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, search engines, admin, post , page, custom post types, categories, tags, terms, custom taxonomies, base, tit le, title tag, wp_title, meta, robots, noindex, nofollow, canonical, HTTP header s, 404, robots.txt, htaccess, slugs, url, anchor, more, link, excerpt, permalink , links, autolinks, code, footer, settings, redirect, 301, 302, 307, modules, un installable, reinstallable, downgradable, import, export, CSV, affiliate, Open G raph, og, microdata, Facebook, Twitter, Schema.org Requires at least: 3.5 Tested up to: 3.5 Stable tag: 7.6.1 This all-in-one SEO plugin gives you control over title tags, noindex, meta tags , Open Graph, slugs, canonical, autolinks, 404 errors, rich snippets, and more. == Description == = Recent Releases = * * * * * Version Version Version Version Version 7.6 7.5 7.4 7.3 7.2 adds Deeplink Juggernaut autolink dampening adds support for Twitter Cards, Schema.org, and place snippets adds the Author Highlighter module adds the Open Graph Integrator module updates Permalink Tweaker

= Features = SEO Ultimate is an all-in-one [SEO](http://www.seodesignsolutions.com/) plugin w ith these powerful features: * **Title Tag Rewriter** * Out-of-the-box functionality puts your post titles at the beginning of the `<title>` tag for improved keyword SEO. * Easily override the entire `<title>` tag contents for any individual p ost, page, attachment, category, post tag, or post format archive on your blog. Also supports custom post types and custom taxonomies. * Customize your homepage's `<title>` tag. * Format the `<title>` tags of posts, pages, categories, tags, archives, search results, and more! * Choose between two rewrite methods: "output buffering" or "filtering" * **Meta Description Editor** * Edit the `<meta>` description tags for posts, pages, attachments, cate gories, tags, post format archives, and the homepage. * Increase SERP clickthrough rates by influencing search engine result s nippets. * Mass-editor makes it a cinch to go back and add descriptions to old po sts. * Use the `{excerpt::autogen}` variable to auto-generate meta descriptio ns if desired. * **Deeplink Juggernaut** * Use the power of anchor text to boost your internal ranking SEO paradi gm. * Searches your site's content for anchor texts you specify and automati cally links them to a destination of your choosing. Lets you easily build intern al links to URLs, posts, pages, attachments, custom post type items, categories, terms, post format archives, and custom taxonomy term archives. * Customize footer links for your entire site and/or on a page-by-page b

asis. * Easily select autolink destinations using autocomplete textboxes that scour your site's content and taxonomy terms to find the link destination you're looking for. * Autolinks point to the objects themselves, not to their URLs, so if yo u change the URL of a post or category on your site, the autolinks automatically adjust. * Avoid over-optimization penalties by controlling the maximum number of autolinks added to each post/page, the maximum number of times an anchor is lin ked per post/page, and/or the maximum number of times a post/page can link to th e same destination. * Reduce autolink frequency by a given percentage (globally or per-link) with the frequency dampener feature. (Useful for large sites.) * Choose whether or not posts can link to themselves and/or to the curre nt URL with a few simple checkboxes. * Apply the nofollow attribute on a per-link basis. (Perfect for automat ic affiliate links.) * Exclude specific posts/pages from having links added to them, if desir ed (e.g. contact pages, the homepage, etc.). * Import/export your links as CSV files. * Create links pointing to draft posts that will auto-enable when the po st is published! * Build internal links to your posts from within the WordPress post edit or! Use "Instant Post Propulsion" technology to automatically link your old post s to new ones. * Lets you enable "Silo Linking" mode so that posts only link to other p osts in the same category. * **Open Graph Integrator** * Out-of-the-box functionality autogenerates Open Graph data for your ho mepage, posts, pages, attachments, custom post type objects, and user profile pa ges. * Fine-grained controls allow you to customize the Open Graph title, ima ge, and content type for every single post, page, attachment, and custom post ty pe object on your site. * Mass-editors let you specify Open Graph data for multiple posts and pa ges at a time. * Includes support for summary-style and photo-style Twitter Cards. * Lets you fix the official Facebook/Twitter HTML so that it validates a s XHTML or HTML5. * **Rich Snippet Creator** * Easily add rich snippet code for reviews and places. * Attract more search traffic with eye-catching supplementary SERP data. * Supports the new Schema.org format used by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ya ndex. * **Author Highlighter** * Generates code so that when one of your site's posts appears in Google search results, the Google+ profile picture of the post's author will appear al ongside it. * Includes support for both single-author and multi-author site setups. * Supports author highlighting for posts, pages, attachments, custom pos t types, the homepage, archive pages, and author pages. * Inserts a "Google+ Profile URL" field on the WordPress user profile ed itor, so that users can insert their Google+ URL and enable author highlighting on their posts. * **Link Mask Generator** * Generate robots.txt-blocked "link masks" (e.g. `www.example.com/go/goo

* **Plugin Settings Manager** (located under Settings > SEO Ultimate) * Export your SEO Ultimate settings to a file and re-import later if des ired. and then pair that with a `/%category%/%postname%/` permalink to enable some serious SEO siloing action. * The default settings hone in on the most important errors by only logg ing 404s that either have a referring URL or are generated by a search engine sp ider. (Use a redirection plugin to point dead-end URLs to y our content. * **404 Monitor** * Improve the visiting experience of users and spiders by keeping tabs o n "page not found" errors. ignore 404s generated from specific URLs or wildcard URL p atterns. * **SEO Ultimate Widgets** * Lets you output your Deeplink Juggernaut Footer Links in a widget. comment feeds. * The Siloed Categories widget makes it drag-and-drop-easy to construct siloed navigation on your site. * And much more. * The "URL Conflict Resolution" setting lets you arbitrate between pages /terms when taxonomy base removal causes their URLs to conflict * **Meta Robot Tags Editor** * Add the `<meta name="robots" content="noindex. rel="canonical"` HTTP headers. category.com/example`. and post type archive on your blog. and `noarchive`). * **Canonicalizer** * Point search engines to preferred content access points with `<link re l="canonical" />` head tags and/or `Link: <url>. * Reset all settings back to "factory defaults" if something goes wrong. * Use the export/import functionality to move SEO Ultimate settings betw een WordPress sites. * Link masks provide a modern replacement for the deprecated. per-post basis so you can exert fine-tuned c ontrol over your posts' linkflow. * Mask links on a per-link. and/or custom taxonomies. * Go beyond WordPress's basic canonical tag functionality with SEO Ultim ate's support for category/tag/date/author archives. * Avoid duplicate content SEO issues with the recommended noindex settin gs (see built-in module documentation for details). `noydi r`.c om/category/example` into `http://example. * If desired. * For example. .gle/`) that pass-through to an external URL. and more. * Create global link masks that apply across your entire site. page. * **Permalink Tweaker** * Lets you remove the permalink base for categories. enable category base removal to convert `http://example.follow" />` tag to archi ves. * Perfect for affiliate marketers and SEO-savvy bloggers. the login page. * Redirect requests for non-existent pagination with a simple checkbox... * Change `/go/` to a directory of your choosing. Also suppo rts custom post types and custom taxonomies.) * Find out what URLs are referring visitors to 404 errors. nofollow-b ased "PageRank Sculpting" technique. tags. * Give instructions to search engine spiders if desired (`noodp`. tag. * Set meta robots tags (index/noindex and follow/nofollow) for each indi vidual post.

