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Aldous Huxley has imagined in some future century that MOVIES WILL CHANGE INTO FEELIES.

It is possible, and it is going to happen -- because whatsoever a man once imagines sooner or later becomes a reality. A FEELIE IS GOING TO HAPPEN. A feelie means you will be sitting in a movie house, but you will not only see, you will also feel. For example, it is raining... then you will feel the wetness in the air, the wind blowing, even a few drops of water coming to you. You see on the screen a rose-garden and the whole house will become full of rose fragrance. If the film is three-dimensional and it creates all the sensations that are moving in front of you, it will create more illusions. And it can be done in such a way... that too is possible. In Disneyland they have some place like that -where the screen is not only in front, but the screen is all around you. You are sitting just in the middle, just as you are sitting here in the middle. If you look at the back, you see the trees. If you look at me, I am here; if you look at the side, the people. YOU ARE SITTING IN THE MIDDLE AND THE SCREEN IS ALL AROUND. They have made a few films, experimental. For example, you are flying in an airplane and you look out of the window this side and you see the clouds and the sun setting, and you look from the other side and it is darkening, and you look at the back and you see the clouds going further away, back, and you look ahead and you are reaching into something else... AND IF YOU SMELL ALSO, THEN THE REALITY WILL BECOME MORE AND MORE REAL. It can almost take the grip of you absolutely; you can forget for a few moments that what you are seeing is just a movie or a feelie. YOU CAN BE LOST. And this is the situation we are in -- this is what mind is. MIND IS A FEELIE. It is simply making many dreams available to you, but in three dimensions, with all the feelings. Just think: it is possible one day, sitting glued in the chair before your TV, you see a beautiful woman walk out of the TV, hug you -- and you know this is just a feelie... this is possible! THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. And you know deep down that this is just nonsense, there is nobody. But still, YOU CAN SMELL THE WOMAN, the French perfume. You can even touch her, the curves... How can you protect yourself? This is possible; this is not impossible. THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Theoretically it has become possible; now practically it is going to become possible. THEN YOU MAY BE LOST FOR FEW SECONDS IN A GREAT LOVE AFFAIR. You will forget -- you would LIKE to forget. Who wants to remember the truth when such a beautiful woman is there? You say, "OKAY, LET IT BE A DREAM OR WHATSOEVER IT IS, BUT LET ME ENJOY RIGHT NOW." And she is hugging you and you can feel her all over your body. And still deep down somewhere a consciousness goes on saying that this is just a feelie, there is nobody. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO A MEDITATOR. A meditator will still love a woman, but he knows this is a feelie. He will hold hands and will know... who knows whether there is anybody or not? Because there is no way to prove that somebody else exists outside you. In a dream you think whatsoever you are seeing is true; in the morning it is not true, no more true. Now, is there any way to say, right now, whether you are seeing me in a dream or in reality? It may be just a dream! You have fallen asleep and you are dreaming the morning talk. Is there any way to distinguish whether it is real or unreal? There is no way. It may be just a dream; YOU MAY BE JUST SEEING THINGS AND THEY MAY NOT BE THERE. And the problem becomes very very deep, because in a dream you forget that it is a dream. And you have seen the dream so many times, millions of times, and always in the morning you find it was all unreal. But the next day again you see the dream and it is real again. The day-dream becomes unreal in the night, and the night-dream becomes unreal in the day. Now what is the way to decide which is which, and which is really real and which is only apparently real? BUDDHA SAYS IT IS ALL MIND GAME. Closely watch the mind, and slowly slowly you can start seeing the mind game. Not that you need not be there any more, because it is all mind game -- where are you going? where can you go? There is no need to go anywhere but just to know.

You can enjoy this picture all around you in Disneyland, and you are flying in an airplane, and you can see the Niagara Falls and the mountains receding back, and you can see from every side... and you are disillusioned for a moment, and there will be a continuous shifting of consciousness. One moment you will think it is real, one moment you will think, "It is not real -- I am just in Disneyland." Mind is a Disneyland. OSHO Take It Easy Vol 1, Ch #3: All lies and nonsense! am in Buddha Hall

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