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Interview with Chirag Rathod, Founder, Capsicum Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

programming and testing happening.capsicumtechnologies. translating those ideas into reality. but with a tech side. hospitality. FMCG. you have coding. I learnt huge lessons from them.in) On one side of digital marketing you have ideas. Tell us something about your business. media houses etc. we also have a core team of engineers. What is your philosophy towards work? . Our engineers read Advertising Age and the creative team Developer. while they weren’t successful.Tell us something about yourself? After completing my graduation in Mass Media from the University of Mumbai. that will produce concepts and campaign ideas for you. I worked with the PR firm Text 100 and then the start-up bug bit me. (http:///www. campaigns and engagement happening and on the other. I also did my masters from MICA. Usually these are handled by a two separate agencies. We have worked for various brands across verticals like real estate. You can a bunch of our work at our website. we are a full service digital marketing agency. Along with having creative talent. I moved to a start-up PR agency and also tried my hands on a few dotcom ventures.co.

And to match them all. what are the challenges for Entrepreneurship today? The attitude in India towards Entrepreneurship is still a little skeptical. Share with us the most enjoyable moment you had experienced on work. Whom do you admire as your role model? And why? I admire Virender Sehwag for the way he comes back every time after being defeated.” Give your views on it. Is the Name of the Institute from where a student pursues his/her Graduation/Post Graduation or other courses important while setting up your business? I don’t think that is important from where you graduated because ultimately it’s the work that you do counts. etc.All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy. a college.” Is it justifiable? Every business needs to a have social conscious. in the optimum utilization of resources. “Earning more & more is the motive behind any business. creativity or efficiency. which helps. organization & society. Honesty. Management is a creative force. However. Do you think today’s economy is conducive for a new venture to start upon? It is better than before and it can be made a lot better. Name 3 qualities of prime importance that a businessman should possess. honesty & honesty According to you. . getting a team of like-minded people together and sourcing talent are huge challenges. No school in the world can teach you innovation. “Management is core to every individual. a government. ensuring that the idea is executed in the manner it is conceived. and entrepreneurship is about using those tools properly. Management is indispensable in all organizations whether a business firm. the things that make every entrepreneur’s blood run dry. three fundamentally important tools for entrepreneurship. you’ve got funds. a hospital. but this is changing and that is an encouraging sign. Hence I make sure that I take break from work every 2 months & explore various places. else it will never be fulfilling. His “never say die” attitude and dedication towards his work is something that I like. Can Entrepreneurship be taught in B-Schools/Management Institutes/Colleges? School can only teach you the tools. a club.

You may also look at it as a social networking for BMS alumni. Founder & CEO.co.To improve the results of our services.in? The site is indeed helpful. they should be done in 6 months. we are in the process of developing some algorithms for audience targeting and marketing ROI improvements. It started out as uneasiness. developed into a dream and finally manifested into a company..We’re a bunch of internet enthusiasts. the stock market and being a Marwari. Products & Service.We are a full service digital agency Future Plans.Marketing should not be restricted by technology. About Ankita Dalvi I am kinda person who lives a simple life. in the brick-and-mortar type of business. That and doing great work is what we have planned for the near future. SwitchMe → Facebook comments: No comments yet. Chirag Rathod armed with a PGDM from MICA decided to formally launch Capsicum Technologies in 2011. Your feedback for BMS.The moment you start working towards the goals of your life. .With experience in PR. Manages to be happy in every situation and enjoys every bit of life View all posts by Ankita Dalvi → ← Financial equality in the times of gender equality Interview with Aditya Mishra. e-commerce. COMPANY PROFILE History.. all the moments are enjoyable. the fruits we deliver could come in handy.        Like this: Email Print Facebook LinkedIn Google Twitter Like Loading. Vision/Mission. who felt that in the digital jungle.

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Social Samosa June 25. in the brick-and-mortar type of business. who felt that in the digital jungle. Ltd. Location: Mumbai. the fruits we deliver could come in handy. India Planning Executive (Females) at Edutrotters Pvt. With experience in PR. Social Media Agency Feature: Capsicum Technologies Pvt. to ensuring delivery and maintaining the flow of money. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.com Location: Borivali West. 2013 Who are we? We’re a bunch of internet enthusiasts. Chirag leads a team of passionate creative and technical people to create products and deliver services that stand out in the market. From getting clients. A Management Paradise Venture. United States  view all » RECENT TWEETS  Follow @bms_ on Twitter ARCHIVES © 2013 BMS. It sta rted out as uneasiness.in :: Bachelor of Management Studies. developed into a dream and finally manifested into a company. .Jobs at Management Paradise at Managementparadise. Chirag Rathod armed with a PGDM from MICA decided to formally launch Capsicum Technologies in 2011.Username Password Remember Me Login ? RECENT JOBS    Rockstars Apply . India Car Tracker at autoindustry Location: Alaska. e-commerce.co. the stock market and being a Marwari.

you are supposed to feel chilly. Why we do it? There is no other option. We also provide you digital marketing solutions that help you increase the reach of your brand and take it more consumers. How we evolve? The internet is full of information about itself. Today you either go digital or die. Need of the hour One of the most important things the industry can learn is that correlation does not necessarily imply causation. . Plus we live and breathe technology. will have the edge. integrating a new technology in your existing internet presence or making sure your customers have a smooth experience irrespective of the platform they are viewing your online collateral. Voila! Capsicum was born. And since clie nts feel like they are biting pepper when they pay out money for a digital media service.What’s in the name? Capsicum is a pepper. Facebook. Whether it is different kinds of apps for web. what have we achieved as humans? That’s the philosophy we follow. mobile or browser extension. so ideally when eating it. we will provide you the technology to help you with it. rather than jumping to conclusion. even if they do not look so at the first glance. At the beginning and end of every day we need to ask ourselves the question. but that’s not what you get. At the office. What we do? We offer digital technology and social media services to our clients. we’ve got an “Open Idea Policy”. Two things happening together maybe absolutely unrelated. Anyone who stays on their feet keeps his eye open for information and takes a moment to think about the changes. whether it is developing your website from scratch. we realized we wanted to give them a nice experience. where anybody with an idea or new information can throw it open for discussion. it’s developed into something we can use. The nugget is evaluated from various perspectives and if we see a potential in it. Social responsibility in social media A business without a conscious will not survive long.

are you hiring? Yes we are looking for business development managers. hospitality. FMCG. In about two years SEO will almost be dead! A day without Internet Can’t even imagine it!! Lastly. Industry as we foresee One thing that is going to happen in the coming year is that the world is going to move from keyword search to contextual search.Before believing any “trend” we take a step and analyze it from different angles to ensure it will stick. . You can see a bunch of our work at our website. media houses etc. They work with us We have worked for various brands across verticals like real estate.

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