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Readymade, double-blouse and pleated sarees at Sri Palam Silk Sarees FREE CIRCULATION
Vol. 3 No. 137

Two much TROUBLE
The Sports Ministry is in trouble over finalising the name for the country’s top sporting award. Though M.C. Mary Kom has been officials nominated, two other names in the fray makes it a complicated job.

Jackson’s last days
Sony to release a film with more than 80 hours of footage on Michael Jackson’s last days as he was rehearsing for his comeback concerts in London. The film will also include an alternative version of Jackson’s most famous video, Thriller.

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Write your monsoon story

ERGO Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Greenpeace India is inviting stories on the monsoons. They could be a tale of joy or misery. Every entry becomes a ‘Green Idol’ and the story would be put up on http:// greenidol.in/. The authors of the short-listed best stories would get an opportunity to meet the Prime Minister.

Reasons to live on online
With the print run of Ergo all set to end July 31 and our impending transition into an online only publication, we had welcomed readers to suggest strategies for running a healthy website. One of our readers Pradeep Kumar had brought out his views on his blog – zenofzeno.blogspot.com. He suggests that we adopt the following ideas: 1. Serve as aggregators for blogs; 2. Make the site itself partially social networkoriented; 3. Provide news services; 4. Have a chat link; and 5. Aggregate tweets of famous personalities in one place. All the ideas seem good enough to explore. We are at the drawing boards right now to chalk out what shape the website could take. Regarding social networking itself, you know that Ergo had in fact tried it through pages 12 and 13. The ‘my.ergo’ pages are proof that social networking need not be only through new media. Traditional media can also incorporate user-generated content. In fact, we had experimented with it for a few of our Friday Big Stories too and with good results. Do follow us on twitter - @goergo – to receive updates about the changes and the direction our website is going to take. Looking forward to our continued association. Karthik Subramanian Editor Ergo

The seven-minute store
Very thirsty? At Juice Berries on Taramani Link Road, order some great fresh juice and expect it delivered within 7 minutes flat


stone’s throw away from TCS Velachery on Taramani Link Road is Juice Berries, a two-month-old juice

Follow our plans at www.twitter.com/goergo

shop. Run by couple R. Kishore Kumar and Poornima Kishore Kumar, the shop already has its regular patrons. The couple have taken it upon themselves a challenge to hand over fresh juice to thirsty customers in less than seven minutes from placing the order. Shop owner Kishore hails from a family that runs a fairly successful restaurant business in Chindatripet. So starting a juice shop might appear a natural choice. However, he started out as an IT professional and was associated with the industry for nearly 10 years. His last deputation with the industry was as an assistant project manager with Guindybased firm Sconce Solutions (India) Private Limited. He quit his job to launch Juice Berries. “Our city had a lot of decent fast food joints but not juice shops. I felt a shop that looked spic and span and delivered juice alone was an ideal solution for our ever-hot highly-polluted city. Roadside juice stalls hardly serve any purpose,” says Kishore. But starting a juice shop was not an easy job. Kishore, wife Poornima and the other business partner Krishnan spent three months experimenting. “We tested a variety of juice and prepared a menu with 90 different kinds of juices, milk shakes and lassis,” says Poornima. Unlike other juice shops in the city, Juice Berries claims to be unique in the way it makes its juices. “Except the fresh lime juice none of our juices contains water. It’s completely made of fruits and, if necessary, milk. Moreover, we use only safe ice,” says Krishnan.

Juice Berries Address: Old No.36/1, New No.42/1, New Colony Extn., 137 Taramani Link Road, Velachery, Chennai – 600042 Ph: 044 22433414 Landmark: Near Tata Consultancy Services (They take up delivery on orders within 3 km radius of the store.) Shop timings: 10.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. (Open all days)

Juice Berries at Velachery, Taramani Link Road.


One may get confused by the attractive names of juices and attractive prices on the menu card but it also tempts you to try many at a stretch. Orange-U-Tangy, Berries Mocktail, Appie Dew, Golden Sip are some of Juice Berries’ specialities. With fruit

shakes, lassi shakes, ice-cream milk shakes and in-house desserts, the shop also has some hot delicious sandwiches. The juices are priced between Rs.15 and Rs.60. ■

