world champ ility to
r ta in ch w o r d s o f ti o n , o r the ab e love and
y, in the inebria mplet
need onl It takes f all a co nds for,”
im a r il y cohones.
k it ta k es most o rock ‘n’ roll sta surrender
, pr in at g to
, I think rink. I th ything th e willin
“It takes on if you don’t d ‘n’ roll and ever amp, you must b allow dignity.”
ia ti r o ck a r ch d o n ’t
inebr n to guit d we n edge
edicatio be an air itars an e them a
absurd d s Björn. “But to e don’t allow gu m en t will giv rn and Hot
a te r . W tr u jö
nity at th
e doo f the ins cluding both B bands and
your dig wledge o in various te to air genius
th in k that kno ny contestants, r m s , in
g u it a r ists who think twice. Ma uitar” in air te always transla
l g l doesn’t
Even rea mpetition should ar, or “fake air guitar, I
ical skil ying air who lost while
in air co e played the guitors. However, mus f o r p l a
Lixx, hav musical endeav n of me t Lixx,
makes fu with it,” kids Ho ho wasn’t a real
t if s omebody e h ea d ea n , w
v a n ta
ge is th nk them over th lding William
a d co ie
y real and
l guitar in 2007 to back
“The onl ow too
et my rea e t you kn y.
always g his 2006 U.S. titl a n ta g e in tha in guitar realit
g d v
defendin e a d is a
r can b le was very much the crowd’s fa et
b a s ed ce s ,
t. ir guita
guitaris in g
o w to p lay non-aal air guitar sty y about getting ou need to do to
o w in g h o r ig in ’s r ea l l a te v er y
kn se it h
“I think lains Björn, who foundation, but at them, doing w
p t es out
much,” ex to have a decen y o u r ey ar e u s ed to .”
“You hav our tongue, bulg t what guitarists
ing o f modern g surprise

Your Vision. Amplified.

ea l m
wagging ted, and that’s n
o ical r little n
d the typ , there’s ey’ve see
them exci m er s to go beyon guitar playing best concerts th audiences
s perfor of rea l of the rested ’
ar force ical limitations ntests are some s produce disinte psulates rock ‘n
air guit s r co w ca
Because quishes the phy g u it a o ck s h o it a r en th e l ik es
that air n they should, r spectrum, air gu ose songs from nd, of
and relin air fans claim tly tha ite end of the ely cho energy a
th a t m a n y
de. F a r to o f r eq u en
On th e o p p os
s. P er f o r m er s routin rince, for their
en P
this deca c performances. ght of its exces he Scorpions, ev
and stati ria from the hei la, Slayer and ave to dis
roll hys len, Metallica, T
s ta n ts really h to go pretty
of Van H itar prowess. the conte ce, so they tend s a
because n is used a
course, g
in m a ny ways second performa . I’ve seen a pen a concert in
eeing a
concer t
’ roll in
a 60
reasts f
lashed n melted
t’ s b et te r than s ow about rock ‘n e’s sometimes b y face hasn’t beet air guitar sho
“I th ey k n ti cs . T h er B jö r n . “M ti n g s a
g b a y s m el
everythin ean, there’s acro ne occasion,” sa cars from face
crazy. I
o n m o r e than o have numerous s pastime
ick I g a silly and reviving
guitar p yet I find that tu r n in
years, bu
t ut by ining
uments. B are redef
a r en ’t any instr, air guitarists
there rsuit
So maybe nship worthy pu ce at a time.
a champio ll, one performa
rock ‘n’ r
gear guide ians Sabian Mackie
AAX & u.420d
corn HHX Mixer

