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Washington DCs Top YOGA Instructor Leaves the Government Shutdown Behind Washington DCs Top YOGA Instructor

Leaves the Government Shutdown Behind - Jill A belson Appearing in Iowa City This Weekend; Brings Extra Love to the Heartland. Washington, DC, October 11, 2013 -- Amid the sad specter of yet another grid-loc ked Congress, medical research stopped in is tracks at the National Institutes o f Health, and U.S. Park Rangers turning away elderly World War II vets trying to visit their hallowed memorial on the National Mall, DCs top Yoga instructor said enough is enough. Jill Abelson, author of the EXTRA LOVE series of Yoga Instructional Books on yog a alignment and nationally recognized instructor, is leaving the DC political gr idlock behind for the more sensible folks of Iowa City this weekend, where shell appear, instruct and sign copies of her bestselling Extra Love books at the Iowa C ity Yoga Festival in Coraville. Its so bad mentally in DC right now, that this past weekend Whole Foods put the wo rd out for yogis to come together, and over 200 showed up at the last minute: De mocrats, Republicans, furloughed government workers. It was a sea of multi-color ed mats there, says Abelson. How cool is it that when our politicians check OUT, y ogis check IN to support transcendental public art in the nations capital? Ask Jill Abelson: What the mindset is in DC, with mass shootings, a government shutdown, cars cras hing into the gates of the White House and people catching themselves on fire at the National Mall-all in the past three weeks? How Yoga can help in times of extreme stress, and can bring very different peopl e together in unity What a Downward Facing Dog is (hint: its not a nickname for a member of Congressbut maybe it should be!) Why folks in Iowa City are PERFECT to experience Yoga, and learn about its benef its at the Iowa City Yoga Festival this weekend Jill Abelson is a nationally recognized yoga teacher, workshop presenter and aut hor based in Washington, DC and San Francisco. Her bestselling series of books o n yoga alignment and assisting, EXTRA LOVE, are available at bookstores, on Amaz on and at Jill is appearing this weekend at the Iowa C ity Yoga Festival in Coraville. You can find out more at www.iowacityogafestival .com. To speak with Jill, contact Jessica Lloyd of Allen Media Strategies at (703) 589 -8960 or Contact: Jessica Lloyd Allen Media Strategies 1900 Campus Commons Drive, Suite 100 Reston, VA 20191 703-589-8960