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Basic book citation – print – APA 7.02.18 Author last name, A. A. (year). Title of work: Subtitle. Location: Publisher. Editor last name, A. A. (Ed.). (year). Title of work: Subtitle. Location: Publisher. Organization name. (year). Title of work: Subtitle. Location: Publisher.

Creese, G. L. (2011). The new African diaspora in Vancouver: Migration, exclusion, and belonging. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press. McMahan, D. L. (Ed.). (2012). Buddhism in the modern world. New York, NY: Routledge. Benhabib, S., & Resnik, J. (Eds.). (2009). Migrations and mobilities: Citizenship, borders, and gender. New York, NY: New York University Press. Canadian Institute for Health Information. (2009). Improving the health of Canadians: Exploring positive mental health . Ottawa, Canada: Author.
In text:

…..(Creese, 2011) ….. (McMahan, 2012) ….. (Benhabib & Resnik, 2009) …..(Canadian Institute for Health Information [CIHI], 2009) for the first citation; then abbreviate to (CIHI, 2009)
Basic book citation – online – APA 7.02.19-22 Author last name, A. A. (year). Title of work: Subtitle. doi:xxxxxxxx OR Retrieved from http://www.xxxxx Editor last name, A. A. (Ed.). (year). Title of work: Subtitle. doi:xxxxxxxx OR Retrieved from http://www.xxxxx Organization name. (year). Title of work: Subtitle. doi:xxxxxxxx OR Retrieved from http://www.xxxxx

O'Keefe, E. (n.d.). Egoism & the crisis in Western values. Retrieved from Zenger, J. H. (Ed.). (2010). The complete new manager: Essential tips and techniques for managers. Retrieved from Information Systems Audit and Control Association. (2011). IT control objectives for cloud computing: Controls and assurance in the cloud. Retrieved from Schiraldi, G.R. (2001). The post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook: A guide to healing, recovery, and growth [Adobe Digital Editions version]. doi: 10.1036/0071393722
In text:

…..(O'Keefe, n.d.)…..(Zenger, 2010)…..(Schiraldi, 2001) …..(Information Systems Audit and Control Association [ISACA], 2011) for the first citation; then abbreviate to ...(ISACA, 2011) L I B R A R Y R E S E A R C H H E L P S H E E T

Munich.). (Eds. (2002). n. Jr. 2010) no author: . (1923).(Bonhomme & Boivin. In C.1037/10762-000 .. 2011)…. 1-4). In Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary (11th In text: …. Pitelis. O. doi:xxxxxxxx OR Retrieved from http://www. 2004) no author. Barber (Ed. unabridged . Trans..). Knowledge and clusters. Publishing a blog with Blogger (2nd ed... Canada among nations 2009-2010: As others see us (pp. In F.. 98-127).no author/editor – APA 7. Title of work: Subtitle. doi:10.("Heuristic".edu/entries/behaviorism/ Heuristic.. Aston. Sugden. R... Graham. C. (2010). Canada. 1923) In text: Entry in a reference book – print and online – APA 7. B. Mountie.02 Title of work: Subtitle.). (2007). Henry.books24x7. Montreal. Fashionista: A century of style icons (P. . N. Corporate governance (5th ed. Outhwaite (Series Ed.).. The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy (Fall 2010 ed. Monks. Retrieved from http://netlibrary. volume.. Canada: Oxford University Press. Germany: Prestel. 2010). Job analysis and the curriculum (pp..(Graham. N. & Minow. J. R. Wilson (Eds.) . (2006). (Henry & Pinch. Berkeley.(Burney. Behaviorism.02. p.02. Springfield.. N. (2010). Retrieved from http://plato.). & P. TX: Schlager. 2006). D. 1013). R. Canada: McGill-Queen’s University Press.(Werle... In E. (Year).). (n. Don Mills. (2010). & Uhrbrock.). 2007)….).xxxxx Webster's third new international dictionary.. E. 3. 46-53). (2009).m-w ...d. S. Bonhomme.(Monks & Minow. In L.. no date: …. Retrieved from http://www. Hampson.). In The World Book encyclopedia (Vol. 2010)…. S.("Mountie". 2004) In text: Book chapters – print and online – APA 7.. 2009) Books – print and online . 2010) . Location: Publisher.).2 Books – print and online . Clusters and globalisation: The development of urban and regional economies (pp. Chicago. & Pinch. IL: World Book.. MA: Merriam-Webster.. CA: Peachpit. 114-132).(Webster’ Strong. (2011). Canada in Obama’s world...(Castro. In K.stanford. Bibliography on job analysis. Heinbecker (Eds. Canadian Oxford dictionary (2nd ed. 140-146).). Zalta (Ed. Dallas. A..02 Castro. S. Retrieved from http://www. & Boivin. E.. (2004). Milestone documents in world history: Exploring the primary sources that shaped the world (Vols.). (2010). R. K. D.revised or subsequent edition. 1. or translation information – APA 7.. & J. G. pp.29-30 Bercuson. Personnel Research Series: Vol.d.(Strong & Uhrbrock..(Bercuson.. G. In text: .24-25 Burney.