The Mackie u.420d
In addition to vintage bright sound- 4-channel mixer with
24bit/96kHz FireWire in-
SWR golight™ 4x10 Aguilar DB 751 ing AA and vintage dark HH versions,
SABIAN has introduced modern bright cludes two Mackie mic channels
4 ohm Bass Amp Bass Head AAX and modern dark HHX designs of its
popular Raw Bell Dry Ride cymbal. Renowned
featuring 3-band EQ with mid-sweep,
a built-in DI box and 30mm faders. Two high headroom stereo
These high-quality, light- The DB 751 Bass Head for award-winning innovations, SABIAN cymbals are played line inputs channels feature Mackie Designed RIAA phono pre-
weight enclosures are the re- features a combination of raw by such greats as Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili amps, 3-band “full kill” EQ, a 30mm crossfader and a full head-
sult of a painstaking process power and rich tone that con- Peppers. phone cue system.
in which every component tinues the legacy of the DB
of SWR’s Goliath Series 750. The DB 751 is a ground-
was evaluated and, when- breaking hybrid with a discrete Mosfet output section
ever possible, a new light- and a 3-tube preamp. While maintaining the legendary sound of the Spector “Shorty” Krank
weight high-performance
component was selected for
DB 750, the DB 751 features improvements in the EQ section and
a better control layout, which gives you the headroom to bring your Spector Basses is now offering for
“Krankenstein Jr.”
use in the golight enclosures. tone to life no matter what kind of music you are playing. the first time a short scale USA bolt Mini Stack
This model features a 4x10 on neck bass. Known familiarly as
enclosure, 800 watts handling, custom SWR neodymium speakers, “Shorty” the bass utilizes a 30 3/8” Krank Amps is known for making se-
horn tweeter with attenuator, Speakon® and 1/4” speaker jacks, re- scale length 22 fret neck. The orig- riously kick ass guitar amps and was the
movable casters, side handles, vibration-free shock-mounted grill, inal versions of this bass were built last stop in tone for the late Dimebag
front slot port. 56 lbs. (25.4 kg) impedance: 4 ohms. for Garry Tallent who has been us- Darrell of Pantera fame. Their collabora-
ing them for years on tour with tion resulted in the uber popular Kran-
its 40th Anniversary
B.C. Rich as America’s premier
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street kenstein amp that has since weaved the
Band. The neck features a pau fer- sonic tapestries of such rock luminaries
MOOG MP-201 Anniversary builder of unique-
ro fretboard on a 3 ply graphite re- as Metallica, The Offspring, and  even
ly shaped, lifestyle-driven
The MP-201 Multi-Pedal is the perfect
Guitar: The electric guitars, B.C. Rich®
inforced hard maple neck. The the hilarious Metalocalypse Cartoon
Network show. And now Krank is intro-
body is the original Spector
Control Hub for live performers, Eagle proudly announces a new se-
ries of handcrafted instruments
ergonomically carved shape ducing the mini versions of Dime’s tone
studios, DJ’s and more. It’s built with a light weight mahog- in the Krankenstein Jr., available in both
to mark the milestone. The spe-
like a tank and with CV, MIDI any core. It is available with 20W and 50W and featuring 1x12 cabs
cial guitars are a tribute to mod-
and USB connectivity, it can a wide range of figured ma- to complete the cool rock amp “stack”
els originally developed by com-
control anything from a lap- ple and exotic wood tops and look.  And the mini version of it’s big
pany founder Bernardo (“Bernie”)
top running the latest software stain colors. All hardware is brother certainly doesn’t skimp on the
Rico and are limited to a production
to a monster analog modular synth. black plated and the elec- tone, reproducing Dime’s wsignature
run of 40 guitars per model.
Stay in control while your hands are busy tronics consist of EMG sound at more home-friendly volumes
The four Anniversary Guitars rep-
playing, spinning or mixing! pickups and an Aguilar or being able to easily power club gigs.
resent the first original designs offered
OBP-3 active tone circuit.
by B.C. Rich: the Seagull, Eagle, Mock-
ingbird and Bich. Each will receive a 40th
Anniversary commemorative logo on
Boss FRV-1 Fender ‘63 Reverb Pedal the back of the headstock, a spe-
cial serial number and certificate of
BOSS and Fender® USA have collaborated
to create the FRV-1, a stunning recreation
All Anniversary instruments uti-
of the legendary ’63 Fender® Reverb.
The FRV-1 puts that timeless tube-
lize Neck-through-Body Koa wood
construction, a feature rarely seen be-
Hohner Blues Amplifiers
driven reverb sound under your fore B.C. Rich came on the scene back in Bender
foot in a tough, reliable com- ‘69. This method maximizes sustain and
pact pedal. The original ‘63 helps maintain the long-term structur- Hohner, Inc. announc-
Fender® Spring Reverb is al stability of the instrument. Bodies are es the addition of the Blues
the sound that launched crafted of solid Koa with Maple accent Bender P.A.C. to its line of
the surf-music phenome- stripes (“stringers”) on two models and professional harmonicas.
non, and is a staple of rocka- utilize DiMarzio® Dual Sound pickups. Designed primarily to make In a short time, Swart Amplifier Co. has garnered some of the most
playing and note bending stellar raves in the industry from the ones who matter most: musi-
billy, country, and blues. Lat- Additional design details include the clas- cians. Featuring USA built, 100% hand-wired, all-tube circuits, with
er, it became commonplace sic B.C. Rich Diamond fingerboard inlays (Snow- easy for entry level players,
components selected to maximize harmonic richness and superior
in grunge and other modern flake design on the Seagull), Grover® Super Rotomatic™ the Blues Bender P.A.C. al- sonics, the Swart brigade will satisfy any connoisseur of Great Tone.
genres. Now the same legend- tuners and vintage Cal Rad knobs. lows everybody access to Choose from 5w of pure Class A, Single-Ended 6V6 combo portabil-
ary sound can be had in an affordable, the bluesy notes needed to ity to the 30w SST-30 altar to Tonal Glory.
rugged compact pedal. make any riff complete.


