Candidate for: MUNSON TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE NAME: Andrew Bushman (Andy) Age: 51 DOB 3-18-1962 Place of Birth Address

: 11210 Fowler's Mill Road Munson Township Chardon, Ohio 44024 Length of residence in that community: 51 years Home Phone: 440-286-3916 Cell Phone: 440-669-2483 Finance Manager Employer: Progressive Insurance 6300 Wilson Mills Rd Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143 Phone 440-395-2332 Cleveland Ohio

Occupation: Business address:

Elected office experience: Munson Township Trustee 2006 to current Non-elected office experience (boards, ect): Leadership Geauga Board Geauga Council for Art and Culture Geauga County Community Improvement Corporation Geauga County Community Action Board Education: Chardon High School and BA Walsh University, Accounting and Finance Marital status: single Qualifications: for park) Served on Munson Zoning Commission Subcommittee Served on the Munson Township Zoning Commission Meeting attendance since 1995 have regularly attended meeting regarding the township (Trustee meetings, park board, zoning commission meetings, zoning board of appeals hearings, land use plan meetings and many others) Attended all the Munson Fire Departments Strategic Planning meetings Strong community involvement Leadership Geauga graduate class of 2004 Areas of change, address improve or research. Munson is a typical bedroom community we as a community need to assure that we will be able to continue on that path. We have constantly have worked to improve our zoning and services to expand the quality of life in the township. This is an area that we need to maintain so that the community as a whole will flourish in the future. Strong Financial Background Lifetime Munson Resident Former Munson Park Board Member (secured over 100,000 dollars in grants

Second would be to continue research and develop actions and plans to improve our community. The township has done many things to enhance the quality of life for our residence. We should continue to push the envelope to make our community the best it can be.

Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should the voters elect you? I will continue to serve the community to the best of my ability; I feel Munson is a better place to live by providing more services to the residents. I feel we are instilling a sense of community in the township that we all can be proud to call home. I would like to continue to be the best public servant that my abilities allow. More importantly I will continue to try to do the best for my township.

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