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9/23/13 Great Expectations Do Now: What makes us who we are?

Nature vs. nurture Does our identity come from our genetic makeup, or does it come from who and how we are raised? Nature = genes; Nurture = upbringing Identity Societys influence Genes DNA Community Nationality (geographical roots) Personality Attitude (perception) Actions Role models Government Religion Experiences Music Food Clothes Physical appearance Family Hobbies

Categorize these into 3 to 5 general terms what are the central tenets of your identity? 1. Culture 2. Family 3. Society 4. Morality 5. Aim: What is Pips character? Provide examples from the text and show how they help develop his character. What has happened in the story thus far? Chapts. 3 to 7 1. Why does Joe give Pip more gravy during dinner? Example: Joe gives Pip more gravy during Christmas dinner because he feels bad about how they are putting Pip down. 2. Joe says, "We don't know what you have done, but we wouldn't have you starved to death for it, poor miserable fellow-creature." What do we learn about Joe's character from this quote? 3. Identify Mr. Wopsle and Mr. Pumblechook. 4. What happened when Pip met the convict in the marshes the second time? 5. At the end of chapter 4, why did Pip "run for his life," and why didn't he get very far? 6. About what were the two convicts arguing

when they were captured? 7. What news did Mrs. Joe bring at the end of Chapter 7? Chapters 8 - 12 1. Identify Miss Havisham, Estella, and Biddy. 2. How does Pip describe Miss Havisham's house? 3. Why doesn't Pip tell the truth about Miss Havisham? 4. How does Pip feel about himself after his first meeting at Miss Havisham's? 5. What does Pip want from Biddy? 6. How is Pip reminded of "his convict" in the Jolly Bargemen? 9/24/13 Great Expectations Do Now: Aim: What is the nature of Pips character? View the film clips of Pip as he meets the convict and Ms. Havisham. Think about our discussion yesterday about identity. Pip Who is he? Physical description How does he describe himself? How do others describe him? Character traits What are his qualities as a boy? Find three quotes in the text that show what kind of person he is as a young boy. Look for quotes that show his

Developing Moral code (sense of right and wrong) Family relationships Interaction to the outside world Education (formal and informal) Perception of the world

p. 1 My first fancies regarding what they looked like were unreasonably derived from their tombstones.

Pip is in the churchyard visiting his familys graves before the convict arrives. This introduces that fact that he is an orphan.

This quote shows that Pip is an imaginative, but undereducated young boy. He does not Know his parents, and he has to make up their identities. Without this first introduction to his lack of knowledge, we might not appreciate his later growth.

"Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day" (Dickens 70). [last paragraph of chapter 9] Explain the significance of this quote. What does the quote above say about Pip? Pip is changed by his visit to Ms. Havishams. This visit filled him with the hope that he would become wealthy and bring up his social class. This is the start of his great

expectations. The elder Pip as narrator shows that he has gotten through the struggles that life brought to get where he wants to be. Pip started to become self-aware when he visited Ms. Havishams mansion and met Estella who made him realize that he was common. This is a moment in his life when he starts to move in a new direction; no longer stuck in his old ways, but bound to the new. This quote shows that Pip is conflicted; he is torn between the world he knows and the world he wants to know. Meeting Ms. Havisham and Estella opened up a new world to him, but he fears he is stuck in the old one, where he will remain common. The chains serve as a metaphor for Pips struggle. He is torn between the reality of his life as a potential apprentice to Joe and a common boy and the fantasy of one day being able to be worthy of Estellas approval. He is bound to the idea of rising up from his social standing. Pip sees how the other half lives. He notices class differences btwn his house and Ms. Havishams. The metaphors of iron and gold and thorns and flowers reflect how Pip lives compared to Ms. Havisham. 9/26/13 GE Pip DN: Respond to the following quote by establishing context and developing meaning.

But I felt that the kiss was given to the coarse common boy as a piece of money might have been, and that it was worth nothing (Dickens 91). Context What is going on in the story? Pip has just fought with another young boy after the 2nd visit to Ms. Havishams. Pip was scared he would be punished for hurting the boy because Pip is low class. Meaning What does the quote say about Pip? This quote suggests that Pip is becoming aware that joining the world of the Havishams will cost him dearly. Even getting what he wants may cause him to be abused by others.

Aim: How does Dickens create Pips character without ever physically describing him? Using your homework from yesterday, consider three ways he describes Pip. For example: -Through his interaction with his physical environment -Through his relationships to others -Through Pips narration 9/27/13 GE Pip DN: Copy the quote in your notebook. My coarse hands and my common boots had never

troubled me before, but they troubled me now, as vulgar appendages (Dickens 60). Write the context and meaning for the quote. You may use your book. Aim: What is Pips conflict, and how is it reflected in his thoughts and actions? Instructions: 1) In the center of the page, copy the quote that corresponds to your number. 2) Write your name on back of paper 3) Write a comment that addresses context or meaning. 4) Pass paper to the person behind you. Last person passes to first person. 5) Write a comment in response to this quote, or write a comment or question in response to students comment. 6) Repeat. 7) Return paper to original owner. 8) Flip page and write a paragraph that explains how this quote shows some part of Pips conflict. Provide interpretation of quote, establish context, and show how the quote develops conflict. Quotes: 1) p. 69 top I wished I was not common, and that the lies had come of it somehow, though I didnt know how. 2) P. 75 mid I cannot conceive why everybody of his standing who visited at our house should always rumple my hair and poke it into my eyes. 3) P. 77 last I had sadly broken sleep through thinking of the guiltily coarse and common thing it was to be on secret terms with convicts

4) P. 79 top The wind caught it up in little eddies and threw it at the window, as if it pelted me for coming there. 5) P. 87 bot I even had an alarming fancy that Estella and I might presently begin to decay. 6) P. 105 last I was truly wretched, and had a strong conviction on me that I should never like Joes trade. I had like it once, but once was not now. 7) P. 108 last The place and the meal would have a more homely look than ever, and I would feel more ashamed of home than ever, in my own ungracious breast.