What’s your Regional report
musicscope Memphis, TN . ...By Amanda Dent
upcoming on the screen
Astrology for Musicians established 1819
population 1,280,533 making sure it’s worth your $9.50
CAPRICORN AQUARIUS notable bands Big Star, Lucero, The Grifters, Amy

(12/22-01/19) (01/20-02/18) Lavere, Al Green, Elvis, Cory Branan, Isaac Hayes,
It’s not that you’re a bad musi- A band member quits, forms another Big Ass Truck, Three 6 Mafia, North Mississippi Allstars,
cian, dear Capricorn; you’re just band and takes with him/her songs Justin Timberlake, Booker T and the MGs.
playing the wrong instrument.  Try you have written.  It’s up to you to usEless triviA There’s 7.5 miles of trolley track in (July 24) (Hoyt Yeatman) In this 3-D animated comedy adventure, animals are trained by
alternating to a completely different fight for the songs back or create downtown and midtown Memphis. the government as spies and are given the latest equipment to assist them in their mis-
musical interest. new ones inspired by the fiasco.  drive from athens 456 miles sions.  The ‘G-Force’ consists of guinea pigs by the voices of Sam Rockwell, Tracy Morgan,
Penelope Cruz, a literal fly-on-the-wall and a mole by the voice of Nicolas Cage.
Something Extra $5 Cover, a web and television  
PISCES ARIES series featuring real Memphis musicians and fictional- Prediction: The talking animated animals are overdone but the plot is new.  The kids will
(02/19-03/20) (03/21-04/19) ized stories, aired on and MTV during the love this creative 3-D film making pets and insects the deciders of the world’s fate.
Someone in your band is bad mouth- Drinking before shows is starting to month of May. The series was the brainchild of “Hustle
ing you to every ear that will listen.  be a problem.  Pace yourself or you & Flow” writer and director Craig Brewer.

When you confront the member,
they will deny everything.  Be cau-
may make a total ass of yourself
when you fall off stage in the middle your new favorite band
tious about keeping this person of a performance. the buzz in memphis : star and micey
around. This indie folk/pop outfit picked up steam in the past year after (July 24) (Jaume Collet-Serra) A sweet little girl named Esther is adopted by
founder/vocalist/guitar player Josh Cosby met Ardent Studios en- a troubled couple, John and Kate, played by Sarsgaard and Vera Farmiga. 
TAURUS GEMINI gineer and musician Nick Redmond. Redmond joined the band as
(05/21-06/21) After Kate’s miscarriage and the couple’s terrible luck with their marriage,
(04/20-05/20) lead guitar player, and soon Star and Micey were recording at world- they adopt in order to be somewhat normal.  The innocent sweet attitude
Your band is gaining momentum.  Your significant other is significantly renowned Ardent Studios, becoming the second band on the newly of the little girl quickly vanishes leaving Kate concerned and eager to alert
Continue playing as many shows jealous of the attention you have reactivated Ardent Music label (which launched power-pop pioneers her friends and family before something terrible occurs.
as you can even if there’s no pay been receiving from the opposite sex Big Star).  
after shows.  Time to think about With Geoff Smith on bass, Doug Walker on organ and keys, and a Prediction:  Oddly resembling the plot of The Omen, this film promises some
involved.  Hard work does and will
revolving cast of local drummers, Star and Micey wrapped up their nightmarish scenes that will make your stomach drop.
pay off. how to break up with him/her…
first studio album (to be released later this fall). Included in the al-

Funny People
bum are special guest appearances by some of Memphis’ most rec-
CANCER LEO ognizable names — Big Star drummer Jody Stephens, North Mis-
(06/22-07/22) (07/23-08/22) sissippi Allstars axman Luther Dickinson, and Dave Cousar, guitar
Singing is not your forte and no one You are invited to open for another virtuoso and one of Memphis’ best kept secrets.
Star and Micey continues to be a fixture of the live music scene in (July 31) (JUDD APATOW) George (Adam Sandler) is a successful comedian who
else has the heart to tell you.  You band this month but without any has less than a year to live. He meets Ira (Seth Rogen) after a stand-up set and
Memphis, with future gigs planned regionally.
might want to consider taking vocal compensation.  Take the opportunity hires him as his semi-personal assistant and friend. The two form a friendship
lessons for a few months before to expose your music to new fans.  venue profile on the charts where George teaches Ira how to be a better comedian and Ira helps George
trying to start your own band.
the hi tone top 10 songs played come to grips with death. However, when George finds out that his disease has

