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Aman Traders

GoM on Telangana to meet again on Oct 19




Father to meet Snowden in Russia


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Giant Cyclone Phailin heading towards India

Administration at high alert, massive evacuations going on,(Half the size of India) worse than Katrina
NEW DELHI: An atmospheric beast is forming in the Bay of Bengal and heading straight for India. Cyclone Phailin-pronounced pie-leen; it's a Thai word for "sapphire"-has exploded from tropical storm strength to potentially the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. More than 2,00,000 people in are being evacuated as a massive cyclone is sweeping through the Bay of Bengal towards the east coast. Meteorologists can't precisely determine Phailin's current strength because there are no "hurricane hunter" aircraft taking direct measurements of storms in the Indian Ocean basin. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), a Hawaii-based forecasting outpost of the US Navy, says Phailin is undergoing "extreme rapid intensification." The cyclone could disrupt the lives of millions, the In a sharp contrast to what Govt is propagating at every nook and corner of the state, with regard to empowerment of women, Today the intention of the Government was exposed in the legislative Council by rejecting the resolution moved by the Female Legislator seeking 50% reservation for the females in the professional/technical courses, a step to women empowerment. Dr Shehnaz Ganai, while moving the resolution said that females constitute around 50% of the population of the state, and if we see the employment figures, the females constitute only 18% in the state employment, which is a matter of grave concern. In some of the departments there are no females at all. In KAS (Sr Scale) there are only 12% females whereas in KPS the figure is just 3%. In CID the figure 8Contd p2

BJP holds 'Rajouri Chalo' protest

Steps being taken to prevent Sept 26type attack: Shinde

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) run by the United Nations and the European Commission said. "Up to 6.1 million people can be affected by wind speeds of cyclone strength or above. In addition, 47,000

people are living in coastal areas below 5 metres above sea level and can be affected by storm surge," the GDACS website said. "There has been a phenomenal change in disaster management in Odisha since the super cyclone in 1999. The

action the leadership has taken is exactly what is needed," said Unni Krishnan, head of disaster response for Plan International. Reserve seats for females in Professional/ technical courses: Dr Shehnaz.

JAMMU, OCTOBER 11: BJP will not tolerate any hurdles being put up by anyone in the celebration of religious functions by the people in the state, said BJP State President Jugal Kishore Sharma at party hqrs. where large number of party workers had assembled to take out a march to Rajouri as a part of "Rajouri Chalo" call given by the party. Jugal Kishore Sharma said that it shows, not only utter incompetence of the government but also its biased and communal attitude. Firstly, it failed to enable the Ram Leela Committee to clear the land

belonging to it from illegal squatters and trespassers to conduct Ram Leela and subsequently registered false cases against its young members. The state administration in a studied manner failed to curb the wanton actions of the youth of the majority community and did not register any case against any one of them. He added that BJP will not allow any such actions and would take to streets. He also said that the government must allow Hindus of Rajouri to celebrate in full measure and meaningfully the festivals that 8Contd p2

NEW DELHI, OCT 11: Corrective steps are being taken by security agencies to prevent a September 26-type attack in which militants crossed the border in Jammu region killing 10 people, the government said as it admitted that there was information on possible infiltration along the belt. "We had information about possible infiltration attempts in the entire belt (Indo-Pak border along Jammu sector). We are making corrections based on our experience...," Home Minister Sushil kumar Shinde said here addressing his monthly press conference. Shinde 8Contd p2

No additional funds for quake-affected Doda

Saroori lashed out at coalition partner NC for its indifferent approach

Government said that as per SDRF norms Rs 70,000 is being paid to such families whose houses were fully damaged in the earth quake in view of approaching winter. In its written reply to a query tabled by MLA Inderwal G M Saroori in the ongoing Legislative Assembly session, government said that the deputy commissioners have been already provided funds for temporary restoration of infrastructure and payment of ex-gratia relief. "No additional funds have been released by Government of India. An amount of 19 crores have been provided to DC Doda out 8Contd p2

Reserve seats for females in Professional/ Fresh firing in Keran, Jawan martyred SRINAGAR, OCT 11: After the 15-day-long operations by technical courses: Dr Shehnaz the Indian Army that foiled a massive infiltration bid in Keran
Shamim Karaipak Student Age

SRINAGAR, OCT 11: In a sharp contrast to what Govt is propagating at every nook and corner of the state, with regard to empowerment of women, Today the intention of the Government was exposed in the legislative Council by rejecting the resolution moved by the Female Legislator seeking 50% reservation for the females in the professional/technical

sector in Jammu and Kashmir, there are reports of fresh firing in the sector. According to reports, an Indian Army soldier has been killed in the firing. Since the beginning of this year, there have been nearly 130 ceasefire violations along the Line of Control (LoC).

Sagar misleading people over 73rd amendment: Congress

courses, a step to women empowerment. Dr Shehnaz Ganai, 8Contd p2 SRINAGAR, OCT 11: Congress Party on Friday said Panchayti Raj Minister is misleading people over the extension of the 73rd amendment of Indian constitution to the State. "National Conference Minister Ali Muhammad Sagar is trying to give it a new twist. Congress party is not demanding the extension of 73rd amendment but only demands some of best provisions should be incorporated into Jammu and Kashmir Panchayati Raj Act," Congress leader and Tourism Minister Ghulam Ahmed Mir told adding the demand of the Congress is in the interest of Panchayati Raj System. He said that Sagar should not misinterpret anything which has been discussed already on the floor of the House. "We demand amendment in State Panchayati Raj Act. Our only demand is that some 8Contd p2

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SRINAGAR, OCT 11: The state government revealed that no additional funds have been released by Government of India for payment of ex-gratia relief for the earth quake affected families in Doda.

Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) wins Nobel Peace Prize 2013
NETHERLANDS: The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was awarded the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday "for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons." The prize, awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, is given annually to "champions of peace." Founded in 1997, the OPCW is an 8Contd p2


ROHIT SINGH RANA It is an uneven battle .Thousands of terrorists and Jihadis against one little girl. At sixteen years, Malala Yusufzai has shown the world a way to fight heavily armed Talibans with pluck and conviction reminding us of Gandhi. In a war of moral conviction and humanism, history has oftentimes given us heroes who ought single handedly without arms the enemies of peace. They have lit hopes in others too. Tehrik-e -Taliban of Pakistan represents a brood of ill minded men with an evil ideology to preach hate and enforce their brand of Islam. Treating woman as second class citizens, burn their schools and shut them up in homes is the brand of Islam, Taliban preaches. In their scheme, the fate of non Muslims is already sealed. They have no right to live with only one redeeming condition. Turn to their brand of Islam, nothing less will ever satisfy them. It pinches hard to see a little girl of sixteen years age from Mingora in Swat, born in 1997 shooting to fame internationally by openly defying the downgrade and repressive dictates of Taliban. The story of Malala is incredible in the extreme. In a land, where everybody dreads Taliban she took upon herself to tell to the world about her life under their stinking ideology. It is one thing to fight on principles and other to fight on crazy ideology which preaches hate and perpetual war. Shot point blank in a school bus in the head, Malala exhibited immense qualities of survival instinct. At last the critical care of Western medical science finally gave her new life in England where she has been living in exile in Birmingham. The assassination attempt sparked a national and international outpouring of support for Yousafzai. Deutsche Welle wrote in January 2013 that Malala may have become "the most famous teenager in the world." United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown launched a UN petition in Yousafzai's name, using the slogan "I am Malala" and demanding that all children worldwide be in school by the end of 2015 - a petition which helped lead to the ratification of Pakistan's first Right to Education Bill. In 29 April 2013 issue of Time magazine, featured her on the magazine's front cover and as one of "The 100 Most Influential People in the World". She was the winner of Pakistan's first National Youth Peace Prize and was nominated for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. On 12 July 2013, she spoke at the UN to call for worldwide access to education, and in September 2013 she officially opened the Library of Birmingham. She is the recipient of the prestigious Sakharov Prize for 2013. Till yesterday, she was a front ranking contender for Nobel Peace Prize. Continuously haunted by the Taliban, the little girl has expressed a wish that some day she would like to become Prime Minister of Pakistan. While Malala is busy with her universally appealing agenda of education for girls in Pakistan and similarly situated countries, the Tekreek-e Taliban under its new commander Hakimullah Mehshud has denounced her for preaching against Islam. Threateningly they have given yet another call to kill her. Now on, thousands of battle hardened shabbily dressed motley groups of 'Islamic warriors' are on a hunting mission for a sixteen year old girl. Battle of such type has never been seen or heard in history, where a horde of religious fanatics are out to hunt down a girl because she challenged their ideology and way of life. Undeterred she has taken the fight to their camps, with whole world lending support to her ideas. She has said in the light of Talibani threats that, "I think of it often and imagine the scene clearly. Even if they come to kill me, I will tell them what they are trying to do is wrong, that education is our basic right." Unfortunately not alone in their war with Malala, the Taliban are deriving support from other hate factories of AlQaeda, Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, Lashkar-e Jhangvi, Harkat-ul-Jihad alIslami, Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-eMohammadi etc.What a tragic denouement that these battle hardened criminals are running their terror cafes without any opposition from the Pakistani State. They are being propped up as its strategic assets in its sinister campaign against Afghanistan and even India. As today Pakistan is standing on a powder keg of hate, Jihad and export of terror, it is a question for all people across the world to ponder why a particular religion is sought to be protected by gun wielding Jihadis who have lost sense of history, change and humanity. In this squalid situation, the words of brave girl are like a wisp of fresh air. ---"The Taliban can shoot my body, but they cannot shoot my dreams," she said, adding that the Taliban made their "biggest mistake" by trying to kill and silence her."This cause is never going to die. A day will come when every child, girl or boy, black or white, Christian and Muslim, he or she will be going to school." "They shot me, they made the biggest mistake, and they ensured that even death is supporting me. Even death does not want to kill me and now I am not afraid of death. First I might have been (afraid of death) but now I am totally not afraid of death." Malala spells the will of whole humanity to take on the terror merchants with fortitude and spirit. Cowards have joined in thousands with arms to take on a girl signals already defeat of their ideology.

Is Rajouri turning into another Kishtwar?

Recent communal overtones emanating from the sensitive region of Rajouri point to a new development in Jammu province. Previously, known to be a place of peace and amity, Rajouri is critically sitting on a communal time bomb which may burst any time. Another Kishtwar like situation is being created by the anti- national and anti-social elements. Intolerance of rouge elements towards the observance of traditional festivals of minority community is pointer to a sinister plan getting slowly unfolded, to the peril of the peace and amity in Rajouri. Reports of lax attitude of the district administration in not arresting these anti- social and communal elements, has caused resentment among the minority community. This antipathy may eventually, in absence of credible government intervention result into insecurity, which ultimately will impinge upon the peace of the entire area. A tailor made script is being written for Rajouri and the administration has to show exemplary acumen in sensing the dangerous contours of a wave of intolerance in the entire region which borders Pakistan on one end and Kashmir on the other . Soon Mughal Road will get ready and the movement of terrorists, hate preachers and Jihadi groups will have another way to move from Kashmir to the region. If minorities are not allowed to observe their religious functions then it is a grave situation something which is seen Pakistan. Will government act and address the fears of minorities, remains to be seen; otherwise preaching secularism in theory will not impress anybody. RANASAHIB

