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Greg Carroll - CORE Education

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Taieri Beach

Pine Hill


Busy Lives ...

Myth Of Multi-tasking


Managing Workow
What do you NEED to do? How can you be the MOST efcient? and


Being SMART ....

Do it ONCE Do it WELL Triage information and tasks Plan and be systematic


Digital and Analogue

to-do lists ..... Coveys matrix e-Crastination learning needed vs outcomes achieved devices - minimal and smart (smartphones!)

Manage the Flow of Information!

Manage your Time!

Find/Filter - Curate - Share

avoiding the echo-chamber

Harness the Power of RSS

RSS Readers

my choice is Feedly app-ied = Byline for iOS browser based vs ofine Mail programmes - problem of white

iTunes - audio, video, etc

Blogs - writing and sharing

Wikis- Sharing and Collaboration

Google Sites teachers

agendas - minutes - planning - ??

Video URLs and hyperlinks Text Image

Collaborative ... Sharable ... Private ... Simple ... RSS ...

Curriculum Documentation

Exemplars - Moderation

Facebook & LinkedIn

Twitter ...

..and, Google Drive


synchronizes app automatic offsite sharable private WORKS!



makes local folder

Copy & Google Drive

Referral links: - -


social bookmarking searchable .... online free rss network .... tagging ..... subscriptions .... inbox app

Skype & Google+

transactiona l easy app options

communicate - skype, chat, txt diary & workow management camera - still, video voice recorder - assessment, notes, reection update website/s reect on PL - using web and native apps manage information - personal & school purposes .... oh, and its a phone

But ....

be RUTHLESS about this!

Productivity Porn?

Other Cool Stuff

wordle - graphical displays vimeo - to upload movies Online Conferences - for professional learning Hosted websites - ( quietube - take the distractions from YouTube QR codes - for libraries, and a gazillion other things Aurasma - Augmented reality app

.... even more

TED - online learning - BRILLIANT!! zamzar - free online conversion of documents etc scribd & Issuu- documents online slideshare - share presentations evom - download videos and get YouTube as mp3 vlc - media player (and converter) - brilliant!