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October 10, 2013 Contact: Parks and Recreation Department

“Watertown’s Area 51” Dedication at Thompson Park

On Friday, October 18, 2013, at 7:00 p.m., the City of Watertown will officially dedicate a sign marking “Watertown’s Area 51.” The location is near the Rotary Fitness Trail between the Thompson Park Zoo and the Thompson Park Golf Clubhouse. We have recently learned that the codename for Area 51 in Nevada was “Watertown” in honor of then CIA Director and Watertown native Allen W. Dulles. The intense secrecy surrounding the Area 51 base in Nevada has made it the frequent subject of conspiracy theories and a central component to unidentified flying object (UFO) folklore. Watertown’s Thompson Park Vortex has been the talk of park goers and followers of the paranormal for decades since the Park was opened in 1905. Rumors of unexplained disappearances, along with strange apparitions and noises have garnered the attention of many in Watertown and the area. Please join the dedication, if you dare, as strange occurrences and alien encounters may take place! For further information or questions, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 785-7775.