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Midwest Writing Center Association

biennial fall conference Program
October 17-19, 2013 Skokie, ILlinois holiday inn chicago north shore

Chicagoland Writing Center Association

Letter from THE MWCA CHAIR
Welcome, everyone, to the thirtieth anniversary of Midwest Writing Center Association conferences, on behalf of the MWCA executive board. Our first conference took place on April 30, 1983, at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and there were thirty presenters on the program. Eighty people attended the conference, and they enjoyed each other so much that the second conference was immediately announced for the following October. Melody Daily (Central Methodist College) and Doug Hunt (UMC) were the first conference chairs, and the first MWCA board was elected at that conference. We have 118 accepted proposals at this conference, many sessions with multiple participants. We invite you to join in the rich array of topics and perspectives on offer. Thinking about MWCA’s history reminds me of the many folk behind this organization, and that makes me grateful for the people who have so generously boosted many of us into our field of work. My own first MWCA conference was in 2004 at St. Cloud; I most remember being overwhelmed by the openness and accessibility of the people I spoke with who had vastly more experience in this work than I did. This was definitely a different kind of conference, and a different kind of professional organization than I was accustomed to (think: MLA). Some of the folk who have most freely offered counsel to many of us are still attending MWCA conferences, still offering support to more junior colleagues . . . and still learning. Take the opportunity to talk with them; informal conversations with these folk are one of the deep pleasures as well as long-term benefits of an MWCA conference. Thinking about our history also makes me think about our future, and, at the time I write this, something like 60% of the people registered for this conference are students . . . the people who will carry this organization and this profession into new territory. Those of us who have been here a few years are eager to see where you are leading us, not just in the future but already here, at this conference. Thank you for joining with us, and for the energy and new ideas you bring. Thank you, everyone, for coming, and for bringing yourselves to this common feast. We trust that this weekend will energize, challenge, refresh, and inspire all of us. Carol Martin, Chair


On Behalf of THE CWCA
I am happy to welcome all of you to the Biennial MWCA 2013 Conference and to beautiful Chicago!! Our CFP asked all of you to think about the metaphor of riding or “writing” the L in your local places and spaces—both inside and outside of your writing centers—and now you all are here to map these journeys together. Chicago’s “L”—our elevated commuter system—offers you the opportunity to enjoy interesting neighborhoods, restaurants, and even local writing centers, should you opt for the open house at DePaul or attend Andrew Jeter’s workshop at Niles West High School. Our coming together in Chicagoland Writing Center Association’s birthplace will also take us to different social spaces wherein rich and vibrant conversations about writing centers theory, pedagogy, and praxis will take place. When you “write” the L, you transport this amazing weekend and this lively space forward into your own work as writing center professionals, like the spokes of the different colored “L” tracks that radiate outward from Chicago’s Loop. Upon returning, it’s my hope that you all will remember that it’s not the journey inward to Chicago—it’s the “writing” the L back out to where you came from, and taking what you’ve learned with you. The CWCA is so excited to show you an excellent time in Chicago this weekend, and we hope you enjoy what we have planned for you. Rachel L. Holtz, MWCA 2013 Co-chair


Rachel Holtz University of Wisconsin-Marathon County Northeastern Illinois University RESEARCH COORDINATOR AT-LARGE MEMBER Neil Baird Helena Hall Western Illinois University Loras College WEB COORDINATOR IWCA REPRESENTATIVE Nicole Montana Mitch Nakaue University of Minnesota University of Iowa GRADUATE STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE NEWSLETTER COORDINATOR Jasmine Kar Tang Alan Benson University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire AT-LARGE MEMBER AT-LARGE MEMBER Kelly Meyer Cheryl Prentice University of Nebraska-Lincoln Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota 4 .conference map MWCA EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS CHAIR VICE CHAIR Carol Martin Lori Baker North Park University Southwest Minnesota State University SECRETARY TREASURER Andrew Karr.

Her research interests include practitioner-researcher collaborations. 5 . Jones and D. These activities have included serving on local school improvement teams and community leadership development projects. Most recently. Her dissertation work focused on a three and a half year ethnographic study of violence in a neighborhood and a community’s attempt to organize to prevent further violence. cultural identity formation. Her publications have included guest editorship for The Journal of Intergroup Relations (winter 2004) and The Mennonite Conciliation Quarterly (2003). She currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Hip Hop Studies. 28. Journal of Intergroup Relations. She is currently professor of intercultural communication and conflict transformation at North Park University in Chicago. and “How conflict resolution has not addressed the needs of diverse populations” in T. but her interests are wide-ranging. the Practitioners’ Research and Scholarship Institute (PRASI) and the National Conference on Peacemaking and Conference Resolution (NCPCR). and listening applications. Throughout her career.31-33 (2001). Conflict Management Initiatives. Kmitta (eds. she has been involved in the civic life of the diverse communities in which she has lived. conflict transformation and spirituality. “Promising Practices: a review of Witness to Genocide: Drawings of Child Survivors in Rwanda. she has co-edited ReCentering: Culture and Knowledge in Conflict Resolution Practice.Featured speaker: Mary trujillo Mary Adams Trujillo earned her PhD in communication studies from Northwestern University. as well as board membership for various local and national peace related organizations such as the Shanti Foundation for Peace.) Does it Work? The Case for Conflict Resolution Education in our Nation’s Schools. community development. the editorial review team of Conflict Resolution Quarterly.

6 . both now in second edition. Ben Rafoth has been the director of the Writing Center at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.Featured speaker: ben rafoth For the past 23 years.” Ben also teaches in IUP’s Graduate Program in Composition and TESOL. he won the Ron Maxwell Award from the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing for “distinguished leadership in promoting the collaborative learning practices of peer tutors in writing. and he co-edited with Shanti Bruce ESL Writers: A Guide for Writing Center Tutors. including a doctoral seminar on writing centers. where he holds the title of ‘University Professor. most recently at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. Ben is currently working on a book about assisting second language writers in the writing center.’ In 2002. He has advised more than 15 dissertations focused on writing centers. Ben has been a speaker and consultant on behalf of writing centers around the world. He edited A Tutor’s Guide: Helping Writers One to One.

3:45 pm 4:00 pm.4:45 pm 5:00 pm.12:45 pm 1:00 pm.10:30 am 10:30 am.4:30 pm Registration Breakfast Posters Concurrent Sessions F Break Keynote Workshop Box Lunch & MWCA Open Meeting Holiday Inn Atrium Holiday Inn Atrium Holiday Inn Atrium Holiday Inn Atrium Salons A & B Salons A & B Holiday Inn Atrium Devonshire Concurrent Sessions G Break Concurrent Sessions H Closing Meeting 7 . piano Jon Fogel.1:00 pm 1:15 pm.6:15 pm 7:00 pm. tenor sax Victoria Moore.4:00 pm 4:15 pm.8:45 am 7:30 am. bass Joe Azzaro.2:45 pm 2:45 pm.11:45 pm 12:00 pm.7:00 pm Registration Pre-conference Workshops Welcome reception Holiday Inn Atrium Salons A & B North Park Jazz Combo What? Where? Friday October 18 7:00 am.8:15 am 8:30 am.9:00 pm Registration Breakfast Concurrent Sessions Concurrent Sessions Break Concurrent Sessions Lunch Concurrent Sessions Concurrent Sessions SIG Evening Reception Sam Hudgens.2:30 pm 2:30 pm.5:00 pm 5:30 pm. alto sax Jason Nelson. drums Holiday Inn Atrium Holiday Inn Atrium A B C D E Holiday Inn Atrium Salons A & B Devonshire Reception at Depaul Downtown Saturday October 19 7:00 am.Conference at a Glance When? Thursday October 17 12:00 pm.8:45 am 9:00 am.11:15 am 11:15 am.2:15 pm 2:30 pm.9:45 am 10:00 am.7:00 pm 1:00 pm.2:30 pm 7:30 am.5:30 pm 7:00 am.11:30 am 11:30 am.10:15 am 10:15 am.