2.qxd 10/12/2013 1:39 AM Page 1


an Army camp in the area. Meanwhile, the Home Ministry also rejected suggestions that its ambitious project 'Udaan'-- a unique joint initiative between the government and corporates aiming at providing skills and enhancing job opportunities for youth of Jammu and Kashmir was a "non-starter". Home Secretary Anil Goswami said there have been some concerns of the corporates who are involved in this scheme and those issues are being addressed. "We have told the recruiters that if you inform us about your recruitment dates in 30-35 days in advance we can help you by arranging the logistics.... We will do things in advance," he said. 57,000 students from the state are being targeted for employment-oriented training through the scheme run in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Goswami said background checks and verification of the selected candidates are being done "as expeditiously as possible". During the interaction, Shinde, while replying to a question about SGPC honouring the assassins of former Army chief A S Vaidya in Amritsar, said such things "should not be encouraged". On the issue of killing of Indian fishermen allegedly by Italian marines, Shinde said the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is taking legal opinion from the Attorney General. To a question on the probe by NIA in the case of killing of top Congress leaders in Chhattisgarh, the Home Minister said rains in the state had hampered the investigation for quite some time. He said the probe report on the arrest case of suspected militant Liyaqat Shah is also awaited from NIA. On finding of CBI about the status of Ishrat Jehan, the Minister said she was girl from Navi Mumbai and an inquiry is on in the encounter case. damaged. However for temporary shelter 5579 tents were made available in District Doda and Kishtwar." Meanwhile G M Saroori, an MLA from Inderwal, also lashed out at coalition partner National Conference for its indifferent approach. "If things remains the same then we have to think in future whether to ally with you or not," Saroori said while participating in a discussion in the Legislative Assembly on healthcare infrastructure. Speaking on the issue during the discussion, Congress MLA, GM Saroori warned that the coalition Government is in danger if it doesn't sanction 20 Primary Health Centres to district Doda and Kishtwar..

Giant Cyclone...
is 2%, PHQ 0%, Jammu Zone (police) 2.86% and Kmr Zone (Police) 1.91%. To empower the females, the need of the hour that we take some bold steps firstly to provide them the opportunity for reservation in professional/ technical courses and secondly we have to provide reservation in Govt Jobs. The females have high hopes on us, and she appealed all the legislators cutting across the party lines to join and support the issue. Today the females will ask you when you reach back home, as to what you have done from them. It is the issue of every house hold, all the parents of the girls have hope on us. The females are the worst sufferers, be it education or employment, in both the cases the figures are alarming. We have to take a holistic view on the step and mentioned that the historic step taken by Dr Farooq Abdullah, as Chief Minister by reserving 50% seats for the females in MBBS and dental courses is a historic one, and today we see that there are 69% females in Health Department( Div Cadre). She mentioned that some 70 years back late Sher-I-Kashmir Sheikh Abdullah had in Naya Kashmir, kept on chapter for the empowerment of women and reserved two seats for females in Legislative Assembly. She mentioned that right from Independence of India there have been only 12 Females elected MLA out of 800, and only 8 out of 228 MLC and 6 out of 300 ministers in the state. No female has ever been nominated as judge in the High Court, Speaker or Dy Speaker, Advocate General etc. On the other hand the crime against women is on rise. There are 2281 reported crimes against women in the state, which include eight cases of Dowry, whereas there were only 95 militancy related cases in the state during 2012. When we talk tough against militancy related issues, we need to simultaneously and univocally raise the to this occasion and press for reservation of females in professional/technical courses. The Minister for Planning, Mr Ajay Sadhotra, however opposed the resolution, and asked Dr Ganai, to withdraw the resolution. Dr Ganai however pressed for the resolution, which was put to vote. Amid highdrama, the voice infavour of the resolution was heard loudly, but the Dy Chairman who was conducting the proceedings however conveyed that the motion is rejected.

to conduct themselves as per the whims of misguided and obscurationists from the majority community. It is clear that the state administration is bent upon to spread animosity between people of various faiths and thereafter reap the benefits through vote politics. Earlier, the police blocked the main exit of party headquarters at Kachi Chawni when Jugal Kishore Sharma and Ashok Khajuria, along with MLAs Sukhnandan Kumar and Sham Choudhary, National Executive Member & State Chief Spokesperson Dr Jitendra Singh, State Vice President Chandra Prakash Ganga, State Gen Secretaries Kavinder Gupta and Bali Bhagat, Munish Sharma, Sat Sharma (CA), Yudhvir Sethi, Sanjiv Sharma, and several other state and district functionaries, started moving from BJP hqrs. towards Rajouri at around 10'O clock in the morning. Following this,a large scale scuffle took place with the police but the workers managed to proceed and ensured the onward march of most of the state leadership. The party motor cavalcade was again stopped at Muthi by the police and arrested many workers of the BJP including Omi Khajuria, Narinder Singh, Joginder Singh, Pawan Slathia, Mukesh Sharma, Satish Kumar, Vijay Choudhary. However, police failed in its devious plan of preventing the onward march of the BJP leadership up to Sunderbani having put up barriers at Domana, Akhnoor and elsewhere enroute. At Domana the police, in the most highhanded manner, violently stopped the BJP activists and took into custody, Ashok Khajuria, Chander Prakash Ganga, MLA Sukhnandan Kumar, Karan Singh alongwith others. Because of the extreme violence indulged in by the police Ashok Khajuria's vehicle got severely damaged. The marching BJP workers were then subjected to obstruction by the police at Akhnoor where they arrested Sat Sharma (C.A), Sanjiv Sharma, Suraj Singh, Manmohan, Chaman Lal Kanathia, Daljeet Singh, Surjeet Singh, Kuldeep Sharma, Puran Sharma, Baba Purshotam and others. At Sunderbani the J&K Police had put up a massive barrier with huge number of police personnel manning the same and the march was stopped. However, they could succeed only after having arrested Jugal Kishore Sharma, Gulam Ali Khatana, Sham Choudhary, Sushil Sudan, Jarnail Singh, Suram Singh, Bashir Ahmed Khatana and others.

