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Graduate Programme

Our two year graduate development programme is designed to provide you with a structured series of rotations across our core trading business in areas such as Corporate Finance, Trade Finance, Operations, and Deals Desk with the potential to rotate into our mid and downstream supply and warehousing and logistics business’, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of all areas of the business, opening up a future of unlimited opportunities within the Trafigura group. As part of the 2 year programme you will have the opportunity to carry out one of three 8 month rotations in a different country to that of your initial application. 8 month rotations may include (but not limited to) any of the following locations: Geneva, Houston, Johannesburg, Montevideo, Mumbai, Puerto Rico, Singapore. The programme encourages an entrepreneurial attitude where participants are highly visible and are expected to create opportunities for themselves through exponential performance and networking. You will be asked on application to indicate a (non committal) interest for a particular area* (Operations/Deals/Finance/Mid and Downstream Supply/ Warehousing-Logistics) but will complete rotations across 3 of the 5 areas before entering a chosen area, ensuring that on completion of the programme you enter your role with the full understanding of how each function operates and enhances the other in order to maximise profit potential for the group. *We will ask you why at interview. As with all employees within the Trafigura group, opportunities for exceptional talent are unlimited and employees can expect to spend time in several locations globally (including some more remote), throughout their development either within their teams, across departments and throughout their career. This ensures they are equipped with the increased cultural awareness and business development skills required for a long term, successful career. It is worth noting that this is not a trading programme: Those looking to enter a commercial (‘front line trading’) role should expect to spend several years within a department after completing the programme ‘mastering’ the product specific techniques and skills that will ensure their long term career, be it management or commercial, is enhanced to guarantee their full career potential. A minimum requirement of a 2:1 / 3.4 GPA (or equivalent) in any discipline and fluent English is essential.

Business Areas

Corporate Finance
The Corporate Finance Department is responsible for origination and execution of corporate financings (RCFs and general corporate purpose facilities, bond issuance, private placements, securitization, etc.), the acquisition and/or financing of Trafigura’s investments and industrial assets and coordination of overall bank relationships.

Corporate Finance
As one of the world’s most prominent commodity trading companies with operations across the world and over 8,000 employees, the first days and weeks for a new starter at Trafigura, whether at senior or entry level, usually represent an interesting, but steep learning curve in understanding how all of the Group’s operations and teams work together. The Corporate Finance department is a small, but highly visible team within the Group which represents a good place for a new starter to begin, thanks to the scope of projects undertaken by the team and the need for interaction with many different teams across the Group as part of these projects. The team can be thought of as fulfilling the role of Trafigura’s internal investment bank, albeit on the buy-side. The team is responsible for the origination and execution of a number of different types of corporate financings, including syndicated bank facilities, bond issuances, private placements and projects related to Tr afigura’s securitisation program, amongst others. The Corporate Finance team is also involved in the acquisition and/or

Impala and the Mining Group. the scope of Operations expands to executing all aspects of the trade to the best commercial advantage while ensuring full compliance with regulations and legislation. To fully master the role takes years of training as it requires an in-depth knowledge of every element of physical and derivative trading. Whilst all responsibilities and accountabilities of the role remain based upon the core principles of risk management. The Deals Desk in Trafigura is a front office team providing market and risk analysis globally on a real time basis. as well as being able to interpret the impact of operational. the factors that drive them change on an hour by hour. At Trafigura. Operations Post deal. optionality and PnL. financial and political changes on the underlying position and profit. Deals Desk We proactively report and monitor : Market exposure. we add value by providing traders with risk assessments and analysis which highlight their exposure. and the impact these elements have on the profitability of the company. Being seated in the middle of a trade floor. day by day basis as the company discovers new and innovative ways to generate a wide and truly diversified portfolio. when and how it is exposed to the market. Deals Desk At the heart of any commercial organisation is the need to know exactly what. Outside of the work related to specific financing projects. the operations team executes the physical contractual obligations of the trade for the best commercial advantage of the Company. we serve in a support role for traders spanning across virtually every market. the Corporate Finance team is responsible for the oversight and development of the Group’s relationships with its large (and growing) pool of over 120 banks across the world as well as with investors in the Group’s capital markets transactions. Essentially. Commercially. whilst ensuring compliance with all regulations and legislation. Our primary responsibilities revolve around monitoring all elements of the risk and exposure related to our commercial activity and report it directly to the board on a daily basis. Operations is the movement of goods from point A to point B and all the corresponding logistics and invoicing relevant to the movement. why. Thanks to the varied scope of work undertaken by the team.financing of the Group’s industrial assets. often together with members of the finance teams at Puma. PnL and Volumetric position for the group with accuracy and integrity providing the oil group with the base data used to control commercial activity. where. The scope of . These reports are essential to help them make the right commercial decisions and optimize the opportunities their portfolios generate. no two days are the same and new members of the team can be sure that creative initiative and the ability to multi-task will be highly valued. all the while providing deals desk employees with an unprecedented front office learning experience in the world of trading.

The day is one of non-stop activity. Treasury. Our operators need to be available 24/7 to deal with any out of office hour issues. Operations are not often ‘typical’. including overseeing cost effectiveness. our external Banking & Insurance partners. and performance risk and proactively working to reduce —if not eliminate entirely—risks on each of these levels. supplying and receiving information. Compliance. The Trade Finance team has many key partners. operators are exposed to many aspects of the business and communicate directly with a number of 3rd parties. Deals Desk.   Providing guidance to Finance Officers and Traders in difficult or unfamiliar situations. Each shipment is different. finance. hedging. and minimum use of the Company's own liquidity. Carrying responsibility for the maintenance of the regional bank lines as well as serving as the Company's main liaison with our Banking partners. highlighting credit and commercial risks and proactively engaging key partners. whilst developing banking lines. Making appropriate finance decisions. credit. monitoring. chartering and deals desk teams. We aim to give our operators the personalized training and skills necessary to properly identify and mitigate risks on each shipment and to find customized solutions to the optimal benefit of both our counterparties and ourselves.this includes assessing logistical.    Overseeing analysis. The Trade Finance team in Trafigura is a key department within the Group. Traders. Operations. and no operator ever knows how the upcoming day will look. and therefore each situation encountered requires a unique approach. including but not limited to. Trade Finance We are responsible for the financing of all Trafigura’s physical business. As operators are not only juggling a multitude of information feeds on a number of different shipments. diversity of financing sources. optimising costs. such as:  The issuance of Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees for the Company’s purchases of crude and oil products and ensuring that both cargoes and storage facilities are financed and insured in a timely manner. mitigation and awareness of the Company's financial risks. . Ensuring compliance with storage and commercial contracts in protecting the Company’s in terests. Our operators also interact with various internal departments such as the commercial. external counterparties. Credit. The ability to both raise liquidity from our financial partners and mitigate credit and performance exposure of our trading counterparties are key responsibilities for any successful company. On a daily basis the Trade Finance team performs a number of tasks. they need to filter information quickly to determine what is relevant and prioritize. Our different offices around the world ensure around-the-clock coverage as well as localized support for each of our business streams. Tax. As a result.

  Overseeing that the Company is not exposed to risks associated with the OFAC regulations in force at any time. Working with Deals Desk personnel to ensure any incurred costs agreed by Trade Finance are allocated correctly to the separately maintained deal Profit & Loss accounts. the counterparties we trade with. To fully master the role takes years of training as it requires an in-depth knowledge of every element of physical trading. . and any regional specific issues regarding security and risk. day by day. It is essential to maintain a flow of communication with all key partners as deal specifics can change hour by hour.