Topics that will be addressed include ways to help tutors *Become more aware of the diversity of multilingual writers *Move more comfortably along the continuum between direct and indirect *Be a rhetorical and linguistic resource *Use scaffolding techniques Participants will not only take part in a variety of training activities but they will have the opportunity to consider how these activities might be adapted to fit their specific writing center contexts. In part two. tutor recruitment and training. participants will be introduced to a variety of research methods that can be employed to study the work of writing centers. marketing. pre-conference workshop is designed to be a place where you can ask questions. advertising and outreach. As a result. You will be invited to participate in multiple breakout sessions dealing with mission statements and stakeholder relations. College of Lake County and D Susan Dillon. center design. Multilingual Writers: Helping New Tutors Negotiate Between Principles and Practices Jenny Staben. operational procedures.S. You will have the opportunity to meet people from around the Midwest and share and gather ideas. However. The goal of the workshop is to have all participants leave with the necessary information to build or continue work on existing academic resources centers at their own institutions. planning. high schools. and Surviving an Academic Resource Center Nita Meola. On October 16. values conversation over demonstration.MWCA PRE-conference WORKSHOPS Running a High School Writing Center with Andrew Jeter NILES WEST HIGH SCHOOL This half. 8 . stakeholders. multilingual writers can pose a complex challenge for first year tutors. participants will work with fellow workshop participants do develop research designs based on their individual research questions. Wheaton College BIRCHWOOD Whether the tutees are international students recently arrived to the United States or immigrant students coming from U. we will travel from the conference hotel the short distance to Niles West High School’s Literacy This mindset proves particularly problematic when tutors work with multilingual writers—writers who may need both linguistic and rhetorical information in order to effectively write at the college level in English. as well as suggests that discussions of grammar. the tutor education they receive typically values being hands-off versus being directive. In the first part. In part three. Maintaining. Participants will then break into sessions to discuss topics such as mission statements. the change process. Building. and professional development. University of Texas of the Permian Basin DEVONSHIRE This workshop on research methods will be divided into three parts. It is our goal that every participant will leave the workshop with at least one plan of action to take back to their center. get answers. ting center work with visions of “editing” students’ papers and playing the role of expert. Columbia College MONTICELLO This pre-conference workshop will provide a brief history of how the Learning Studio came to be and offer participants an overview of the multiple aspects to be considered when making this kind of institutional move. and plan for the future of your center and your career. In this workshop. and assessment. Doing Writing Center Research Rebecca Day Babcock. team maintenance and professional development. road blocks to being productive scholarly writers and ways of overcoming them will be discussed. inexperienced tutors often swing from editor to the opposite end of the spectrum—feeling like they cannot offer any suggestions or information without appropriating the writer’s work. and evaluation and assessment. we will discuss and model training activities that help new peer and professional tutors negotiate the complexities of working with multilingual writers. vocabulary and word choice are “lower” or “later” concerns.

Claire Koopmans. and Space Dave Ehren. increased tutor and writer satisfaction. and administration.5:30pm REGISTRATION Holiday Inn Atrium 7:00am . University of Wisconson-Eau Claire A roundtable discussion adressing the complicated nature of developing the concrete identity of the writing center and our role as writing assistants within the center. Roundtable Won’t You Be My Neighbor?: Writing Centers.. and as such. and how their centers use and interact with space. Place. SALON C2 MWCA 2013 A-4. departmentally housed tutoring. Audience members will have an opportunity to practive these strategies in order to understand the benefits of successful openings and closings: higher levels of efficiency. Macalester College and Kathy Evertz. and ultimately more effective consultations. BIRCHWOOD Workshop A Tourist and a Chicago Native Walk into an L Station: Modeling Strategies for Openings and Closings Ashley Ortiz and Rachel McMurray. SALON D1 Roundtable Social Media and Writing Centers Nicholas Freitag. Individual Presentation Jumping into the Deep End. face-to-face writing tutorials for over thirty five years. Jake Mohan. In many ways social media sites are a window to the physical writing center. philosophy. Starting with the fall semester. 8 . A-5. A-3. Our panel will share how we prepared and what is like now that we’re in the water. Rebecca Graham. and Erin Stevens. SALON D2 Roundtable “Wait. examining the pros and cons of centralized services versus decentralized. Our roundtable invites participants to discuss the layouts and locations of their Writing Centers. you heard we do what?!”: A Roundtable on Writing Center Identity Crisis Madelyn Miller. octOBER 18 7:00am . need to represent the work done while also promoting the services offered within. The discussion will also focus on the difficulty of maintaining a fixed identity on a continuously evolving campus. SALON C1 A-2. Carleton College Writing Centers’ configurations vary widely depending on their parent institutions’ size. Our Foray into On-line Tutoring Michael Hustedde.. Saint Ambrose University Our university has offered traditional.8:15am BREAKFAST Holiday Inn Atrium 8:30am-9:45am CONCURRENT SESSIONS A-1. we will pilot an on-line writing tutorial service for our undergraduate students.Friday. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire This roundtable will facilitate a discussion concerning the use of social media in writing centers. University of Kansas Presenters will model effective strategies for the first and last five minutes of writing consultations.

MONTICELLO A-7. Green. Maria Carvajal. Emporia State University This study deals with the efficacy of incorporating grammar logs into the structure of tutoring sessions for NNS in an ESL-specific writing center context. St. I hope to present my findings and introduce type of nonverbal communications their relevance in an individual presentation which will draw from a video clip and group discussion. classroom. A-8. It specifically looks at how affect and affective cues facilitate or hinder the work of a session. Students will create grammar logs to document errors in their writing. and then use the logs they have created to identify and correct similar errors in future writing. the criteria they employ to evaluate themselves as writers. enhancing international we hope to come to a better student writing support and understanding about what making it possible for more methods of communication students to use the writing work best in internal Writing center. BOARDROOM MWCA 2013 Individual Presentation Connecting Trains: A Model for Serving Exponentially Increasing International Students in a Strapped Writing Center Individual Presentation The Role of Affect in the Writing Center Daniel Lawson. their writing goals. and discussion. 9 . Panel Presentation Conducting Genres: Examining and Evaluating Communication Among Writing Center Staff Individual Presentation Nonverbal Communication in the Writing Center: The Missing Link in Collaborative Pedagogy Jenna Marquardt. Individual Presentation ESL Writers: Listen to Us! Cheryl Prentice and Sue Hines. The conclusions drawn from this research can guide better institutional practices. The speaker shares the preliminary results of an ongoing study of affect using the Specific Affect Coding System (SPAFF). Olaf College R. SALON E1 Individual Presentation Grammar logs in a Non-Native Speaker (NNS) Writing Center Anne Canavan. and Shayn Guillemette Faced with a 400% increase in University of Kansas international students’ visits to writing tutors. Center discourse. We consultants and administrative successfully collaborated with staff use a variety of genres to writing faculty to communicate in the Writing intergrate writing tutors in the Center. Justin Wilson.Friday. Central Michigan University This talk examines the role affect plays in tutoring in the writing center.Twin Cities Focus group research on ESL writers at our institution revealed much about their expectations of academic wrting. thereby greatly presentation. Su Smallen and McKinley Amanda Hemmingsen. Through our research. octOBER 18 A-6. our Our presentation examines center’s capacity was ways in which writing center overstretched. and their reactions to various types of feedback from their professors. University of Wisonsin-Oshkosh To further promote the collaborate pedagogy of Writing Centers I analyzed nonverbal body movements in recorded sessions. Mary’s University of Minnesota .

octOBER 18 A-9. University of Wisconsin-Stout This presentation advocates the use of strategic planning as a tool that best allows writing center directors. and in line with the unique and particular needs of their institutions and student body. Eric Holt. A-10. Nancy Welch and Lisa Delpit. B-2. especially directors of new centers. Kimberly Dukes. This presentation will discuss the potential benefits and possible problems of such a rotation. Alice Edwardson. Northern Michigan University One approach that is sure to inject new ideas and diversify what has always been done in any writing center – and it is an approach that is rarely talked about in the writing center community . and Mike Jacoby. and Nancy Linh Karls.Friday. and rhetoric—will reflect on their experiences and insights directing the same Writing Center and invite the audience to comment on the potential benefits of bringing faculty from diverse academic fields into a Writing Center environment. and explain how writing centers’ next evolutionary move is outside academic lines.Madison. SALON E2 Individual Presentation “Savior Nor Scapegoat: Writing Centers and the Case for Strategic Planning” Andrea Deacon and Kristin Risley. and Steve Singleton. Joy Weitzel. and Rebecca Johnson. Roundtable The Things we Carry: Contextualizing the De-Centered Writing Center and the Act of Moving from Brick and Mortar Comfort Zones to Community “Contact” Zones. University of Wisconsin-Madison This session takes up a current term--social entrepreneurism--as a way to think differently about writing centers. Joan Mullin.Lincoln This roundtable seeks to contextualize the work of the “de-centered” writing center outside of the brick and mortar writing center. University of Nebraska . University of Wisconsin . Lehmberg. DEVONSHIRE 10:00am . The three speakers will demonstrate how writing centers can serve as research centers for innovative education. Saginaw Valley State University This session will examine effective and ineffective uses of extra credit as a motivational strategy to encourage students to visit the university and high school writing centers. to carefully and critically chart out a model of growth for their centers which is realistic. describe how centers move across their institutions as entrepreneurs do. SALON C2 Workshop I’m Just Here For the Points: Student Motivation Linked to Extra Credit in Writing Center Sessions Maria Vos. Illinois State University. Panel Presentation Writing Centers as Academic Social Entrepeneurs Bradley Hughes. we seek to shed light on the challenges and rewards of committing to de-centering the writing center. Heidi Stevenson.11:15am CONCURRENT SESSIONS B-1. Z. feasible. This session will conclude with “best practices” for faculty to use extra credit to motivate writing center writing center director rotation. SALON C1 MWCA 2013 Individual Presentation L is for Leap : An Anthropologist and a Chemist Dive into a Writing Center Robert Marrs. Individual Presentation Building Diversity through Director Rotation Z. cultural anthropology. Drawing from the scholarship of Frances Condon. Coe College Three faculty from diverse disciplines—physical chemistry. 10 .

