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Presented by Ancient Indian Astrology Classes (AIAC)

Perceptions of the Mind, Journey of the Soul

An exploration of Special Ascendants (Visesa Lagna) 12 week Webinar Course begins Nov. 11
What is your lifes purpose? Why? How will you achieve it? Find the answers to the big questions through understanding, calculating, and interpreting Special Ascendants (Visesa Lagna).
Each weekly session will be 6-8pm PST. All sessions will be via webinar and recorded. The recordings will be available for download and to review at your convenience. The course includes homework, feedback and certificate from AIAC upon completion of the final exam. Prerequisites: Basics of Jyotish. Registration and payment: Due in full by November 4, 2013. Cost: $350 by check or PayPal Info & signing up: email

We can use your chart along with charts of famous people for deeper analysis, your choice!
Doug Ringwald has, since youth, been a seeker of metaphysical knowledge. His exploration of meditation and yoga led him to jyotish. After a natal chart reading with Souvik Dutta, he became fascinated, joined AIAC in 2011 and has studied intensely ever since. Doug is also a Yoga teacher, Thai bodywork therapist, Reiki practitioner, musician and digital imaging artist. His love of the arts, science, spirituality and healing arts are brought together in the study of jyotish. SueAnn McKean is a life-long student of Vedic wisdom. Her Jyotish journey began in 1990 while on a retreat in India. A founding member of ACVA, she studied with Hart De Fouw and Ernst Wilhelm. In 2011 she completed the 5 year intensive Jaimini Sutras program conducted in the Himalayas with Pundit Sanjay Rath and has been in his Parasara program since 2010. She studied with Souvik Dutta, joined AIAC and has been a mentor since 2012.

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Monday Nov. 11 Monday Nov. 18 Monday Nov. 25 Monday Dec. 2 Monday Dec. 9 Monday Dec. 16 Monday Dec. 23 Monday Dec. 30 Monday Jan. 6 Monday Jan. 13 Monday Jan. 20 Monday Jan. 27

Introduction and astronomy foundations Introduction continue. Calculate Bhava Lagna Introduction continue. Calculate Bhava Lagna Hora Lagna: Theory and calculation. Hora Lagna: Case studies Ghatika Lagna: Calculations, interpretation. Ghatika Lagna: Case studies Varnada Lagna. profession Varnada Lagna continue. Arudha Lagna calculations Arudha Lagna applications Pranapada concept and applications.