Surviving Tiger Tanks

Last update : May 26 , 2008

Listed here are the tanks in the Tiger family that still exist today.

Vincent Abbot, Bovington Tankfest, May 2004 -

Tiger I – Bovington Tank Museum (England) – running condition
Hull number 250112. The story and the restoration of this Tiger tank :

Pierre-Olivier Buan, February 2007 -

Tiger I – Vimoutiers (France)
Hull number 251113. The story of this tank : and

May 2004 . The story of this Tiger I : http://tiger1. Germany in 2003-2004.http://www.html “Vladimir” and “Alexander”.dp60.http://vincesgallery.Vincent Abbott.htm Tiger I – Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia) Hull number 250427 .ru/HTML/menu/galereya/kubinka/galer_kubinka_150x113_5. This tank was on loan to the Munster Panzer Museum. March 2006 .com/gallery/1338043/1/63111226 Tiger I – Saumur Tank Museum (France) Hull number

Army Ordnance Museum.htm Tiger I – Military Historical Museum.http://www.tanxheaven.Nick Matveev. May 2005 .S. MD (USA) This tank was on loan to Germany (Sinsheim Auto + Technik Museum. Lenino-Snegiri (Russia) – very bad condition Hull number 251227 Sandy Barclay. Panzermuseum Munster) and is currently under restoration in UK (Kevin Wheatcroft collection) .com/nic/tiger1snegiri/tiger1snegiri. Munster (Germany) Tiger I – Aberdeen U. 1998 – Photo taken at the Panzermuseum.

webshots. June 2006 .html . The story of this Kingtiger : http://www. Tiger II – Bovington Tank Museum (England) – engine missing Currently on loan from the Shrivenham Study Collection (England). September 2006 Tiger II B (Porsche Turret) – Bovington Tank Museum (England) Dennis Trowbridge.http://news.Neil Baumgardner.

ss501panzer. August 2007 Tiger II – Munster Panzer Museum (Germany) "boyouLaGleize. October 2007 .htm .Klaus". built in October 1944. The restoration of the Kingtiger 213 : http://www.wehrmacht-awards.php?t=238405&page=3 Tiger II – December 44 Museum.http://www. La Gleize (Belgium) Hull number 280273.

July 2006 Tiger II – Saumur Tank Museum (France) – running condition This tank is not in running condition in July 2007. Full (Switzerland) Currently on loan from the Thun Tank Museum to be restored to running condition within 5 years (info dating from July 2007) . The transmission is broken and the museum manages to make it run again ASAP Pierre-Olivier Buan.html Tiger II – Schweizerisches Militärmuseum.http://the.shadock.Stephen July 2007 .

Turret number was changed from 101 to 502 in September 2006 : KY (USA) Hull number 280243.jpg Roger Davis. 1944.dp60. 501 and was captured on August 13.narod. 332 : built in September 1944.Pz.vif2ne. May 2008 Tiger II B – Patton Museum. Fort Knox. The saga of the Kingtiger no.htm Tiger II B – Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia) This tank served with the s. It was then evaluated by the Red Army during the war.htm .ss501panzer. May 2004 .“Vladimir” and “Alexander”.com/Saga_of_332. Abt.http://www.

according to an inscription on the hull . Jagdtiger – Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia) Hull number 305083. This vehicle was captured on May 5. 1945. June 2006 . Alexander Chayka. hull number 305004. Captured by the British in the Henschel proving grounds at Haustenbeck.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=4092&start=45 Jagdtiger – Bovington Tank Museum (England) Prototype with Porsche running Baumgardner. Germany in 1945.http://www. January 2006 .net/index.

August 2007 Sturmtiger – Munster Panzer Museum (Germany) Currently on loan from the Wehrtechnisches Studiensammlung Koblenz (Germany).shadock. MD (USA) Hull number 305020. Hull number Neel. Army Ordnance Museum. .http://the. Klaus Nowak. April 2007 .free.html Jagdtiger – Aberdeen U. Timmerman.http://henk.nahverteidigungswaffe.htm Jagdpanzer Ferdinand – Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia) . August 2003 .htm Sturmtiger – Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia) This vehicle was most likely captured in the Elbe area in April 1945 Patrick Kraft .

August 2003 .fox3000.http://www.htm PzKpfw VIII Maus – Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia) This tank was reconstructed using parts from the 2 prototypes which were built in 1945 . MD (USA) Modified version captured in Italy Henk Timmerman.Steve Zaloga.S. Army Ordnance Jagdpanzer Elephant – Aberdeen U. March 2008 .

http://www.bos.htm 12.http://dishmodels.htm?p=1413 88mm Ardelt Waffenträger – Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia) . September 2006 .ru/gallery/g_kubinka064.Max Rudash .ru/gshow.8cm Selbstfahrlafette auf VK3001(H) "Sturer Emil" – Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia) Vseslav Diyakonov.achtungpanzer.

I would like to thank the people who took these photos and put them on their Main page : or sent them to me.Some interesting links : Was the Tiger really "King?" Testing the King Tiger at Kubinka : http://www. For any question. you can email me at soldat_ryan@hotmail.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=282&Itemid=123&lang=en This document is a synthesis of photos and information published on the web. and also those who helped me doing these lists (particularly people of the AFV News Discussion Board).fr/Surviving_Panzers.battlefield.shadock.html .