Abbie Amiotte. seven tutors will discuss how their career aspirations—in education. Panel Presentation Tutoring the Non-Traditional Student: Connecting with Three Demographics Gina Wilkerson. the other in psychology. shape the methods they use. Maryan Wherry. B-6.Friday. The tutors will specifically discuss how their career goals motivate them to tutor. and determine their takeaways from tutoring experiences. During this workshop 11 11 . and Kinbrae Bezdicek. K’s case sheds light on the importance of identity and community both in the writing center and in the classroom. Natalie Church. B-5. Western Illinois University—Quad Cities This panel explores these challenges and offers specific metacognitive strategies for Writing Center consultants to consider as they strive to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse group of student writers. and Timothy Nicholas. and guide each participant through crafting a chart to fit their writing center. BIRCHWOOD Panel Presentation Future Matters: How Career Aspirations Affect Writing Center Work Briana Baughman. Northeastern Illinois University This sociolinguistic case study examines whether discourse community initiation actually occurs when a student meets with two different discipline-specific writing tutors-one in English. Individual Presentation Discourse Community Initiation through Repetition in a Discipline-Specific Writing Center: A Sociolinguistic Approach to Analyzing Conversation Rachel L. Workshop Mapping the Writing Center Martha Jerrim. respectively—influence their approach to writing center work. University of Kansas Writing Centers are organizations that produce better writers. Holtz. Northwestern College In this panel. MONTICELLO Individual Presentation Master of Her Universe--Reconsidering Expertise in Light of New Literacies Angela Woodward. suggesting that initiation begins to occur through these linguistic patterns. Jennifer Hoover. public relations. SALON D2 MWCA 2013 I will present an adaptable “Function Chart”. Analysis of video clips shows that lexical and syntactic repetition occurred in both tutoring sessions. similar to that used by many successful organizations or businesses. and publishing. Edgewood College This case study examines a student who was extremely proficient in her writing ability in the context of a role-playing game. yet could not pass an introductory English course. Deborah Admire. explain how and why it works. octOBER 18 B-3. DEVONSHIRE B-4.

and language rights. Loras College The current study investigates reasons why students utilize the writing center. Southern Illinois University. and interact with and manipulate textual artifacts in nuanced and productive ways. Saginaw Valley State University Workshop “Here Comes Trouble!”: SRTOL and Our Willingness to Be Disturbed Jasmine Kar Tang.Friday. Many students go because they are required to and will be penalized if they do not. B-10. Cochran. and Jule Wallis. Carol Severino and Shih-Ni Prim.writing center. to recognize and meet needs of these departtice. octOBER 18 B-7. Wayne State University This presentation explores the use of technology to create spaces where students can both see their writing as a multi-dimensional. Beth Godbee. perceived pragmatic violations. multi-modal process. embracing a “willingness to be disturbed”--an activist scholar identity. facilitators. B-8. SALON E1 and participants will explore questions of racial power. Together. Specifically. cumulativeness) to examine second language drafts that were tutored via three modes: face-to-face. I should: Why Students Utilize the Writing Center Helena Hall. SALON D1 Panel Presentation Tech-ing out the Writing Center: Methods for using technology to change students’ perceptions of writing Luke Thominet. and asynchronous at two university writing centers. agency. and Thomas Ferrel. Panel Presentation Using Higher/Lower Order Concerns and “Error Gravity” to Examine Second Language Writing Problems and Tutors’ Responses to Them in Synchronous and Asynchronous Online and Face-to-Face Tutoring Jane Cogie and Lan Vu. I have to. Union College. 11:15am . this panel presentation uses criteria of “error gravity” (comprehensibility. synchronous. it seeks to Join us to consider the meandiscover how tutors can be ing of more fully enacting the 1974 CCCC resolution “Students’ used as a liaison between their specific departments and a Right to Their Own Language” in everyday writing center prac. Chris Susak. University of Iowa To find out whether a concept from applied linguistics can complement higher/lower-order concerns. Tanya R. workshop. BOARDROOM MWCA 2013 Individual Presentation I want to. University of Missouri-Kansas City This session explores how a writing center can reach out to students of departments who seldom utilize the writing center. University of Minnesota.11:30am BREAK Holiday Inn Atrium Individual Presentation “Making the Connection:” Tutors Work as Liaisons to Underserved Departments in the Writing Center Rachael Blaylock and Cara Cole. Through this research I want to develop some solutions to increase the number African American students that visit the Writing Center and to invalidate any stigmas that Black students have about getting writing help. B-9. SALON E2 Individual Presentation Breaking Down The Stigmas:Why is it that Black Students Do Not Utilize the Campus Writing Center Ta Leasa Johnson. Marquette University. in an interactive ments. partic- 12 . irritation. Kansas State University This research project will observe the Black student population at Kansas State University and it will investigate the reason why so few Black students utilize the Writing Center. Those who made appointments because they wanted to or were recommended to do so reported an increased awareness of how to write papers.

We will discuss the effectiveness of this kind of outreach and marketing. Analyzing Kant’s and Gadamer’s aesthetic theories along with Nancy Welch’s reflection on “playing with reality. Drawing on case studies from our Writing Center’s Skype and email instruction.Friday. University of Wisconsin Madison Chaired by Brad Hughes. Workshop An Organic Approach to Marketing for the Writing Center Gonzalo Guzman and Bronte Price. methods. SALON D1 Individual Presentation The Place of Poetry in the Writing Center: Quarrying Poetics for Academic Composition Mark Gunter. and Chas Newman. University of Wisconsin-Madison This session asks what can be gained as writing centers expand online instruction. and relationships that transform. octOBER 18 11:30am . University of Illinois Laboratory High School Bruffee proposed that “the beginnings of peer tutoring lie in practice. Alice Reitz.12:45pm CONCURRENT SESSIONS C-1. SALON D2 Individual Presentation The Aesthetic and Logical Mystery of Flow: Playing with Prose in the Writing Center Nathaniel Taylor. the work writing centers can do.” Hear from peer tutors and their teacher about the first two years of a high school writing center.” this idea of flow can be used to experiment with conventional approaches to essay writing. Wheaton College “Heuristic quotations” capture the thoughts of writers about the work of writing. 13 . Northeastern Illinois University The aim of this presentation is to explore how tutors of academic writing can utilize the craft of poetry as they help students write academic prose. The presentation will connect the organic outreach with the need for genre specific workshops given by peer tutors. They are regularly featured in our writing center on a marker board. Columbia College Chicago This session looks at using student tutors toward an organic approach to marketing for the writing center. providing ancient wisdom for consultants and student writers. we will discuss how poetry has already benefited our practice as tutors. C-4. and Kristiane Stapleton. Panel Presentation Virtual Transformations: The Collaborative Potential of Online Instruction Michael Shapiro.  As we examine ideas culled from academic essays along with examples gathered from students’ writings. Individual Presentation Using Ancient Wisdom to Promote Inventive Thinking in the Writing Center Jeffry Davis. rather than simply translate. our presenters will ask how online instruction creates spaces. is an ideal source for such quotations. Danielle Warthen. resulting in more creativity and confidence in writers. composed in the third century by Lu Chi. The Wen Fu. SALON C2 Roundtable Conversation In & About High School Writing Centers Suzanne Linder. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire This presentation explores the logical-aesthetic boundaries of “flow” in essay writing. not in theory. C-2. and how a greater awareness of poetic techniques of word and meaning production can help us guide students to become better writers. We will discuss how serving in a writing center influences our writing practice and the teaching of writing. SALON C1 MWCA 2013 C-3.

Jon Miller. BIRCHWOOD MWCA 2013 C-7. and Robert Marrs. Individual Presentation Traveling across Disciplines: The Interpersonal Communication Competence of the Writing Center Tutor Emily Cramer. C-6. 2) effective. and self-presentational goals. To illustrate. Jordan Williams. Kansas State University Responding to recent calls for evidence-based research. Workshop Generating “Instant” Research Together: A New Gateway Drug for Undergraduate Tutors? Kelsey Hixson-Bowles and Kara Northway. Participants will discuss the benefits of such communication and ways in which they can achieve it. tutors and directors will themselves design questions for an online survey. is embedded in a grant program. Specifically. C-8. part of a WAC Program that consists of a Writing Center and a faculty development service. Individual Presentation Forging Connections: Faculty Development and Student Development via a Writing Mentor Pilot Program Deborah Schlacks and Yvonne Rutford. Coe College Rapport-building. matching communication to situational. tutors must be 1) appropriate.Friday. University of Wisconsin-Superior This presentation describes development and implementation of a Writing Mentor Pilot Program at a small public liberal arts institution. and utilizes specific social media-outlets to construct a sense of community. our presentation will focus on the benefits of working within a relationship based on trust. the session explores how our Writing Studio applies community-building principles to an online-based environment through shared content. Matthew Scrivner. this workshop will provide an innovative method for introducing undergraduate tutors to the “highs” of conducting quantitative research. University of Missouri-Kansas City The session examines how the notion of a “community” is constructed in physical environments. Drawing from an interpersonal communication competence framework. and Thomas Ferrel. writer and consultant sharing a common understanding of writing center practices. Wittenberg University The goal of the session is to promote inter-departmental communication about writing in the university. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Presenter will explore intersections between writing center practice and communication theory. and how these principles apply to online communities. octOBER 18 C-5. The mentor pilot. Kobe Spencer. SALON E1 Individual Presentation Putting the “L” Back in the Liberal Arts Sean McCullough. MONTICELLO Fishbowl Redefining Community in the Digital Sphere Sarah Mundy. relational. is crucial in writing conferences. relational. The mentor pilot helps spur faculty involvement and connects the two parts of the WAC Program in useful ways. BOARDROOM Individual Presentation Friends Working With Friends: The Benefits of Rapport in Writing Conferences Peter Madsen. They will also gain a better understanding of how different departments at one school view writing. But what if writer and consultant are friends? While acknowledging the potential drawbacks to consulting with friends. treating writers with respect. 14 . Ariana Uding. to be taken and immediately analyzed during the workshop--providing instant gratification. and cultural expectations. and 3) ethical. the relationship of student writer and consultant. accomplishing instrumental.