Rs 1.5 cr released for Jatti Bridge: Wani

Funds to be released regularly for timely completion
SRINAGAR, OCT 11: Minister for R&B, Mr. Abdul MajidWani in reply to a discussion under Rule 51(1) raised by Mr. G. N. Monga regarding construction of Jatti Bridge Baramulla, said that out of the Rs 3 crore amount, announced by the Chief Minister in June this year for resuming the work on the said bridge, the Planning and Development Department has already released Rs. 1.5 crore and the construction work on the bridge has been resumed in the month of August. Underscoring the need for early completion of the Jatti Bridge, Mr Wani said that with the construction of the bridge major chunk of the traffic including Army Convoys currently passing through the Towns central chowk resulting in frequent traffic jams will pass through this bye-pass route and relieve pressure on the existing route. He said executing agency has been asked to construct the bridge on fast-track basis adding that as announced by the Chief Minister, funds will be released at regular intervals to complete the project.

Reserve seats...
while moving the resolution said that females constitute around 50% of the population of the state, and if we see the employment figures, the females constitute only 18% in the state employment, which is a matter of grave concern. In some of the departments there are no females at all. In KAS (Sr Scale) there are only 12% females whereas in KPS the figure is just 3%. In CID the figure is 2%, PHQ 0%, Jammu Zone (police) 2.86% and Kmr Zone (Police) 1.91%. To empower the females, the need of the hour that we take some bold steps firstly to provide them the opportunity for reservation in professional/ technical courses and secondly we have to provide reservation in Govt Jobs.

Power Shut Down SBI RSETI organizes entrepreneurship

JAMMU: In order to carry out urgent and preventive maintenance (branch cutting ) of 11 KV feeders and LT of distribution transformers in the sub-division-1 Green Belt and Gandhi Nagar, the power supply to the areas like Green Belt, Gandhi Nagar AD, BD, DC blocks, PHE, MAM College, Amar Singh Club, Police, Polytechnic will remain affected on October 14 and October 15. Besides, the areas including AC block VIP installation Govt quarters, A block Gandhi Nagar and its adjoining areas will remain affected at the feeders including RC-1, RC-3, RC5 and JDA-6 on October 21 and 22 from 7 a.m. to 12 noon.

awareness programme at Ransoo

Organisation for...
independent and autonomous organization that has, through inspections, destruction and by other means, sought to uphold the Chemical Weapons Convention drawn up in 1992-93 to prohibit the use, production and storage of chemical weapons. The organization is headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, has 189 member states and is led by General Director Ahmet zmc.

JAMMU, OCT, 11: The SBI Rural Self Employment Training Institute (SBI RSETI) Reasi and Lead Bank Office Reasi organized an Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme at Ransoo in association with SBI Ransoo Branch. LDM, Rohit Mehta, while addressing the gathering, explained the concept, why and how of financial inclusion. He expressed thanks to Dr. Shahid IqbalChoudhary, DDC Reasi for his initiatives and support in all activities that help ameliorate the lot of poor, under privileged and youth. He also replied a number of queries of youth. S K Kandroo, Director SBIRSETI, assured full support like training, credit linkage through subsidy oriented

govt. sponsored schemes and other logistics free of cost, handholding for two years to ensure that youth take up activity of their interest that ensures them self-employment and income generation. As many as 50 youth including females participated in the camp. Ajit Kumar, representative from Shri Shiv Khori Shrine Board, Parveen Kumar, BM SBI and J K Khajuria, BM J&K Bank and Suram Singh, Gram Sevak were present on the occasion. SBIRSETI Reasi is shortly starting training programme on "Mushroom Cultivation", "Multi Phone Servicing" and "Plumbing and Sanitary Works" for which interested youth are requested to enroll themselves immediately.

Mechanism for ensuring sustained dev put in place: Sagar

POONCH, OCT 11Maintaining that the government has already put in place a mechanism for ensuring sustained development of the Rural and far-flung areas, the Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar has said that remarkable progress has been registered in elevating socio-economic profile of the people as a result of which certain opposition parties have got frustrated. The Minister was addressing a huge public gathering at Poonch today, Minister of State for Technical Education, Power, Rural Development, Mr. VikarRasool, legislators Ajaz Jan, Jehangir Mir, Deputy Commissioner, Poonch, Mr. Sajad Ahmad Khan, Director Rural Development, Jammu, panches, Sarpanches and other senior officers of the department were present on the occasion. The Minister said that ever since the present government took over it has been the endeavor to ensure that the pace of development in various areas of the state are accelerated besides introducing new schemes and programmes for the welfare of the people. "It is a recorded fact that the present government has ensured that the development in every sphere of life be it social, economical or political. It was due to the efforts of the government that the Panchayati Raj elections were held inspite of the opposition from certain vested interested parties, and afterwards a vibrant and empowered PRIs were put in place", the Minister maintained. Mr. Sagar said that the people should come forward and avail maximum benefit of the various schemes launched by the government and by doing so they would be providing the much required feedback about their implementation and impact on the ground level. He said that clear instructions have been passed to the officers to involve the Panchayati Raj Representatives in implementation and formulation of various welfare programmes of various departments and any official deviating from the same would not be tolerated. Minister of State for Technical Education, Power, Rural Development, Mr. VikarRasool while speaking on the occasion highlighted the various initiatives undertaken by the government for ensuring the sustained development of the state maintaining that the development registered by the present government has no parallels in the annals of the history. The legislators Mr. Jehangir Mir and Mr. Ajaz Jan also spoke on the occasion.