The Hi Tone has long been a sta-

on wmfs 92.9 FM gone into remission, he decides to start living the life he has always wanted and
tries to win back the love of his life (Leslie Mann). 
VIRGO LIBRA ple of the local live music scene, 1.“Gives You Hell”
(08/23-09/22) (09/23-10/23) featuring acts from all over the All-American Rejects       Prediction: A strange mix of comedy and the very serious subject of death, this
You’re not the only one feeling like globe and from Memphis’ own 2. “Second Chance” movie will be a tough one to pull off. However, if anyone can tackle it, director
A powerful performance at a recent
backyard. Located on Poplar Shinedown Judd Apatow is the one to try. Proving nothing’s sacred, he’s already done it with
the drummer has to go.  Find a show has generated a local buzz.  3. “The Climb”
Avenue — Memphis’ central both virginity and pregnancy (The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up). And if
tactful way to let this person know Instead of rushing to play the next Miley Cyrus
thoroughfare — in the heart nothing else, the new team of Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan will be interesting
it’s not working out, then take your available gig, wait a few weeks to let of Midtown, this intimate and 4. “If Today WasYour Last Day” (and hopefully hilarious) to watch. 
time recruiting a new drummer. the buzz about your band magnify.  gritty bar (which also serves Nickelback
5. “Boom Boom Pow”

Aliens in the Attic

superb New York-style pizza)
SCORPIO is the perfect representation Black Eyed Peas               
(10/24-11/21) SAGITTARIUS of the city of Memphis and the 6. “I’m Your’s”
Don’t let your temper get the best (11/22-12/21) Jason Mraz   
music it has created. With an
Drink water in between all the sum- 7. “You Found Me” (July 31) (John Schultz) In this comedy adventure, a family takes a vacation and the kids discover alien invaders
of you.  A club promoter angers estimated 400-person capacity,
mer boozing you’ve been doing before The Fray         with ambitions to destroy the world.  The kids must eventually battle the aliens without their parents ever find-
you at a gig this month and how the Hi Tone has packed them in
8. “Poker Face” Lady GaGa                 ing out about the petite invaders.
you handle yourself could dictate shows.  Otherwise, you may collapse for acts such as MGMT, Band of
9. “No Surprise” Daughtry  
during an outdoor performance from Horses, Brian Jonestown Mas-
whether you play any club in town 10. “Please Don’t Leave Me” Prediction:  Co-scripted by one of the writers of Madagascar, this film has high-hopes for success.  Teen phenom-
dehydration. sacre and a broad slate of local
again. Pink  enon Ashley Tisdale is sure to bring a large audience after the box-office hit of “High School Musical I and II.“
acts and charity concerts.


17 Again

Julie and Julia

(August 7) (NICK EPHRON) Based on two true stories, Julie and Julia is about two women, Julia Child (Meryl
Streep) and Julie Powell (Amy Adams), whose lives become intertwined despite being separated by time and
space. Julie Powell is a temp who decides to change her life for the better by creating a blog to document her   The Hangover’s Mike Epps is just a big
quest to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” Going back and forth be-
tween time periods, the movie also shows Child’s struggle in making the cookbook and realizing her dream.  kid livin’ in a grown man’s body.
Prediction: If Meryl Streep and Amy Adams were not in this movie, I’d probably write it off as an overindulgent
By DeMarco Williams
chick-flick. The switching between time periods may be somewhat off-putting, but with these two actresses side If you’ve seen Mike Epps on film, you know the dude is an absolute nut. If you’ve ever hung with
by side, the movie can’t be all bad. Mike Epps in person, you know it’s the farthest thing from a front. The guy smiles incessantly. The
guy tells stories like a grandpa. The guy cracks jokes like a cool uncle. Epps, one of the funniest

Cold Souls District 9

people of this generation, simply loves life and all that it entails.
“I stayed suspended,” Epps begins, presumably on his way through another hilarious chapter
in his life. “I always had a school prank. Out of 94 days, I might have went to school 50 of
(August 7) (SOPHIE BARTHES) In this interesting tragicomedy, Paul Gia- (August 9) (NEILL BLOMKAMP)  Peter Jackson takes the reigns as produc- them, straight up. I always had straight F’s.” Thankfully for Mike, the reception he got
matti (who plays himself) is a man struggling with anxiety while play- er in this sci-fi flick about alien refugees living in slums on earth who have after a stand-up performance would be the true final exam.
ing the lead role in Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya. He discovers a high-tech overstayed their welcome.  While the government tries to sort out what “When I knew I was on to something,” the Indianapolis native recollects, “people
company offering to deep-freeze souls and, in effect, take away suffer- to do with the extraterrestrials, the MNU (Multi-National Unit) try to cap- would just tell me I was funny. I was actually going around practicing [my routine]
ing. Giamatti decides to freeze his soul until after his performance in ture an ex-MNU field officer, Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley), who on people in just everyday life. I would say to myself, ‘Damn, this shit be workin'.
the play, but complications arise when a soul-trafficking “mule” steals has become infected with a virus that is mutating his DNA and just may I was seein’ if I could do it on cue. I was makin’ people laugh all the time, just
his soul for a soap-opera actress. The film chronicles Giamatti’s quest be the key to unlocking the alien’s advanced technology and weapons.  bein’ me. Then I started gettin’ some one-liners together. My name was kinda
to find his soul again while discovering what happiness and being able poppin’ around the city in the after-hour clubs and the bars. I noticed how
to experience emotion really mean along the way. Prediction:  Sci-fi fans will flock to the theaters and the fresh take people would act when I came around. Everybody would be like, ‘Get’me,
on the tired aliens-coming-to-earth scenario may strike interest Mike. Talk about him!’ I was onto something. I ran with it.”
Prediction: A combination of dry humor, pathos and the question we in action film junkies.  Plus, a new extraterrestrial movie might be From there, gigs started to roll in. Then TV spots. Then movies.
have all wondered at some point or another, would we actually be bet- just the breath of fresh air cinemas need from this summer of ro- Then stand-up DVDs. But Epps maintains, “I never did it for money.
ter off without the burden of our souls?, this film is sure to be worth bots (Terminator Salvation, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen). Still don’t 'til this day. My wife cusses me out everyday. [She asks]
checking out. ‘What you gonna do when you can’t do it no more?’ I said, ‘Shiiit.
When is that? When I’m dead? I can do this forever.’ I love to do it.