SALON E2 Individual Presentation Laying New Tracks Over Old Ground: Reconstructing the Role of the Writing Center in a “Remedial” Writing Program Crystal Mueller. community college) and how the creation. and co-mentoring in the performance of “college student. The students in the English 299 tutor training course—Grasshoppers—were paired with experienced tutors. and revision of a peer tutor lab and online training modules (via Blackboard) can help these tutors develop individually and together within this context while meeting the needs of their diverse and unique student population. The role is grounded in the holistic advising model. Saginaw Valley State University In this presentation. Allison Sterken. surveys. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Loop back with the writing center at a public comprehensive university deliberately working to reconstruct remedial writing support. Monmouth College Operation Grasshopper is a mentoring program developed within the writing center community focused on integrating new tutors into the program. The presentation is a think-tank based conversation directed toward starting and maintaining similar programs in other writing centers. Bay de Noc Community College Presenter will share how her center’s peer tutors’ and writers’ identities are shaped by their institutional context (a rural. DEVONSHIRE MWCA 2013 Erica Mead. The UW Oshkosh Writing Center has renamed and refocused the Writing Mentor position. and interviews to examine the challenges new tutors face in the Writing Center. along with a discussion of effective and ineffective training techniques applicable to most tutor training programs. recently hired tutors will present research. Workshop “Riding the L to the Learning”: Training New Tutors to Learn and Grow in the Writing Center Samantha Jackson. octOBER 18 Individual Presentation Operation Grasshopper: Mentoring in the Writing Center Lauren Becker and Alyssa Riley. C-9. use.Friday.” Individual Presentation Not in the Handbook: Using Peer Tutor Labs and Online Training Modules via Blackboard to Support and Develop Tutor Identities and Professional Growth 15 . Hillary Degner. and Kylie Wojciechowski. C-10. perspective-taking strategies. called Elders.

Nicole Peterson.A Two-way Street James Gilson. Taylor Mayenschein. In addition. we examine how consultants recognize when prior writing knowledge needs to be substantially transformed and the rhetorical strategies used to convince students to evaluate their prior writing knowledge. and what qualifications are necessary for building and implementing changes to them. Connor Roth. Saluki Write is a “Mobile Writing Lab” for Android and iOS devices. SALON D2 Individual Presentation Metacognition . Anton Jones. Roundtable Talk about Transfer in the Center: Negotiating the Complexities of Writing Transfer 16 . the presenter will examine the inadvertent role tutors might play in preventing meaningful metacognitive awareness. SALON E2. highly skilled candidates and focus on the appropriate attributes and skills of the candidates. Elizabeth Geib. Brittney Hauke. octOBER 18 C-10. Western Illinois University Reporting on interview-driven case studies. We also present what students do with talk about writing transfer when they leave the writing center. and Robert Marrs. bringing the OWL experience into native mobile environments. Belinda Young. Southern Illinois University Carbondale With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. D-4. SALON C1 MWCA 2013 Nicole Hagstrom-Schmidt.West Lafayette This presentation examines how writing center staff develop and update their digital infrastructures. SALON D1 Individual Presentation “The First Generation of Mobile Writing Labs” Robert Calton. Shade Hannum. cont.2:15pm LUNCHEON WITH KEYNOTE SPEAKER BEN RAFOTH SALONS A & B 2:30pm . Writing Centers must account for providing composition reference information to a diverse range of writers using many mobile operating systems. Purdue University . D-3. and Tanya Juhasz. Ashley Marsh. who is responsible for overseeing them. SALON C2 Conversation and creativity session Individual Presentation Stewards of Infrastructure: The increasing digital qualifications and responsibilities of Writing Center staff Fernando Sanchez. This investigation will help uncover how writing center websites are maintained.Friday. Coe College This roundtable conversation will focus on how writing centers can develop procedures for selecting new staff members that will attract diverse. Roundtable No Easy Task: Matching a Writing Center’s Hiring Practices with a Writing Center’s Culture Madeline Base. Samantha Patterson. Elena Moran-Cortes.3:45pm CONCURRENT SESSIONS D-1. Andrew Koehler. Kansas State University This presentation will examine the role that writing centers play in developing metacognition along with proposing the inherent significance of tutors becoming aware of and actively participating in metacognitive development. How do we successfully recruit the best people for this challenging assignment working in a writing center? D-2. 1:00pm .

us understand how tutors and writing center administrators. cont. State University of tinez. Fashion Institute of Zachary Beare. the international student population has risen sharply. changing institutional culture. University of Kansas Misunderstandings between writers and consultants are. BOARDROOM Individual Presentation Fishbowl Workshop You’re Invited!: The Feminist Writing Center as a Mirror for Reflection Heather Meyer. Panel Presentation Networking the Multilingual University Thomas McNamara. SALON D2. 17 . and Yu-Kyung Kang. Instances of Trains Passing: How Misunderstandings in Consulta. and meaning. D-5. The panel addresses administrative and research efforts and specific programs like ESL writing groups. and Nicole New York Green. BIRCHWOOD MWCA 2013 D-7. the workshop facilitator will ask participants to look at their identification with levels of feminism and the ways they describe the role(s) of the writing center. composition instructors. we hope aims to provide peer tutors to both share our experiences with additional ways to learn and plans for expanded instituand think about their work as tional outreach and advocacy. Adriana MarTechnology. the writing center has reinforced and expanded its mission to advocate for and support all writers. SALON E1 Every ‘Conversation of Mankind’ Advocacy in Translation: WritShould Involve a Good Listener ing Centers and International Students Brian Fallon. students work with graduate assistant tutors in weekly small groups. D-8. this presentation international writers. Libbie Morley. In addition to regular class time. writers collaborate to make classroom writing teachers. MONTICELLO tions Can Be a Good Thing Robert Wilson. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.Friday. Panel Presentation Collaboration Between Writing Center Personnel and Composition Instructors: A Solution for Helping Underprepared Writers Tanya Dotseth. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh This workshop will ask participants to thoughtfully examine whether and how their personal values affect their encounters in the writing center space. as well as learn from and further explore these issues with our audience members through Individual Presentation a fishbowl structure. Taking inspiration from psychologists Bandler and Grinder’s notion of neuro-linguistic programming.D-6. octOBER 18 D-4. a frequent occurrence in all writing centers. In response. Cara Pawlowski. Saint Cloud State University This presentation examines the significance of collaboration between the writing center director. I explore the possibility that instances of miscommunication can reveal potential opportunities for consultants to help improve writers as well as their projects. doubtless. Specifically. and Carol Mohrbacher. English 190 serves students with low placement test scores. University of Nebraska– Lincoln By examining how this one presupposed aspect of Bruffee’s Drawing on our shared expericonversation argument helps ences as writing center tutors. writing tutors and co-learners. Mevi Hova. and graduate assistant (GA) tutors in our university’s English 190 program.

how writing tutors can prioritize higher order and lower order concerns. and interviews to demonstrate how FYC develops initial tutoring skills. 18 . Campus-wide workshops and the Senior Project. but potential tutors. DEVONSHIRE MWCA 2013 This panel examines how academic support services identify and address the issues of underpreparedness that students present. Laura Farmer. SALON E2 Individual Presentation Professional Writing in the Writing Center: How Writing Centers can prepare students (and consultants!) for life after college. surveys. and “best practices” which FYC instructors can use to encourage the development of not just writers. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panel Presentation Managing Expectations: E”L”evating Lower Order Concerns to Get Students Out of the “Loop” Borislava Miltcheva. octOBER 18 D-9. This hands-on approach makes consultants better equipped to assist students and leads to more consultants securing post-graduate opportunities. where senior consultants complete one professional application by October. 4:00pm . St Louis College of Pharmacy This session presents the independent study as a viable model for tutor training. professional school in using this method to train tutors and discusses why this is a highly adaptable model for other schools that may have specialized needs. Cornell College This session examines how to help undergraduate students and consultants with professional writing. We will explore best practices for assisting students with a variety of challenges and. Saginaw Valley State University First Year Composition (FYC) can be the first step into an undergraduate’s writing center career.Friday. This presentation will provide research. SALON C1 Individual Presentation An Independent Model for Tutor Training Susan Mueller. Individual Presentation “Window of Opportunity”: Looking Closer (& Faster) at Online Sessions Margaret Mika and Joshua Worsham. more specifically. Northeastern Illinois University Individual Presentation Writing the Way into the Writing Center: Seeing First Year Composition as the Initial Training Ground for Writing Center Tutors Nancy Lackey.4:45pm CONCURRENT SESSIONS E-1. It describes the experience of one small. D-10. Jerome Cusson. and John Cahill. will be discussed.

