Chapter 23 The move

Richerd wasn't telling me something, so this made my a little angry at him. Why would he keep something from me? I can take anything. I ignored this, and pretended like I never had this feeling. I don't want to seem disgruntled. Richerd was too busy doing something in his room yo notice my arrival in his room. I looked over his shower, and began to read a little of what he was reading. The first word that caught my eye was werewolf. So . . . werewolfs are real? That wouldn't be hard to believe, but I can't imagine furry large dogs running around when the moon comes out. Richerd jumped when he realized I was beside him. He really did know I was here. "I see you're reading about werewolfs", I smiled pointing at the large, bold, italic werewolfs one the page. "Yeah, William told me it would be best if I read up on them as much as possible", he said. I wonder why. Just before I was going to ask why, he handed me the large brown book. It was closed, and the cover read Werewolfs Print, the Untold Story. It was all bet up, the edges were damaged. The book looked like it's a good 100 years old at least, but I know it's older than that. When I opened to old book, the pages were a tan type of color. Wow, this book must be odder than what I thought it is. The first Chapter read werewolfs vs vampires. "Richerd, are werewolfs real", I asked him. No one hasn't told me yet about werewolfs. I know I have a werewolf book in my hand and that should be enough for me to believe that werewolfs are real, but I just can't see it. Big dogs can't be running around when there's a full moon and no one notices. "They are real. We believe that there may be more than one type of werewolf. Maithew killed 5 werewolfs, and one of the

body's that he brought to the city seems to be stronger than the werewolfs we are used to", he answered. "I'm going to have to take that back" he held his hand out to take the book. I gave it to him. "Can I read later, when your done", I asked. He shook his head. "No, it's against the law. Humans can't read about vampires and werewolfs and what ever else is out there", he said. Anything else? There are more than vampires and werewolfs. Nothing can astonish me now. How could normal people walk around without seeing some type of mythical creature. Maybe vampires don't even know all the mythical creatures. "So, if I call the right person, I can get a Pegasus", I asked. I always wanted one, but my father told me at age 7 that they weren't real. I'm sure he thought the same thing about vampires. He was wrong about that, so he could be wrong about this. Richerd smiled, finding my question, somehow funny. "I don't think they are real. But, if you want one, I can get you a toy", he smiled. Ha, ha. Very Funny. Can't a girl dream. "Don't make fun of me. When I was seven, that was the only thing I wanted", I pouted. Great, now I'm looking like a fool. "Sorry. I didn't mean it. You forgive me", he asked flirtatious. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "You're forgiven", I grinned. He looked at me with a nice smile. "I need to be alone for a while. I have so much studying to do", again I felt like he was hiding something from me, but again, I ignored it. There is no need to say anything about, when I could be wrong. I walked out the room, giving him the time he need by himself. I walked to Mathiw's room. It was not my destination, but I just looked in his room and he looked as if he was doing something fun. "Hey there", he greeted me without turning around. I walked

closer up to him to see what he was doing. He was playing checkers with himself. "You mind if I play with you", I asked. He looked up up from the checkers board. "Sure, go ahead", he said looking right into my eyes. "Ok", I sat down. He rapidly put the checker pieces back, so I could play the game with him. I was red, as he was black. He let me move first. I'm not super good in this game, nor am I bad, so I guess I can win this. He moved second, and I third. So on and so on, until it was almost the end of the game. I am losing hard. He is winning, I wasn't that surprised. He's a little smarter than me, or something like that. "Hummmm", mathiw looked as if he didn't know what to do next. Or he's acting. "Hummm", I repeated him. He smiled, I couldn't get his repeat his voice right, so I sounded like a humming monkey. "I win", he said as he took my last checker. 'Were you acting, just now", I asked. If so, he's a really good actor. "Yeah", he answered. "I's not that hard", he smiled. Whatever. He says this to the girl who can't lie. "It is to. You can be a actor, you know", I joked. "Yep, and a singer", he joked along. Can he sing? Well, today is a nice time to find out. "Sing for me", I told him. He looked at me crazy, as if I asked him to drawn a new born puppy. "No", he answered. Ok . . . I will have to keep asking until he gives in. "Please. come on, just sing", I asked him again. I gave him the puppy dog eyes. I stuck my lip out, trying to look as cute as I can. He shook his head. "Nope. I will never sing. I never have, nor will I", he folded his arms across his chest. He looked as if he was never going to give in. Maybe I will have to make him give in.