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R E G U L A R ,

Double blouse or pleated?
Saree with matching cellphone pouch


Readymade saree

Double blouse saree

aree shopping requires patience – usually going up and down three or more floors while elbowing people with a similar mission, sifting hundreds of sarees, narrowing it down to a dozen and finally buying a couple. Sri Palam Silk Sarees makes it easier. And innovations that simplify wearing a saree and accessorising it have ensured that it remains distinct even in saree-heavy T. Nagar. A row of footwear outside the door will tell you to leave yours behind. Once inside, you’ll notice that tall wooden almirahs occupy the place of shelves. “I wanted the place to have a homely feel,” says Jeyasree Ravi, the lady behind the store, who personally handpicks each saree that is stocked here. Set up in 2003, the store got an extended space last year. The board outside is more conspicuous too. “I personally like traditional sarees. But the last two years we’ve seen many youngsters coming in. Our sarees are a mix of traditional design and fancy shade or the other way around. You can never look at a saree and say it is traditional or fancy,” she adds. There are Kanchipurams and sarees in dhupia, crepe, cotton and silk-cotton here. “People who like pattu will like cotton and silk-cotton because they have a similar kind of drape.”

on a weight-loss spree and those who like alternating the same saree between ceremonial and casual use loved it,” says Jeyasree. “But those were new uses our customers came up with. The fact is, we introduced the double blouse sarees for the mother-daughter pair, as a lot of young girls end up wearing their mother’s sarees. Hence, the two blouses come useful.” There is also the ‘Golusu pattu’ saree, where the lower saree border comes attached with tiny anklet bells. While sarees with matching cellphone pouches or purses are already pretty popular, the readymade and pleated sarees here are finding several takers. “We found that readymade sarees do not correspond to every person’s height and waist measurements. We then introduced the pleated sarees. When not folded and tucked properly, pleats tend to make a person look bulky. The pleated saree solves this problem,” Jeyasree explains. Come Diwali and more innovations are underway.

“The selection here is our USP,” says Jeyasree. “We might not have a huge collection of sarees. But while you’ll have to rummage through 100-200 sarees to pick one unique piece in a regular saree showroom, here each of the 10 sarees spread before you will be unique. It saves time.” ■

Sri Palam Silk Sarees
Address: 1st Floor, No. 115, Pondy Bazaar (opposite Fatima Plaza), T. Nagar, Chennai – 600 017 Ph: 2432 3334 Website: www.palamsilk.com Store timings: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Open all days)

Concept sarees
Concept sarees are one big attraction. Take for instance the ‘double blouse’ saree, which comes attached with two contrasting blouse pieces. “Women who’ve gone

Pleated saree.



ERGO Wednesday, July 22, 2009

‘Oasis a better band than Beatles’
ristiano Ronaldo has said that he finds Oasis a far better band than the Beatles. The Manchester United star, who was roped in by Spanish giants Real Madrid this summer, said he preferred listening to the British rock band than the Fab Four. “Liverpool have The Beatles and Manchester have Oasis. I think we (Manchester) have the better band,” The Sun quoted him as saying. “I have all the Oasis albums but my favourite track by far is Champagne Supernova. It’s an absolute classic.” “One thing I will miss about Manchester is Oasis. I will be honest, I didn’t even know who they were when I first arrived in Manchester, but you can’t live there long without knowing who they are.” “The lads in the dressing room loved them, especially the English boys. When I came to England I was into my techno, but I think Oasis are one of my favourite bands now,” he added. ■

Figures of the "Beatles" are on display at an exhibition in Hamburg.


Woman stabs hubby for coming home late

World’s largest ebook shop launched
arnes & Noble launched what it bills as the world’s largest online electronic book shop with virtual shelves holding more than 700,000 titles. The major US bookseller is challenging online retail powerhouse Amazon.com with electronic works readable on an array of platforms, including computers, iPod Touch MP3 players, and iPhone and BlackBerry smart phones. Barnes & Noble added that it will be the exclusive provider of ebooks for electronic readers to be released by Plastic Logic. “We want to make ebooks simple, accessible, affordable and convenient for everyone,” said


Malay woman allegedly stabbed her husband in a fit of rage, when he returned home late after watching a friendly match between Manchester United and the Malaysian team on July 18. According to the Harian Metro, the husband had initially promised his wife to be home by around 7pm after the match, but he only came back at 2am. As soon as the man entered the house, the 20 something couple began arguing. And as the argument heated up, the wife believably stabbed her husband in the chest with a vegetable knife, as she could no longer control her temper. However, she panicked on seeing her husband covered in blood, and quickly sent him to the hospital. Police have detained the wife and seized the weapon, and Ampang OCPD Asst Comm Abd Jalil Hassan said that the 26-year-old self-employed victim was currently in critical condition. “The woman claims she was provoked by her husband coming home late,” the Star Online quoted him as saying. ■


William Lynch, president of the book giant’s website BN.com. “Today marks the first phase of our digital strategy, which is rooted in the belief that readers should have access to the books in their digital library from any device, from anywhere, at any time.” Amazon staked out a place in the electronic book market with the release of Kindle reader devices in late 2007 and has more than 300,000 titles for sale at its website. Early this year, Amazon made software available at Apple’s App Store that lets people read Kindle books on iPhones or iPod Touch devices. ■

