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Successful Club Series Scenarios

You will be split up into groups and each group will be assigned a scenario to consider. Think about the problems of the scenario and come up with a list of the best modules to assist the club with solving these problems. Explain the reasons your group is selecting these modules.
1) In the past month 4 new members have joined your club. They have not signed up for any meeting roles. Only one has given their first speech and the evaluation was not productive for them. None of the new members have been assigned mentors and one has already stopped showing up to meetings. 2) In the past few months you have noticed that fewer and fewer members are showing up to your meetings. Your club also does not have many new members joining and the few guests who do come do not join. 3) You have just submitted 4 members for their first CC awards. This is a very exciting time for them, but they have no idea what to do next. Also, a few members have expressed interest in participating in contests, but do not know what is involved in Toastmasters when they go outside the club. 4) It’s the start of a new year and your club president has all these great ideas for the club. Many of the board members have never served as club officers before so are very unsure of their own roles during the meeting, but also of how the club is doing. 5) Your club has started a new membership contest for members and you expect many guests to come to meetings. The club’s meetings have been very casual of late and may not be ready to greet new guests and turn them into members.

Sara Marks ACS, CL ●

Summer 2006 TLI