ex planations." 3. * **Meta Keywords Editor**: Auto-generate and edit `<meta>` keywords for posts. terms. In-depth info.org/plugin/seo-ultimate.** [youtube http://www. accessible via the "Help " dropdown in the upper-right-hand corner of the admin screen. * **Webmaster Verification Assistant**: Enter verification codes in the provided fields to access search engine webmaster tools.htaccess ` editor.zip) **your fr ee copy of SEO Ultimate today. footer.com/articl es/translating-wordpress-themes-and-plugins/).txt` editor. with no donation n ags. aesthetically-pleasing interface.com/wordpress -seo/). and the homepage. Click "Install Now." That's it! Now go to the new "SEO" menu and explore the modules of the SEO Ultim ate plugin. * Cleanly integrates into the admin interface with minimal branding. * Includes seamlessly-integrated documentation. tags. * **File Editor**: Implement advanced SEO strategies with the `. In the "Auto Installer" box on the right." etc. pages. Go to the [SEO Ultimate homepage](http://www.* **Code Inserter**: Easily insert SEO/SEM-enhancing custom HTML into yo ur site's `<head>` tag. [**Download**](http://downloads. or item content. * **Nofollow Manager**: Lets you maintain `rel="nofollow"` settings when migrating from other SEO plugins * **Settings Monitor**: Keep tabs on the SEO-friendliness of your site's settings with a dashboard of green/yellow/red indicators. ." then click "Activate this plugin." "and. POT file is included in the zip f ile. * **More Link Customizer**: Optimize your posts' "read more" links by in cluding the posts' keyword-rich titles in the anchor text. * Includes an uninstaller that can delete the plugin's files and databas e entries if desired. * Displays admin notices if WordPress settings are configured to discour age search engines. Code remains even when switchin g themes.wordpress." "with.youtube. 2. and give instructions to search engines via the `robots. * Supports [WordPress plugin translation](http://urbangiraffe.com/watch?v=CZwZuUPCAto] == Installation == To install the plugin automatically: 1. enter your blog's URL and click "La unch Installer. * **Slug Optimizer**: Increase in-URL keyword potency by removing custom izeable "filler words" (like "the.) from post/page URLs. * Lets you downgrade to the previous version of the plugin in case an up grade goes awry. * **Linkbox Inserter**: Encourage natural linkbuilding activity by addin g textboxes to the end of your posts/pages that contain automatically-generated link HTML.seodesignsolutions. * **Additional features** * Features a clean. * Lets you import post meta from All in One SEO Pack. and FAQs are just a click away. * **Sharing Facilitator**: Adds buttons that make it easy for visitors t o share your content on social networking sites (thus building links to your sit e). categories.

3 is required. What do I do?** If you get an error message or your screen goes blank after you activate SEO Ultimate. Don't worry. What do I do?** If a new version of SEO Ultimate introduces a bug. Just go to the `Settings > SEO Ult imate` page and click on the "Downgrade" tab. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. 2.) = Compatibility = * **What's the minimum version of WordPress required to run SEO Ultimate?** WordPress 3. == Frequently Asked Questions == = Troubleshooting = * **I installed SEO Ultimate and my site broke. Upload the `seo-ultimate` directory to `/wp-content/plugins/`. * **Which browsers work best with the SEO Ultimate administration interface?** SEO Ultimate's administration interface occasionally uses some HTML5 fea tures.) = General FAQ = * **Why "SEO Ultimate" instead of "Ultimate SEO"?** Because "SEO Ultimate" works better as a brand name. (Note: The amount of site memory has nothing to do with the amount of your computer's memory. but co mbined with WordPress and your other plugins. can use whatever browser they want. you'll still be able to use the administration interface with Internet Explorer. but should work in most cases. on the other hand. you may be running over the limit. Download and unzip the plugin.) * **I upgraded SEO Ultimate and something broke. * **Will SEO Ultimate work on multisite setups?** Yes. There may be other cases in which downgrading isn't available or cau ses problems. but you'll get the best experience if you use another b rowser. since doing so would cause you to lose you r settings.To install the plugin manually: 1. * **Where in WordPress does the plugin add itself?** SEO Ultimate puts all its admin pages under a new "SEO" top-level menu.wordpress. or contact your web host for assistance. SEO Ultimate would generate PHP errors if you tried to run it on an earlier version.org/Editing_wp-config. it's likely because your site ran out of memory.3 or later. (Note that this only applies to the browser _you_ use. and so it will simply refuse to activate on any version of WordPress that's older than 3. 3.php#Increasing_memory_alloca ted_to_PHP). SEO Ultimate won't let you downgrade.6 and later are designed to work on netwo rks running WordPress 3. A common site me mory limit is 32 megabytes.2. (Downgrading is available most of the time. The visitors to y our website. SEO Ultimate versions 7.php file](http://codex. Try increasing your memory limit to "64M" (64 megabytes) [in your wp-config. SEO Ultimate uses only 5 megabytes of memory. All modern browsers support these features with the exception of Internet Explorer.3. The only exception is the plugin settings page. but if the new version upgraded the plugin's settings infrastructure. it's an unsupported feature. . you can easily revert back to the previous version you were using. which goes under `Settings > SEO Ultimate`.

its fields in the "SEO Settings" box will be disabled too. and troubleshooting tips for SEO Ulti mate's modules can be found by clicking the help tabs in the upper-right-hand co rner of the module admin pages themselves. settings help. Code Inserter lets you insert custom HTML in various locations on your site 5. = "SEO Settings" box = * **Where is the SEO Settings box located?** The SEO Settings box is located on WordPress's post/page editor undernea th the content area. It only appears if you enab le it. the "Meta Description" field is ad ded by the Meta Description Editor module. etc. click the "Screen Options" tab in the upper-right-hand corner.* **Where's the documentation?** SEO Ultimate's documentation is built into the plugin itself. SEO Ulti mate's files and database entries will be deleted. Module Manager lets you enable. Deeplink Juggernaut lets you build autolinks to content on your site and/or e xternal URLs . If you disable a module using th e Module Manager. 404 Monitor settings 4. = Module FAQ = Frequently asked questions. The "Title Tag" fie ld is added by the Title Tag Rewriter module. Go to the `Settings > SEO Ultimate` admin page and click the "Uninsta ll" tab. You can re-disable it the same place you enabled it: under `Settings > SE O Ultimate`. * **Where is the Plugin Settings page?** The plugin settings page is located under `Settings > SEO Ultimate`. and uncheck the "SEO Settings" checkbox. Whenever y ou're viewing an SEO Ultimate page in your WordPress admin. * **How do I disable the "SEO Settings" box in the post/page editors?** Open the editor. or hide SEO Ultimate features 2. * **How do I uninstall SEO Ultimate?** 1. You can re-enable the field in question by re-enabling the corresponding module. * **How do I disable the attribution link?** The attribution link is disabled by default. * **Will all my settings be deleted if I delete SEO Ultimate in the Plugins mana ger?** No. disable. Click the "Uninstall Now" button and click "Yes" to confirm. Note that the box's visibility is a per-user preference. == Screenshots == 1. * **Why did some of the textboxes disappear from the "SEO Settings" box?** The "SEO Settings" fields are added by your modules. 2. Your settings will be retained unless you uninstall SEO Ultimate und er `Settings > SEO Ultimate > Uninstall`. 404 Monitor logs attempts to access non-existent webpages 3. you can click the "H elp" tab in the upper-right-hand corner to view documentation for the area you'r e viewing.

Deeplink Juggernaut settings 7. Linkbox Inserter encourages natural linkbuilding activity with link code boxe s below your posts/pages 9. The Blog Homepage tab in Meta Description Editor 11. Meta Description Editor lets you specify defaults for different types of page s 10. since some users were confused by the module's lac k of an admin page and assumed it wasn't working * Improvement: Link Mask Generator now disables itself and displays a warning if you're not using a compatible permalink structure * Improvement: Added lots of missing documentation * Improvement: Removed unused code throughout the plugin * Bugfix: Open Graph Integrator no longer generates a fatal error when the activ e theme doesn't support post thumbnails * Bugfix: Open Graph Integrator now outputs the correct URL on the "Posts page" when the "Front page displays" option (under Settings > Reading) is set to "A st atic page" * Bugfix: Fixed errors that would appear when Meta Keywords Editor and the WP_DE BUG mode were both enabled * Bugfix: Archive pages for new terms no longer generate 404 errors when Permali . Nofollow Manager lets you add the nofollow attribute to various types of lin ks 17. Meta Robot Tags Editor lets you "noindex" and/or "nofollow" individual pages on your site 16. SEO Ultimate plugin settings 21. File Editor lets you customize your robots. SEO Ultimate puts its modules in the SEO menu and its plugin options under " Settings" == Changelog == = Version 7. keyword-impoverished words from your post URL s 19. Meta Keywords Editor lets you auto-generate keyword tags for your site 13.6 (December 31. If you ever run into problems with a new version of SEO Ultimate.6. 2012) = * Feature: Open Graph Integrator now lets you output W3C-valid XHTML or HTML5 in stead of the non-validating code prescribed by Open Graph and Twitter * Improvement: Deeplink Juggernaut's "Site Cap" feauture has been replaced with a more efficient "Dampener" feature * Improvement: Open Graph Integrator no longer outputs author data for pages. Rich Snippet Creator's settings page 18. use the do wngrade feature to revert to a version of your choosing 24. an d lets you turn it off for posts * Improvement: Rich Snippet Creator now has an admin section that gives a brief explanation of how to use it. SEO Ultimate lets you import settings from exported files or from other plug ins 22. SEO Ultimate lets you export your settings so you can transfer them to anoth er site 23. Meta Robot Tags Editor lets you "noindex" desired parts of your site 15.txt or . Meta Robot Tags Editor lets you send various instructions to search engine s piders 14.htaccess 8.6. 2013) = * Bugfix: Fixed a bug that prevented the "Dampener" column from appearing on the Deeplink Juggernaut Content Links tab = Version 7. Slug Optimizer removes common.1 (January 1. Meta Description Editor lets you set your meta descriptions all at once 12. Title Tag Rewriter lets you set default <title> formats for various parts of your site 20.

