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Lab Experiment

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Distinguished Proficient Apprentice Novice

Lab Work-Purpose: Used clear, accurate Used proper vocabulary Stated question or Did not state question or
Defines goal of language to restate to state question or problem using incorrect problem.
experiment question or problem in problem. vocabulary. Did not state
student\'s own words. problem in student\'s
Provided examples of own words.
similar experiments.
Lab Work-Hypothesis: Obvious connection Hypothesis and problem No connection between Hypothesis was missing
Prediction between between the problem were clearly connected. hypothesis and or was unrelated to the
experiment and results and predicted outcome. Hypothesis refuted or experiment. No clear experiment. Did not
Provided references defended established way to prove or disprove mention dependent and
showing that hypothesis knowledge. Variables hypothesis by independent variables.
refutes or defends were identified and performing experiment.
established knowledge. classified as dependent Variables were not
Variables were identified and independent. completely described or
and classified as were incorrectly
dependent and classified as dependent
independent. or independent.
Lab Work-Materials Made complete list of Made complete list of Did not list one or two List of materials was
and Equipment: materials used. materials used. Showed items used. Did not missing or showed only
List of materials used Explained why materials information about size show details about items a few of the materials
were chosen. and units of used. used.
Lab Work-Methods: Setup was documented Setup included Description was general Setup was not described
Description of process completely. Method was descriptive text and or did not include or documented. Step-by-
and setup also documented diagrams were provided diagrams. Procedure step procedure was
completely and if appropriate. was missing multiple missing or inadequate.
accurately, making Experiment can be steps. Information
experiment easy to reproduced using the provided is not sufficient
reproduce. steps provided. to replicate experiment.
Lab Work-Data Quality: All data was complete All data was complete Data was incomplete. Included little or no
Accurate measurement and accurately labeled. and accurately labeled. Some data was not relevant data. Data was
and labeling Data sampled at Data was sampled at labeled using not labeled using
appropriate intervals as appropriate intervals. appropriate units of appropriate units of
defined in Methods measure. Data sampling measure. Data sampling
section of lab report. intervals inadequate to intervals were random
support hypothesis. or inadequate.
Lab Work-Data Identified and described Identified valid trends Only identified obvious Trends were missing or
Analysis: trends and made and made appropriate trends or found trends were not supported by
Student analyzed data appropriate conclusions conclusions based on not fully supported by the data collected.
and identified trends based on the data. Used the data. Documented the data. Obvious trends were
statistical techniques to calculations made during overlooked.
identify and disregard data analysis.
flawed data. Showed
Lab Work-Conclusion: Restated problem and Problem was restated. Problem was restated. Original problem was not
Summarizes findings hypothesis. Justified Statements and Conclusions were restated. Findings were
and compares actual design and methods of conclusions were based simplistic. not summarized.
results with expected experiment. Findings on the data collected. No clear relationship Conclusions were not
results were discussed in detail. Showed a strong between conclusions relevant to hypothesis.
Conclusions directly relationship between and hypothesis.
address hypothesis. conclusions and
Statements and hypothesis.
conclusions were
supported by the data.

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