"Mathiw, please", I begged. 'No, never", he answered again, giving me another refusal. "One day, you're gonna want something, and I'm not going to give it to you", I threaten him. His look didn't change not on bit. "Sure, I'll keep that in mind", he responded. I gave up on trying to make him sing, it's not going to happen. "Your friends are at the door", he told me. Good thing he can smell anything that comes this way. My hair is a mess, and need to do it before I go anywhere. "Ok, see you later Mathiw', I waved good bye, and walked out of his super clean room. I walked to the bathroom, and did my hair. I just brushed it, I didn't have time to do anything else. I rushed down the stairs. As soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs, I herd a loud knock. That must me them. I opened the door, to see Rachel and Rebecca. "This place is huge", Sasha said. I just met her about a week ago. She's really a nice friend. "Yep, Richerd is rich. So where are we going", I asked. "We were hoping for a triple date. Can you bring Richerd along", she asked. I think he's busy, but I guess I can try. "Sure", I said and ran up the stairs. I ran to Richerd's room. He was sitting there on his desk doing math. I wonder what he is working on. I see a hotel in Canada up on Richerd's computer screen. Is he planing on going there. Hummm. "Oh, hey Jenny", Richerd said to me. "Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go somewhere with me. like a triple date", I asked. He looked at me with shock. "My hair", he laughed. He pretend to be as worried about hair as I was. I smiled at his funny face he made. "So, you'll come", I asked, again. "Why wouldn't I", he put down his pin and got up. We walked down stairs, and to the door. "Hello, girls", Richerd greeted. "Hi, so . . . you're Richerd. I feel like I've herd everything

about you", Rachel said. "I surely hope not", Richerd smiled at his own inside joke. I smiled along with him. I herd a horn blow. "We better hurry. Noah and Drake are waiting on us", Rebecca rushed us. That must be their boyfriends. I haven't met them yet, so I really don't know. "Ok, just let me get my keys", Richerd said. He walked to the table and grabbed his keys and follwoed us out the house. He stuck close to me as we walked to his car. "Just follow us, we know where we're going" Rebecca said. She ran to her or her boyfriend's car to get in. Richerd started his car. They took us to a cafe out of town. I've never been to this one before. It is bigger and better than the one in town. "This place is huge", I breathed. Richerd lightly smiled. "To you", he said. "This place is nothing but a normal cafe", he got out the car. I got out at record time behind him. We later met the others inside. When we were seated, Drake was the first one who spoke. "So you're Richerd, the rich boy in town", he said so disrespectful. Richerd knew I was about to stand up for him, so he gave me a signal with his hand that it was not need. "Yes, and you are", Richerd asked. "Drake", I guessed right. That seems like something Rebecca would get. She is just plain awful at picking the right kind of boys. I mean, come on. Look at him, has she even looked at him. He was a short brown hair, that looks like it was never combed before, and he looks so ruffed up. "Drake stop picking on the rich boy", Noah said. He looked like Drake's twin if Drake didn't look like a some off the streets. "Whatever", Drake said in defeat. He knew it was wrong to start picking on Richerd. "May I take your order", a waiter asked us. She had long