pages.45 Marler.(Clay. Journal of World History.(Pole..1304 In text: …..16-17 Author. Title of Journal or magazine. – print and online APA 7.. (2010.725 Tang. Steele. S.wiley. P. The psychophysiology of posttraumatic stress disorder: A meta-analysis. Title of Journal or magazine.3 PERIODICALS (JOURNALS. S. 2007)….. (Schatz.. (2008.290. Norton]. (Lassen et al. November 17). J. 80-82. Vol. Title of article. 2006). 43. (2007). February 16). 725-746. 2000) . Wood. June).lww. NEWSPAPERS) Journal or magazine citation – print and online – APA 7.). etc. ideology: Psychologists fight back about the misuse of research.1126/science. R. Retrieved from http://www.. April). R.(Lassen.1-8 & APA 7. 2010) Article reviews of books. 13(4). Journal of Nursing Research. 2005)…. 2010).000 fined for using cellphones while driving. 1340. (1999. Abstract retrieved from http://www..06.(Tang. Y. A. W.. The New York Times. & Sailor.xxxxx Wang. H. B. (2000. Hilts. Author. 15(6). A1. 2009)…. In text: …. Title of article.. n. (2009. In text: . Canadian Geographic. 748-751.d. A.(Hilts. Almost 20...10-11 Fowlie.(Wood. (n. M. 384-389. by M.) Newspaper citation – print and online – APA Science vs. #(Issue # if applicable). M. In forecasting their emotions.. Vol. Psychology in the Schools. MAGAZINES. doi:xxxxx OR Retrieved from http://www. Yuan. 21... & Tseng.. (2010.d. (2005).com/jnr-twna/pages/default.. pp.01. S. pages. [Review of the book Sacred gifts. 253-261..1037/0033-2909. most people flunk out.. & Tseng. The Province. (2009). Zoomsafer app stops texting. videos. Psychological Bulletin. Monitor on Psychology.. Injury Prevention. by J. Brown & P. P. Clinical follow-up study on diabetes patients participating in a health management plan..01. 2008)…. Learning by text or context? [Review of the book The social life of information. N.5495.. (Fowlie. Retrieved from http://journals. p.("Zoomsafer". & Sailor.) …. 39(6). October 22).. Retrieved from http://www..aspx Clay.apa. #(Issue # if applicable). 701-712.5. W. doi:10. Yuan. 129(2).nytimes.(Wang. (year). Road rage. P. movies. Duguid]. Schatz.aspx Lassen.) …. (year). Changing drivers’ attitudes towards mobile phone use through participative simulation testing and feedback .. A12. profane pleasures: A history of tobacco and chocolate in the Atlantic world. subsequent citations for 3 or more authors: …..133. 2009). (2006). October 1). (Marler. The relationship of school-wide positive behavior support to academic achievement in an urban middle school. 1999) no author:.interscience. 133(5).. J. Science. Steele. A. R. 290...(Tang et al. A. The Vancouver Sun. Pole. H.

