Pumps 1. A double suction centrifugal pump delivers 70 ft 3/sec of water at a head of 12 m and running at 1250 rpm.

What is the specific speed of the pump? Solution: √

√ ( )

2. The pump centerline of a centrifugal pump is located 2.5 m above from the high tide level. The sea water varies two meters from high tide to low tide level. If friction loss at the suction is 0.8 m, determine the total suction head. Solution:

3. A centrifugal pump requires 40 ft head to deliver water from low level to higher level. If pump speed is 1600 rpm, determine the impeller diameter of the centrifugal pump. Solution: Solve for velocity, v: √

0163 ft3/lb. The suction pressure of a pump reads 2 in of mercury vacuum and discharge pressure reads 130psi is use to deliver 100 gpm of water with specific volume of 0. Determine the pump work. w: ⁄ . D: ( ) 4. Solution: Solve for density of fluid.√ ( )( ) Solve for diameter of the impeller.

If pump efficiency is 70%.⁄ ⁄ Solve for pressure head. BP: . what is the horsepower rating of motor required to drive the pump? Solution: Solve for water power. A pump is to deliver 150gpm of water at a head of 120 m. P: ( ) ( ) ( ) 5. h: ( ) Solve for pump work. Pw: ( ) ( ) ( ) Solve for Brake Power.

What is the combined efficiency of pump and motor? Solution: ( ) 7. In a boiler feed pump. If water level is 25 ft above the pump. the enthalpy at the entrance is 765 kJ/kg. determine the pump power. If pump has a head of 900 m. what is the exit enthalpy of the pump? Solution: ( ) ( ) 8. Solution: Solve for head.6. h: ( ) . A submersible pump delivers 350 gpm of water to a height of 50 ft from the ground. A motor is used to drive a pump having an efficiency of 85% and 70% respectively. The pump were installed 120 ft below the ground level and a draw down of 8 ft during the operation.

Solution: ( ) ( ) ( ) Solve for number of stages: 10. What is the power output of driving motor if pump efficiency is 65%? . Each impeller develops a head of 38 ft.Solve for water power. A boiler feed pump receives 50 li/sec of water with specific volume of 0. Determine the number of stages needed for a centrifugal pump if it is used to deliver 400 gpm of water and pump power of 15 Hp.00112 m 3/kg at a head of 750 m. Pw: ( ) ( ) ( ) 9.

If pump speed will increased to 120 rpm. What power can a boiler feed pump can deliver a mass of 35 kg/s water at a head of 500 m? Solution: 12. A pump running at 100 rpm delivers water against a head at 30 m. BP: 11. what is the increase in head? Solution: ( ) . Pw: ( ) ( ) ( ) Solve for Brake Power.Solution: Solve for water power.

determine the increased in pump capacity. If speed will changed to 370 rpm. A pump is used to deliver 50 li/sec of sea water at a speed of 120 rpm. Solution: 14. A 15 kW motor running at 350 rpm is used to drive a pump. what is the increased in power? Solution: ( ) ( ) .( ) 13. If speed will increased to 135 rpm.

Changes have increased the total head to 375 ft. Solution: Using the typical pump efficiency of 74% ( )( ) . Power input is 70 kW.15. A pump delivers 500 gpm of water against a total head of 200 ft and operating at 1770 rpm. Find the total dynamic head in meters. A centrifugal pump delivers 80 liters per second of water on test. at what rpm should the pump be operated to achieve the new head at the same efficiency? Solution: ( ) ( ) 16. Suction gage reads 10 mm Hg vacuum and 1.2 meters below pump centerline.

The pump is incapable of lifting the water higher than 10. how many stages are required? Solution: √ √ ( Solve for number of stages: ) . If the speed is not to exceed 1352 rpm.17. A vacuum pump is used to drain a flooded mine shaft of 20°C water. The pump pressure of water at this temperature is 2. It is desired to deliver 5 gpm at a head of 640 m in a single pump having specific speed not to exceed 40.34 kPa.16 m. What is the atmospheric pressure? Solution: Using Bernoulli’s Theorem ( ) ( ) 18.

14 m. find how much energy does the pump consumes in kJ per hour. use 3 Hp motor 20. Solution: ( )( )( ) . The total head is 9. The efficiency of the pump and motor are 64% and 84% respectively. Pw: ( ) ( ) ( ) Solve for size of motor: Therefore. A fuel pump is delivering 10 gpm of oil with a specific gravity of 0. A pump driven by an electric motor moves 25 gpm of water from reservoir A to reservoir B. What size of motor (HP) is required? Solution: Solve for water power.83.19. lifting the water to a total of 245 feet.

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