In the Common Law and For the Record
First: Who am I? Born a “legitimate Child” upon the Soil upon Douglas County, Missouri Republic, on September 09, 1944; Registry of the Commercial Vehicle that corresponds with My date of Nativity is File Number 145-27, Berth Bond Number 124-44-******, Registered within the Commercial Registry on January 15, 1945; with Claim of Reciprocal Title being filed on February 07, 2005, by UCC 1 File Number 20050013796E and other filings; and, Second: My qualifications “under the law”; I have obtained (before ANY mishap with Harrison, Arkansas) USDOT Non-Commercial/Exempt Number 1910310 as a PRIVATE CARRIER OF MY OWN PROPERTY; I have obtained DUNS Number 831105361, Registered at/in Central Contractor Registration Department of the U.S. GOVERNMENT, CAGE/NCAGE Number *****, status – active, valid until 07/06/2010; with the Department of Labor of the U.S. GOVERNMENT, SIC Code 6351 – Category, Surety Insurance, Sub-Category 115116; and, I choose NOT to make my Trading Partner Identification Number (TPIN) nor my MPIN numbers nor my Carrier Pin Number for USDOT available to you as they are a function of the Administrator (me); and, Third: Other qualifications; I live a very meager lifestyle, much like the Hopi Indians; I have little to do with fiat government and, especially, fiat “money.” I was appointed as Principal Judge of the Aniyvwiya (Aniwiya) Nation to serve Life Tenure by a Principal Judge and Consul of the Aniyvwiya Nation who was appointed Life Tenure by The Honorable Albert LaFontaine (who was the only Judge qualified to sign for (allow) President George Herbert Walker Bush to invade Iran due to a Breach of Contract); and, Fourth: Reason for this/these documents; My wife and I went to a grocery store and bought a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and a carton of eggs. Before getting back to our domicil of housekeeping, we were stopped by two Pirates within the Admiralty Law, commonly referred to as CITY OF HARRISON POLICE. Pirate Number One discovered that the “permit for my legal person to operate in commerce” was rescinded for some unknown reason. It was unknown to me also. As a Revenue Collector, he captured my vessel; he captured my body; and, subjected me to over five hours of Torture before an outside Private Associate placed fiat “money” on a fake “bond” to have my body released from Warehouseman’s Law. Fifth: What am I doing about it? If I understand Authority in its proper context, all Pirates at City level, County level, and State level are Bankrupt. They operate ONLY within the Bankruptcy. They are “bonded” with Fiat Bonding. I am Heir Elect of the Only True Sovereign. I am Heir Elect of my Great-Great Grandfather that died while fighting the War of Independence. I am not a corporation. I am a “Man” of True Substance. I have the ability to Verily Bond the entire county, if I so choose. I ALSO HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO PULL ALL FIAT BONDS; I, herein and herewith, place a Claim against all Fiat Bonds of the COUNTY OF BOONE, and the CITY OF HARRISON, both situated within the Republic of Arkansas, and demand all “fiat” bonds be suspended immediately and remain so until I, as a Living Man of Substance, determine proper restitution has been made. SO BE IT.