administrators continually explore effective ways to prepare and support online tutors. State University of New York This presentation draws on interviews from tutors in a university writing center and employees at a multinational corporation to propose a new framework with which to approach identity and difference in writing centers. Fashion Institute of Technology. but also affirm existing abilities.Friday. and explores how we can mitigate behaviors rooted in cultures of abuse and needless perfection. SALON D2 Individual Presentation “Minding the Gap” between the Asynchronous Online Tutorial and Writing Center Ethos Cassandra Bausman. we must be intentional about creating better spaces. and how can they enrich your MWCA conference experience and daily writing center work?  This SIG will address these questions. MONTICELLO Roundtable The Trouble With “Good” Writing Marcus Simmons. provide tips on creating and maintaining a SIG. we propose a roundtable to analyze examples of textual gifting and poaching. Special Interest Group (SIG) SIG on SIGs Mitch Nakaue. SALON D1 MWCA 2013 E-5. North Park University When individuals enter our writing centers prepared to be diminished and rejected. Roundtable Individual Authorship: An “artifact” of academia Jessica Lieb. E-3. E-4. It will reconcile a consideration of online tutoring as a compromise between our values and practical exigencies and instead consider it as a new. Clarkson College The rise of cyber culture. as both ethically sound and ethically troubling. This presentation will share the positive and negative outcomes of one new training strategy: Immediate e-dialogue with individual tutors based on administrators’ careful reading and synthesized analyses of all synchronous online transcripts. DEVONSHIRE Roundtable Collaborative Consumption in the Writing Center: Maintaining Integrity in a Gift Economy Katherine Kirkpatrick and Kathleen Hall. This discussion combines writing and conflict transformation theory. specifically the increase of shared information. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities I will present on my undergraduate senior thesis. and explain the partnership possibilities between SIGs and MWCA. abilities to develop collaborative writing methods on the ground. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire What are Special Interest Groups. University of Iowa My presentation considers asynchronous online tutoring as an opportunity to reevaluate questioning practices and ‘directive’ tutoring. octOBER 18 As online tutoring technology evolves. discursive arena which requires its own particular rhetoric and praxis. E-2. which explores how western cultural and institutional values of individualism can obscure the inherent collaboration that exists in all forms of writing. E-6. carries multiple implications for writing centers. This means developing ethical codes that address writing challenges. The University of Iowa and Alan Benson. and therefore limit educator’s 19 . or the giving and taking of words. SALON C2 Individual Presentation Researching Reconciliation Work in Writing Centers and in Industry Adam Gray. To discuss these implications. industry and beyond.

with a focus on last-minute writing. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Thomas Truesdell. MONTICELLO. while also fostering new connections between the tutors who blog and their writing center. E-7. E-10. sertations over the past 30 years. BIRCHWOOD Individual Presentation Individual Presentation How To Be Blogworthy: Blogging. The presenter will discuss proposed research on the levels of comfort that writers have before--and after--meeting with a consultant. & the Writing Center Mark Jacobs. BOARDROOM Procrastination Station: Examining the Engine behind Same-Day ConAnswering the Research Call: Writsultations ing Center Dissertations. SALON E1 Individual Presentation Individual Presentation What Does Last-Minute Look Like? A Study of Writing Anxiety David Gold. 20 . I’ll identify the ways inbound marketing by blogging has increased our engagement with our students. I argue how these conversational moves impact tutor and writer satisfaction. call and is poised to continue answering it in the future. More specifically. University of Kansas This poster examines openings and closings in writing consultations. Drawing on research. 19792009 Audrey Manicor. Northwestern College This presentation examines the motivations and desires of stuThis presentation will examine dents coming to the Writing overlooked research that has Center on or the day before their appeared in writing center dispapers are due. Institutional Identity. MWCA 2013 E-9. University of Nebraska-Lincoln This presentation uses the experiences of a trans woman working in the hypermasculine environment of a student-athlete learning community to inquire into the good that can come when we put ourselves in situations which may be beyond our normal comfort zone.Friday. understanding how the field has and whether the students are One attempted to answer the research or Multi-Draft writers. cont. SALON E2 Poster Openings and Closings: Why? How To? Terese Thonus. this investigation examined the It will identify trends in disserrole of procrastination. Individual Presentation We’re on the same team: a Trans Woman’s Experience Tutoring Student Athletes Alice Edwardson. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh This study examines writing anxiety and its possible effects on writing center interactions. I demonstrate how consultants omit or abbreviate these moves and showcase a workshop in which they learned how to use openings and closings more effectively. DePaul University “Inbound marketing” is a recent term for the use of digital media to attract web traffic to organizations’ websites. E-8. awareness tation research with the goal of of the role of the Writing Center. octOBER 18 E-6.

Friday. Thomas Ferrel. artifacts. Beth Godbee. and other materials focused on anti-racism activism. october 18 5:00pm .6:15pm SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP DEVONSHIRE Meeting of the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Anti-Racism Activism Becca Johnson. and Bobbi Olson. University of Missouri-Kansas City. During the meeting. University of Wisconsin-Madison. Marquette University. Grand View University Join us to identify strategies and to share stories. position statements. Katie Levin. and we’ll set new goals and project commitments for the upcoming two years. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. and appetizers! MWCA 2013 21 . Neil Simpkins. 7:00pm . University of Minnesota. wine.9:00pm RECEPTION DePaul University’s UCWbL Downtown Chicago Use your CTA cards and join us downtown at DePaul University’s University Center for Writing-based Learning in the Loop for complimentary beer. we’ll review what we have accomplished since our initial meeting at the 2006 MWCA conference.

and Courtney Worthington.8:45am POSTERS Holiday Inn Atrium Undergraduate Peer Writing Tutor Research: Survey Results Christopher Ervin. Coe College We will attempt to answer the question: how does such a writing center function as a coherent culture. Bob Marrs. 22 . Laura Mills.8:45am BREAKFAST Holiday Inn Atrium 7:30pm . In a Space Where All the Furniture is Second-Hand: Creating a Writing Center Balancing Work and Play Justine Arcand. Western Kentucky University The results of a survey of writing center administrators and tutors Individual Presentation Tutoring. Olivia Watson. and consultant training. where this knowledge needs improvement. and tutoring practices. University of Kansas SATURDAY. Seeing the consultation as a genre will provide insight into the knowledge consultants possess. it takes up and responds to writing center research that explores the relations among transfer. OCTOBER 19 7:00am . Emily Gasper. SALON C1 Individual Presentation Mapping the Routes of the FaceTo-Face consultation: Using Genre Theory in the Writing Center Maria Carvajal. 7:30pm . Ella Remund-Wiger. Hannah Wiles.2:30pm REGISTRATION Holiday Inn Atrium Two focuses will be highlighted: Barriers/challenges to UR in the WC and transfer of research skills from the WC to other research contexts.SATURDAY. research. fulfilling its primary objective–providing consulting services to student writers–while also inviting students to participate in a community involving many diverse activities? What holds together this diversity? And what My presentation examines the face-to-face consultation from a genre perspective. and Uptake: Connecting Writing Knowledge through Activity-Based Tutoring Strategies Moria Torrington. Illinois State University This presentation focuses on the design and implementation of a genre studies/cultural-historical activity theory based individual tutoring program linked to a basic writing course. Andy Cheng. 2 and possible new routes for developing writing center theory. In doing so.10:15am CONCURRENT SESSIONS F-1. uptake. Transfer. octOBER 19 MWCA 2013 9:00am .

Illinois Central College While spiritual identity may seem irrelevant to. Wartburg College In the writing center we are always looking for new places to go in our tutor training. F-4. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire This round-robin workshop invites audience members to explore how diverse audiences. and introspection. and to create ways to enhance the reflective process. how we can address these barriers. and language can provide vital and productive sites of inquiry. faith. writing center work. this presentation will suggest that the intersections between our practice. Panel Presentation Queer Shibboleths: Faith. SALON C2 F-3. and Shayla Hopp. DEVONSHIRE MWCA 2013 F-5. and Crisis in the Community College Writing Center Stephanie Guedet Scott. and Teresa Schmeling. and Mary Claire Marck. and discuss possible implications of these commonalities to our work in literacy studies. or even in conflict with. miscommunication. Lindsey Fenner. questioning. including similar aspects of belief. Amy Nolan. Incorporating the writing of creative non-fiction essays wherein the writing consultants slowly uncover the layers of a consultation has turned out to be a great tool to achieve new levels of understanding. octOBER 19 F-2. Jette Irgens. F-6. and institutional practices work against the collaborative goals of writing center pedagogy. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Elizabeth Boquet’s notion of writing center theory and practice as “so perfectly at odds with itself” often parallels the experience of the student-athlete. SALON D1 Workshop Sharing the Ride: Connecting. Open session 23 . Questions about the lived conditions of student-athletes and how that impacts the writing center moment will guide discussion to a place of new inquiry. Communicating. Olivia McCarthy. SALON D2 Roundtable Under Pressure: Considering the Lived Conditions of Student-Athletes and Their Impact on Writing Consultations Marcus Meade. MONTICELLO Panel Presentation Writing to Insight Caroline Ledeboer. Alexis Maloof.SATURDAY. Identity. and Collaborating in the Writing Center Alan Benson. We will explore the connections between academic inquiry and faith. and how collaborative practices rooted in writing center work can serve as a model for collaborative authoring in the classroom.