. & Gregorich.. (2010). Retrieved from Business Source Premier database.. D.. L. R. Retrieved from Government of Canada Depository Services Program website: http://dsp-psd..03 Author.pdf Datamonitor.pearson. Title of report (Report number if available).gc. R. Your instructor may prefer that you use the second citation format instead. The health of our water: Toward sustainable agriculture in Canada.. (year). 2005: A gender-based statistical report. A.. Women in Canada.(Statistics Canada. (Catalogue no. A.(Datamonitor.pdf Coote.) (2000).(Coote & Gregorich. & Retrieved from http://www. Note: In the first Datamonitor example above the retrieval statement points the reader to the Datamonitor website where the report can be purchased. In text: . PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR. R.. Molson Coors Brewing Company: Company profile.. A.. Statistics Canada. Retrieved from (2000). Ottawa: Author. Retrieved from: http://www. A. 89-503-XPE). RESEARCH. At Kwantlen. we have free access to these reports through our Business Premier database. (Catalogue no. Social and Aboriginal Statistics Division. A15-2020/2000E).statcan. Coote.pdf Pearson. Open to learn: Pearson annual report and accounts 2010. (Catalogue no.. R. (2010). 2006). 89-503-XPE).. ANNUAL.. (2006).. Women in (Eds. Location: Datamonitor. D. (year). 2010).4 REPORTS (GOVERNMENT. The health of our water: Toward sustainable agriculture in Canada.datamonitor. 2005: A gender-based statistical report. 2010) ..(Pearson.pwgsc.. 2007).. Ottawa: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Title of report (Report number if available).xxxxxxxx Statistics Canada. L. Author. (2010). (2006).. Retrieved from http://www. Molson Coors Brewing Company: Company profile. Social and Aboriginal Statistics Division. TECHNICAL) Report citation – print and online – APA 7. (Eds.

Symposium conducted at the 50th annual meeting of the Archaeological Society.. (1991).. J. (2008). Collins. Defending against business crises with the help of intelligent agent based early warning solutions . NE: University of Nebraska Press... 1983) Conference paper abstract retrieved online – APA 7. In R. Kaar.0805417105 In text: first citation: . 2001).04. Lincoln. In text: ..1073/pnas.39 Deci.38 Herculano-Houzel. New York.5 CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS.04. E...iceis. (2005. 38. FL. In text: . 2005) ...(Liu.36 Beales. 2008). Dienstbier (Ed. Kaar... Collins. & Lent. 105. M...). PAPERS & SESSIONS Proceedings published in a book – APA 7. & Ryan. Wilkes (Chair). The basic nonuniformity of the cerebral cortex. R. 2008) Unpublished contributions – APA 7.(Herculano-Houzel et al. 237-288). & Lent. Perspectives on motivation (pp. S. Beyond seeing: Cultural blindness and lettering.04.. NY.. K. Chicago. A motivational approach to self: Integration in personality. 12593-12598. H. November).(Deci & Ryan. Wong.htm In text: .org/iceis2005/abstracts_2005. In M.(Shimahara. E.. S. May). Abstract retrieved from http://www. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association.(Herculano-Houzel.. J. Textual perspective.. (1983...04. doi:10. (2001. L.. then: .. May)... C. Wong... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Mobility and education of Buraku: The case of a Japanese minority . N. Paper presented at the Seventh International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems. P. 1991) Proceedings published regularly online – APA 7. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation: Vol. Miami. IL.37 Liu. Shimahara..(Beales... R.

(1990). track 2) Power Point slides – APA 7. Title [medium].. D. Retrieved from http://www. 2003). 1974. (Recording date if different from copyright date).shrinkrapradio.(Van Nuys. On And so will we yet [CD].photos. (Writer).) . (year). (Director). Retrieved from http://www. C. & Dauman. Retrieved August 5.. Moss rain forest [Photograph]. (2009). & Rocher. 2007).. Tails and trotters [Recorded by G. podcasts. (2009).07 Contributor/s (function/s).animalsw.(Goodenough. A.(Pratt. 2011. then you may abbreviate to:. from http://kwantlen... & E. Shrink rap radio [Audio podcast].. December 2). (2005). NY: Asylum. motion pictures. W. NY: Fox Broadcasting.. Retrieved from In D. (Producer). (Producer). A. Shore [Executive producer).ca/__shared/assets/Film_Course_Intro2817.. Sharon. Mayo.canadaphotos. Jericho. (2003). 2009). Washington. Bok.... 1982. Location: Label.xxxxxxxx Wenders. (Executive Producer).d). B.(Mitchell.. 2001). (1982). Mitchell. Wings of desire [DVD]..("Lion". House..(Egan & Alexander.(NRC. 2005) . (1974).….. Goodenough. A. A.6 AUDIOVISUAL MEDIA Videos/DVDs.. track 3)…. 2007) Music recordings – APA 7... Trickett].. Van Nuys. (Producer). Retrieved from http://www. (year).ppt In text: …..nrcan. McNair-Landry. & Alexander.... The Atlas of Canada: British Columbia [Map].ca/film/never_lose_sight/ Pratt. Location: Studio or distributor.07 Writer. Egan..07 Lieblang. 2007) for the first citation. (2001.. S.gc. (Copyright year). (2007).. 2011)….Hicker. Film course intro. R. J. On Title of album [Medium of recording]. Santa Monica. CT: Folk-Legacy Records.. Title of song [Recorded by artist if different from writer]. CA: MGM Home Entertainment. D. New York. Title [medium]. maps – APA 7. New York. In text: …. Failure to communicate [Television series episode].. J. Contributor/s (function/s). audio & television broadcasts. (Director). Retrieved from http://www. J.. Slideshow [PowerPoint slides].(McNair-Landry & Rocher. 2009) . J. December 19).com /wallpaper /Lion-and-Tiger/ National Resources Canada (Cartographer).d. Never lose sight [Video documentary]. (n.nfb. (Producer/Director).(Wenders & Dauman.(Lieblang.. (2007.. n.. Face the nation [Television broadcast]. (Photographer).htm Lion and Tiger [Photograph]. (2011). streaming videos. Retrieved from /referencemap_image_view In text: .com Hicker. On Miles of Aisles [CD].(National Resources Canada [NRC]. DC: CBS News.