Saroori lashed ...

of which 1.5 crore is for restoration of infrastructure and balance for payment of ex-gratia relief to the affected families," Minister for Revenue and Rehabilitation said in its reply. "DC Kishtwar has been provided 5.69 crore for meeting the expenses on account of payment of ex-gratia for private property and so far no funds have been demanded for restoration of infrastructure," it said. Government said that in Ramban district, the damages were negligible; however 25 lakh were released in favour of DC out of which the expenditure is 5 lakh. The concerned Minister said that free ration has been sanctioned in favour of all the affected families for three months. However, the government said nothing about the steps taken to ensuretransparency in the process as demanded by the MLA Saroori. In view of the winter approaching, government said, "As per SDRF norms Rs 70,000 is being paid to such families whose houses were fully

Sagar misleading ...

of the best things of Indian Panchayati Raj Act should be incorporated so that Panchayati system could be made more viable," he said. "State Panchayati Raj Act authorizes a Block Development Officer to dismiss any Panchayat while our point is that higher authorities should be taken into confidence before dismissing any Panchayat on account of malpractices. This point is present in Indian Panchayat Raj System and the Congress party is of the view that such useful things should be accomodiated in State Panchayat Raj Act," Mir said adding that Sagar is harping on special status and misinterpreting the facts. Pertinently, National Conference leader and minister for Rural Development Department and Panchayati Raj, Ali Muhammad Sagar, on Thursday ruled out extension of the 73rd amendment of Indian constitution to the State stating that J&K has its own Panchayati Raj Act where almost all provisions of the 73rd amendment have been applied.

Steps being...
said his Ministry has sought a report from the Jammu and Kashmir government on the possible lapses with regard to the incident. He also said Border Security Force (BSF) and the Army are also inquiring into the incident in which three terrorists carried out the audacious attack in Jammu region, killing ten people, including an Army officer on September 26. Dressed in Army fatigues, the terrorists stormed a police station and then

BJP holds...
are falling in coming days. Ashok Khajuria, Leader of BJP State Legislature Party, on the occasion, said that it seems that administration wants to give an unambiguous message to the minority community that in a Muslim majority state they have


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Vikar for ensuring availability of G. A. Mir inaugurates Kargil, Zanskar Festivals foodgrains, controlling market rates
Says Kargil emerges prime tourist terminus
KARGIL, OCTOBER 11: Describing J&K a symbol of unity in diversity, the Minister for Tourism Mr G. Ahmad. Mir on Friday said that despite having varied cultures, religion and languages all the three regions of the State -Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh- is a single entity. Speaking at the inaugural function of the Kargil and Zanzkar Festivals during his tour to the district, the Minister said that Jammu and Kashmir is famous all over the world for its distinct tourism potential and hospitality adding that all out efforts are being made to market vast tourism potential of the State in the world of Tourism. Thousands of audiences and a large number of foreign as well as domestic tourists witnessed the highlights of the festivals, that depicts the rich cultural ethos besides magnificent splendour of the region which mesmerized the audience and received applause from every one present on the occasion. Minister of State for Information Technology, Mr Feroze Ahmad, Chief Executive Councillor, Kargil Hill Development Council, Haji Asgar Karbalie, Executive Councillor, Tourism, Skyzalng Wangyal, Director Tourism Kashmir, Chief Executive Officers of Kargil and Zanskar Development Authorities besides Officers of district administration were present on the occasions. Complimenting people of Kargil, especially the Hill Development Council, Tourism Department and concerned tourism Development Authorities for organizing the festival-presenting the SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 11: The Minister of State for CA&PD, Information and Power, Mr. Vikar Rasool on Friday directed the officers to ensure adequate availability of foodgrains and conduct regular inspection of markets to regulate the market rates especially in view of Id-ulZuha festival. The Minister was addressing officers during a review meeting convened to take stock of availability of foodgrains in view of the Id-ulZuha and Mouharam. Secretary CA&PD, Mr. Mohammad Abbas Dar, Director CA&PD, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed, Joint Controller Legal Metrology, Deputy Director CA&PD, Jammu, Assistant Directors of different districts, representatives of IOCL, VPCL and HPCL attended the meeting. Mr. Vikar directed the officers to keep the ration depot and fair price shops and

true colour of the rich cultural heritage of Kargil-Zanskar, the Minister said that Ladakh's beauty and charm is unique and incomparable. He urged upon the people to safeguard the matchless heritage of Ladakh for the posterity. Giving details about upcoming tourism infrastructure in Kargil, the Tourism Minister said that the region possess God's gifted bounty with amazing panoramic landscape and enchanting rugged terrain with Nature expressing its different moods to match each season and urge of visitors. He asked the people of Kargil to show good hospitality so that more tourists visit this place which will help to give impetus to socio-economic activities in the region. He also thanked UPA, Chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh for their constant support to this region.The Minister said that for promotion of tourism the government has expended Rs. 32 cr through various Tourism Development

Authorities. He said tourism developmental projects had been taken up at an estimated cost of Rs 25 crore in Kargil under the Centre and state plans against which Rs 17.69 crore were expended till the last fiscal. He said Rs 1.50 crore have been allocated under State plan to RDA for creation of tourist related infrastructure in Kargil. Mir said that the the government had expended Rs 14.01 crore on the touristrelated infrastructure in Zanskar and Padum destinations under the Centre and state plans so far. He said the development of tourist destination at Zanskar was completed at a cost of Rs 465.51 lakh, while beautification of Padum and its adjoining tourist resorts was apace at a cost of Rs 399.16 lakh against which Rs. 139.73 lakh were expended till date. He directed the concerned that keeping in view short working season in the region redouble their efforts for time bound completion of tourist facilities in the area.