The Boat that rocked I’mma be 70-years-old, talkin’ crazy. Been married five times. Funny
is funny till you die.”
He ain’t lyin’. Just as sure as you’re holding this magazine right now,
(August 28) (RICHARD CURTIS) Set in the 1960s, The Boat that Rocked somebody across this great land is bustin’ a gut, watching Epps’ old Def
tells the story of ”The Count” (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and Quentin (Bill Comedy Jams footage or a scene from one of his crazy pictures like Next
Neighy) who are in charge of an illegal radio station that broadcasts from Friday, All About The Benjamins or last May’s Next Day Air. Hell, Mike wasn’t
the middle of the North Sea.  Along with a group of rogue DJs, the crew even in the surprise summer hit The Hangover long, but his time in front of
fights for their right to play the music that defined their generation and the camera was memorable. It’s almost as if Epps, like Jimmy Fallon or Amy
stray from the quintessential jazz music that reigned supreme in Britain. Poehler, makes you laugh the moment he opens his mouth.
Almost. For when Mike Epps is 38, married and a proud papa these days- starts
Prediction:  For movie buffs, the name Philip Seymour Hoffman carries a to explain how his approach to comedy has changed over the years, he’s all business.
lot of clout and if writer/director Richard Curtis goes along the same lines “I know exactly what I want out of it now,” says the comedian, who still books stand-up
as his previous Brit comedy, “Love Actually”, then audiences should be in
dates when he can. “At first, it was like, ‘What do I want?’ Now I want to make my fans
for a fun and hilarious romp into the British pop movement.
happy and I want to walk away successful. I want people to be able to say, ‘I liked the way
he set that up. I liked how he broke it down.’ Details are important to me now. I’m more into

Carriers what I’m doing as opposed to just going out there freestylin.’ I like to know what I’m doing and how
to attack.”
With that sort of focus, fans would have enjoyed watching Mike portray his idol, Richard Pryor, on
(September 4)  (ALEX & DAVID PASTOR) Chris Pine the big screen. For years a deal was reportedly close to becoming official. Now Epps insists quarrels
(Star Trek) and Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly) star as amongst the Pryor estate may permanently hold up the project.
survivors of a deadly viral pandemic that begins “Richard Pryor taught me how to protect my craft and to appreciate it,” tells Epps, who will costar
in Western America.  Along with two other survi- with Ice Cube in the long-delayed comedy Janky Promoters later this year. “That’s one of the downfalls
vors, the group flee from the virus only to find out that he had of being a great artist, you know what I’m sayin’? He was a complete genius. There’s a
that they may be more of a threat to one another.  heavy price to pay for being that. I learned how to appreciate and protect my craft and protect my
blessing and not take it for granted and not let it destroy me. That’s the everyday fight when you
Prediction:  Though the premise sounds like every oth- have genius qualities or God blesses you with a gift. The fight is just to keep your sanity.»
er zombie/infection movie ever made, audiences seem “I make people laugh all the time. I just be wantin’ to laugh sometimes. I want somebody to bust
to never get enough of the genre.  Not to mention, Chris
me up. It’s a heavy price to pay. You give up so much for the position. I just try to be as normal as
Pine’s new found fame with the popularity of Star Trek. 
possible. I try to do normal things. I don’t have too many people or servants just doing stuff for me.
If a PG-13 rating is announced, Carriers should be a
Fuck all of that. If I can’t ride down the street by myself, I don’t want it. When it start gettin’ like
sure fire hit. 
that, I quit ‘cuz I ain’t gonna be able to enjoy nuthin’.” B
Epps from the
68 ATHENS BLUR MAGAZINE courtesy Paramount Pictures.
upcoming dvD releases
Release dates are subject to change. Check
artists or store websites as these dates ap-
july proach.

