The present chapter is alienated into two sections. First is on summary of conclusions and last is on recommendations. 5.1 Summary of Conclusions i. ii. iii. All respondents use cosmetic products. Most of the people use Indian cosmetic products. Shampoo, powder and cream are the products which are used always by a large number of respondents. iv. v. Most of the respondents use cosmetic products daily. The majority of respondents spent more than Rs. 200 on cosmetic products monthly. vi. The study indicates that branded cosmetic products are very popular among the respondents. vii. viii. Olay brand is most used brand. New substitutes with added features attract respondents to shift to any other brand. ix. Life style and value of respondents is important influencing factor on their purchase decision. x. Maximum number of respondents uses cosmetics of combination of different brands. xi. The study reveals that maximum number of respondents would like to purchase the same brand even if price increase.

iv. so in order to increase the sale. The popular beauticians should be contacted and used as agents to provide the ‘mouth of word’ publicity.e. Companies should gradually build on an Indian international image to counter further threats from foreign products. Indian consumers have a tendency of buying products at the time when discounts are given. xiv. As a result of the study quality premium offer may prompt the respondents to buy a brand which they are not using. People use cosmetic products because they give them mental satisfaction. Care should be taken not to lose the Indian touch at any point of time as people feel Indian products to be more natural than the imported cosmetics.5 per cent belongs to age group of 26 and 35 years.xii.2 Recommendations On the basis of study and responses of respondents following recommendations are made: i. discounts and attractive small gifts should be given. v. xiii. xv. Remedies should be provided in case the products causes allergy to the consumers. Maximum respondents think that branded cosmetic products are costly. 45. . The study reveals that maximum number of respondents i. iii. 5. ii.

the service provider should use the quality products. This not only results in repeat purchase but some invaluable ‘mouth of word’ publicity. . Sachets and smaller packing should be introduced to encourage trails by new consumers. As such the research development needs special significance in the field of cosmetics industry to penetrate the market. Past experience too is a major consideration while making a purchase. While providing the beauty care services. x. It is advised to providers of beauty care services to use more of the herbal cosmetic products as these are more popular among the users. Therefor effort should be directed at satisfying the xii. xi. vii. viii. xiii. It may be recommended that the advertiser should prompt the cosmetics in the vicinity rural areas. Gift pack of cosmetic products should be made available as there is a general trend to gift cosmetic products on birthdays and marriages. The major reason found to be responsible for the change of cosmetics is not the cheap substitute but a new substitute with added features. xiv. More and more information should be provided through various sources to the consumers about the benefits of using cosmetic products. ix. The saloons/parlors providing the beauty care services should use the advertisement and other promotional methods to prompt their business.

Cosmetic products should always be promoted on quality plank. cosmetics stand for a very long time should be rejected. The ingredients used in cosmetics should be checked to ensure that there are no side effects. xvi. Moreover. Consumer is found to be quite sensitive to certain product features like no side effect and better for skin. . As such the cosmetic players in the market should take care of these facts in the preparation of cosmetics and should mention their features on product pack.xv.

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