godowns open even during holidays as well to ensure the distribution of foodgrains to the people. He said that we have to ensure that the people do not face any inconvenience on account of availability of essential especially during the Id-ul-Azha. The Minister also asked the officers of Legal Metrology to conduct regular market checks to ensure that the goods are not sold at exorbitant rates and directed them to ensure the stability of price

of various essential commodities. He said that strict action under rules should be taken against the shopkeepers found indulging in profiteering and black marketing. The meeting was told that various mandies have been established on temporarily basis for selling of sacrificial animals which includes Idgah, Rowalpora, Zaindshah Masjid, Rainawari etc. in Srinagar and similarly measures have been taken in other districts and Jammu division.

It was also given out that the rates of mutton and other food items has also been fixed by the CA&PD department. Mr. Vikar also asked the representatives of various Oil Companies to ensure adequate availability of LPG. He also asked the officers to ensure that special thrust is also is given to the rural, farflung and hilly areas to ensure adequate availability of essential commodities to the people.

All round development of State a priority: Taj

Healthcare, edu facilities in villages near LoC would be further strengthened
URI, OCTOBER 11: Asking people to extend a helping hand to Government in its development agenda, Minister for Medical Education, Youth Services & Sports, Taj Mohi ud Din on Friday said the all round development of the State has been a priority with present Government and many big ticket projects and schemes were operationalised during the last five years. Addressing a series of public meetings at Jabla and Gawalan, just a few kilometers inside the LoC, the Minister asked people to stand guard these achievements and they should look through the designs of vested interest elements which have no sympathy with them and are in fact harming their interests. Responding to local demands, the Minister assured the people that he would get the establishment of some middle and primary schools in the area in view of growing number of students examined by the concerned Department. He said the area has seen a revolution in road connectivity and many previous rugged terrains have now been converted into motorable roads. He said the area has good facility in terms of healthcare and schools which would be further strengthened. Mr. Taj said the border town of Uri has seen a turnaround during last decade and the

House adjourned sine-die

SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 11: Chairman, J&K Legislative Council Mr. Amrit Malhotra on Friday adjourned the House sine-die.

Div Com reviews Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls 2014

ANANTNAG, OCTOBER 11: Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Mr. Shalindar Kumar on Friday reviewed the summary revision of electoral rolls 2014 here. District Election Officer, Dr. Farooq Ahmad lone, AEO and all other AEROs of all the constituency of Anantnag district were also present on this occasion. AEROs of Anantnag District appraised the Divisional Commissioner about the latest status of electoral rolls in the district. The Divisional Commissioner impressed upon all AEROs to sensitize BLOs and BLAs of respective constituencies to ensure cent percent EPIC ratio and ER ratio at all 307 polling stations of the district. Mr Kumar asked the concerned officers to make necessary additions, deletions insertions and transpositions by inspecting all the polling stations and involving concerned BLAs. For updating of migrant record it was impressed upon all the officers to visit their camps at Udhampur and Jammu in consultation with the Relief Commissioner.

Godowns, Sale Outlets to remain open on Oct12th, 13th

SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 11: According to an hand out issued by the Directorate of Consumer Affairs and Pubic Distribution, it is to be informed to the general public that in view of ensuing Eid-ul-Azha all the Central Godowns and Sale Outlets of Kashmir Valley shall remain openon 12th and 13th October,2013.

Inf Deptt condoles demise of Dr Nasir's mother

SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 11: The Information Department on Friday held a condolence meeting under the chairmanship of Director Information, Mr. Zaffar Ahmad to condole the sad demise of the mother of Deputy Director Information (PR), Srinagar, Dr. Nasir Lone.The meeting observed two minutes silence to pay respect to the deceased and prayed for peace to the departed soul. Her Chaharum will be observed on 14th October 2013 (Monday) at the families ancestral graveyard.

day is not far when cent per cent achievement would be recorded in critical sectors like power distribution, water supply, education and healthcare. The Minister said that water supply distribution in Uri, which was 26% ten years ago, has risen to 97%, among the highest in the State. So is the case with power distribution, he said, which has risen from 34 % in 2002 to 85%. He said soon cent per cent coverage in water and power distribution would achieved in the town. Mr. Taj said it was during his tenure that Uri got the first college, three higher secondary schools and 16 high schools. He said the number of middle schools, which stood at 26 before his representing the area, rose to 95. Similarly 200 more primary schools

were opened in the area taking the number to 270. The Minister said there were no filtration plants or lift irrigation schemes in Uri and 46 such filtration plants and seven lift irrigation schemes were set up during the last decade or so. He said the road length in Uri stood at 75 kilometres in 2002 which has been increased to a whopping 500 kilometres or more as more and more areas and habitations are being covered through road networks. Mir Mushtaq Nowshehri also spoke on the occasion and appealed people to strengthen the present coalition government. Earlier, on his arrival, the Minister was accorded a rousing reception by the people of the area who had turned up in traditional colourful attires to greet him.

Power Shut Down

JAMMU, OCTOBER 11: In order to carry out urgent and preventive maintenance (branch cutting) of 11 KV feeders and LT of distribution transformers in the sub-division-1 Green Belt and Gandhi Nagar, the power supply to the areas like Green Belt, Gandhi Nagar AD, BD, DC blocks, PHE, MAM College, Amar Singh Club, Police, Polytechnic will remain affected on October 14 and October 15. Besides, the areas including AC block VIP installation Govt quarters, A block Gandhi Nagar and its adjoining areas will remain affected at the feeders including RC-1, RC-3, RC-5 and JDA-6 on October 21 and 22 from 7 a.m. to 12 noon.