blond hair and blue eyes. Drake was staring at her . . . Noah was looking at the menu . . . and Richerd was staring at me. "Do you have Pizza", I can't help that I have to apatite of a 9 year old. Pizza has always been my favorite. "Yes, Cheese and Meatball", she answered. "Well, cheese please", I gave her my order. "Anything else before I leave", she asked all of us. "Same as her", Noah said not finding anything he wanted on the menu. "Me too", Rebecca and Rachel said at the same time, also not able to find anything they wanted on the menu. "Vanilla Cake", Drake ordered. "Anything for you sir", she looked at Richerd. "Huh, no", Richerd said finally not staring at me anymore. "Ok, I'll be back in a few to hand you your food", she walked away. "I would love to hear more about you two's relationship", Rachel said. "There's not much to hear. We're in love", I said. That's all I really could say. "There's more than that", Rebecca butted in. "He rich, that's all she needs", Drake said. What is with him. It's isn't Richerd's fault that he's in a 600 year old family with money. Was he calling me a god-digger? "What's that supposed to mean", I asked offended. I hope he wasn't saying what I think he's saying. "Nothing, just for some reason all the rich folks get what they want, while normal people have to work for it", he poorly explained. "I am not dating him for his money. It doesn't matter to me how much money he has", I almost yelled. This Drake is getting on my last nerves. First, he disrespects Richerd, now our relationship. That's something I'm easily ticked off about. "I bet you've going shopping with him a lot haven't you", he asked.

"No, we haven't even went once. That proves you don't know what you're talking about", I lowered my voice. I didn't want to make a scene. "Whatever", he gave up in doing whatever he had to do. "If you have a problem with us, with me, then I would suggest you keep your inconsequential thoughts to yourself", Richerd said nicely, but it sounded a little creepy. Richerd's voice was so low and clam that it freaked me out a little, but I soon got over it. Drake didn't reason. "Ok, here's the pizza's and cake", the waiter broke the silence. She put the food one the table and happily walked away. "Are you sure you don't want any food", Rachel asked. Is this her first words since we have been here other than to order her food? I think so. "No, I only eat few food types", Richerd said. I could tell he was making this up for the top of his head . . . so could Drake. "This food too cheap for you", Drake said out of no where. "Didn't I tell you to keep you thoughts to yourself" Richerd's voice was a little louder, and in it you can tell he wasn't fooling around, Drake pressed on. "You can't eat 10 dollar pizza or something", Drake kept going. Rebecca did anything to stop her so called boyfriend. "Shut-up", Richerd snapped. It shocked me so much that it made me jump. Ok, Drake needs to stop, Richerd really isn't playing around. "That's it huh, you selfish, money hungry, greedy, selfabsorbed -" "Shut-up, I'm trying to-" "Stuck-up, Penny-pinching", Drake went on and on. Richerd look like he was going to kill him. "I'm going to need a moment outside", He got up and walked out the front door. "Aren't you going to chase after you bank account", Drake

teased me. I left to see if Richerd was ok. Ignoring Drake's comment. Richerd was out side, she seemed to be thinking about something. He looked so stressed, that it shocked me. "Richerd, you alright", I asked him walking up to him. He sat down on the bench behind him. He let out a big exhale. "Maybe", he answered with one word. This is more than the Drake thing. Something is going on, and he isn't telling me. I sat next to him. "What's going on", I asked. He painfully smiled looking down. "Trying to keep you alive. I didn't want to tell you about anything", he said. "Tell me, I can take it", I said. "I think we're going to die", he plainly said. Gosh, that's a lot to keep to himself. "How", I asked. "I don't want to say. I'll be fine, just give me a sec", I raised his head up smiled to show me some type of proof he was ok. He's not, so that didn't do any good. That just help me notice the light shade of gray he had under his eyes, and the how blank his eyes had became. I looked at his hair and I saw that it was starting to turn color, It's gotten a shade lighter, making his eges almost a dark gray. How could I not notice this at first. "Richerd, you are not ok. Tell me", I pressed on. "2,000 vampires aren't coming to kill us. 2,000 werewolf are. The only person who ever got in a fight with a werewolf is Mathiw, and he told me he almost died in everyone of them, so he was just lucky. If he could barely fight one at a time, how can we fight 2,000. It's impossible. I've tried everything to reason with the government, and in result the dis-thrown me. I tried to find a way out, but I can't. I tried to find a weakness, but they have none. The only way they said they would stop was at my death. Knowing when I will die takes a lot out of me", he explained. I am now speechless. He can

