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Camp Oasis
Venntis Voluntourism
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Oasis Summer Camps!!!


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Sittin’ around with your buds wondering what to do this summer?

Come check out Oasis Summer Camps!

There will be 5 different themes for the 5 weeks of Oasis camp this
summer. From sports week to art week there is something for
everyone to be involved this year! Oasis staff is focused on reaching
youth in the greater Holland area. Their goal is to provide a safe
environment for kids while investing in relationships that present a
positive life example. This will be accomplished by offering free
summer camps with a variety of themes and activities.

Sports Week: June 22-26

• This will be a week for anyone who wants to get out and play. We will be playing
and learning these fun and exciting sports: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball,
Ultimate Frisbee/Frisbee Golf, Kickball, Dodge ball and much more!

Art Week: July 6-10

• Dive into the exciting world of art! This week will be full of all types of art. We
will be painting, Tie-Dye, Pottery, Drawing, Water Color, Aerosol art and many
other types of art.

Wilderness Week: July 13-17

• Have tons of fun creating new skills in Starting fires, Wilderness Survival, and
Camping and experience how exciting the great outdoors can be. Optional
campout Friday night to Saturday night.

Survivor Week: August 10-14

• A week full of exhilarating competition and rivalry. Join a tribe and see if you can
survive. Don’t miss this week packed with action. You’ll be participating in a rush
of various activities: Water Balloon Fights, Food challenges, Obstacle courses,
and more!

Performing Arts Week: August 24-28

• Anyone who wants to be in the spot-light should come to this! Learn and per-
form the different styles of live entertainment. You will explore all different types
of performing arts, such as dance, improvisation, and theatre. We’ll end the
week with a show for our friends and family!

*All Camps will run from 9am-


Contact info: Jeff Mastin - 315.373.9716 WOW Center - 616.396.0063

E-mail -


Meet your staff

Kelsie graduated from Holland
Kelsie High and went on to pursue Jeff Mastin
O’Connor training through WYAM
(Youth with a mission), based in
Perth, Australia for the next 6

A recent graduate from Hope

College with a Bachelors degree
in Biology and minor in
Theology, Jeff is currently doing
research and development for
Venntis Environment in the
area of alternative energy.

Ben, after taking a year of Business classes at

Davenport University also took the opportunity
to pursue training at the YWAM base in Perth,
Australia for 6 months.

Ben Caldwell

Adam “NT” is a recent graduate from Holland High School

and will be continuing his education at Grand Rapids
Community College. He is also currently working towards his
Eagle award, which is the highest rank in Boy Scouts.

Want to be a Volunteer next year?

Volunteer next year at Oasis summer camps!!!

Contact Ben or Jeff for details

Ben Caldwell - 616-283-3162

Jeff Mastin - 315-373-9716

...a Community of Hope business

11301 James st.

Holland, MI 49424
Phone: 616.395.8254
Fax: 616.395.2939

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