Rs 595 cr credit facility provided by banks to 7 lakh KCC's issued out of 1.71 lakh KCC holders of Kashmir division: Mir 12 lakh farmers in J&K: Mir
'Says 7 lakh KCC's issued out of 12 lakh farmers in J&K'
SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 11: With successful campaign for introduction of Kissan Credit Cards(KCC) among the farmers, Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Ghulam Hassan Mir on Friday said that out of 12 lakh farmer families 7 lakh KCC's has been issued in the state till date. The Minister said this while reviewing the progress of implementation of KCC scheme in the state. The aim of the scheme is to provide easy credit facilities to the marginal farmers of the state. The Meeting was attended by Commissioner Secretary Agriculture production, Dr. Asgar Samoon, Director Agriculture, Kashmir, Peerzada Mushtaq, Deputy Genral Manager, NABARD and representative of Jammu & Kashmir Bank and other senior officers of agriculture and revenue department. The Minister directed the revenue and bank authorities to clear all the pending cases as early as possible which are necessary for achieving the 100% percent SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 11: With successful campaign for introduction of Kissan Credit Cards(KCC) among the farmers, Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Ghulam Hassan Mir on Friday said that out of 12 lakh farmer families 7 lakh KCC's has been issued in the state till date. The Minister said this while reviewing the progress of implementation of KCC scheme in the state. The aim of the scheme is to provide easy credit facilities to the marginal farmers of the state. The Meeting was attended by Commissioner Secretary Agriculture production, Dr. Asgar Samoon, Director Agriculture, Kashmir, Peerzada Mushtaq, Deputy Genral Manager, NABARD and representative of Jammu & Kashmir Bank and other senior officers of agriculture and revenue department. The Minister directed the revenue and bank authorities to clear all the pending cases as early as possible which are necessary for achieving the 100% percent target. The direction was also passed to bank authorities to explore the possibilities to cover the cocoon growers and those farmers with no land holding but perform farming on tenancy basis, under the KCC's scheme. The Minister said that easy availability of credit facilities to the farmers particularly marginal farmers will help boost the agriculture activities in the state adding that it will also help in introduction of farm mechanization in the sector.

Kissan Mela to be held at Bani on October 15

KATHUA, OCTOBER 11: The Department of Horticulture Kathua is going to organise Horticulture Kissan Mela cum fruit show on 15th October 2013 at Bani under the scheme Horticulture Mission for North Eastern and Himalayan states (HMNEH). The department has appealed the panchs and sarpanchs, farmers, fruit growers and orchardists of the tehsil to ensure maximum participation in the mela to get firsthand knowledge of various schemes and programmes initiated by the government under horticulture sector.

Malhotra thanks Members, administration, media for smooth conduct of council business
SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 11: Chairman, Legislative Council, Mr. Amrit Malhotra on Friday thanked the members for contributing towards the smooth conduct of the proceedings of the session adding that the members raised several public importance issues and articulated the demands of the public in the House. He thanked the civil and police administration for having responded to the needs of the House and providing full support in the conduct of the House business. The Chairman also thanked the media for comprehensive and detailed coverage of the session.

target. The direction was also passed to bank authorities to explore the possibilities to cover the cocoon growers and those farmers with no land holding but perform farming on tenancy basis, under the KCC's scheme. The Minister said that easy availability of credit facilities to the farmers particularly marginal farmers will help boost the agriculture activities in the state

adding that it will also help in introduction of farm mechanization in the sector. The Meeting was informed that Rs 595 cr credit facilities have been provided to those 1.71 lakh Kissan Credit Card holders who opted to avail the benefit in 12 districts of Kashmir division. The Minister called upon all KCC holders to come forward and avail the benefits under the scheme.

Wani lays foundation of bridge, guest house in Budgam

BUDGAM, OCTOBER 11: Minister for Roads & Buildings and Mechanical Engineering Mr. Abdul Majid Wani today laid the foundation of Bridge at Sail Arizal, Budgam.The 3X 20 metre span steel plate girder bridge would be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs. 3.51 crore over Sukhnag nallah and is expected to be completed by November, 2015. Addressing the public gather after foundation laying ceremony, the Minister reiterated the commitment of Government for providing road connectivity to the unconnected hamlets of the state, saying that all the leftout habitations would be connected through PMGSY, the flagship programme launched by the Union Government. He said that with the construction of bridge at this point, a long pending demand of the people would be fulfilled. He said the bridge would provide connectivity to dozens of villages of the area including Rawatpora, Khag Drung, Sutharan, Habbar, Lassipora and Sail, besides provide easy access to the people during rainy season.The Minister termed peace and normalcy pre-requisite for development, saying that the tempo of development can be carry forward only when there is peace.Highlighting the importance of road connectivity, Mr. Wani said that roads acts as arteries to promotes trade and commerce activities in the area and help in ameliorating the socioeconomic conditions of the people. The road connectivity helps in exchange culture and socials values from one place to another, he maintained. Referring to construction of Mughal road, the Minister said that its construction has provided easy access to the people of twin districts of Poonch and Rajouri, besides an alternative route to Kashmir and Jammu divisions of the State. MLA, Khansahab, Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen while addressing the gathering said that the politicians should rise above the party lines and work for the welfare of the people of the State. He said with the construction of the bridge, the people of Khansahib and Beerwah areas are benefitted by way of connectivity with adjoining villages. It is the fourth bridge to be constructed over Sukhnag Nallah, he added. Later, Mr. Wani laid the foundation of Guest House at Bugroo, Khansahib. Spread over 2368 sq ft, the single storey Guest House would be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs. of 95.09 lakhs. The project equipped with modern facilities and is expected to be completed by March 2015.