Coe College Panel Presentation Through the Looking Glass: A Conversation Connecting Theory and Practice Leah Misemer and Anne Haggerson. Connor Swanson.” “oversees. Interviews with students and faculty at the University of Illinois indicate a need to reconsider our approach to preventing and punishing plagiarism. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign My study focuses on the evolving issue of student plagiarism. of approaches which attempt to promote this collaboration. In this presentation. and Raquel Baker. and Haleema Smith. which are also used in social work.Iowa bers will attempt to answer a simple but complex question: where This session explores the philosophical and everyday issues does power reside in a writing center staff? What power does the involved in implementing collaborative practices in a course-emdirector have for defining a writing center’s philosophy–and how bedded peer tutoring program. connecting theory to practice in new ways. Sara Sweeney. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The writing center director is an administrator in the usual sense. will discuss the theory she applied during those moments.SATURDAY. as well as the instruction that students receive prior to incorporating outside sources into their writing. Amanda Swygard. F-8. My job description includes phrases like “responsible for.” But we say tutors will “help you learn. Kristen Scott. the student. BIRCHWOOD Individual Presentation Who Has the Power: Multiple Sites of Authority in a Writing Center Robert Marrs. the instructor. Madeleine O’ Rourke. University of Wisconsin-Madison Teachers spend much time reflecting on their praxis. BOARDROOM MWCA 2013 F-9. and how tutors can empower writers to help themselves by giving up some of their own power through techniques such as self-disclosure and the strengths perspective.” How does our collaborative model of tutoring become a model of administration? Plagiarism: Ethical Epidemic or Educational Failure? Julie Chamberlin.” or “work with you. will discuss salient moments in our partnership and Leah. octOBER 19 F-7. 24 . F-10.” and “taking the lead. SALON E2 Individual Presentation Power and Control in the Helping Process: Drawing Parallels between Writing Tutoring and Social Work Ayrika Bennett. are those philosophical principles Presenters will examine the interpreted and redefined by the challenges of collaborative writundergraduate staff’s preferences ing in peer tutoring sessions as well as discuss the effectiveness and practices. University of This joint presentation by a writing center director and staff mem. Megan Henry. Anne. but few have the luxury of reflecting with a student. SALON E1 Panel Presentation Challenges of Collaboration in Curriculum-Based Peer Tutoring Lacey Worth. Kansas State University This paper examines why it is important to recotnize the power differential inherent in helping relationships. Individual Presentation Individual Presentation Leading Alone Together Libbie Morley.

octOBER 19 Individual Presentation 10:15am . but to move writing center research forward. Kirsti Arko. this highly Inclusion Rather than Separation: interactive workshop will examine Tutorials for Students Facing Lan. Christina Cavaco.0: A Framework for Transition Adam Gray. This panel will offer a framework that one center utilized as it moved toward a “4. writing as an act of reconciliation connects people. . and peaceIndividual Presentation making technology. and how studies about stigma toward mental health diagnoses can offer new tutoring approaches. Incorporating the concepts of embodied knowledge. Karla Kitalong.  It may be that there is no magic key when working with these students.KEYNOTE WORKSHOP sin-Milwaukee WITH As I transition to a Master’s program in fall 2013. new frameworks and strategies must be developed.11:45am Mike Haen.SATURDAY. creative the writer’s craft can build guage Based Learning Disabilities and heal communities.10:30am BREAK Be Mindful: Reflecting on the DisHoliday Inn Atrium course about Writers with Mental Health Diagnoses 10:30am . SALON C1 Panel Presentation Traveling Towards Writing Center 4.2:30pm CONCURRENT SESSIONS G-1.1:00pm BOX LUNCH & MWCA OPEN MEETING SALONS A & B Boxed lunches will be served in Salons A & B. and Lauren Bowen. but the expansion of the collection of strategies is the goal. University of Wiscon. Michigan Technical University The literature on writing centers’ marginalization is plentiful. Just as Chicago’s elevated train system connects neighborhoods. MARY TRUJILLO SALONS A & B Waging Peace: Writing as Reconciliation MWCA 2013 1:15pm . I reflect on my tutoring at my undergraduate institution’s Writing Center and Office of Disability Services. those of us who work in writing centers are encountering more students with identified language based learning disabilities. I reflect on working with writers identifying as disabled. Fashion Institute of Technology.0” version of itself while still maintaining a connection to past theoretical frameworks and remaining open to new possibilities. University of Wisconsin Fox Valley While 15-20% of the population is affected. 12:00pm .

and it uses social media to sultant team approach. Librarians. Monmouth College This presentation will discuss the history of our Writing Fellows Our Writing Center is partnering program and how we have introwith the campus Admissions Ofduced several dramatic changes fice to promote the Writing Center in how writing consultants are asto international prospective stusigned to work with the college’s dents. SALON C2 MWCA 2013 G-3. What happens to agency and ownership in the collection of client data? Workshop participants will uncover and question data-gathering practices. Tim Salis. we must collect and aggregate client data to survive in a bean-counting universe. librarians. and writing centers. Without cooperation. faculty and staff can disrupt students’ efforts to learn literature-review writing skills. and Students to Teach Literature Reviews Melanie Brown. writing staff draw together perspectives from faculty. and students to facilitate learning of literature reviews. The undergraduate staff contributes to diversity in both will also describe the workshop tutors and writers in the Writing created to support this new conCenter. students use literature-review resources in classrooms. requiring build connections across campus consultants and faculty to discuss and around the world. libraries. and Robert Marrs. The collaborative project faculty. Kobe the World Spencer. exploring ways to better align them with writing center pedagogies. Adriana Uding. and Kristen Nichols-Besel. Katie Levin. Coe College Bridget Draxler and Lauren Becker. At Walden University. Creating Connections Across Campus to Forge Connections Around Peter Madsen. the writing center’s philosophy and practice. DEVONSHIRE Individual Presentation The Evolution of a Writing Fellows Program Individual Presentation Workshop “Why do you need to know that?”: An open conversation about client data collection and identity construction Kirsten Jamsen. Walden University In online asynchronous graduate programs.SATURDAY. octOBER 19 G-2. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Although writing centers identify as individual-student–centered institutions. Individual Presentation Some-to-Many Instruction: Connecting Faculty. 26 . Writing Coordinators.

MONTICELLO A Fly on the Wall: Writing Center Work from the Desk Receptionist’s Perspective Shannon Smith. and Rachel Jussel. Midland University This panel will reflect on current WC practices. SALON D2 MWCA 2013 Panel Presentation Negotiating Boundaries: The Role(s) of Graduate Assistant Directors in the Writing Center Katrina Bell. octOBER 19 G-4. While examining Consultant roles. new administration. Panel Presentation Looping: What we Know and Where we Want to Go Angela Glover. G-5. technology. and existing programs. Jane Cogie. reflection is necessary. and Melissa Kinsella.  For these ventures to succeed. geek speak. writing center directors and their graduate students must effectively negotiate roles and boundaries that are not clearly defined. and slang. Southern Illinois University As graduate assistants strive to develop their skills as scholars and professionals in the fields of literature and rhetoric/composition. Michelle Carpenter. succeed at and struggle with being a member of the writing tutor community. Missouri Baptist University What is writing like to you? Our workshop will explore this question and provide participants with “writing as…” workshop ideas that will encourage an inclusive. and Jennifer Hewerdine. Because Consultants strive to provide sessions that build rapport while meeting the needs of a diverse student population. 27 . the challenges of interacting with writers. G-6.G-8. BOARDROOM Roundtable Challenging Standard English: Investigating Style-Switching in the Writing Center Charlesia McKinney. to one another and investigate how these affect the way we write. G-7. who have a unique perspective on writing center work.SATURDAY. and session strategies. SALON E1 ous ways we speak to one another Roundtable and investigate how these affect the way we write. University of Nebraska-Lincoln This roundtable centers on the way desk staff. Kansas State University This interdisciplinary roundtable will investigate monolingual code-switching in the Writing Center between linguistic registers such as polite language. Investigating linguistic registers will help tutors further discover Workshop Celebrate Writing: Writing as a Metaphor Workshop Elizabeth Busekrus and Philip Parrish. writing centers are poised to help foster new avenues for professionalism and research. SALON D1 their identity and identify the vari. celebratory community of writers on any campus. Evan Christensen. and the transition from desk work to tutoring. we hope to close the loop.