A worker erects a oversized ebook at a tech fair in Hanover. PHOTO: AFP

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


England allrounder targeted by 80mn pounds British-style Ponzi scheme
ngland star batsman Kevin Pietersen was targeted in an alleged 80 million pounds fraud by a British “Bernie Madoff-style” gang. Suspected tricksters tried to get England’s former captain, who played in the historic Lord’s Test win against Australia to invest in a “Ponzi” scheme, which has since collapsed. It is thought two men approached multi-millionaire Pietersen, 29, who is married to former Liberty X singer Jessica Taylor, The Sun reports. His spokesman Adam Wheatley confirmed Pietersen was asked to invest cash for the promise of big returns. He said: “It came through originally to Kevin.” “He said, ’What do you think of this?’ It seemed too good to be true. I know he did not put a penny in.” It is feared another Test star may have lost cash in the alleged scam, but pals of Andrew Flintoff said it was not him. Details emerged as police re-arrested Kautilya Nandan Pruthi, 38 - the scheme’s alleged mastermind. Pruthi, of Knightsbridge, Central London, was held on suspicion of money laundering by City of London Police. Two others have been quizzed. The force has ordered the assets of three firms be frozen. Up to 600 people, including a 1960s pop star and a TV actress, paid into the scheme after they were allegedly offered returns of six to 13 per cent if they invested for four years. It echoed the case of jailed Wall Street broker Bernard Madoff. ■


Conmen target

Photo: AFP


ERGO Wednesday, July 22, 2009

World’s largest cupcake
The world’s largest cupcake is on display at the Mall of America - it weighs 151 pounds and is over two feet wide, featuring 15 pounds of fudge filling and 60 pounds of yellow icing.

Buy a car, get a free AK-47
A car dealer in America has found a unique way to boost its vehicle sales by offering a free Kalashnikov assault rifle with every truck, whether new or used. Mark Muller, the owner of Max Motors near Kansas City that boasts the slogan “God, Guns, Guts, and American Pick-Up Trucks”, says that he had been overwhelmed by the response. “It’s extremely successful. There is a lot of worry about crime, we have a methamphetamine problem around here and people just want to protect themselves,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

Google adds moon to online Earth map service
Google marked the 40th anniversary of the first human footstep on the moon by adding virtual lunar exploration to its free online Earth map and imagery service. The moon joins earth, Mars, and sky in an options list in an upper tool bar on the main web page at earth.google.com. Aspiring lunar explorers will need Google Earth 5.0 software, which can be downloaded free. Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the first person to walk on the moon, joined Google, X Prize Foundation, and NASA officials in Washington, DC, for the launch of moon in Google Earth. Moon in Google Earth meshes “Street View” style panoramic photographs and NASA video taken on the surface of the moon to create a virtual moonscape. Apollo program astronauts Jack Schmitt and Aldrin provided narration for online lunar tours.

Wanted: Escorts to help crabs cross the road
A national park in Taiwan is seeking volunteers to help some 300 land crabs across a busy highway so that they can lay their eggs in the ocean. Kenting National Park, on the southern tip of Taiwan, is looking for about 20 people to stop drivers from hitting the crabs, the size of a human hand, as they carry up to 200,000 eggs apiece across a coastal highway, conservation researcher Chung Yi-ting said. Without human escorts, about 10 per cent of the crabs would be crushed by cars, he said. Volunteers will need to patrol a 2 km stretch of road for two hours in the early evening for several days from early August, when the crabs start their annual migration. “This is when the moon is fullest, bringing the most crabs out,” Chung said. “It’s also the period of highest density along the road.”

Cops nab underwear thief
German police uncovered over 1,000 pairs of underpants and more than 100 pairs of swimming trunks after catching a thief nabbing another three pairs for his collection. The 46-year-old man was caught pinching three pairs of pants from a sports hall in the western town of Gelnhausen. Police then came across the enormous collection of underwear while searching his flat. “They were all evidently in use, but had been washed and neatly stacked away,” a police spokesman said.

Single women prefer dogs to men
ingle women would rather prefer the company of a dog than men, according to experts. Sydney Petcare owner Richard Durant said that more and more single women in Australia were in favour of the four-legged loyal and reliable companion. “In the past year 60 per cent of our new business has come from young single women. It’s a growing trend I’ve noticed over the last few years. These are women who live busy lives,” The Courier Mail quoted him as saying. “They want company when they get home. In many cases you’ll find the dog sleeps in their bedroom, and even in bed with them,” he added. Dogs New South Wales President Dr. Peter Higgins nodded in agreement. He said: “The fastest growing segment of dog owners in the inner city is young single women. It’s almost like a child substitute. They lead busy lives and they’re not in a relationship. That’s why dogs like Maltese terriers, which are the second most popular dog in Australia and the most popular dog in Sydney, are popular - they’re little and they have human-like features.” Australian Companion Animal Council President Dr. Kersti Seksel attempted to explain the preference. She said: “If you live alone, having a dog as a companion to come home to is often more appealing than a flatmate. Owning a dog increases the feeling of safety and security.” ■


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Contacts for animals
A German company is making contact lenses that can be custom fit for animals, including lions, giraffes, tigers and bears, who are suffering from cataracts.

