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Baroness Thompson M6:A2 Title Page

Baroness Thompson M6:A2 Ethical Issues in the Community Ethic in Psychology: PSY 430 Instructor: Patricia Brawley

Baroness Thompson M6:A2

Ethical Issues in the Community

My community is faced various Ethical issues. We have a large population of homeless individuals. These individuals suffer from various forms of mental illnesses. They plague the parks, and my children’s baseball games. There is a Mental Health Facility in our area. The homeless dilemma is very upsetting to me. I am afraid to send my children down the street to their school. Outpatient treatment for homeless, suffering from mental illness should be mandatory. Financial Instability is the antecedent for the ethical issues in our community. Based on my experience and observation, money would help outpatient programs. Working in the Vallejo School district was a crisis. Young adults are suffering from various undiagnosed mental illness. Teenagers are co-dependents, who follow without Proper guidance. They enter the criminal justice system as troubled juveniles. Without advocates they become long time prison inmates. This circle was prevalent in my community. Solano County is home to various mental health programs and Facilities. Napa State hospital is less than thirty minutes from my home. There is also the local Vacaville State prison. I am walking distance from three Juvenile Hall’s. Solano County should form comprehensive programs to stabilize the mentally ill. Medication alone won’t cure a person suffering from a long term mental illness. A consultant and or advocate could be accessible in an outpatient treatment.

Baroness Thompson M6:A2 In closing, the local inpatient clinic deals with various crises. It is sad for a person to have a crisis. Nevrtheless, they receive free room and board if admitted. Once released they need outpatient treatment. Clinics need more outpatient treatment programs. Individuals need to learn how to communicate effectively. Outpatient treatment in the community is a stepping stone. California Welfare code is applicable in the current suggested dilemma. The welfare of a client in or outside of treatment is important.Section; A of the ACA code of ethics notes the dedication to enhancing human development, (ACA 2003). Outpatient treatment should be mandatory. Patients that suffer from crisis need guidance. They need an advocate to ensure the safety of the community and client. Monetary commitment from our capitol is necessary. Financial stability in our Mental Heath programs will help our state and families.

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