The 10th Victim
Devil in the Flesh
Becoming Charley Chase aug
17 Again
Alien Trespass
I Love You, Man
London to Brighton
Almost Heaven

Dark Rising
Minstral’s Daughter
july Soundstage: Chris Isaak’s
Greatest Hits
Battlestar Galactica Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Dollhouse [Season 1] [25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition]
Green Lantern: First Flight
An American Affair
Dragonball Evolution

Fast and Furious
Miss March
Ancient Aliens
Angel of Death aug
Life on Mars: Series 1 Sons of Anarchy (Season 1)
The Mafia Hannah Montana: The Movie
Streets of Blood Go
Repulsion Gossip Girl:
Complete Second Season
The Last House on the Left
Dexter: The Complete 3rd Season

aug 4
Alien Uprising
aug 25
Mutant Chronicles
Labor Pains
Sunshine Cleaning
Race to Witch Mountain
Samantha Who?: The Complete
The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
2nd season
House MD: Season 5
Flight of the Conchords: The
Complete Second Season
The Soloist



meals for your broke ass

NOW OPEN! Nothing soothes the summer sweats quite as refreshingly as ice-cold treats, am
I right? Instead of spending your hard-earned cash buying ice-cream from the
grocery store, try making these easy-to-prepare desserts. Not only will you have
an abundance of coolness at your disposal, your friends will be begging for

Granita is a fancy Italian word for

slushy, flavored shaved ice. It’s very
Blueberry Mint Granita
easy to make, but you need to check
on it every hour or so while it is 2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint
setting in the freezer. Hey, it’s worth 1/2 cup superfine granulated sugar
it! 3/4 pounds blueberries (2 1/2 cups), thawed
if frozen
3/4 cup water
2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
come check out our expanded Directions:
retail & distribution facility Finely grind the mint with sugar in a food pro-
cessor or blender. Add blueberries and purée until
195 Paradise Blvd. * Athens, Ga. * 30607 smooth. Force purée through a fine sieve into an 8-
to 9-inch baking pan, pressing hard on solids (dis-
card solids). Stir in water and lime juice.
Freeze, stirring and crushing lumps with a fork
every hour, until evenly frozen, about 4 hours total.
Scrape with a fork to lighten texture, crushing any
lumps. (Scrape less for slushier ice.) Serve immedi-
ately. (You can freeze this for a bout 3-4 days, cov-
ered. Scrape the ice to freshen it up.)

     My friend Teresa runs her own catering business and

makes absolutely wonderful desserts. She has graciously
Throw-It-Together Trifle
loaned me this recipe as something that’s quick, easy, This next dessert is something my mother came up with when
inexpensive and delicious! I was a child. I have always loved it. And it involves Jell-O!
What’s not to like?

Punch Cup Parfaits 1 4-serving size pkg. Jell-O, your favorite flavor
1 8 oz. can fruit cocktail
3 lemons 2 thick slices of moist pound cake, cut into 1-inch cubes
1 can sweetened condensed
½ pint whipping cream Directions:
Prepare the Jell-O as directed. Meanwhile, in a medium glass casse-
role dish, combine the fruit cocktail and pound cake cubes. Stir very
gently, making sure the cake doesn’t get broken into crumbs. Pour
Directions: the Jell-O into the bowl. Stir gently to incorporate all ingredients.
Juice all three lemons to yield 1/3 to 1/2 cup juice. Mix juice Refrigerate until the mixture is set. Serve with dollops of whipped
with sweetened condensed milk. Pour very cold whipping cream cream--or if you’re really decadent--lashings of heavy cream!
into mixing bowl and beat until soft peaks form. Add powdered
sugar and mix until medium peaks form.
Alternately layer whipped cream and lemon mixture in punch
or parfait cups. Refrigerate two hours. If you have a slightly larg-
er budget, this pairs beautifully with berries, pound cake, gra-
ham cracker crumbs or broken bits of cookies. Just add the lay-
er of your choice.



go ahead : make my date

Clay Leverett The Pride Kalvinova,
Farm 255, 11 p.m. Half Moon Pub, 11 p.m., Daffodil, Cemetery
August 1 FREE! Improvement,
Society, Meteoreyes