Kansas State University. and writing center adBy diversifying the personnel ministrators. committee.4:00pm able learning environment in CONCURRENT SESSIONS the Writing Center. SALON C2 Mixed method methodologies: An assessement model for evaluating discipline-specific writing center Nicole Moore. Rather than seeing marginalized students as only the people we help. of our Writing Center. tion is still the most relevant faculty. active “listening.2:45pm seeking help. Workshop Integrating Counseling Theory into the Online Tutor Training Environment Crystal Lenz. Samantha Schmidt. SALON E2 MWCA 2013 H-1. 28 . how can we see them as the people that help us? H-2. college-wide assessment and effective means. so should therapy techniques (in their basic sense) be incorporated into the online tutoring session. Kate Nygren. practices and Vera Green. while also helping to connect the student to vital resources. the tutor can help the tutee feel understood as a complex human being. Amid all of ness communication center. BIRCHWOOD G-10.” and ready resource distribution. CAC initiative. These include acknowlbasic writing awareness through edging cultural differences in writing center sessions in a busirace and gender. SALON C1 Panel Presentation Shaping Writing Center Culture: Embracing Our Difference Panel Presentation Workshop Derailing the Hierarchy: How to Hear the Strategies of Struggle Kelsey Hixson-Bowles and Dory Cochran. Inspired by Chela Sandoval’s Methodology of the Oppressed. Adding a staff BREAK member from the same cultural Holiday Inn Atrium and educational background as the majority of students we serve has created a more favor2:45pm . Governors State University Abhijit Rao and Joseph Doolittle. university-wide. we have found that on feedback received from the personal face to face interacfollowing stakeholders: students. Iowa State University The Writing Center at our upper-division. we have been able to make all of our students feel comfortable when 2:30pm . Through intentional tutor training in empathy. highly diverse We investigate to what extent university faces complex issues students develop rhetorical and daily. The our efforts to reach a greater outcomes for the communicanumber of students through tion skills researched are based technology. octOBER 19 G-9. we invite attendees to rethink the hierarchies of sessions. University of Kansas This workshop will explore methods of valuing tutees’ knowledges. Kansas State University Just as therapy techniques have been incorporated into the face-to-face tutoring session.SATURDAY.

Saginaw Valley State University This session focuses on the impact Writing Center work has on the students who serve as tutors/peer mentors/consultants.g. in multiple languages. John A. and Léonie De Jong. and Deafness.. This session created a unique campus pubin tutoring students diagnosed lication. Southern Illinois University Carbondale Heidi Noyes. H-6 MONTICELLO Individual Presentations Rewarding Relaxation: Why Peer Consultants Should Cultivate Informal Writing Practices Elizabeth Lenaghan.SATURDAY. Autism Spectrum will be directed by Writing Consultants who are capable of working Disorder. we identified charwith learning disabilities. Northwestern University This individual presentation explores how peer writing center consultants might utilize informal writing practices (e. 29 . with Dyslexia. SALON D1 MWCA 2013 Individual Presentations When Tutors Reflect Panel Presentation Affirming Difference: Dis-Ability and Writing Center Practice Brian Stone. Amanda Engel. Tennessee State University Matt Garrison. In particular. Tweeting. and practices invitation to write personal for tutoring students diagnosed this session we will examine the reflections.wants a conference on something Writing Tutor Alumni Research senters. Logan College Workshop ¿Cómo se dice?: Using the Writing Center for Help with Foreign Language Writing Laura Farmer. SALON D2 Panel Presentation Putting the Writing Center on the Map: How GTAs Sell Sessions Amanda Hemmingsen and Shayn Guillemette. octOBER 19 H-3 DEVONSHIRE H-5. theories. it discusses how working with writers to reverse outline their papers by translating them into such informal idioms can help writers to clarify both their ideas and their prose. Using both the Peer What happens when a writer This panel will consist of 3 pre. Each practice of language conferences acteristic themes in current and presenter will discuss their and how they differ from first-lan. Cornell College Diane Boehm. texting) during consultations. each discussing anecProject survey along with an written in a foreign language? In dotes.former tutors’ responses and experiences with and research guage conferences. Our research explores the persona of the Writing Center that GTAs create in both informal and formal discourse with students and seeks to open conversation on how to approach dealing with this persona. University of Kansas We examine how GTAs help shape Writing Center identity and what they consider to be the purpose of a writing session. H-4.

I have tried to these services are mainly used make my students more confiby ESL students. The same investigations also suggested that ing center staff. Kansas State University This presentation surveys research on errors in writing common to academically underprepared students at the college-level. BIRCHWOOD Individual Presentations Roundtable Executive Board Meeting with Newly Elected Members H-10. 30 . where we found disthese ideas in at the start of an appointment might make more parity between the preliminary claims and our results. and wonder if bringing campus. SALON E2 Involving the Writer in the Mission: The Purpose of the Writing Center We Are All Riding the Same Train Saidouri Zomaya and Olivia Guzman. I will discuss ideas that have arisen from and skillful writers do not use the services provided by the transitioning from student to instructor while remaining writ.test these claims by surveying ment and beliefs into the class. We decided to dent writers by bringing ideas from my center’s mission state. North Park University Jennifer Finstrom. beneficial collaboration. It seeks to debunk some myths about underprepared students and to provide specific strategies for tutors to help these students improve.SATURDAY. SALON E1 MWCA 2013 H-9. State Consortia Meetings 4:15pm .writing center.4:30pm CLOSING MEETING SALON A Individual Presentations Working with Underprepared Students in the Writing Center: Strategies for Tutors Sierra Hale. DePaul University Preliminary investigations suggested that writing advisors In this presentation. octOBER 19 H-7 BOARDROOM H-8.writing advisors and skillful writers around the North Park room. The overarching theme is that the best method tutors can employ is to focus on initiating discussion of a paper’s themes and ideas.

com/# Ryan Spooner. DePaul University Matt is DePaul University’s UCWbL’s Faculty Development and Writing Fellows Program Director. Columbia College Chicago Nicole is a Student Assistant at the Learning Studio where she spent her extra time designing the program. http:/ /www.virb. We are very thankful that Nicole designed the MWCA 2013 final program. She is the owner and designer at Honey and Jo Illustrator and the Graphic Designer at Freelance. Mark. College of DuPage Ryan recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago with an MFA in Creative writing – Non-Fiction. Check out Nicole’s portfolio here: http:/ /nicolemizgalski. for designing the MWCA 2013 conference logo that combined the Midwestern windmill with the urban train tracks. Ryan.currentecalamo. Mark’s website Nicole Mizgalski. 31 . DePaul University Mark Jacobs recently graduated from DePaul University where he was not only a student but also the Assistant Website and Social Media Coordinator at DePaul University Center for Writing-based Learning. Best of luck to Matthew Pearson. She is currently working on a degree in Art and Design degree at Columbia. He is the graphic designer at H_NGM_N Books and the co-curator and graphic designer at The Dollhouse Reading Series. Thank you so much. for all of your hard work.Thank you to Our Designers Mark Jacobs. ryanpatrickspooner@gmail. Mark started the MWCA 2013 Conference website and worked really hard on it for six months before he graduated. Thank you. and he took over for Mark as webmaster for the MWCA 2013 Conference website.