0) = Version 7. 2012) = * Bugfix: Fixed disorganized documentation on the Miscellaneous page (bug introd uced in 7. instead of just images (bug intr oduced in 7.com mShots service.5) * Bugfix: Fixed errors that would appear on the post editor screen with the WP_D EBUG mode enabled (bug introduced in 7. 2012) = * Removed Feature: Open Graph Integrator no longer falls back to using webpage s creenshot images from the WordPress.3) * Improvement: Tweaked the behavior of the meta description mass-editor textarea s .5.5.e. blank autolink entry pointing to a post to appear on the Deeplink Juggernaut Content Links list (bug introduced i n 3.9) * Bugfix: The "Link Masks" section of the "SEO Settings" box no longer includes links to anchor targets (i. nofollow links to this page" checkbox that disappeared from the "SEO Settings" box in version 7.5.5 compatibility issues = Version 7.5.5. 2012) = * Bugfix: Fixed PHP warning that appeared on the post editor screen with Meta Ke ywords Editor enabled (bug introduced in 7.3) * Bugfix: Fixed errors that would appear when Rich Snippet Creator and the WP_DE BUG mode were both enabled (bug introduced in 7. 2012) = * Feature: Rich Snippet Creator now includes an "Image of Reviewed Item" field f or reviews * Bugfix: The autocomplete dropdowns of the "Link Location" boxes of Deeplink Ju ggernaut's Footer Linker once again include taxonomy archive pages * Bugfix: Fixed bug that would cause a single. 2012) = * Bugfix: The Autolink Exclusion checkbox now appears when adding posts. 2012) = * Bugfix: Fixed broken settings reset function (bug introduced in 5.5.3) * Bugfix: Rich Snippet Creator now outputs a hidden datePublished property using a `<meta>` tag instead of using a self-closing `<time>` tag = Version 7.5.5. as this was causing "Gen erating Image" placeholders to be cached by Facebook = Version 7.4 (August 11.5) * Bugfix: Fixed bug that caused Open Graph Integrator image boxes to show autoco mplete suggestions for all types of site items.5 (August 12.6 (August 13.3 (August 11. not jus t when editing them * Bugfix: Documentation for the SEO Settings box now appears on the post editor screen's "Help" dropdown under the "SEO Settings" tab instead of under the gener ic "Overview" tab * Removed Feature: Webmaster Verification Assistant no longer supports verificat ion tags for the now-defunct Yahoo! Site Explorer * Compatibility: SEO Ultimate will now refuse to activate on any version of Word Press older than 3.3) = Version 7.3 * Bugfix: Fixed errors that would appear when Open Graph Integrator and the WP_D EBUG mode were both enabled (bug introduced in 7.2 (August 11. links that begin with "#") * Bugfix: Restored access to the "When displaying page lists.nk Tweaker's base removal feature is in use * Bugfix: The "Nofollow" checkbox on the "Miscellaneous" tab of the "SEO Setting s" post editor box no longer reverts to an unchecked state when the post is save d * Bugfix: The plugin no longer generates a "WordPress Database Error" after upgr ading the plugin on sites with the WP_DEBUG mode enabled * Compatibility: Fixed minor WordPress 3.7 (August 17.3 = Version 7.

1 (August 9. archive pages. and Yandex * Improvement: Module Manager no longer shows the "Hidden" option for Miscellane ous modules.3. Nofollow Manager. the homepage. 2012) = * Bugfix: Fixed JavaScript error on the Add New Post screen (bug introduced in 7 . which must be entered in manually anyway.org m icrodata format supported by Google.5 (August 7. since for those modules the "Hidden" option behaves no differently than the "Enabled" option * Bugfix: Adjusted 404 Monitor CSS to account for WordPress CSS changes * Bugfix: Since Open Graph articles are only supposed to have one "article:secti on" element but can have multiple "article:tag" elements. pages.5 (August 9.) * Removed Feature: The previous version of Rich Snippet Creator was able to mark old posts as reviews if they had certain categories or tags. This is becau se automatically marking old posts as reviews won't do you much good unless thos e posts also have review data. 2012) = * Bugfix: Fixed PHP error that appeared when Open Graph Integrator was enabled b ut Meta Description Editor was disabled (bug introduced in 7. 2012) = * New Module: Author Highlighter * Generates code so that when one of your site's posts appears in Google search results. while posts with just one category continue to have that category marked as "article:section" * Removed Feature: Rich Snippet Creator no longer lets you choose between the mi crodata/microformat/RDFa data formats. (Rich Snippet Creator will update all your old microdata/m icroformat/RDFa code automatically.5.3) = Version 7.4 (August 7. custom pos t types.5) * Bugfix: Removed non-functional "Test" link from the "Add a New Alias" section of Link Mask Generator's admin page (bug introduced in 7. posts with multiple ca tegories now have those categories listed in the Open Graph code as "article:tag " elements instead of multiple "article:section" elements. and author pages * Inserts a "Google+ Profile URL" field on the WordPress user profile ed itor. Yahoo. 2012) = * Bugfix: Removed blank Rich Snippet Creator admin page from the SEO menu (bug i ntroduced in 7.org format. and Slug Optim izer have been moved to the Miscellaneous page in order to reduce clutter on the SEO menu = Version 7.3 (August 7.= Version 7. * Note: Rich Snippet Creator no longer has an admin page. 2012) = * Bugfix: Fixed bug that caused the Open Graph Type dropdown in the "SEO Setting s" box to read "Video" by default (bug introduced in 7.1) = Version 7.3. the Google+ profile picture of the post's author will appear al ongside it * Includes support for both single-author and multi-author site setups * Supports author highlighting for posts.4 (August 7. and old posts must now be marked as reviews manually. Bing. now the module's only interface is in the "SEO Settings" box * Change: The "Link Masks" section now appears on the "Links" tab of the "SEO Se ttings" box instead of on the "Miscellaneous" tab * Change: The admin pages for Linkbox Inserter.3. attachments. This feature has b een removed. so that users can insert their Google+ URL and enable author highlighting on their posts = Version 7.3) = Version 7. 2012) = * Feature: Open Graph Integrator now includes Twitter Card support * Feature: Rich Snippet Creator now supports Place microdata * Improvement: Rich Snippet Creator has been updated to use the new Schema. since these have been replaced with the n ew Schema.