Websites of the day
Learn about butterflies: www.ukbutterflies.co.uk Find your next book: www.lovereading.co.uk

Beerdrinking model faces caning

Aussie PM laments Lord’s loss
Kevin Rudd admits to Ashes ’sinking feeling’


religious court in Malaysia has sentenced a tearful Singaporean model to six strokes of the cane after she drank beer in a nightclub, according to a newspaper report. Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, 32, pleaded guilty to consuming alcohol at a hotel nightclub in the eastern state of Pahang last year, the New Straits Times newspaper reported. “We feel the sentence is fair after going through the prosecution’s argument and since the rotan (cane) is provided for in the law,” Pahang Sharia High Court judge Abdul Rahman Yunus said, according to the paper. “The rotan is aimed at making the accused repent and serves as a lesson to Muslims,” he added, also fining Kartika 5,000 ringgit (1,412 dollars). The model, who cried when the judgement was delivered, said she would appeal. State religious officials could not be reached for comment on the case. ■

Australian PM Kevin Rudd. PHOTOS: AFP


rime Minister Kevin Rudd admitted to a “sinking feeling” after watching Australia’s Ashes Test defeat by England and urged the country to get behind the team. Rudd joined Australian media in lamenting the 115run loss, which prompted local bookmakers to install bitter rivals England as favourites to snatch cricket’s most famous trophy. “Like all Australians, I watched telly last night with a sinking feeling in my stomach. But you know something, it’s only two Tests down, and there’s a few to go,” Rudd said. “So I’m looking forward to the next Test, and we have a first-class Austra-

lian team. And we should all be in there backing them, each ball that’s bowled, and each delivery which is struck to the boundary by Australian batsmen in the remaining Tests.” Rudd’s comments came as media grumbled over umpiring, England’s attitude and the state of Australia’s once formidable team after their first loss at Lord’s in 75 years. “Ricky Ponting faces the greatest challenge of his captaincy to save the Ashes series,” columnist Malcolm Conn wrote in the Daily Telegraph. “For decades we have heard how Australians are always inspired by the spiritual home of cricket,” he added.

“Unfortunately this inexperienced team was overwhelmed by the occasion.” A Sydney Morning Herald editorial lamented umpiring standards, after replays appeared to show England captain Andrew Strauss grassing a catch off opener Phillip Hughes. “What standards does the International Cricket Council live by?” the Herald complained. “This is the television age, an era unforgiving of error by referees and umpires in major sports.” “Yet even with the benefit of replay, the match officials in the current Ashes series have produced a medley of incompetence and inconsis-

tency that has cast a shadow over the series.” Meanwhile online bookmaker Centrebet slashed the odds on England winning the five-match series, putting aside patriotism to install the “Poms” as 2-to-1 favourites. ■

Pope sends greetings

ERGO Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI has sent his greetings to riders and organisers of the Tour de France and told them that commitment in sports must always be accompanied by the respect of moral values. The pope sent his message to the Tour participants on Tuesday because they will cross over to Italy and pass near the Alpine village where he is vacationing.

script win
he Indian team under S. Badrinath began their campaign with a bang, crushing local favourites Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) by six wickets in their first match of the Emerging Players Twenty20 Tournament. After restricting the locals to a modest 101 for seven wickets in their allotted 20 overs, the Mumbai duo of Ajinkya Rahane (43 not out) and Abhishek Nayar (30) guided India to 102 for four in 18.3 overs to complete a facile victory. Rahane was unbeaten after a sedate 55-ball 43 that had just three fours in it. Nayar chipped in with a contrasting 19-ball 30 studded with five fours. Opting to bat first, the Australians had an ominous start as Sudeep Tyagi caught Rob Quiney off his first delivery and the locals eventually slumped to 24 for four inside seven overs. Tom Cooper stood tall amid ruins with a heroic 57-ball 63 that was studded with six fours and two sixes but none of his team-


mates managed double digit scores as the Australians somehow crawled past the 100-mark. India’s chase was far from smooth as Murali Vijay (0), Badrinath (2) himself and Virat Kohli (7) were cooling their heels inside eight overs as the visitors slumped to 19 for three. Rahane, however, found a perfect foil in fellow Mumbaikar Nayar and the duo forged a 50-run stand to steady the ship. Even though Nayar fell in the 14th over, R Ashwin (15 not out) and Rahane ensured there was no further hiccup. India play South Africa in the next match.

