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Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Abruption Placenta Acute Myeloid Leukemia Acute Renal Failure Addison's Disease

Pulsating abdominal mass Painful bleeding, board-like abdomen Auer rod Azotemia, uremic frost on skin Bronze-like skin pigmentation

Mucoid, foul Amoebiasis explosive blood tinged stool Angina Pectoris Levine's Sign (hand clutching of chest) Rebound tenderness (McBurney's Point), Appendicitis Rovsing Sign (Right Lower quadrant pain with palpation in Left lower quadrant)

Buotonniere deformity, swan Arthritis neck deformity, ulnar drft, Bouchard's nodes Ascariasis Vomiting, passing out of worms Wheezing on expirations Murmur heard high on chest Rocking, spinning,

Asthma Atrial Septal Defect Autism

routines Bacterial Vaginosis Basilar Fracture Breech Birth Buerger's Disease (Thromboangi tis Obliterans) Bulimia Chipmunk facies Intermittent claudication Grayish, white discharge, malodorous Raccoon Eyes Meconium staining


(parotid gland swelling)


Cheeselike Discharge Cherry pink

Carbon monoxide poisoning

flushed face, carbon in the secretions, non productive cough

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Jack Hammer Syndrome (Tinel's Sign)

Blurry Vision/Hazy Cataract Vision, cloudy vision Celiac Disease Gluten Sensitivity, watery, pale, foul smelling stool Vesiculopapular rash Murphy's Sign (pain on deep Cholecystitis inspiration when inflamed gallbladder is

Chicken Pox

palpated) Rice-watery stool, Cholera Washer's woman hands Chronic hemorrhagic pancreatitis Cushing's Syndrome CVA Grey Turner's Sign (ecchymosis in flank area) Moon face, Buffalo Hump Homonymous Hemianopsia

Cystocele and Feeling of fullness

Rectocele Cytomegalovi rus infection Dengue Fever

at vagina Owl's eye appearance of inclusion bodies Herman's Sign Flashes of light,

Detached Retina

shadow with curtain across the vision

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Diabetes

Acetone Breath 3Ps (Polydipsia,


polyphagia, polyuria) Pseudomembrane


on tonsils, pharynx, and nasal cavity Protruding tongue,

Down Syndrome

saddle nose, brushfield's spots, single crease on palm

Duchenne's Muscular

Gower's Sign

Dystrophy Emphysema Encephalitis Barrel Chest Decorticate and decerebate rigidity

Enterobiasis Nocturnal itchiness Failure to Thrive (FTT) GERD Glaucoma Gonorrhea Radar gaze Barret esophagus, heartburn Tunnel Vision Burning sensation

upon urination Gouty Arthritis Formation of tophi at the earlobe and usually the big toe Ascending Paralysis Hemarthroses A tetrade of rash, HenochSchonlein arthralgia, abdominal pain in a child

Gullian-Barre Hemophilia

purpura (HSP) and kidney disease

Hepatic Disease Herpes Zoster Hirschprung's Disease (Megacolon) H-Mole Hyperthyroidi sm Hypocalcemia

Asterixis, jaundice, icteric sclera Regional painful rash Ribbon-like, foul smelling stool Grapelike growth, large on abdomen Exophtalmos Trousseau Sign

and Chvostek Sign, hyperreflexia Increased IOP Intestinal Obstruction Doll's eye No passage of meconium Sausage shaped Intussuscepti mass, dance sign, on Irritable Bowel Syndrome currant jelly-like stool Typical triad: abdominal pain with tenderness on

palpation, altered bowel habits, absence of detectable disease Kawasaki Disease Kleibsiella Pneumonia Klinefelter's Sundrome Leprosy Strawberry tongue Red gelatinous sputum XXY in males Leonine facies (thickened lion-

like facial skin that is contracted), Nerve involvement with acid fast bacilli Leptospirosis liver cirrhosis Lyme's disease orange eyes spider angioma Bull eye;s rash Stepladder fever. Malaria Cycle of hot stage (high fever)

followed by diaphoretic stage (sweating), and then cold stage (chilling) Measles Meniere's disease Mengingitis Meningococc emia Koplik's Spots Whirling Vertigo, tinnitus Kernig's Sign and Brudzinski's sign purple petechiae

Monilliasis (vaginal yeast infection)

White Cheesy dicharge Descending weakness,

Multiple Sclerosis

Charcot's sign (intention tremor, nystagmus, scanning speech)

Mumps Myastenia Gravis (MG)

Swollen parotid gland Ptosis (inability to open upper

eyelids), nasal smile Myocardial infarction Neurofrinrom atosis Osteoporosis Levine's Sign White Patches on Tongue Kyphosis Cullen's Sign Pancreatitis (bluish discoloration of umbilicus) Parkinson's Pill-rolling tremors

Disease Patent Ductus arteriosus Pericarditis Pernicious anemia Machine-like Murmur Pericardial friction rub Red beefy tongue, do Schilling's test Paroxysmal or violent cough Pertusis without intervening inhalation followed

by an inspiratory whoop Phemphigus Vulgaris Phenylketonu ria (PKU) Placenta Previa Pleural effusion Pneumonia Nikolsky Sign

Blue eyes Painless bright red bleeding Stony dull percussion Greenish Rusty colored sputum


Poker's sign, Haynes Sign Hydrophobia/phot ophobia Cat's eye reflex

Rabies Retinoblasto ma Rheumatic Fever Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Aschoff nodules Rose colored macules throughout body (including palms)

Scabies Scarlet fever Sickle Cell Anemia Systemic lupus Erythematosu s Tetanus

Weeping lesions, itching Raspberry tongue Painful episodes or vaso-occlusive crisis

Butterfly rash

Risus sardonicus (abnormal

sustained spasm of the facial muscles-lockjawed). Chvostek sign (muscle twitching face), Torsseau's sign (Jerky movements) Tracheoesoph ageal fistula Trichominiasi s 3 C's: coughing, choking, and cyanosis Malodorous, thin yellow discharge

Karyotype in Turner's Syndrome females, webbed neck, gonadal dysgenesis Typhoid Fever Whipple's Disease Pyloric Stenosis Hyperpituitari sm Rose spots in abdomen Oculo-masticatory myorrhthmia Olive shaped Mass Carotenemiadiscoloration of

skin; xanthemia (yellowing of skin) See clubbing of fingernails; Composed of VPOR: Ventricular Tetralogy of Fallot septal defect, pulmonary stenosis, overriding aorta, and right ventricular hypertrophy

Pulmonary TB Diverticular disease Hydrocephalu s

low grade fever in afternoon Cramping, colicky pain in LLQ Setting sun eyes