upcoming events in athens and atlanta Harvey Milk, Torche

40 Watt, 9 p.m., $10/adv
Randall Bramblett
Ashford Manor Concerts
Caledonia Lounge, 9:30
p.m., $5 (21+), $7 (18-
on the Lawn, 6 p.m., $15 20)
July 24 July 25 “Slopfest” featuring Tasty World, 10 p.m., FREE! (adults), $6 (children 12
Christopher’s Liver, August 3 & under), FREE! (children
Daffodil, Dead Dog, Casper and the Cookies under 6)
August 18
The Starter Kits, The Gift Horse, All The
Jungol, Lazer/Wulf, Caledonia Lounge, 10 p.m., The Pride
Thirties, Guided By Saints, The Balkans
Tendaberry, Laminated $5 (21+), $7 (18-20) Half Moon Pub, 11 p.m., High Strung
Stewart, Minor Birds Caledonia Lounge Cat FREE! August 12 The Melting point, 7
Caledonia Lounge, 10 p.m., 10 pm., $6 (21+), $8 (18-20) Little Kings, 6 p.m., $2 p.m., $3
$5 (21+), $7 (18-20) Scarlet Stitch, Daniel Lee
Marshmallow Coast,
Heavy Feather, Shanghai Band August 4 How I Became the
Michelle Malone Band, Gesture
July 27 The Melting Point, 9 p.m., August 20
Bomb, The Lolligags
$5 Before the Solstace,
Heidi Hensley Melting Point, 9 p.m., $5/adv. Caledonia Lounge, 10
Grogus Wolfgang Wild, Sonny Got Blue
The Melting Point Ashford Manor Concerts p.m., $5 (21+), $7 (18-
Mad Whiskey Grin Kaos Shining Through, Girasoles, 6-9 p.m.,
8 p.m., $10/adv. on the Lawn, 6 p.m., $15 20)
Athens Farmers Market, 10 Tasty World, 8 p.m., TBA Shootout the Stars FREE!
(adults), $6 (children 12
Bob Linvingston a.m., FREE! Caledonia Lounge, 9:30
& under), FREE! (children August 13 August 22
The Globe, 9 p.m. FREE! under 6) July 27 p.m., $5 (21+), $7 (18-
Quiet Hooves, Sea of 20)
Dogs, DJ Recreation Sonny Got Blue
Man, Valley Arena, The Pride M. Ward, The Moaners Georgia Theatre
Department The Incorrigible Girasoles, 6-9 p.m.,
Creepy Half Moon Pub, 11 p.m., 40 Watt, 9 p.m., $15/adv. presents Packway
Farm 255, 11 p.m. FREE!
Farm 255, 11 p.m. FREE String Band Handle Band
The Melting Point, 7 40 Watt, 9 p.m., $10
July 28 p.m., $3 Twin Tigers, Panda
(21+) $12 (18-20)
Dear Savannah, Mad Riot, Tunnabunny
Whiskey Grin Caledonia Lounge, 10
Trachtenburg family
Tasty World, 9 p.m., $5
Slideshow Players, Lady August 6 p.m., $6 (21+), $8 (18-
MuleTrain Records, N.
Blanche, Joachim’s 20) Sonny Got Blue Thomas St. Time and
Dream Price TBD.
showcase Girasoles, 6-9 p.m.,
40 Watt, 8 p.m., $2 (21+), $8 August 14
The Loft, 9 p.m. $5, (21+), (18-20) FREE!
$8 (18+) Amy Ray of the
August 25
Dark Meat
July 30 40 Watt, 10 p.m., TBA
Indigo Girls, Bellafea,
String Theory
July 28 The Holland Dutch
The Melting Point, 7
The Dumps, Lions, Hot 40 Watt, 9 p.m., $12.50/
The Mudflapjacks Breath
August 7 adv. p.m., $3
The Melting Point, 7 p.m., Caledonia Lounge, 10 p.m.,
$3 $5 (21+), $7 (18-20) Reigning Sound,
August 15 August 26
Thomas Function,
Punk Rock Dance Party DJ Kurt Wood & DJ Eric Culberson
The Sauce Boss Kill LeBaron,
Little Kings, 10 p.m., FREE! Grrtch The Melting Point, 8:30
The Melting Point, 7 p.m., $10 Mask the Wretch,
40 Watt, 10 p.m., $10/ p.m., $5/adv.
adv. Thunderbolt Five, Kill
July 29 Sonny Got Blue The School
Girasoles, 6-9 p.m., FREE!
August 10 Caledonia Lounge, 10 August 27
p.m., $5 (21+), $7 (18-
David Prince Justin Brogdon
So It Goes, Buddha 20) Cars Can Be Blue,
Gnat’s Landing, 6 p.m., FREE! Wild Wing Cafe, 9 p.m., Heroes, Wrist Bandits The Lovely Eggs, The
FREE! Visitations,
KAOS Caledonia Lounge, 9:30 August 17
p.m., $5 (21+), $7 (18-20)
Tunabunny 1a.m., free 9:30 p.m., free, 706-549-0840
Caledonia Lounge, 9 p.m., $5
Recurring Open
(21+), $7 (18-20) Mic and Trivia Locos Trivia Beef O’ Brady’s
Nights: All three Athens locations of Trivia
Sonny Got Blue Locos Grill and Pub (Westside, Every Monday at 8:30 p.m., free,
Girasoles, 6-9 p.m., FREE! Karaoke at Wild Wing Café Eastside and Harris St.) feature 706-850-1916
Every Tuesday night at the trivia night every Tuesday at
8:30 p.m., free, Buffalo’s Southwest Café
August 28 downtown wing chain’s upstairs
Live Trivia
space at 10 p.m., free, www. Club Chrome Every Monday with Trivia Joe.
Needtobreathe, Griffin Karaoke Winning teams have a chance
House, Green River Every Thursday night at the new to qualify for a 200 dollar cash
Cine Bar Café
Ordinance Movie Trivia with drink specials dance club off Atlanta Highway prize. 8 p.m., free, 706-354-6655
40 Watt, 9 p.m., $12/adv. and prizes every Tuesday. Sign across from Sam’s Club, 9 p.m.,
up at 7:30 p.m., free 706-543-9009 Fat Daddy’s
Marshmallow Coast, The Texas Hold ‘Em Every Monday at
Lolligags, Oh Ok, Red Pony Fat Daddy’s “Dr. Fred’s Karaoke” at Go 6 and 9 p.m. 706-353-0241
Clock Karaoke, Huge karaoke dance Bar
Caledonia Lounge, 9 p.m., $5 party hosted by Lynn every Rock and Roll Trivia at Little
(21+), $7 (18-20) Tuesday at 10 p.m., free, 706- — Hosted by karaoke fanatic Kings Shuffle Club!
353-0241 John “Dr. Fred” Bowers, every 8 p.m., free,
Calendar listings are Thursday, 10 p.m. littlekingsshuffleclub
subject to change. List- Fat Daddy’s (again)
ed prices may be for ad- Open Mic The Office Lounge WOW Café and Wingery
vance tickets only, and Karaoke Sports Trivia every Monday, 706-
listed times are door times Every Wednesday featuring
of the given shows. Avery Dylan from 10 p.m.- Every Wednesday with Stan at 543-5510
concert shots scenes from summer shows
and athfest 2009
1 2 3