India off to winning start in Emerging Players Tournament

Brief Score
Australian Institute of Sports: 101 for 7 in 20 overs (Tom Cooper 63 not out; Sudeep Tyagi 2-15, Pradeep Sangwan 2-20). India Emerging Players: 102 for 4 in 18.3 overs (Ajinkya Rahane 43 not out, Abhishek Nayar 30; Peter George 2-9). ■

Ajinkya Rahane

Flintoff’s Ashes dreams
After guiding England to a historic win over Australia in the second Ashes Test at Lord’s, retiring all-rounder Andrew Flintoff said regaining the trophy from the clutches of Ricky Ponting’s men would be the perfect farewell to his fiveday game career. Flintoff insisted he is determined to play the entire series despite of his troublesome knee and help England lift the Ashes at the end of the fifth and final Test at the Oval. “I said before this match that these will be my last four Test matches. To be on that podium at the Oval would, for me, be the perfect way to go,” the 31-year-old burly allrounder said. “And the encouraging thing is that I bowled the best part of 40 overs in this Test, and I feel fine apart from a few aches and pains. I may have been in a bit of discomfort, but I have played most of my career in discomfort, so for me that’s nothing new,” he said. Flintoff said he was little disappointed to quit Test cricket at a time when he feels he is getting better day by day as a bowler.

A chance to see the WC
The application process for the 2010 FIFA World Cup volunteer programme has opened from Monday. With over 15,000 volunteers needed for the month-long event, football’s world governing body is expecting over a million applications for the coveted job. Anyone over 18 on 1 March 2010 across the globe is eligible to apply online at www.FIFA.com/volunteers2010 before August 31. “The volunteer programme is an excellent way to get involved in South Africa and Africa’s once-ina-lifetime opportunity of hosting the world’s biggest sporting event,” said 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee South Africa Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Danny Jordaan, in a FIFA Press release. The volunteers are expected to do a series of odd jobs that will vary from ushering people to their seats to assisting the media and foreign language speakers, welcoming people at the airport and driving guests around. According to Dr. Jordaan, volunteers will be required in 16 functional areas – accreditation, marketing, media, protocol services, spectator services, transportation, administration, environmental services, welcome and information services, information technology and telecommunication, language support, rights protection programme, logistic services, hospitality and ushering services and also volunteer management. Short-listed candidates are expected to sit for an interview (telephonic for foreign candidates) in January and February 2010, which will be followed by a month-long training programme before the start of the mega event in June-July.
Ergo Correspondent

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sir Alex Ferguson

He (Cristiano Ronaldo) may come back, you never know. Sometimes it happens that way. He loved United. If you look back at the six years he had with us, he never missed training. His best is yet to come. He’s only 24. He came to the right club at the right part of his career. He could have gone to Real Madrid, Barcelona or other clubs. But he came to the right one and appreciates that. It was always his intention to make his move.

One Khel Ratna, thrice the trouble
With three nominations for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna instead of the accepted one, the Sports Ministry is in a soup


he Sports Ministry’s own selection panel seems to have landed it in a spot of bother. Entrusted to sort out this year’s Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award winners, the 15-member panel headed by paddler Indu Puri has sent in three names in place of one for the country’s highest sporting honour – the Khel Ratna. Only twice since its inception in 1991-92, has the award been shared. Leander Paes and Kujarani Devi shared it in 1996-97 and then again by athlete K.M. Beenamol and shooter Anjali Bhagwat in 2003. The decision last time had raised a furore, forcing the government to decide against a repeat. “The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna is meant to be the country’s highest sporting honour. And it’s not generally meant to be shared,” an official from the ministry said on condition of anonymity. The move comes as more of a surprise because two top Sports Ministry officials – Joint Secretary Injeti Srinivas and Deputy Secretary C. Chinnappa – were also part of the panel and are sure to know about the ministry diktat. Four-time world champion boxer M.C. Mary Kom is the panel’s first preference but Beijing Olympics bronze medallists Vijender Kumar and Sushil Kumar’s names have also been forwarded. “For her consistent performance all of us thought Mary Kom is the most deserving candidate. Especially last year she came back from a long sabbatical to win the world championship,” former Arjuna awardee boxer and panel member V. Devarajan said. “Both Vijender and Sushil are worthy candidates too, but if we can only nominate one it would be unfair on the other. We have sent in a recommendation to the ministry and they have the final authority. Exceptions can be made.” Joint Secretary Srinivas added: “The panel can only make the necessary selections according to the rules of the government. These special references by them will be considered by the ministry at the highest level and the correct decision will be taken. Our doors are always kept open to give the athletes their due, but the correct decorum and rules have to be followed.” Mary Kom, who feels the award comes a trifle too late to her, said procedures should be followed. “Things should go as per rule. If the rule is that only one person can win the award, it should be so. Whether I win or someone else doesn’t matter.” Vijender, who had expressed disappointment on missing out on the award last year to gold medallist Abhinav Bindra, was cautious. “A lot of words are floating in the air. But nobody is confirming anything,” he said. “It will be a great honour to win it and I think I deserve it. But I can only hope for the best because the final decision rests on somebody else.” The ball so remains firmly in the Sports Ministry’s court and the likes of Srinivas and Chinnappa have to decide whether to go in for an exception or stand by status quo. ■



