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Flash Gordon v0.

TI-83+ ASM
(C) 2000 Kevtiva Interactive


-Takes up less than 400 bytes.

-Never writes to the flash rom.
-Mem cleared? No lost programs!!
-BASIC games can be up to 160K!!
-Compatible with MirageOS.
-No more worring about "Garbage Collect?" - Saves time.
-Fill your flash ROM totally up with games - no more errors.
-Save time - no more waiting for programs to Archive.
-The super hero for FLASH ROM - Extends the life of your FLASH ROM to
20 years or more!.
-Eliminates crashes associated with Archiving/Unachiving.


-A TI-83+ Calculator
-Archived BASIC programs (runs UnArchived BASIC progs also)
-Enough Free RAM to run the desired BASIC program
-prgmZ, prgmTheta, prgmZDEL must not be archived.
-Do NOT use the "STOP" command. Instead use "Return".
-Do NOT use 2nd quit to quit a program!
-Do NOT modify prgmTheta; doing so in any way will cause
your calc to lock-up.


FG is a revolutionary new way of running BASIC programs. It allows you to run

BASIC programs WITHOUT UNARCHIVING THEM! Used with ZPIC, this provides a huge
development tool for BASIC programmers to write programs that take up the entire
160K of flash ROM. All you do is type the name of the prog, and FG will run it--
off the ARCHIVE! (Note: BASIC PROG size is limited to the amount of free RAM;
programmers will need to break their programs up into many smaller subprogs in
order to fully utilize the FLASH ROM.) This technology will also extend the life
of your FLASH ROM and the life of your batteries. The reason for this is Archiving
and UnArchiving put unneeded stress both on the flash rom and the calc's
batteries. Also saves your BASIC programs, because even if your RAM gets cleared,
no BASIC programs will vanish from your calc!


-Send FG.8xg and theta.8xp to your TI-83+ calculator.

-Do NOT open theta.8xp in Winlink (Ti's graphlink software).
-That's all that is required to install Flash Gordon.

Developer Info:

-See FG_Dev.txt for information.

Version History:


-First Public Beta released.

-Fixed the invalid ver. # problem.
-Fixed the 'unprotect program' bug.
-Now your ti-83+ won't reject FG :-)


Portions of this program written in 1997 by Texas Instruments / Pat Milheron.

I have used that material because it isn't copyrighted.

Other portions (C) 1998 James Matthews Asmguru.hlp.

Thanks to James Matthews for his wonderful tutorials.

Portions made with information provided by the Texas Instruments TI-83+ SDK.

The rest of the program was written by Robert Maresh.

All other portions (C) 2000 Kevtiva Interactive. All Rights Reserved.