2012) = * Improvement: Updated the Webmaster Verification Assistant interface to further clarify its functionality * Security Fix: Webmaster Verification Assistant no longer allows users without the unfiltered_html capability to insert arbitrary `<meta>` tags (and.2.. 2012) = * Bugfix: Code Inserter no longer calls the `wp_get_current_user` function prema turely during first-time plugin activation (bug introduced in 7. Network admins may want to .3) = Version 7. pages.2 = Version 7.9 and before) * Improvement: Mass-editors now include posts/pages/etc. and the blog homepage * Includes a mass-editor that lets you bulk-edit data for posts.7 (July 5. and custom post types * Adds Open Graph fields to the "SEO Settings" box * Lets you specify sitewide and default Open Graph values * Feature: The "Title Tag" field in the "SEO Settings" box now includes a charac ter counter * Improvement: The "SEO Settings" box has been broken up into 4 tabs in order to make the box smaller and in order to make settings easier to find * Improvement: Removed some backcompatibility code for old versions of WordPress (2.3) = Version 7.8 (July 7.2. site administrators on multisite setups can no longer use Code Inserter.2. 2012) = * Feature: Canonicalizer now lets you force a URL scheme (`http://` or `https:// `) across all canonical URLs * Bugfix: Canonicalizer's "Redirect requests for nonexistent pagination" once ag ain works for archive pages = Version 7. 3) = Version 7.6) = Version 7.3 (August 6.2.2. that code will remain active even after upgrading. In other words. that are drafts/pending /scheduled/trashed * Bugfix: Restored the ability to edit media items in module mass-editors * Bugfix: Meta Keywords Editor now removes stopwords case-insensitively from lis ts of autogenerated meta keywords = Version 7. attachme nts. custom post type objects. 2012) = * New Module: Open Graph Integrator * Automatically generates Open Graph elements for posts.3.3. user profile pages.1 (August 6. attachments. theoretic ally.6 (July 3. 2012) = * Bugfix: Fixed broken autogenerated Open Graph image URLs (bug introduced in 7. other HTML) * Security Fix: Code Inserter now checks for the unfiltered_html capability in a ddition to the manage_options capability. 2012) = * Bugfix: Fixed broken Open Graph author elements on posts with the "article" ty pe (bug introduced in 7. 2012) = * Bugfix: Permalink Tweaker now removes its changes to WordPress's rewrite rules when SEO Ultimate is deactivated/uninstalled or when Permalink Tweaker is disab led from the Module Manager * Bugfix: International characters are no longer stripped from autogenerated met a keywords * Compatibility: SEO Ultimate will now refuse to activate on versions of WordPre ss below 3.9 (July 9.2 (August 6. (Security Note: If any users without the unfiltered_html capability previously entered code into Code Inserte r. pages.

2012) = * Bugfix: Fixed bug that broke the "Only on This Post" boxes in Link Mask Genera tor and prevented posts from being selected in the "Link Location" boxes of Deep link Juggernaut's Footer Links editor * Bugfix: Meta Description Editor now trims leading and trailing whitespace from meta descriptions * Bugfix: Made minor CSS tweaks to the autocomplete boxes to adjust for various changes made in recent versions of WordPress * Change: "Insert comments around HTML code insertions" is now enabled by defaul t = Version 7.1) * Bugfix: The custom title tags and meta data of categories/tags/terms are now e xcluded from settings export files (bug introduced in 2.2.2. rather than merely aborting those f unctions when attempted by unauthorized users * Change: The "Plugin Settings" module can no longer be disabled by site admins when SEO Ultimate is network-activated on a multisite setup = Version 7.2 (June 15.0) * Bugfix: Fixed a bug which caused some modules' settings to be excluded from se ttings export files (bug introduced in 1.2.1) = Version 7.check the Code Inserter pages of their network's sites to ensure that site admi ns have not entered any malicious code.5 (June 29.5) * Bugfix: 404 Monitor's logs are now excluded from settings export files even if 404 Monitor is disabled (bug introduced in 2. 2012) = * Improvement: The Upgrade/Downgrade/Reinstall/Uninstall tabs have been moved fr om the site admin to the network admin in cases where the plugin is network-acti vated on multisite setups * Security Fix: The Uninstall tool now checks for the delete_plugins capability (whereas previously.) * Bugfix: Fixed broken settings exporter (bug introduced in (June 25. 2012) = * Bugfix: Icons no longer disappear from the WordPress admin menu on the Module Manager admin page * Bugfix: Fixed a function that generated non-validating HTML on multiple admin pages * Removed 2 outdated screenshots = Version 7.1 (December 30. 2012) = * Feature: You can now specify a CSS class for autolinks generated by Deeplink J uggernaut * Bugfix: Link Mask Generator no longer nofollows all links in a post when the " Nofollow aliased links" option is checked (bug introduced in 6.9) * Bugfix: The dialog box that confirms you want to leave a page without saving c hanges no longer appears after starting a settings import (bug introduced in 5.3 (June 19. any user with the manage_options capability could uninstall ) * Security Fix: The Downgrade and Reinstall tools now check for the install_plug ins capability instead of the update_plugins capability * Security Fix: The Upgrade/Downgrade/Reinstall/Uninstall tools now check for su per admin status on multisite setups * Bugfix: SEO Ultimate now hides the Upgrade/Downgrade/Reinstall/Uninstall tabs from users who lack the proper capabilities. 2011) = * Bugfix: Fixed malformed HTML that broke multiple module admin pages (bug intro duced in 7.7 ) = Version 7.2) * Bugfix: Deeplink Juggernaut's "Tag Restrictions" setting now takes effect even when the excluded tag has a `<br />` or other nested tag in it * Bugfix: Link masks with empty alias URLs no longer appear in Deeplink Juggerna .

2 (December 22.1) * Improvement: Made Deeplink Juggernaut's Footer Links editor look better on sma ller screen resolutions = Version 7. or link mask is specified in the "Destination. 2011) = * Compatibility: SEO Ultimate now supports and requires WordPress 3. 2011) = * Feature: Link Mask Generator now lets you edit all your link masks from a new interface on its admin page * Feature: You can now create link masks that apply across your entire site inst ead of just to one post * Feature: You can now use link masks as autolink destinations in Deeplink Jugge rnaut * Security Fix: Link Mask Generator now properly escapes link mask URLs * Bugfix: The "SEO Settings" box's "Link Masks" section no longer lists a URL mo re than once if it's in the post more than once * Change: Link mask creation now requires the manage_options user capability = Version 7. 2011) = * Bugfix: Title Tag Rewriter now applies the Pagination Title Format to custom c ategory/tag/taxonomy title tags = Version 6. 2011) = * Bugfix: Fixed mb_strtolower errors that appeared on some PHP setups (bug intro duced in 6." "Link Locati on." or "Only on This Post" boxes and then is later deleted * Bugfix: Deeplink Juggernaut now handles cases when a link mask is specified in the "Destination" box and then the Link Mask Generator module is later disabled * Bugfix: Link masks no longer show up in the "Link Location" autocomplete dropd owns of Deeplink Juggernaut's Footer Links editor (bug introduced in 7. term. 2011) = * Bugfix: Fixed errors that appeared in Deeplink Juggernaut CSV exports * Bugfix: Deeplink Juggernaut now handles get_permalink() errors silently * Bugfix: Added missing textdomains to some strings * Bugfix: Fixed some strings that were being gettexted before the plugin textdom ain was loaded = Version * Bugfix: y instead rocessing 6.8 (December 1.7 (October 28.net) = Version 6. 2011) = * Feature: Added "URL Conflict Resolution" setting to Permalink Tweaker that let s you arbitrate between pages/terms when taxonomy base removal causes their URLs to conflict * Improvement: Cleaned up the Permalink Tweaker config interface * Bugfix: Fixed stray `">` that appeared on some posts due to malformed HTML tha t Rich Snippet Creator generated when set on Microformats mode = Version 7.6 (September 23. user.9.9.1 (December 21.2) .3 * Improvement: SEO Ultimate now uses the new help tabs system of WordPress 3.9.0 (December 19.9.9.ut destination dropdowns * Bugfix: Deeplink Juggernaut and Link Mask Generator now handle cases in which a post.3 * Feature: Meta Description Editor now supports page and pagination formats * Bugfix: Title Tag Rewriter's mass-editors no longer add backslashes before spe cial characters in custom titles * Removed the Competition Researcher and Internal Relevance Researcher modules ( due to Google website changes that make these tools unusable) * New Translation: Italian (partial) by [gidibao](http://gidibao.4 (August 31. 2011) = Deeplink Juggernaut now applies changes to sitewide link caps graduall of all at once. in order to alleviate out-of-memory errors and large p overhead on sites with many posts = Version 6.