ERGO Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Genelia back to ‘Pappu dance’ in Life Partner
Actor Genelia surprised her choreographer on the sets of Life Partner when she requested him to include the signature step of the song “Pappu can’t dance” from Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na in the song “Teri meri ye zindagi”.

‘Nice work with the hug dodge’
2 singer Bono has revealed how he once dodged an embrace from then U.S. President George W. Bush, and was congratulated on it by the latter’s successor Barack Obama. On a BBC program on July 19, Bono revealed how he stiffed President Bush out of the photo op in 2006 at the National Prayer Breakfast. He said that the two of them were on the stage when Bush tried to hug him. “There were all kinds of people in the audience,” the Politico quoted Bono as having recalled on Jonathan Ross’ talk show. The singer admitted that he did not want to be embraced by the man with whom he had so many political disagreements. He said that watching the former president was nearing him, he jumped behind a podium to “dodge the hug”. He said that his trick worked, and just about nobody in the audience knew it happened. However, sharp-eyed Obama, who was part of the bipartisan crowd, observed it all. “When I was sitting down I was beside Sen. Obama,” the star said. Bono said the future President whispered to him, “Nice work with the hug dodge.” ■


Former U.S. President George W. Bush (left) stands with Irish rock star Bono after Bono spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington in this file photo taken on February 2, 2006.

Gwyneth Paltrow ‘furious’
wyneth Paltrow is reportedly fuming after seeing the promo pics of her new film, Iron Man 2, which mainly feature her co-star Scarlett Johansson. The beauty, who plays the superhero’s PA Pepper Potts in the sequel, is apparently miffed with the bosses because they are letting Johansson steal her limelight. In fact, the Shakespeare in Love star was found missing as Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke and Johansson posed for publicity shots. “Gwyneth was afraid she’d be upstaged by Scarlett and not being in the campaign was the final straw. She is furious she’s been left out,” Sun quoted a source as telling a newspaper. However, Paltrow’s representative has dismissed the reports. He said: “She was not at all upset. The fans will get to see more of Pepper Potts as we get closer to the film’s release next May.” But this is not the first occasion when friction between Gwyneth and Scarlett has emerged. Even while shooting for the film, it was reported that Paltrow had grown tired of Johansson’s demands on the set. ■


Chris Brown apologises for Rihanna assault


&B singer Chris Brown issued a video apology on Monday for assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna, pleading for forgiveness from his fans for “inexcusable” behaviour. Brown, who will next month be sentenced to 180 days of community service for the February 8 incident, posted the apology on his official website in a two-minute statement made directly to camera. “I wish I had the chance to live those few moments again, but unfortunately I can’t,” Brown said. “I’m not going to sit here and make any excuses. What I did was inexcusable.” The 20-year-old singer said he had apologised repeatedly to Barbados-born ‘Umbrella’ singer Rihanna and revealed that he continued to seek help to prevent a repeat of his outburst. “I have told Rihanna countless times, and I’m telling you today, that I am truly, truly sorry that I wasn’t able to handle the situation differently and better,” he said. ■

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Has daddy gone on holiday, asks Jackson’s son
Michael Jackson’s six-year-old son Blanket is still unsure of what has happened to his father and asks whether he has gone on holiday, says Mark Lester, godfather to the late pop star’s children. Jackson, who died on June 25, has three children –12-year-old Michael Jr, 11-year-old Paris Michael Katherine and six-year-old Prince Michael II whom Jacko called Blanket.

Sony to release film of Jackson’s final days


ony is to release a movie based on more than 80 hours of footage filmed during Michael Jackson’s final days as he was rehearsing for his comeback concerts in London, trade paper Variety reported on Monday. Sony is expected to pay over $50 million for the rights to the footage, which was offered by concert promoter AEG to Hollywood film studios over the weekend. The film will include several videos that were shot and meant to be shown during the concerts, including an alternative version of Jackson’s most famous video, Thriller. High School Musical director Kenny Ortega, who shot the rehearsal footage, is expected to become the director of the film, which could be released before year’s end. Though Universal, Paramount and 20th Century Fox were also interested in the footage, Sony had the inside track since the studio owns the music publishing rights to Jackson’s songs. The report said that AEG is also selling TV and video rights to the tribute concert featuring Justin Timberlake and other artistes, scheduled for August 29, on what would have been Jackson’s 51st birthday. The singers will perform the songs that the King of Pop had planned, accompanied by the band that rehearsed with him. ■

Cine City

Michael Jackson is seen during rehearsals for his upcoming concerts in London, at a building near Burbank airport near Los Angeles in this May 6, 2009 file photo.

