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47, , 3rd FLOOR , 2nd MAIN ,

CELL: 0-9916583783
E-mail: ;

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#47 , 3rd floor , 2nd Main, PP Layout
BSK-3rd Stage , Bangalore -560085
The Trust has the noble objective of serving the mankind, as this is the purpose
of life. This trust primarily aims to bridge the gap between the attainment
of knowledge and its application to mankind. Knowledge, when incomplete or incorrect, can create turbulence in society. The right knowledge, if used wrongly, can create turbulence in minds which affects the society
SAMAYAJNA SAMAJIKA SABHA TRUST ( SSST ) aims to achieve the dual purposes of imparting the ancient knowledge to aspirants and serving the needy by making
them self-dependent , using methods passed on to us by our ancestors.

The Vedas are our source of knowledge and Vedic knowledge has proved itself
that, the world has the Vedas as solid base. Every country, directly or indirectly
has drawn its life force from Vedas, the way of life as explained in the Vedas.
Though the paths differ, the goal is common.
The Vedas are bestowed upon the mankind, as a holy gift. SSST strives to rationalize and apply the Vedic teachings to suit the present day environment, thus
making it the most relevant science the world ever has.
Our country is flourishing and regarded as spiritual path finder for the rest of the
world because of our ancient knowledge and wisdom. Because of that knowledge,
India sustained itself and guiding the world in terms of spirituality. This knowledge is
for the benefit of entire population. All the religions have this knowledge as basis.
When this is used for the benefit of the masses, then its main purpose is served.
SSST explores the possibilities of solving the present problems of the masses by

using the ancient knowledge and making it applicable to modern times. Simulation
and comparisons of basic life needs of ancient and modern times , filling the gaps
with acceptable methods, making the life simple and meaningful by eliminating the
stresses by including the peace methods for a satisfactory life style.
SSST envisages to bring home the fact that, everyone in this world deserves a

dignified but simple way of life, can lead such a life with utmost satisfaction . Bringing harmony among people, other living things & environment is the first step. Happiness will not happen, it has to be created.
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SSST propagates the rational behavior as narrated in the Vedas, and highlights

its relevance , with the belief that, Vedas are valid not for a particular time period and not for the benefit of particular Caste, Creed and Area. Exploring the
adaptability of Vedic preaching to todays changed perceptions and beliefs is the
need of the hour .
This Trust operates purely on public funds. Everyone is welcome to participate / involve in whatever way they can.
* Impart Knowledge by in house teachings, organize seminars., bring out books
* Find and identify core problems of the society.
* Find solutions to problems and identify the methods to solve them.
* Identify and felicitate eminent people in this field.
* Encourage public to participate and bring out their contribution to the society.
* Awards & Rewards as recognition for the services of any one in the concerned
* Financial help to poor and deserving students / youth.
* Help to destitute children.
Though yet to be fully operative, activities like teaching, bringing books started in
A few books are ready for publication. Basic facilities like a building and other infra structure are in place. Land for the permanent building is acquired with private
funds. Construction of permanent building will start this year.
This is a sincere attempt for a noble cause and public are invited to participate and
extend their support.
Interested persons can contact either by e-mail or by phone
B.Janardhana Sharma
e-mail :
cell :
0 9916 583 783



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