Jazz Scale and Improvisation Tips

Altered Scale: melodic minor scale ½ step above the root Altered scale = Lydian b7 of tritone C altered scale = F# Lydian b7 OR F# Altered = C Lydian b7 Major pentatonic from the tritone. Add root & 3rd gives all 7 altered scale notes. b7 Pentatonic (Dominant Pentatonic, Coltrane Pentatonic). From tritone or b13 (b6). Can use both to give all notes of the altered scale C Dom. Pentatonic = C D E G Bb Calt = play Gb Dom Pentatoic & Ab Dom Pentatonic Diminished Scale: descending “bluesy lick” on root triad and tritone triad, ex: C triad with flatted 3rd (G Eb E C) + F# triad with flatted 3rd (C# A A# F#) Build major (or minor) triads a m3rd apart. Example: C - Eb - F# - A Also works to build dominant seventh chords or minor seventh chords Can add a b9 to each of the above major triads to create a ascending line a la Chick Corea: C Db E G Eb E G Bb F# F A# C# A Bb C# E... etc. Two minor seventh chords a tritone apart: Cm7 - F#m7 This plays all eight notes of the diminished scale Two major 6th chords a tritone apart: C6 - F#6 this can also be seen as m7 chords on the “other” two notes of the diminished chord: Am7 - Ebm7 Seventh chord plus m7b5 from the b3 C7 (C E G Bb) Ebm7b5 (Eb Gb A Db) Seventh chord plus minor triad from the tritone (leaves out the #9) C7 (C E G Bb) F#m (F# A C#) Two fully diminished chords ½ step apart Cdim - C#dim (or Ebdim - Edim, etc) Visualize four sets of whole steps each ½ step apart