9.3 (August 22.9. 2011) = * Feature: Title Tag Rewriter now supports `wp_title` filtering in addition to o utput buffering. 2011) = * New Module: SEO Ultimate Widgets * The new "Footer Links" widget lets you display your Deeplink Juggernau t Footer Links in a widgetized footer or sidebar * The new "Siloed Categories" widget lets you create a navigation sectio n that's siloed around a taxonomy of your choosing .6 (July 15. A new Settings field lets you choose between the two rewrite me thods. * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut now lets you control which post types have autoli nks added to them = Version 6.8 (July 18.2) * Bugfix: Added missing textdomains to some strings = * e * Version 6.9.1 (July 21.8 * Bugfix: Fixed Link Mask Generator and Deeplink Juggernaut features that broke when WordPress's Site URL option had capitalization in the domain name * Bugfix: Slug Optimizer no longer messes up Unicode characters in slugs * Bugfix: SEO Ultimate's uninstallation routine no longer leaves behind module d ata * Bugfix: Fixed additional errors that could have appeared when WP_DEBUG mode wa s enabled * Security Fix: Rich Snippet Creator now properly escapes HTML attributes = Version 6." check "Enable per-link customization of quantity limits.2 (August 20. 2011) = * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut now lets you specify per-link sitewide quantity c aps (just go to "Content Link Settings. 2011) = * New Module: Settings Monitor * Bugfix: Deeplink Juggernaut CSV import/export now maintains Site Cap values = Version 6.4) * Bugfix: Fixed minor aesthetic issue in Module Manager that appears in WordPres s 3. which brok e in 6.2 = Version 6.= Version 6.9 (July 20.9.7 (July 16." and then edit "Site Cap" fields under " Content Links") * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut now lets you limit the number of times a post can link to the same destination * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut now lets you decide whether to allow posts to lin k to the URL by which the visitor is accessing the post * Bugfix: Deeplink Juggernaut's sitewide link quantity restriction now takes int o account the "Autolink Exclusion" checkbox in the "SEO Settings" post meta box * Bugfix: Restored "Hidden" option for disabled modules in Module Manager (broke in 6." click "Save Changes. 2011) = * Bugfix: Fixed bug in Rich Snippet Creator that caused raw HTML to be outputted in posts (bug introduced in 6. 2011) = * Bugfix: Fixed invalid callback errors that appeared on the post editor pages f or some users = Version 6. 2011) = Feature: The Siloed Categories widget now lets you choose whether or not to us a term's description as the value of its link title attribute Bugfix: The Siloed Categories widget now hides itself on the archives of empty categories instead of outputting its header and an empty list * Bugfix: Fixed the SEO Settings box's "Autolink Exclusion" checkbox.

2011) = .4) = Version 6. 2011) = * Bugfix: Restored Deeplink Juggernaut's ability to link to arbitrary URLs (brok e in 6.org plugin page screenshots * Bugfix: 404 Monitor now adheres to the maximum log size instead of 1 less than the specified max size * Bugfix: SEO menu icon now properly colorizes when the menu is active * Bugfix: Fixed aesthetic issue in Deeplink Juggernaut * Bugfix: Fixed problem with quotes in Deeplink Juggernaut URLs and title attrib utes * Bugfix: Module Manager's anchor links to sections of the "Miscellaneous" page now work * Bugfix: Fixed more errors that appeared when WP_DEBUG mode was enabled * Security Fix: Fixed potential vulnerability in 404 Monitor * Change: Meta Keywords Editor is now disabled by default for new SEO Ultimate u sers * Change: Deeplink Juggernaut now treats all destinations with slashes as URLs * Compatibility: SEO Ultimate now supports and requires WordPress 3.4 (July 8. upgrade to WordPress 3.1 (June 23.2 to resolve the issue = Version 6. 2011) = * Feature: Canonicalizer can now send Google's newly-supported `Link: <url>.2 (July 13. rel ="canonical"` HTTP headers = Version 6. 2011) = * Feature: Added "Footer Links" functionality * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut's autocomplete ves * Bugfix: Fixed broken "Blog Homepage" option * Bugfix: Replaced a deprecated function call warning in WP_DEBUG mode to Deeplink Juggernaut textboxes now include author archi in Deeplink Juggernaut in Canonicalizer that generated a = Version 6. 2011) = * Feature: Added a "Silo Linking" mode to Deeplink Juggernaut that lets you conf ine autolinks to posts of the same category (or tag/term) = Version 6.1. 2011) = * Bugfix: Restored access to the "Global" tab of Meta Robot Tags Editor (broke i n 6.5 (July 9.1 (July 11.5) = Version 6.5.= Version 6.2 (June 24. Deeplink Juggernaut no longer adds autolinks inside h 1/h2/h3/h4/h5/h6 tags * Improvement: Added activity indicators to Deeplink Juggernaut autocomplete tex tboxes * Improvement: 404 Monitor now truncates long URLs (hold your mouse over a trunc ated URL to view it in its entirety) * Improvement: Tweaked the Deeplink Juggernaut interface to better fit a 1024x76 8 screen resolution * Updated WordPress.2 * Known Issue: The "Screen Options" tab in 404 Monitor no longer works in WordPr ess 3.3 (June 27. 2011) = * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut can now limit the number of times an anchor is au tolinked across your entire site * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut's autocomplete textboxes now include a "Blog Home page" option * Feature: Rich Snippet Creator now supports a "Name of Reviewed Item" field for reviews * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut now lets you stop autolinks from being added with in HTML tags of your choosing * Improvement: By default.5.

1 * Bugfix: Fixed errors that appeared when saving posts with WP_DEBUG mode enable d = Version 5. and/or custom taxonomies * Improvement: Module pages with few settings have been grouped into a new "Misc ellaneous" admin page (to turn off this behavior. 2011) = * Feature: Added the Permalink Tweaker module. 2011) = * Feature: Title Tag Rewriter. tags. tags.1 or later) * Feature: SEO Ultimate now alerts users when they're about to leave a module ad min page that has unsaved changes * Improvement: Custom taxonomy mass-editors now support taxonomies that are regi stered only with pages or custom post types * Improvement: Taxonomies registered without `show_ui` support no longer have "E dit" links in the mass-editors * Bugfix: Fixed the mass-editors' category edit links.0 * Bugfix: Fixed a bug that hindered Title Tag Rewriter from rewriting custom tax . to better reflec t current search engine trends * Improvement: Improved layout of Meta Robot Tags mass-editors * Bugfix: Deeplink Juggernaut's admin page no longer overruns memory limits on s ites with lots of content * Bugfix: Fixed errors that appeared on Deeplink Juggernaut's admin page when WP _DEBUG mode was enabled * Bugfix: Fixed errors generated by Rich Snippet Creator when WP_DEBUG mode was enabled = Version 5.8 (June 3.0 (June 21. disable the Miscellaneous modu le in the Module Manager) * Bugfix: Module Manager changes are now reflected immediately after clicking "S ave Changes" * Bugfix: Removed the "|Dropdown Title" that appeared at the end of contextual h elp dropdown titles * Bugfix: Updated contextual help dropdown styling to work with WordPress 3.* Feature: Link Mask Generator now lets you add the `rel="nofollow"` attribute t o all masked links * Bugfix: Fixed bug that caused some link masks to disappear when the post was s aved * Bugfix: Fixed an issue with masking links with ampersands = Version 6. tags. and Meta Robot Tags Edi tor now officially support mass-editing post format archives (requires WordPress 3. post format archives. 2011) = * Feature: Meta Description Editor now supports default formats for category/tag archives. 2011) = * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut's "Destination Type" dropdowns have been replaced with snazzy autocomplete textboxes that let you link to a content item on your blog by typing the first few letters of its title * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut now lets you autolink to categories.7 (June 2.9 (June 17. post f ormat archives. which broke starting with WordPress 3. Meta Descriptions Editor. and custom taxonomy term archives * Improvement: The meta description field of the "SEO Settings" post box now ind icates search engines use around 140 characters instead of 160. starting with support for the `{description}` variable. which lets you remove permalink b ases for categories. and custom taxonomy term archives * Improvement: Added "Reset" links to the format textboxes in Meta Description E ditor * Bugfix: Fixed Whitepapers module errors that appeared with WP_DEBUG mode enabl ed = Version 5. * Feature: Meta Keywords Editor now has mass-editors for categories.

