Myself As A Learner, And Perfecting A Career of Choice

Isman Tanuri
BA (Hons) Marketing Management Northumbria University Professional Development Project Presentation

So, I see, you have several years experience working in Collections….

Purpose and Objectives
• Identifying Self As a Learner
– Strengths, weaknesses, unique selling points

• Identify Personality Type
– To determine most suitable professional role – To identify most effective role in a team or organisation

• Determine and Justify Chosen Career Path
– Based on discovered learning style and

Present Job
Business Analyst,

Oracle Corporation

‘08 Revenue: US$23 billion Total employees: 74,000 Likes: - Exposure and use of technology - US MNC corporate culture, open and selfactualising Dislikes: - Slow corporate giant/less autonomy in role - Achievement limited through role accomplishment Music Startup Business Employee: 2

Co-Owner, Marketing

Fruit Records

Most Enjoyed Job

Likes: - Used ideas and innovation in growing business - Leveraged on internet and technology to reach market - Market leader in niche industry - Visible and satisfying achievements, ords both personal and organisational


Learning Style Analysis

VARK Questionnaire Test

(Note: Visual, left, adapted from online test result page)

Test Results Analysis

Positives • Total score: 40 pts • Exceedingly multi-modal, use of Whole-Sense Approach • Use combination of modes to reinforce learning • Examine problems from many different perspectives Downsides • Never satisfied with learning • Frustration at not understanding a problem fully with lack of information • Slow in making decisions

VARK Questionnaire Test
Further Personal Insights into VARK Questionnaire Results

I JUMP INTO IT How do I problem solve? AND TRY IT! I SEARCH EVERYWHE Gather information? RE! • 360⁰ learning! • Fully understand the Approaches to Learning? problem • Seek to plug any knowledge gap

Learning Style Questionnaire I

Honey & Mumford’s

Test Results Analysis
Positives • Learning Style: Activist • Full involvement, enthusiastic • Open-minded, enjoy new experiences • Always looking for next challenge Downsides • Easily bored • Impatient with long-term consolidation • Brash (or Rash?), “act first, problem solve later” in making decisions • Overly competitive

Learning Style Questionnaire II

North Carolina State University

Test Results Analysis
Balanced Learning Styles • Active : Reflective • Enjoys both group work and working alone • Visual : Verbal • Confirms VARK test results, multi-modal approach Dominant Learning Styles • Intuitive • Global

Learning Style Questionnaire II

North Carolina State University Dominant Learning Styles
Intuitive (Strong Preference) • Likes discovering possibilities and relationships in data and knowledge • Easily understand concepts and • Innovative (Confirms personal theories love for technology) Global (Moderate Preference) • Learn in large jumps • Quote “Absorbing materials in large jumps, then “getting it” • Able to solve complex problems once big picture is understood Global (Moderate • AlwaysPreference) picture need the big • Impatient with small details

Intuitive (Strong Preference) • Dislike rote-learning facts and repetition • Less careful, tend to make careless mistakes

Personality Type Analysis

Personality Type Test I

MMDI Report by TeamTechnology (Based on Myers Briggs Types Indicator)

MMDI Test Results
Personality Type: (74%)


Dominant Functions: • Extraverted Intuition • Introverted Feeling Judgment

Personality Type Test I

MMDI Report by TeamTechnology (Based on Myers Briggs Types Indicator) Extraverted Intuition • Results confirm learning style tests: Intuitive learning is dominant • Always explore and promote: • Global viewpoint, Better ways of doing things • Breaking new grounds, Challenge of status quo • Enjoys change • “Interested in evolutionary development, with eye on strategy” Introverted Feeling Judgment • Focus outer world intuition on ideas and possibilities that “relate to PEOPLE” • Inwardly appreciate others’ contribution, though not expressive • Internally reject options that conflicts with ENFP values BUT does not show it • Two-faced? • Hypocrite? • Classic temperament of ENFP: Apollonian

Personality Type Test I

MMDI Report by TeamTechnology (Based on Myers Briggs Types Indicator)

ENFP in a Team Environment
Good • Always contributing ideas • Include others in developing ideas or vision • Drive team spirit through own energy and enthusiasm
• Catalyst for change

Bad • Talking too much • Lose sight of purpose, off tangent • Does not follow through completely • Change too much Personal Growth for ENFP • Produce plans for clear direction • Let others contribute and trust contribution • Express appreciation outwardly and clearly

Personality Type Test II

Belbin Self-Perception Team Role Profile Report

Keyword Analysis

Preferred Roles • Plant: Creative, imaginative, unorthodox, problem solver • Specialist: Single-minded, knowledgeable, self-starter, skillful • Monitor/Evaluator: Strategic, intuitive, discerning • Team Worker: Co-operative, perceptive, diplomatic, avert friction • Completer Finisher: Painstaking, conscientious, careful Least Preferred Roles

Personality Type Test II
Team Profile Analysis
• •

Belbin Self-Perception Team Role Profile Report

• •

Type of work matters greatly Studying is “more like an enjoyable hobby”, it is “opportunity to express creative ability and high standards of excellence” Desire for in depth knowledge and expertise in subject matter Professional reputation is important

• • • Not someone who appears to value details Can get too technical or complex Not adaptable to routine work

Quick Summary of Me
• Learning Type
– – – – – Multimodal, uses Whole-Sense Approach 360⁰ all-round learning Intuitive and Innovative Activist, Open-Minded, Challenge-seeking Global Learner

• Personality Type
– Extraverted Intuition, Introverted Feeling Judgment, Apollonian – Creative, Imaginative, Problem Solver – Knowledgeable, Skillful – Strategic, Discerning – Early Adopter

Action Plan
Next steps…
1. 2.


A New Job! Capitalise on competencies and passion in marketing, the internet and technology Personal Branding: Build reputation (online & offline)

– –

Continued blogging, writing articles, networking, increase digital social participation, increase engagement in online discussions


Continue expertise-building, knowledgesharing

Action Plan

Self Improvement…

Commit ideas, plans and “evil schemes” on paper – Improve leadership skills Be more open in sharing appreciation for others – Work on teamwork, though personality says otherwise – Be a little bit more detailed and careful

Ideal Career Choice
A Digital Marketeer
1. 2.

Marketing + Internet + Technology Broad discipline, including:
– – – – –

Social media/social networks Search engine marketing/optimisation and advertising Web analytics Communication and Customer Care 2.0 Brand and online reputation management


Eventual expertise in: Social Technology and Marketing 2.0 strategies for the Enterprise

Career Path
Consultant or Analyst/Resear cher C-level Strategist / CIMO (?) Retired with a lightspeed internet connection Principal Consultant/ Team Leader Consultancy Practice

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