Journey Into Vedic Astrology - an in depth introductory Course

Format: Webinar Course Tuition: $350 Due in full at registration no later than November 16, 2013 For more information

and to register please visit: Prerequisites: None - this is a course for those who have little or no experience in Jyotish, and for those who wish to review and strengthen their foundation.

All sessions will be via webinar and recorded. The recordings will be available for download and to review at your convenience. The course includes homework, feedback and a certificate from AIAC upon passing the final exam.

Pamela lives in the Pacific Northwest and she is an avid student of the of ancient Indian arts and sciences.   Her passion for Vedic Sciences evolved organically out of her own personal quest for alternatives to western medicine  or lifestyle and stress management.  Her quest began in 2001 and has resulted in her meeting and studying with amazing gurus that carry ancient lineages from India; studying the art of yantra and mandala painting with Pieter Weltevrede (from the Harish Johari lineage) and Jyotish with Souvik Dutta who began his studies in Jyotish at the age of eight with his Kula Guru Sri Nagendra Nath Dutta.   She has also studied with and attended classes and workshops on Jyotish and Ayurveda with Penny Farrow, Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. Robert Svoboda to name a few. Until 2012 she also had an established career in national and international sales and marketing for a fortune 25 company,  and she brings this unique perspective and experience to her astrological practice, consulting with clients worldwide. 

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