2011) = * Improvement: Revamped database infrastructure for improved efficiency * Feature: Title Tag Rewriter supports a new `{page_parent}` variable * Bugfix: Links' "Destination Type" values are now preserved when importing Deep link Juggernaut CSV files * This is a major upgrade. the "iPod tips" category now becomes "iPod Tips" wh en used in title tags. and custom taxonomy terms = Version 5. pages. a nd custom taxonomy terms = Version 5. and custom post types = Version 5. 2011) = * Feature: Added the Nofollow Manager module (disabled by default) = Version 5.5.2 (May 17. 2011) = * Bugfix: Meta Description Editor no longer calls the `the_content` filter.6. 2011) = * Bugfix: Fixed many errors that appeared when WP_DEBUG mode was enabled = Version 5.0.3 (May 18.1 (May 16.1 (May 21. pages. tags.5 (May 20.2 Fixed Fixed Fixed (June 1. Title Tag Rewriter used to leave the entire term title alone.1) bug that disabled mass-editors (introduced in 5. 2011) = * Feature: Meta Robot Tags Editor now has a noindex/nofollow mass-editor for pos ts.6.6. now it title-cas es just the words without capitalization and leaves the capitalized words alone (so with the option enabled. and custom post types * Improvement: Meta Keywords Editor now removes duplicate keywords case-insensit ively = Version 5. sinc e doing so broke some plugins that would add their content to that filter only o nce per page load * Bugfix: Added additional input filtering to 404 Monitor settings = Version 5. 2011) = .0 (May 13. and custom taxonomy terms = Version 5.onomy archives' `<title>` tags * Bugfix: Fixed more errors that appeared when WP_DEBUG mode was enabled = * * * Version Bugfix: Bugfix: Bugfix: 5. 2011) = * Feature: Meta Keywords Editor can now auto-generate keywords for posts and cus tom post types using categories. 2011) = * Feature: Meta Description Editor now has a mass-editor for categories. tags. 2011) = * Feature: Meta Robot Tags Editor now has a noindex/nofollow mass-editor for cat egories. 2011) = * Bugfix: Link Mask Generator can now mask links that are created in the Visual Editor and whose URLs contain ampersands * Improvement: When the "Convert lowercase category/tag names to title case when used in title tags" option was checked and a term title had some capitalization .4 (May 19.9 (May 12. 2011) = * Feature: Meta Keywords Editor now lets you auto-generate keywords based on the words most commonly used in your posts. tags. so please backup your database first! = Version 4.6 (May 27. for example) = Version 5.6.1) more errors that appeared when WP_DEBUG mode was enabled = Version 5.1 (May 31.1 (May 14. 2011) = bug that stopped settings from being saved (introduced in 5.

* Feature: You can now change the Link Mask Generator's alias directory to somet hing other than `/go/` * Feature: You can now use the `{excerpt::autogen}` variable in the Meta Descrip tion Editor to auto-generate an excerpt if the post doesn't have one (a la the ` the_excerpt()` template tag) * Compatibility: SEO Ultimate now requires WordPress 3.3 (August 18. 2010) = Bugfix: "New window" checkboxes now stay checked in Deeplink Juggernaut Bugfix: Fixed textdomain path Improvement: Post destination options in Deeplink Juggernaut are now sorted by title.5.2 (August 18. 2010) = * Feature: Added meta keywords mass-editor for posts. pages.0 or above = Version 4. fixing a fe ature regression introduced in version 3. and `<kbd>` elements * Bugfix: Link Mask Generator can now properly mask URLs with ampersands * Bugfix: Title Tag Rewriter now properly rewrites custom taxonomy term pages = Version 4.8 (February 7.6 (December 23.7 (December 28. not just on the post's own si ngle page = Version 4. Deep link Juggernaut now does so across the whole site.1 (August 14.5. 2010) = * Feature: Added the Link Mask Generator module * Bugfix: More Link Customizer now fails silently if only 1 parameter is passed to the `the_content_more_link` filter.4 (December 22. 2010) = * Improvement: SEO Ultimate now only saves database data when its settings are u pdated * Bugfix: Fixed array_combine() error when importing CSV files * Bugfix: Restored htaccess editing for non-multisite installations. * Bugfix: Fixed array_combine() errors by adding PHP4 back-compatibility functio n = Version 4.5. 2010) = * Bugfix: Editing link mask slugs now removes the old link mask instead of just adding a second one * Bugfix: Link Mask Generator now runs before WordPress' canonical function in o rder to stop WordPress from overriding a link mask = Version 4. 2010) = * Bugfix: A second fix for Deeplink Juggernaut URL-loss problem = Version 4.1 (March 1. and cu stom post types = * * * Version 4.5 (August 13.8. making it easier to find the target post = Version 4.9 . attachments. 2010) = * Bugfix: A third fix for Deeplink Juggernaut URL-loss problem = Version 4. `<pr e>`.5. 2011) = * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut now lets you limit the number of times per post t he same anchor text is linked * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut now lets you toggle whether posts can link to the mselves * Improvement: When configured to prevent posts from linking to themselves. 2010) = * Bugfix: Fix for Deeplink Juggernaut URL-loss problem (bug introduced in 3.9) = Version 4.7. 2011) = * Improvement: Deeplink Juggernaut no longer inserts links within `<code>`.1 (December 30.

htaccess editing to super admins on multi site installations * Improvement: Deeplink Juggernaut now gives priority to links with longer ancho r text * Improvement: Deeplink Juggernaut no longer links webpages to themselves * Improvement: Deeplink Juggernaut's post/page dropdowns now include drafts.* Bugfix: The "new window" option no longer checks itself by default in Deeplink Juggernaut * Bugfix: Fixed conflict with the "Markdown for WordPress and bbPress" plugin = Version 4. now you can build links to in-progress posts that automatically enable when the pos t is published! * Improvement: When a post/page is sent to the trash. which al lows sitewide keywords to be specified * Improvement: Meta Keywords Editor now removes duplicate keywords from the meta keywords tag * Improvement: Meta Keywords Editor now fixes keywords that are incorrectly sepa rated with newlines instead of commas * Improvement: Meta Keywords Editor now removes extra spaces from the keywords l ist * Improvement: Title Tag Rewriter can now rewrite empty `<title></title>` tags * Bugfix: The SEO menu no longer doubles the alert count of modules = Version 4. the Webmaster Verification Assistant will now output the tag properly = Version 3. 2010) = * Feature: Added new meta description format field for posts (allows you to set a default post meta description incorporating the post's excerpt) = Version 4. and Webmaster Verification * Change: The Noindex Manager module can now be found under new Meta Robot Tags module * Improvement: When entire `<meta>` tags are entered instead of verification cod es. 2010) = * Feature: Added "Instant Post Propulsion" feature to Deeplink Juggernaut (new " Incoming Autolink Anchors" postmeta field) * Improvement: File Editor now limits . attachments. pages. 2010) = * Feature: Added meta description mass-editor for posts. 2010) = * Improvement: Added admin page documentation for the Meta Description Editor.1 (August 4.0 (August 3. Meta Robot Tags. and custom post types * Change: Meta Editor has been split into four new modules: Meta Descriptions. Meta Robot Tags Editor.3 (August 6.9 (August 2. 2010) = * Feature: Title Tag Rewriter now automatically converts lowercase category/tag names into title case when used in title tags (can be adjusted under the new "Se ttings" tab of Title Tag Rewriter) = Version 4. M eta Keywords Editor.0.1 (August 3.2 (August 5. 2010) = * Feature: Users can now stop autolinks from being added to specific posts/pages = Version 4. autolinks pointing to it n o longer disappear from the Deeplink Juggernaut interface * Improvement: Added a workaround for Firefox so that "Destination Type" dropdow ns in Deeplink Juggernaut no longer get "stuck" on the incorrect value * Improvement: Miscellaneous aesthetic changes * Bugfix: Removed duplicate "title" attribute from "Deeplink Juggernaut" links . 2010) = * Feature: Added new "Global Keywords" textbox to Meta Keywords Editor. and Webmaster Verification Assistan t modules = Version 4.4 (August 7. M eta Keywords.