Shruthi’s Luck
Recently Shruthi Hassan arranged a special screening of her flick Luck at the Four Frames theatre. Guests included her dad Kamal Hassan, Gautami, Charu Hassan, Shruthi’s friends, director Soham Shah, Gautam Menon and Silambarasan. She was on cloud nine after the screening since she received positive response from the celebrity guests. Shruthi’s number ‘Aazma Luck’ in the movie has already become a rage among youngsters. Not only the song but also her new look by stylist Binal Shah was appreciated.

Nayan to act in Bollywood
If Internet grapevine is true, actor Nayanthara will be playing the leading lady to Salman Khan in a project that is under discussion now. And the movie is being directed by none other than actorchoreographer-director Prabhu Deva, who is already directing the Hindi version of Pokkri with Salman in the lead. With a lot of talk about the Nayanthara- Prabhu Deva wedding, one has to wait to see whether the report is true.


ERGO Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Syed from Sify has nominated his friends (Ram, Sathya, Saleem, Yusuf and me (Syed)) as Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked in Kodaikanal.

Senthil Selvam from Tata Consultancy Services has nominated his AIWCS team as Partners in Crime. This pic was taken during their outing to MGM Dizzee World.

Deepak Savarimuthu from CTS has nominated his friends as Partners in Crime. This picture was clicked at Hidden Valley in Coonoor.

Karthikeyan Rajmohan from HCL Technologies Ltd. has nominated his friends (Senthilraj, Ravi, Padmakumar, Karthikeyan, Omkar and Prakashas) as Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Mahalakshmi Viswanathan from Sagitec Solutions has nominated best buddies Ramesh and Suresh as Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked during their to VGP trip.

Anandakumaran S. from Virtusa DLF has nominated his friends as Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked taken near Amaravathi Dam near Udumalpet.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


PMT team from Ford Technology Services India nominates Mani as Office Angel.
She is a very good and effective team player. She is a down to earth person but very naughty too. She is approachable and affectionate to others. She is also popular for preparing food from home and sharing it with others.

■ Dear Prabu, HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO U Prabu. Let the GOD decorate each GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN reaching u with wishes of Success, Happiness and prosperity 4 U, Wish you a super duper Happy Birthday!!! May this special day be filled with Sweet Memories and happy hours. Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birth day bring along. We wish you a great and memorable year ahead!
With lots of wishes, Bhavani Ananthan. PM Smart Team HCL Technologies Ltd.

■ Hi da Machan Happy Birth Day to you da You are born to be mine and I am Blessed to be yours Wish to celebrate your next B’Day at OUR HOME (hope u understand:-)) With love Your

■ Hi Amirtha, Many more happy returns of the day. May you wishes all come true in this year.
With luv, Saga TamilSelvi B. BCMD - Software Engineer Infosys Technologies Limited.

■ Dear Priya (Satyam), Wish you many more Happy Returns Of The Day. This day is not only important for you, but also for us to thank god, for giving us such a lovable person. Note: We are waiting for your TREAT. Mrs. Tharani Guruvayurappan from Wipro Technologies doodled this.
Best Wishes From Vignesh (TCS), Preethi (TCS) Lokesh & Jagadeesh(Auto Desk)

■ Dear Giri, “O Tanajobi ni Omedetou Gozaimasu” It’s your birthday, another year has passed, Through new experiences, we had a blast Happy birthday on this beautiful day, There’s so many things, we just want to say. You inspire many, with your thoughts and actions, We’re all so grateful, for your (calm) reactions. Happy birthday on this beautiful day, We wish you the best, without any delay. Hope you enjoy it, from beginning till end, Our love for you, we wish to convey.
With Loads of Love & Friendship Rama, Divyaa, Sherwin, Khattah & Faridha Jawahir ETA-2, Navalur, HCL Technologies Ltd

■ Dear Anil, Weather report of the day, There may be showers of wishes from friends And thunders of blessings from GOD All Wishing someone special a very happy birthday Start this year with a resolution that u would give a big treat to all your friends… !! cheers!!! happy birthday,,,,,,,,
1. Master : Enda Naay padam varanjitu vaaya varayama vittutae Student : Adhu Vaayilla Praani sir 2. Doctor : Enimel Neenga Nadakanum Patient : Car’la vandhurindhen naan unga kitta treatment kku vandha piragu nadanthu thaan varein 3. Ramu: Enda intha Dress Diwali kku eduthatha Somu: Illa enakku eduthadhu 4. Padippukkum unakkum romba Dooram’nu sonnathu thappa pochi. America poi thaan padippen adampudikiraan 5. Oruthan thalaikku adiyil Dictionary ya vechi thoongaraan. Enna avanukku artha milladha kanava vardhaam
Jayaraman V. HCL Technologies Ltd With cheerz, Avinash, Anup, Nutty, Ramya, Garima, Barnik, Pooja Tata Consultancy Services

