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COUNTY OF MARION ) CAUSE NO. 49F10-0811-CM-00254608
STATE OF INDIANA, ) 06112139
) 06140781
Plaintiff, )
vs. )
Defendants. )


Comes now Defendant Kay Kim, Pro Se, filed her Amended Demand Proof of
Judge Barbara Collins’ Blunt Lying in the P.M. Court Session on 14 January 2009 in this
16th day of January 2009.

1. Defendant Kay Kim, Pro Se Demand Proof of Judge Babara Collins’ Blunt Lying
in the P.M. Court Session on January 14, 2009 said, “… because of Defendant did not
show up …. in the court…..” Judge Collins, Judge Collins is one crazy liar. There are
too many of them in and around Kay Kim’s cases. Didn’t Judge Collins and others said
that they lost/misplace the file?

2. Judge Barbara Collins recused herself and yet, on p.m. court session on January
14, 2009 said, “…. You are going to either get Public Defender or Private Lawyer and not
going to defend yourself…. Case is complicated…. Special Judge will … not let you
represent yourself….” As if, Judge Collins care about Plaintiff’s welfare.

3. Judge Collins and all the Judges, police, prosecutors are the criminal in the Kay
Kim’s case. Liars! Disregard for the Law! You people don’t care about the “truth” ,
“law” , “justice” and all the honorable things. All you people want to hang the Kay Kim
at any cost. You sick psycho Honorable Judges, prosecutors, chief police, Plainfield
Prison Walden Chris Meloy, IMPD James Waters and their cronies, accusers…

4. Anyone needs cover up for his/her criminal activities? Contact the Chris Meloy
and IMPD James Waters, they have “WINKING” connections to the Grand Jury
Prosecutors to make it a “crime” to “winking at disappear”.

5. For the beginner, Village at Eagle Creek Condo (VEC) is Plainfield Prison
Walden Chris Meloy’s his new and improved prison as long as Defendant, Kay Kim, Pro
Se knows him. He is the Architecture and God father of disappearing and unaccounted
over $1.5 million dollars from the VEC to this date and counting. IMPD James Waters is

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F8 BC Proof of court session AMENDED 15JAN09
In CM254608 Nov208
his right hand man and the foot soldier of the VEC President Kim Timmis, VEC
Treasurer Bryan Whitfield…. to cover up for on going embezzlement.

6. Walden Chris Meloy and IMPD James Waters taking care of law enforcement
side, VEC Boards and Property manger taking care of cooking the book and they using
all their resources to drive the Defendant, Kay Kim move out of the condo any means
necessary which resulted in these numerous arrests.

7. Defendant, Kay Kim, Pro Se witnessed that IMPD will not and cannot bring
these criminal/embezzlers to justice. If they “investigate” current VEC boards and
managers, all road will lead to Walden Chris Meloy, IMPD James Waters and Grand Jury
prosecutor-corrupt. Their life depends on it. They try to shut me up with all kinds of
accusation; such as, “Kay Kim is CRAZY! & MENTAL…” and not limited to.

8. Defendant, Kay Kim, Pro Se is just one of Plainfield Prison Walden Chris Meloy,
IMPD James Waters, all the VEC property managers and majority of the VEC Board of
Directors’ “wag the cat” scheme to divert over 170 silent majority family of the condo
owners’ attention from their criminal activities and discrimination. They targeted Kay
Kim’s from the first day she moved into the condo to further their “goal”. They thought
that Kay Kim’s looks and back ground are “f” able and edible.

9. What they did not count on was how Defendant, Kay Kim stands up for herself to
this day. Her life depends on it and why shouldn’t she.

10. Fyi, IMPD Lt. James Waters bring hookers at night to have black mail “sex” and
transporting hookers using police marked car and his own truck. He looks too doped to
notice that Kay Kim was watching. Use his position to exploit sad situation of the lady at
night is lower class then the “rapist”. He was Sgt while this was going on and after he
arrest Defendant, Kay Kim directly and indirectly, he got promoted to Lt.

Your Honor have power to hang Defendant, Kay Kim, Pro Se, any time and any
how in your any how court. There is old saying, when one step on the earth worm
(lowest class in the “animal kingdom), even the worm will wiggle to survive.

Respectfully submitted,

Date: January 15, 2009

Kay Kim, Pro Se, ph317-641-5977

Prosecutor: who? Pls provide info to Kay Kim, Pro se.
F08:ph317-327-3202, Fax317-327-1432, clk317-327-5665