You can adjust or disable this configuration on the Settings tab of 404 Monito r.3 (June 24.2 (June 23.1 (June 25. 2010) = * Feature: 404 Monitor can now ignore specific URLs and/or wildcard URL patterns * Bugfix: 404 Monitor no longer logs the same referer more than once = Version 3. 1. fixing a feature regression introduced in version 3. 2010) = * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut can now link directly to posts/pages (and custom post types) in addition to arbitrary URLs * Bugfix: Readded SEO Ultimate upgrade info to the `Dashboard > Updates` (or `To ols > Upgrade`) page.8 (July 30.1 = Version 3. 2010) = * Feature: "SEO Settings" box now added to editing screens for custom post types * Bugfix: Fixed invalid HTML in the admin interfaces of Noindex Manager and Shar ing Facilitator = Version 3. e tc) for reviews * Improvement: Removed unnecessary double-quotes from code = Version 3.* Bugfix: Fixed bug that caused "New window" option to enable itself on Deeplink Juggernaut autolinks * Bugfix: Contextual help dropdowns are now styled correctly in WordPress 3. unsupported version of WordPress.5.5. SEO U ltimate now presents a nice error message instead of crashing like most plugins do * Bugfix: Fixed PHP error that would appear on Upgrade/Downgrade tabs upon WordP ress API error .4 (June 25.0+ * Bugfix: Fixed invalid HTML in admin interface * Bugfix: Fixed many warnings that appeared when WP_DEBUG was enabled = Version 3. 2010) = * Feature: Added the Sharing Facilitator module * Feature: Rich Snippet Creator now supports half-star ratings (0.5 (June 26.7 (June 30. 2010) = * Feature: 404 Monitor can now be configured to only log 404 errors generated by search engine spiders and/or 404 errors with a referring URL (Note: this new co nfiguration will be enabled automatically upon upgrading to version 3.0+ * Bugfix: Contextual help dropdowns no longer generate 404 errors in WordPress 3 . 2010) = * Feature: Users can now set the maximum number of log entries that 404 Monitor will keep at a time * Improvement: Fixed aesthetic issue that appeared in SEO Settings box under cer tain configurations * Bugfix: Browsers will no longer jump to the top of the screen when expanding/c ollapsing the Referer/User Agent lists in 404 Monitor * Bugfix: Fixed invalid HTML in the admin interface of 404 Monitor * Bugfix: Fixed PHP4 error by removing usage of PHP5-only str_split function = Version 3.4. 2010) = * Bugfix: Fixed fatal error on editor screens for custom post types = Version 3.3 or newer . 2010) = * Bugfix: Fixed fatal error on 404 pages * Bugfix: Fixed issue where 404 errors weren't being logged = Version 3.) = Version 3.1 (July 1. 2010) = * Feature: Added CSV import/export for Deeplink Juggernaut * Improvement: When installed on an old.5.6 (June 28. 2.7.

1 (June 18.8 (June 8. 2010) = * Feature: Meta robots tags (index/noindex and follow/nofollow) can now be set f or each post or page via the "SEO Settings" box . 2010) = * Feature: Title Rewriter now has mass-editor tabs for custom taxonomies * Feature: Title Rewriter mass-editors now support pagination * Improvement: Upgrade/downgrade tabs now use official WordPress plugin API to o btain version info = Version 2.6 (June 3.1 (June 22. 2010) = * Feature: Users can now reinstall a fresh copy of the plugin from within `Setti ngs > SEO Ultimate > Reinstall` in case.9.5 (June 1.3 (May 26.* Bugfix: Fixed SEO Ultimate settings importer = Version 3.0 = Version 2. 2010) = * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut now supports unlimited autolinks instead of just 20 * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut now supports custom title attributes for autolink s * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut interface now has convenient checkboxes for delet ing autolinks * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut autolinks can now open in new windows if desired * Deeplink Juggernaut is now out of beta * Improvement: SEO Ultimate upgrade notices now use official WordPress plugin AP I * Bugfix: SEO Ultimate no longer slows down the "Plugins" admin page excessively = Version 3.5. 2010) = * Feature: Added Code Inserter module * Change: Meta Editor's "Custom HTML Code" field is now the "`<head>` Tag" field in the new Code Inserter module = Version 2. 2010) = * Bugfix: Restored support for editing the title tags of categories/tags/terms i n WordPress 3. custom modifications go aw ry = Version 2. for example. 2010) = * Feature: Users can now upgrade/downgrade SEO Ultimate to versions of their cho osing starting with 2.9 (June 17. 2010) = * Feature: Added nofollow option for Deeplink Juggernaut links = Version 2.4 (May 28. not post titles = Version 2.1 (June 1. 2010) = * Feature: Title Rewriter now has mass-editor tabs for custom post types * Feature: Title Rewriter can now edit the title tags of attachments * Improvement: Title Rewriter's mass-editors no longer display an empty table wh en no items of a particular type exist = Version 2.0 (June 19.7 (June 4.5 * Bugfix: Fixed "string offset" fatal error that appeared on certain setups = Version 2. 2010) = * Feature: Added the Rich Snippet Creator module * Change: "Title Rewriter" has been renamed to "Title Tag Rewriter" to clarify t hat the module edits `<title>` tags. 2010) = * Bugfix: Fixed "string offset" fatal error that appeared on certain setups = Version 2.

2010) = * Improvement: Major 404 Monitor upgrade.3 (March 30.8.txt instead of givin g error * Improvement: CSS and JavaScript now exist in separate.nofollow" = Version 2.8.php files to module directories to prevent inde xing/snooping of directory listings * Feature: You can now hide 404 Monitor columns with the new "Screen Options" dr opdown * Bugfix: Removed duplicate excerpt ellipses from Whitepapers module * Known Issue: If you had previously disabled 404 Monitor in version 2.* Behavior Change: Since the Noindex Manager's advertised functionality is contr olling the "noindex" attribute only. = Version 2.1 or later. 2010) = * Bugfix: Fixed bug that caused disabled attribution link to display under certa in circumstances = Version 1. 2010) = . 2010) = Bugfix: Fixed "get_table_name" fatal error that appeared when upgrading certai configurations Bugfix: Restored missing success/error messages for import/reset functions = Version 2. 2010) = * Feature: Title Rewriter can now edit the title tags of category archives = Version 1.2 (May 24. the screen no longer jumps part-way down the page = * n * Version 2.png 404s * Improvement: Plugin now silently ignores a missing readme.follow" where it previously outputted "noindex.1. its behavior has been changed to output "no index. 2010) = * Feature: Deeplink Juggernaut now has a links-per-post limiter option * Bugfix: The current tab is now maintained when submitting a tabbed form twice in a row * Bugfix: When a module page reloads after submitting a tabbed form.1 (May 18. featuring a new space-saving interface redesign * Improvement: 404 Monitor now stores its 404 log in wp_options instead of its o wn database table * Improvement: 404 Monitor now ignores apple-touch-icon. s ettings can now be deleted through new "Uninstall" function under `Settings > SE O Ultimate > Uninstall` * Improvement: Database usage for the Whitepapers module reduced more than 90% * Improvement: Users can now tab from a post's HTML editor directly into the "SE O Settings" fields * Improvement: Removed blank admin CSS/JS file references * Improvement: Added list of active modules to SEO Ultimate's plugin page listin g * Improvement: Added an "Uninstall" link to SEO Ultimate's plugin page listing * Improvement: Update info notices now also visible under `Tools > Upgrade` * Improvement: Added some missing documentation * Improvement: Added/updated screenshots * Improvement: Removed unused code * Improvement: Added blank index. it will re-enable itself when upgrading to version 2.0 (April 29.1 (May 19. 2010) = * Feature: Title Rewriter can now edit the title tags of post tag archives = Version 1.9 (April 3.0 or earl ier. static files instead of being outputted by PHP files * Improvement: SEO Ultimate settings now remain when plugin files are deleted.2 (March 29. The workar ound is to re-disable 404 Monitor from the Module Manager after upgrading.