not die. He can't. I need him. I love him. Tears began to flow out my eyes as I sat there not moving, not talking, just siting there. I didn't know what to say. The love of my life was going to die for me. "You can't die", the words came out. "That's why I didn't tell you, or anyone else my plan. I am going to die. Just forget about it. How about I try to stay alive with you", he said. I nodded, not wanting anything else but that. "Cheer up. I don't like it when you're sad", he lightly kissed my lips, which made me smile. I wiped my tears away. "There's my girl", he smiled. He walked me back into the cafe. We sat back down at the table. "Sorry about my boyfriend's actions. He won't do it again", Rebecca said. Sure he won't. Whatever. If he is like the other boyfriend(s) she has had, he wasn't going to listen to her. "I slightly over acted", Richerd responded, and returned to his cool self. I could help but not look at Richerd's changed apprentice. His almost dark gray hair, gray under his eyes, and the plain blank look his eyes still have. I turned eyes away from his, still lovely, face. "Tell us about you and Noah", I asked Rachael. She's so shy. It takes a lot to push her out her shell. "Umm, we first met after school. I was walking home, and he just so happen to walk my way. Ever since then, we have been glued to each other", she shyly smiled. "I was going the wrong way home. But at least I got something good out of it. I got the meet this lovely young girl", Noah said. He seemed a little less shy than Rachel, but they seemed perfect for each other. "That's nice", Richerd mummer. I didn't care how Rebecca and Drake met, but just to be nice, Richerd had to ask. "And you and Drake", Richerd asked politely. "He asked me out, he's cute, so I said yeah", she said. I just wanted to give her a whole lessen in dating. She keeps getting these jerks for a reason. If she say no to a few jerks,

then maybe they will her alone. I didn't want to say anything mean, so I began to stuff my face with pizza, so I couldn't say anything. The others began to eat too. Richerd was the only one with nothing to eat. I wonder . . . . If I asked him to eat some Pizza . . . . I've asked him before . . . . would he do it? Maybe. "Richerd, do you want to try some pizza", I asked him when I got done chewing. "Sure, why not", he sounded like he was being forced. This is going to be just what I needed to brighten my day. This is going to be funny. He grabbed a pizza off my plate and began to eat it. His face was priceless. He ate the whole thing, which I didn't think he could do. I couldn't help but to giggle. I mean . . gosh. He really didn't like that pizza. Everyone else didn't even notice me giggling, but Richerd did. He smiled. "It's nice to see you smiling", he noted. "I can't help it. You're just so funny", I grinned. I was shocked to hear Richerd's cell ring. He seemed shocked too. He answered it. "But - . . . I know but - . . . . I don't . . . . . But - listen. I a little busy with - I know I'm the only one who can- ok . .ok. I'll be there", he hung up the phone. He stood up without even looking at me, or anyone else. "We have to go", he said. "Ok", I replied. What else could I say . . . no? He drove us to the house. It was weird seeing everyone outside waiting on us. Richerd got out the car. He didn't wait on me. By the time I opened my door, he was already in mid conversion with willam. Mathiw came by to help me. Was I going that slow? "Mind Richerd's behavior. He's dealing with something. I hope you don't mind seeing a lot of me, Richerd just told me that I have to make sure you stay alive until this whole mess is cleared up", he closed the car door for me.

"Yeah, and he's paining to kill himself", I mummer. I forgot vampires have super-human hearing. How could I forget that? Mathiw looked at me blankly. The same blank look Richerd has had. He must didn't know. "My bother is going to kill himself . . . ", Mathiw thought out loud. I never knew Mathiw thought of Richerd in that way. Mathiw looked like he was going to cry for a moment, but he sucked it up. His face was emotionless, but he manged to smile at me. "He loves you that much", he's false smile made that sound a little creepy.

P.S. Sorry this one is sooooooooooo long. lol, my bad. I couldn't find a right time to cut it off . . . Here's a pic of that werewolf book thingy . . . . i got bored so I thought about making it . . . and this is what came out . . .(look below)

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