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H-4 Hemmingsen Amanda University of Kansas F-9 Henry Megan University of Iowa G-4 Hewerdine Jennifer Southern.Lincoln B-3 Holtz Rachel NE Illinois University B-6 Hoover Jennifer Northwestern College F-6 Hopp Shayla Wartburg College D-5 Hova Mevi U of Nebraska .Z. G-2 Becker G-4 Bell F-10 Bennett E-4. F-2 Benson B-6 Bezdicek B-10 Blaylock H-6 Boehm G-1 Bowen G-2 Brown G-7 Busekrus D-10 Cahill C-10 Calton A-8 Canavan G-8 Carpenter A-7. SIG Ferrel H-7 Finstrom A-4 Freitag H-3 Garrison Posters Gasper D-2 Geib F-3 Geudet Scott D-4 Gilson Deborah Northwestern College Michael Governors State University Abbie Northwestern College Justine Coe College Kirsti Michigan Tech University Raquel University of Iowa Madeline Coe College Briana Northwestern College Cassandra University of Iowa Zachary U of Nebraska . Northern MI U H-6 Lenaghan Elizabeth Northwestern University H-2 Lenz Crystal KS State U G-3.Twin Cities E-2 Lieb Jessica U of MN . Kentucky U Kathy Carleton College Brian Fashion Institute of Tech Laura Cornell College Lindsey U of Wisc-Eau Claire Thomas U of MS-Kansas City Jennifer DePaul University Nicholas U of Wisc-Eau Claire Matt John A. E8 Edwardson A-5 Ehren H-5 Engel Posters Ervin A-5 Evertz D-4 Fallon D-9. IL University -Schmidt H-7 Hale Sierra KS State U E-5 Hall Kathleen Clarkson College B-10 Hall Helena Loras College D-1 Hannum Shade Coe College D-1 Hauke Brittney Coe College A-7.Twin Cities .Twin Cities G-6 Kinsella Melissa Midland University E-5 Kirkpatrick Katherine Clarkson College G-1 Kitalong Karla Michigan Tech University D-1 Koehler Andrew Coe College A-2 Koopmans Claire U of Wisc-Eau Claire C-6 Kramer Emily U of Wisc-Milwaukee D-9 Lackey Nancy Saginaw Valley State U A-6 Lawson Daniel Central MI University F-6 Ledeboer Caroline Wartburg College B-1 Lehmberg Z.Lincoln Maria University of Kansas Christina U of Wisconsin Fox Valley Julie U of IL Urbana-Champaign Mckinney KS State U Andy Coe College Evans Midland University Natalie Northwestern College Dory KS State U Tanya Union College Jane S. SIG Levin Katie U of MN . Mary’s U of MN C-5.Lincoln Dave Macalester College Amanda Cornell College Christopher W.Lincoln G-9 Green Vera Governors State University A-7.Lincoln D-8 Kang Yu-Kyung U of IL Urbana-Champaign B-8 Kar Tang Jasmine U of MN . SIG Godbee Beth Marquette University E-7 Gold David U of Wisc-Oshkosh A-5 Graham Rebecca Macalester College E-6. H-5 Farmer F-2 Fenner C7.Lincoln Lauren Monmouth College Katrina S. IL Univ Cara Saginaw Valley State U Jerome NE Illinois University Jeffry Wheaton College Léonie Cornell College Andrea U of Wisc-Stout Hillary Saginaw Valley State U Joseph Iowa State University Tanya Saint Cloud University Bridget Monmouth College Kimberly Coe College Alice U of Nebraska . G-4 Cogie B-10 Cole D-10 Cusson C-1 Davis H-5 De Jong B-1 Deacon C-9 Degner G-10 Doolittle D-6 Dotseth G-2 Draxler B-1 Dukes B-2. F-1 Carvajal F-10 Cavaco F-8 Chamberlin G-5 Charlesia Posters Cheng G-6 Christensen B-6 Church H-1 Cochran B-8 Cochran B-7. IL University Stephanie IL Central College James KS State U G-6 Glover Angela Midland University B-8. H-4 Guillemette Shayn University of Kansas C-1 Gunter Mark NE Illinois University C-4 Guzman Gonzalo Columbia College Chicago H-8 Guzman Olivia North Park University F-10 Haen Mike U of Wisc-Milwaukee F-7 Haggerson Anne U of Wisc .index B-6 Admire G-9 Alexander B-6 Amiotte Posters Arcand G-1 Arko F-9 Baker D-1 Base B-6 Baughman E-1 Bausman D-5 Beare C-8.Madison A-3 Hustedde Michael Saint Ambrose University F-6 Irgens Jette Wartburg College C-9 Jackson Samantha Saginaw Valley State U B-1 Jacoby Mike Northern MI U E-6 Jacobs Mark DePaul University G-3 Jamsen Kirsten U of MN . Logan College Emily Coe College Elizabeth W. IL Univ A-8 Hines Sue St. G-1 Gray Adam Fashion Institute of Tech D-5 Green Nicole U of Nebraska .Madison D-2 Hagstrom Nicole W. SIG Johnson Rebecca U of Nebraska .Lincoln A-10 Hughes Bradley U of Wisc . H-1 Hixson Kelsey KS State U -Bowles B-2 Holt Eric U of Nebraska .Twin Cities B-5 Jerrim Martha University of Kansas B-10 Johnson Ta Leasa KS State U B-2.Lincoln D-1 Jones Anton Coe College D-2 Juhasz Tanya W. B8. IL University G-8 Jussel Rachel U of Nebraska . IL Univ Ayrika KS State U Alan U of Wisc -Eau Claire Kinbrae Northwestern College Rachael Saginaw Valley State U Diane Saginaw Valley State U Lauren Michigan Tech University Melanie Walden University Elizabeth Missouri Baptist University John NE Illinois University Robert Southern IL University Anna Emporia State University Michelle U of Nebraska .

IL Univ-Carbondale Wayne State University Coe College Coe College University of Iowa U of Wisc-Eau Claire Wayne State University University of Kansas Illinois State University Northwestern College Coe College Saginaw Valley State U S. D-2 Madsen Peter Coe College F-3 Maloof Alexis IL Central College E-7 Manicor Audrey U of Minnesota F-3 Marck Mary Claire IL Central College A-6 Marquardt Jenna U of Wisc-Oshkosh B-1.Lincoln D-7 Meyer Heather U of Wisc-Oshkosh E-1 Mika Margaret U of Wisc-Milwaukee A-2 Miller Madelyn U of Wisc-Eau Claire C-7 Miller Jon U of MS-Kansas City D-10 Miltcheva Borislava NE Illinois University F-7 Misemer Leah U of Wisc .Twin Cities F-6 Nolan Amy Wartburg College C-5 Northway Kara KS State U H-3 Noyes Heidi Tennesee State University H-1 Nygren Kate U of Kansas SIG Olson Bobbi Grand View University F-9 O’Rourke Madeleine University of Iowa A-1 Ortiz Ashley University of Kansas G-7 Parrish Philip Missouri Baptist University D-1 Patterson Samantha Coe College D-6 Pawlowski Cara Saint Cloud University D-1 Peterson Nicole Coe College A-8 Prentice Cheryl St. Marrs Robert Coe College D-1.Madison Coe College St. IL Univ Wayne State University U of Wisc . C-6.Lincoln C-3 Reitz Alice U of IL Laboratory HS Posters Remund Ella Coe College -Wiger C-8 B-1 D-1 C-8 G-2 C-10 C-8 G-9 F-2 F-8 C-7 B-7 C-2 E-3 SIG B-1 A-8 G-8 F-8 C-6. F-8. G-2 D-1 Marsh Ashley Coe College D-5 Martinez Adriana U of Nebraska . Mary’s U of MN C-4 Price Bronte Columbia College Chicago B-7 Prim Shih-Ni University of Iowa G-10 Rao Abhijit Iowa State University B-2 Regennitter Charity U of Nebraska . G-2 A-9 B-7 B-9 C-2 B-1 B-4 Posters B-4 C-7 B-9 A-7 C-9 B-3 E-1 F-9 Posters D-2 H-8 Riley Alyssa Risley Kristen Roth Connor Rutford Yvonne Salis Tim Sanchez Fernando Schlacks Deborah Schmidt Samantha Schmeling Teresa Scott Kristen Scrivner Matthew Severino Carol Shapiro Michael Simmons Marcus Simpkins Neil Singleton Steve Smallen Sue Smith Shannon Smith Haleema Spencer Kobe Stapleton Kristiane Sterleen Allison Stevens Erin Stevenson Heidi Stone Brian Susak Chris Swanson Connor Sweeney Sara Swygard Amanda Taylor Nathaniel Thominet Luke Thonus Terese Torrington Maria Truesdell Thomas Uding Ariana Vos Maria Vu Lan Wallis Jule Warthen Danielle Weitzel Joy Wherry Maryan Wiles Hannah Wilkerson Gina Williams Jordan Willis Jule Wilson R. IL University North Park University 35 . Olaf College G-5 McKinney Charlesia Kansas State University A-1 McMurray Rachel University of Kansas D-8 McNamara Thomas U of IL Urbana-Champaign C-10 Mead Erica Bay de Noc Com. Louis Col. College F-5 Meade Marcus U of Nebraska . Justin Wojciechowski Kylie Woodward Angela Worsham Joshua Worth Lacey Worthington Courtney Young Belinda Zomaya Saidouri Monmouth College U of Wisc-Stout Coe College U of Wisc.index C-3 Linder Suzanne U of IL Laboratory HS A-10 Linh Karls Nancy U of Wisc-Madison C-6. IL University-Quad Cities U of MS-Kansas City Wayne State University University of Kansas Saginaw Valley State U Edgewood College U of Wisc-Milwaukee University of Iowa Coe College W.Madison A-5 Mohan Jake Macalester College D-6 Mohrbacher Carol Saint Cloud University G-9 Moore Nicole Governors State University D-2 Moran-Cortes Elena W. C-7 Mundy Sarah U of MS-Kansas City E-4 Nakaue Mitch University of Iowa C-3 Newman Chas U of IL Laboratory HS B-4 Nicholas Timothy W.Madison Northern MI U W. IL University-Quad Cities Coe College W.Madison Saginaw Valley State U U of Wisc-Eau Claire Northern MI U S. G-2 C-2 C-9 A-2 B-1 H-3 B-9 F-8 G-8 F-9 C-1 B-9 E-10 F-1 E-9 C-6. F-8 Morley Libbie U of IL Urbana-Champaign C-8 Mueller Crystal U of Wisc-Oshkosh D-9 Mueller Susan St. IL University D-8. IL University-Quad Cities G-3 Nichols-Besel Kristen U of MN .Superior Governors State University U of Wisc-Eau Claire Coe College U of MS-Kansas City University of Iowa U of Wisc . of Pharmacy A-10 Mullin Joan Illinois State University.Madison North Park University U of Wisc . Olaf College U of Nebraska .Lincoln Coe College Coe College U of Wisc .Lincoln D-1 Mayenschein Taylor Coe College F-2 McCarthy Olivia U of Wisc-Eau Claire C-6 McCullough Sean Wittenberg University A-8 McKinley Green St.Superior Coe College Purdue University U of Wisc.

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