1 (February 27.5 (January 23. 2010) = * Bugfix: Uninstallation now works when the plugin is deactivated = * a * Version 1.5. 2010) = * Feature: Added Deeplink Juggernaut beta module = Version 1.7.7. 2010) = * Feature: Displays admin notices if blog privacy settings are configured to blo ck search engines = Version 1.8 (March 27. 2010) = * Bugfix: Fixed back-end Deeplink Juggernaut error = Version 1.6 (January 30.* Bugfix: Fixed front-end Deeplink Juggernaut error = Version 1.0 alpha = Version 1. 2010) = * Feature: Added All in One SEO Pack importer module = Version 1. 2010) = "get_parent_module_key" fatal error that appeared under limited "load_rss" fatal error that appeared under some circumstances broken image in the Whitepapers module = Version 1.7.php files to additional plugin directories = Version (March 6.1 (March 27.3 (March 11. 2010) = * Bugfix: Fixed conflict with Flexibility theme * Bugfix: Comment administration no longer alters SEO Ultimate menu bubble count ers * Bugfix: SEO Ultimate menu icon is no longer accidentally added to other plugin s' menus * Bugfix: Disabling visitor logging now disables all related code as well * Bugfix: Module Manager: Fixed invalid HTML IDs * Bugfix: Module Manager: Module titles are now consistent between enabled and d isabled states * Bugfix: Module Manager: The "Silenced" option no longer disappears when all mo dules that support it are disabled * Bugfix: Module Manager: The "Plugin Settings" module link no longer breaks whe n re-enabling that module * Improvement: Added blank index. 2010) = * Bugfix: Fixed variable name conflict introduced in 1. 2010) = Bugfix: Stopped the included Markdown library from "helpfully" functioning as WordPress plugin Bugfix: Fixed error that appeared above changelog notices = Version 1. 2010) = * Major under-the-hood changes and improvements * Feature: Added new {url_words} title format variable to Title Rewriter * Bugfix: Fixed broken link in the "SEO Settings" contextual help dropdown * Improvement: Module documentation now loaded directly from the readme file (el iminates duplication) * Improvement: Much more documentation now available from within the plugin * Improvement: Module Manager now only shows the "Silenced" option for applicabl .8.3 * Bugfix: Fixed circumstances * Bugfix: Fixed * Bugfix: Fixed (January 27.2 (January 25.7 (February 20.5.1 (January 23.1 that disabled WordPre ss's plugin/theme editors = Version 1. 2010) = * Bugfix: Fixed blank-admin-area bug in WordPress 3.

1 (October 8.1 (October 7. 2009) = * Bugfix: Fixed PHP parse errors = Version 0.3 (August 1. 2009) = . 2009) = * Feature: You can now mass-edit post/page titles from the Title Rewriter module * Bugfix: Fixed logo background color in the Whitepapers module * Improvement: Title Rewriter now supports 10 additional title format variables * Improvement: Added internationalization support for admin menu notice numbers * Improvement: Certain third-party plugin notices are now removed from SEO Ultim ate's admin pages = Version 1.php) * Improvement: Reduced database usage when saving post meta = Version 1.txt file Version 1.1 (January 11. 2009) = * Feature: Added the Competition Researcher module = Version 1.e modules * Improvement: Cleaned root folder (now includes only the readme.4 (December 16.2 (October 9. screenshots.1. POT file.2 (October 31.9.1. p lugin file.9-rare * Improvement: Inline changelogs now won't display if the Changelogger plugin is activated * Improvement: SEO Ultimate now selectively logs visitors based on which modules are enabled = * * * Version Bugfix: Bugfix: Bugfix: 0.0 (September 21.1 (August 1.9.4. 2009) = Feature: Added the Internal Relevance Researcher Bugfix: Title Rewriter no longer rewrites XML `<title>` tags in feeds Improvement: Copied all documentation to the readme. 2010) = * Compatibility: Meta Editor now supports the new Google Webmaster Tools verific ation code = * * * = * * * Version 1. 2009) = Feature: Added the More Link Customizer module Bugfix: Postmeta fields now handle HTML entities properly Improvement: Made minor tweaks to the Competition Researcher = Version 1. 2009) = * Feature: Canonicalizer can now redirect requests for nonexistent pagination * Feature: Visitor logging can now be disabled completely from the Plugin Settin gs page * Feature: Logged visitor information can now be automatically deleted after a c ertain number of days * Feature: Added icon support for the Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu plugin * Bugfix: 404 Monitor notification count now consistent with new errors shown * Improvement: Canonicalizer now removes the duplicate canonical tags produced b y WordPress 2.9 (August 1.3 (November 13. 2009) = Optimized slugs save with post Slug Optimizer now treats words as case-insensitive Slug Optimizer now handles words with apostrophes = Version 0. and blank index. 2009) = * Bugfix: Fixed tab rendering bug = Version 1. 2009) = * Compatibility: Added PHP4 support = Version 1.

2009) = * Feature: Added the Module Manager * Feature: Modules can optionally display numeric notices in the menu = Version 0.* * * * * * * * * * t * * Feature: Added the Slug Optimizer module Feature: Noindex Manager now supports noindexing comment subpages Bugfix: 404 Monitor's numeric notice now only includes new 404s Bugfix: Linkbox Inserter now respects the "more" tag Bugfix: Missing strings added to the POT file Improvement: 404 Monitor now shows the referring URL for all 404 errors Improvement: Reduced the number of database queries the plugin makes Improvement: CSS and JavaScript are now only loaded when appropriate Improvement: Added additional built-in documentation Improvement: Divided built-in help into multiple tabs to reduce dropdown heigh Improvement: Miscellaneous code efficiency improvements Improvement: Many additional code comments added = Version 0.8 or above .3 (June 11.7 (July 16. 2009) = Feature: Added settings exporter Feature: Added settings importer Feature: Added button that restores default settings Bugfix: Fixed bug that decoded HTML entities in textboxes Bugfix: Added internationalization support to some overlooked strings Compatibility: Restores support for the WordPress 2.8 compatibility issue SEO Ultimate now requires WordPress 2.htaccess editor (new File Editor module) * Bugfix: 404 Monitor no longer uses the unreliable get_browser() function * Bugfix: 404 Monitor now ignores favicon requests * Bugfix: Fixed conflict with the WP Table Reloaded plugin * Bugfix: Fixed bug that caused Module Manager to appear blank on certain config urations * Bugfix: Fixed bug that caused multiple drafts to be saved per post * Bugfix: Post meta box no longer leaves behind empty postmeta database rows * Bugfix: Added missing Module Manager help * Bugfix: Fixed settings double-serialization bug * Bugfix: Fixed error that appeared when re-enabling disabled modules * Bugfix: Newlines and tabs now removed from HTML attributes * Improvement: SEO Ultimate now stores its wp_options data in 1 entry instead of 4 * Improvement: The settings read/write process has been streamlined * Improvement: Drastically expanded the readme. 2009) = * Feature: Added the Linkbox Inserter module * Bugfix: Fixed plugin notices bug = * * * * * * Version 0. 2009) = * Feature: Added robots. 2009) = Added the Canonicalizer module Added alerts of possible plugin conflicts Fixed a WordPress 2.5 (June 25.7 branch = Version 0.txt editor (new File Editor module) * Feature: Added .8 (July 22.6 (July 2.4 (June 18.txt FAQ section * Improvement: Plugin's directories now return 403 codes * Improvement: Settings importer now retains the settings of modules added after the export = Version 0. 2009) = * Added the 404 Monitor module = * * * * Version 0.

2009) = * Initial release . 2009) = Added the Meta Editor module Fixed a double-escaping bug in the Title Rewriter Fixed a bug that caused the Modules list to display twice on some installation = Version 0.2 (June 4.1. 2009) = * Fixed a bug that surfaced when other SEO plugins were installed * Fixed a bug that appeared on certain PHP setups = Version 0.= * * * s Version 0.1 (May 28.1 (May 22.

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