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I Sumit of MBA Final Year (3rd Sem) Hindu Institute of Management hereby submit this report in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of degree of MBA. I declare that the work presented in this report is my original and is not submitted anywhere else for the award of any other degree/diploma by any other university. To the best of my knowledge and belief, this report contains no material previously published or written by any other person, except where due reference is made.

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This project report prepared by me is an effort of several helping hands.The knowledge of our theoretical studies is absolutely incomplete without its proper implementation and application in the diversified corporate world of today. Finally I deeply express my sincere gratitude to My mentor Mr. Arun Khatri for his valuable advice, contribution of time, efforts, support and motivation that enabled the completion of the project.



Mutual Funds have gained popularity as an investment vehicle over the past two years. Though technically, must have been in India since 1964 through Unit Trust of India , the industry has only recently after new private sector funds and funds backed by global investment houses set up shop in India. Mutual Funds have often been associated with equity\stock markets. While that is industry, the debt or fixed income side has also gained prominence in the recent past. In fact, now mutual funds offer instruments! schemes for all types of investors from -the risk averse to high risk takers. The project lays a great stress on investor education. The primary objective is to explain in clear and simple language, the benefits and pitfalls of investing in mutual funds. There is a gap in the market about quality information on Mutual Funds. Most of the information is either inadequate or biased towards a particular scheme/fund or a particular category. This project attempts to look at the subject from the point of view of an ordinary investor who has little time or inclination to get into the technical details of Mutual Funds.

The first portion of the project explains the basics of a Mutual Fund including the history and evolution of the history. Then it highlights the types of Mutual Funds and the recent trends in the industry. A section follows this on how to choose the right fund for you which covers all things one should look at before investing in a fund. The chapter on ranking of mutual funds is aimed at selecting the star performer s amongst the 590 or more schemes available in the market.

The second portion deals with doubts and questions that arise in investors' mind about Mutual Funds. The FAQs cover questions with explanatory answers to all possible queries.