■ Dear cute Sandhya kutti, “Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to dear Sandhya Happy Birthday to you
With Love, Ur Chithi-Subathra Wipro Technologies

■ Dear Mr.DanieL Wish you Advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY DannY On your birthday, let us wish you plenty of joY, We know you’re too old, but we still bought you a toY. Once a year we get the chancE To wish you birthday cheeR. I t pleases us no end to saY, We wish you another great yeaR. So happy birthday to you DannY, From the bottom of my hearT. And may your good times multiplY, Till they are flying off the charT!
With luv ur’s brothers and sisters, Wakeel, Babu, Ravi, Prabhakar, Sivanath, Deva, Shankar, Paul, Sreenivasan, Maarimuthu, Pankaj, Imran, Ekambaram, Logesh, Murugan, Hari, RajaSekhar, Deepashankar, Aanand, Baskar, Devikala, Geetha, Umamaheswari, Mythili, Thangam, Malathi. Perot Systems, Chennai.


ERGO Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nun caught speeding to see Pope
A nun caught speeding has been ordered to pay a 375 Euro fine resulting from an incident when she was traveling 120 mph to see the Pope after hearing news he had fallen and was hurt.


Naresh from HDFC AMC has shot this picture at Bhadami (Karnataka). His hobbies are playing cricket and reading fictions.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Word’s worth
Exonym (eks-o-nim) a name that foreigners use for a place (instead of the name that people who live there use), such as Cologne for Koln and Florence for Firenze.

Chinese bricks equipped with bricks
Yellow bricks labelled “emergency use” are now available to passengers on Chinese public transport buses to break windows, replacing the safety hammers that were previously available.

Ganesha finds you low on energy today. You may have to put in a lot of effort for the simplest of tasks. You may take up job responsibilities. In love life, you may learn to let go and adjust, which is a lot tougher for an Aries.

Your computer and you will be inseparable today. Busy as a bee, you will be flooded with desk work. You may finish work quickly as you may be in a mood to rush home. You will be spending your evening with your beloved at a social gathering.



Today, you will be inspired by someone. You may try to brush your basic skills. Ganesha foresees you handling all communications well. On the love front you may be very considerate and may treat your beloved in the best possible way.

You may not be in a mood to deal with routine work. But be careful and don’t waste too much time loitering around. Be ready for some work pressure. The day will be tricky one to handle. You may have a great time with your beloved.

LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
Ganesha predicts a stressful yet encouraging day. You may be in a mood to wrap up your work as quickly as possible. Your logical and analytical abilities are at their level best and this may help you a great deal today.




You may come across a few technical hurdles today, but you will succeed in finding out the root cause of the hitch and fix it soon. A perfect day to place a demand in front of your HR Department for more facilities.

You may handle work zealously. Ganesha foresees you developing better professional relations. Those in public relations or in the networking field may perform well. You may strike a perfect balance between practical life and emotional realm.

You may have to handle work with kid gloves, else you may miss out on an important point. Those dealing with coding and data management may come across something fishy or unusual leaving them perplexed.

Ganesha finds you guiding people through important technical issues at work. You may even do some value addition to a programme or a software today. It’s an effortless, hassle-free day. To jazz it up, your beloved may be in a good mood.

Ganesha finds you pretty busy with work today. The day favours important meetings, group discussions, and media conferences. There may be a conflict with your beloved or partner but it may sort out soon.


Ganesha finds you highly concerned about your performance at work today. Luck favours for the foundation of new projects. In the second half of the day, you may chill out with your friends or family.

You may remain defensive in some situations at work today, feels Ganesha. You may need to handle responsibilities with paramount care and ensure that there is no flaw in whatever you finalise or deal with.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni

16 !

ERGO Wednesday, July 22, 2009

US singer Lady Gaga performs during her first concert in the Netherlands in Amsterdam. PHOTO: AFP

Belarussian gymnasts Katsiaryna Murashko (bottom) and Alina Yushko take part in an acrobatic gymnastics event at the World Games in Kaohsiung. PHOTO: AFP

A young tourist is photographed while sitting on a three-year-old elephant named "Lilly" at a beach resort in Phuket. PHOTO: AFP

Actress Diya Mirza at a launch party for the Bollywood film Acid Factory in Mumbai. PHOTO: AFP