1 2 3

4 4

7 8

7 9

9 10 11

10 11
see your
12 13 pics
14 15 here!
editorial@ 12 or
let us know when
you’re playing! you
never know when
we’ll show up...

Trances Arc @ Little Kings (Nicole Black) A.Armada @40 Watt (Daniel Peiken) Dead Confederate @ Mainstage (Daniel Peiken) The Warm Fuzzies @ Hull Heartless Bastards @ 40 Watt (Alyssa De Hayes) Jessica Lea Mayfield @ 40 Watt (AlyssaDe Hayes) The Circulatory System @ Farm 255 (Alyssa De Hayes)
Street Stage (Daniel Peiken) Hope ForAgoldensummer @ 40 Watt (Alyssa De Hayes) Play us a song, piano man (Nicole Black) Athfest at The Arch (Nicole The Incredible Sandwich @ Tasty World (Laurie Moot) The Corduroy Road @ 40 Watt (Laurie Moot) The Corduroy Road @ 40 Watt (Laurie Moot) The
Black) Ginger Envelope @ Mainstage (Daniel Peiken) Liz Durrett @ Nuci’s Space (Steve Hendriksen) . 10-year-old rocking out @ Kids Stage (Daniel Peiken) Present @ Farm 255 (Laurie Moot) TJ Mimbs @ Sideways (Alyssa De Hayes) The Whigs @ Tasty World (Alyssa De Hayes) . Dodd Ferrelle @ 40 Watt (Laurie
Don Chambers @ Main Stage (Daniel Peiken) Sanni Baumgartner @ Main Stage (Daniel Peiken) Randall Bramblett Band @ Mainstage (Daniel Peiken) Cool- Moot) The Present @ Farm 255 (Laurie Moot) Dodd Ferrelle @ 40 Watt (Laurie Moot)
ing off at Hull Street Stage (Nicole Black) . Modern Skirts @ Nuci’s Space (Steve Hendriksen)
The 8th Annual
Bruce Burnds
& Frie
Honor d
Jo h n Ja r r a r
Concert 2009
Thursday, September 24
6:00PM - 10:00PM (Gates open at 5:30pm)
The Lawn at Brenau
John was born and reared in Gainesville, Georgia, and
moved to Nashville in 1977 to pursue a career as a
country music songwriter. Within one year, he began to
experience sight failure resulting from diabetes, and by
1979, was totally blind. When country music superstar
Don Williams recorded John's song, "Nobody But You,"
taking it to the top of the charts, doors began to open.
Over the ensuing years, John's songs were recorded by the
group Alabama, George Strait, Diamond Rio, Tracy
Lawrence, and others, until he had scored eleven number
one hits.


For Tickets and Further Information:
MICROWEDGE The John Jarrard Foundation is a non-profit organization with proceeds going to a permanent endowment fund in John’s
Check it out at name established at the North Georgia Community Foundation. Proceeds benefit local charities, including the Good News
Clinics, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hall County, Georgia Mountain Food Bank Fund, and one of John’s favorite causes,
Good News at Noon.
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