php EclecticAsylumArt..( KwantlenCareers. 2011..APA Manual In text: . 2012) . Retrieved from http://twitter.0) [Mobile application software]. (2007.d. 2011.. then you may abbreviate to: .. Retrieved from http://www. 2011)....d..d. NewNuma. (Oxford University Press [OUP].).oup. 2011. (Year. video blog post (YouTube).yahoo. n... Parliament. from http://www. Retrieved July 28. Retrieved August 5. A. Retrieved August 22. Title of post [Description of type]. In Broadbent: Public law directions (chap... S.7 WEBSITES & OTHER ELECTRONIC SOURCES Websites & Webpages Author. Retrieved from July 5).com/pharyngula/2007/01 /the_unfortunate_prerequisites..wikia. (2006.d. 2011)……("GVU". Re: Disputed estimates of IQ [Electronic mailing list message].groups.).com 11608 chocolate speed painting with spoon [Video file].com/about/eckhart/ Oxford University Press. (2011). blog post. (2012). March 22).com/wiki /Psychometrics American Psychological Association. 2011) the first time you cite.(American Psychological Association [APA]. 2007).. from http://kwantlen.html Eckhart Teachings Inc. Lots of great jobs on the job posting system www.) ..(OUP.. Retrieved August 28.. ( Psychometrics. then you may abbreviate to: .. A. APA concise dictionary of psychology (Version 1..) .gvu..) Message posted to an electronic mailing /01student/2guidance/ GVU’s 10th WWW user survey.(Kwantlen Polytechnic University [KPU].(EclecticAsylumArt. 2009. (2011)... ( /careers [Twitter post].. Title of document.(KwantlenCareers. n.. from http://psychology.(KPU..kwantlen.xxxxxx Smith.d. 2011).11 Author. Retrieved from http://scienceblogs. tweets... Retrieved from http://itunes. (n...4). Retrieved from http://tech. 2007). Creating a new earth together: About Eckhart Tolle... MiddleKid.(Eckhart Teachings Inc... January 5). 2006).. Re: The unfortunate prerequisites and consequences of partitioning your mind [Web log comment]. Kwantlen’s timeline of success. 2011) . (n.("Psychometrics"... (Smith. (Date of publication)... from http://www. January 22).eckharttolle. n...d..( /survey-1998-10/ In text: .... apps ..). 2012) the first time you cite. Retrieved from http://www.xxxxxxxx Kwantlen Polytechnic University..gatech. Retrieved from http://www. (2007. Month Day)..

20% sample data (Cat.(Pew Hispanic Centre. (2010. but cited in text only.statcan. 2008) . telephone conversations. LING 1300 personal lecture notes. Therefore.uwo. Retrieved from http://pewhispanic. (2004). In text: example: “…” (F. 2010) . May 25.). 2001 census . In text.55496.cfm?LANG=E&APATH=3&DETAIL=0 &DIM=0&FL=A&FREE=0&GC=0&GID=0&GK=0&GRP=1&PID=64297&PRID=0&PTYPE=55430. Canada: Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Spring). Retrieved fromhttp://www12. 2006) Canadian Census Topic Based Tabulations accessed via the Statistics Canada Web site Statistics Canada. 95F0357XCB2001002) [Table]. Custom course materials PSYC 3010 (pp. However: PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR INSTRUCTORS ON THEIR PREFERENCE FOR CITING THESE MATERIALS. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR INSTRUCTORS ON THEIR PREFERENCE FOR CITING THESE MATERIALS.. Surrey. Surrey.. 65-71). sex (3) and age groups (7B) for population. personal communication.. 2011) Class handouts APA does not give specifics about citing these materials. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR INSTRUCTORS ON THEIR PREFERENCE FOR CITING THESE MATERIALS.) & class notes Unpublished personal communications are not included in the reference list.(Statistics Canada.8 Data sets – APA 2001 Census of Canada: Topic-based tabulations: Immigration and citizenship tables: Immigrant status and place of birth of respondent (21) ..08 Pew Hispanic Center. Sexual deviance [PSYC 3010 class handout]. etc..… (Sherry. 2006 [Canada]. (2006). tracted census agglomerations and census tracts.(P.. Cycle 20: Family transitions (main file) [Data file]. emails.53293.… (Pedersen. (2006)... Canada: Kwantlen Polytechnic University Bookstore. We suggest that you treat them like you would personal communications. In C. We suggest to either find the full citation information of the item and cite as usual OR treat the course package as an anthology and use he following format: Sherry.. letters. Koskinen..71090 &S=0&SHOWALL=0&SUB=0&Temporal=2001&THEME=43&VID=0&VNAMEE=&VNAMEF= In text: . No...55440. (2008). In text. Changing channels and crisscrossing cultures: A survey of Latinos on the news media [Data file and code book].. for census metropolitan areas. Internalized homophobia and adult attachment: Implications for clinical practice.. Therefore. 2010) Custom course materials APA does not give specifics about citing these materials.ssc. 2006) VARIOUS OTHER SOURCES Personal communications (interviews. General Social Statistics Canada.. Pedersen (Ed.. October 20. APA does not give specifics about citing notes you take in class. C. A.(Statistics Canada. 2004).ca/idls/ In text: . Retrieved from Internet Data Library System database: http://janus. Johnson. We suggest the following format: Pedersen.

(Author/editor’s last name et al. & Resnik.. Clinical follow-up study on diabetes patients participating in a health management plan. For subsequent citations: Tang et al. Nicotine and Tobacco Research.. & Tseng. borders...267.. (Tang et al. Yuan. The complete Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is on the reference shelves at REF BF 76. 2004). (2009). (Gilbert et al.. ….. G.. P. and gender. G. D. Please consult our Legal Citation Guide for explanations and examples.. … (as cited in Beaujot & Kerr. Plath. 249...lww. ….. 2007)… AUTHOR RULES 2-7 Authors or editors – use & before the last author Benhabib. . 2005) 6 or 7 authors: Author/editor’s last name et al. (2007).). D. The changing face of Canada: Essential readings in population. Yuan. legal references are based on the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (The McGill Guide). NY: New York University Press. More than 7 authors or editors Gilbert. Rabinovich. (Eds.. Cite as follows: Beaujot. E. N.. 13(4).. .. CITING A CITATION Example: The original study is by Denton et al. F.. & Kerr. 6.. In text: According to Denton et al. 2008). (Tang. Tang. Asgaard.. L. …. Sugai.aspx In text: 2 authors: Benhabib and Resnik (2009) found …. (2005) found that …. N. & Tseng. Journal of Nursing Research. Botros.. (2005).. J. R. UK August 2012 . C..OR …. (2004) found that…. and depressive traits. P83 2009.. Retrieved from http://journals. S.. (2008) found that….. Migrations and mobilities: Citizenship.. dependence.. In text: Gilbert et al. Effects of quitting smoking on EEG activation and attention last for more than 31 days and are more severe with stress. (2004). (Benhabib & Resnik. W. Toronto... 2005). In Canada.. 253-261. New York. McClernon. but you read about it in a book by Beaujot & Kerr.). and Tseng (2005) found that. 2009) 3-5 authors: the first time you cite: Tang. DRD2 A1 allele.9 LEGAL CITATIONS Legal citations APA states that it is more useful to the reader to use the conventional format for references to legal materials. Yuan. (Eds. J. H. Canada: Canadian Scholars’ Press.

centered. Course #. check with your instructor . and in upper half of the page Media Influence and Body Image in Adolescents Double-space Jane L. Doe Kwantlen Polytechnic University Author (you!) centered below title Institution centered below author Student #. Due Date This information is either typed flush left in sequence or centered with each item on a separate line. Instructor’s Name.Running head: MEDIA INFLUENCE AND BODY IMAGE 1 Page number: 1 inch from the right edge and ½ inch from the top of the page Abbreviated title as running head Title in upper and lower case.