Electricity tariff being charged as per load agreement: Vikar

SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 11: Minister of State for Power, Mr. Vikar Rasool, while replying to a clubbed Calling Attention Notice of Dr. Syed Bashir Ahmad Veeri and Abdul Majid Bhat, said that the there is no district wise or constituency wise disparity adopted in billing of consumers. The electricity tariff is fixed by the Jammu and Kashmir State Electricity Regulatory Commission which is an Autonomous Constitutional Organization established under J&K Electricity Act. The Minister said that the domestic tariff is fixed either on metered or on flat rate basis. Metered consumers are being charged as per the energy utilized by the consumers. He said that flat rate consumers are being charged as per the agreement load.

4 RR distributed furniture to GMS Dalain ,Bhaderwah

MOHD MAJID MALIK BHADERWAH,OCT 11: As a part of ongoing process of wining hearts and minds of the local people the Army 4 RR has been constantly undertaking a variety for projects for welfare and education of locals . The 4Rashtriya Rifles located at Bhaderwah under the aegis of counter insurgency Force took an initiative and donated furniture to Government Middle School Dallian , Bhaderwah here today under project Operation Sadhbavana . CO 4 RR ,SDM Bhaderwah Bupinder Singh ,ZEO Bhaderwah and Sarpancs of the area were also present on the occasion .A small culture programme was also presented by students . THe students who were on tour to Bhaderwah from Greenwood Senior Secondary School from Rampur ,UP were also delighted and impressed by the efforts of Army 4 RR in development in the area and contribution by Army.

Horticulture deptt organizes fruit exhibition at Padder

KISHTWAR, OCTOBER 11: A 'Fruit Show cum Exhibition' under Horticulture Mission for North Eastern and Himalayan states (HMNEH) scheme was organized by Horticulture department Kishtwar at Play Ground Gulabgarh Padder. The show was attended by large number of fruit growers, farmers and locals besides various departments including Sericulture, Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry. The main attraction of the show was stalls of apple, walnut, pear, quince and other fruits Chief Horticulture Officer, Kishtwar, R.C Putto, highlighted various departmental schemes and major achievements made by the department during 2012-13 in the district. The farmers and orchardists were also addressed by the experts from SKUAST Jammu, Animal husbandry and Fisheries. The speakers exhorted upon the fruit growers to adopt new and innovative techniques in farming with full applications of scientific knowledge. The fruit growers put forth their day to day problems regarding production and marketing of the fruits. The Chief Horticulture Officer Kishtwar assured the orchardists that all their genuine concerns will be addressed by the department. On the occasion, prizes were also distributed among the winners of fruit exhibition.

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Anger grows over China's act of issuing stapled visa to young Arunachal women archers
NEW DELHI: Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Nabam Tuki on Friday condemned granting of stapled Chinese visa to two young women archers who were prevented at the IGI Airport from leaving for China to take part in the upcoming Youth World Archery Championship. "We strongly object to the grant of stapled visas to two talented sportswomen who were on their way to represent the country," he told reporters. Immigration officials at the airport had stopped Mihu Maselo and Yumi Sorang, who were the only two archers from Arunachal Pradesh in the 24-member squad, from boarding a China Southern Airlines flight to Guangzhou on Thursday night. "We are an integral part of India. We are Indians, we cannot be denied the right to travel. This is a sad day for the youth of the state in particular and of the country as a whole which inspite of having so much talent are being deprived due to issuance of stapled visa," he said. The chief minister said he

Pujara cracks triple ton as India A close in on victory

HUBLI: India A skipper Cheteshwar Pujara cracked his third triple ton in first-class cricket as India A rode on his brilliance to force West Indies A stare at an embarrassing defeat in the third unofficial 'Test' on Friday. West Indies trail the hosts by 180 runs with seven wickets remaining in their second innings. Pujara notched up an unbeaten 306 in a masterly exhibition of batsmanship as India A declared their first innings at 564 for nine just at the stroke of tea in reply to West Indies A's 268 in their first essay, to take a substantial 296-run lead. At stumps on day three, the Indians had reduced the visitors to 116 for three in their second innings at KSCA Stadium. The bowlers forced the Windies top order batsmen to surrender tamely with Zaheer Khan trapping stand-in captain Kieran Powell leg before for six, while Dhawal Kulkarni clean bowled Leon Johnson for one. Right-arm medium fast Ishwar Pandey claimed the prized wicket of Kraigg Brathwaite leg before for 21. The right-hand batsman had been a thorn in the flesh for the hosts with two half centuries and a century in the series. Narsingh Deonarine and Assad Fudadin were batting on 44 and 36, against England, 203 not out against Madhya Pradesh, 204 against Australia, besides 352 against Karnataka and 306 not out against West Indies A. Pujara, who was batting at an overnight score of 139, accelerated the run rate to gain a substantial lead after Abhishek Nayar (11) and Paras Dogra (7) were packed off by medium-pacer Assad Fudadin and leftarm orthodox spinner Nikita Miller, respectively, earlier in the day. The skipper played some delightful shots as he smashed 33 boundaries while adding 177 runs to his overnight score. He reached his triple hundred when he cover drove a boundary off left-hand medium fast Delorn Johnson for an exquisite boundary after facing 410 balls. Pujara saw wickets tumbling at the other end with contributions of 26, 6 and 19 coming from the bats of Uday Kaul, Kulkarni and Zaheer. Unlike the Indian bowlers, especially Nayar and Kulkarni, West Indies A bowlers failed to swing the ball. Nevertheless, Ashley Nurse was the leading wicket-taker for the Windies with figures of three for 106, while Nikita Miller and Narsingh Deonarine took two wickets each. Assad Fudadin and Johnson bagged wicket apiece.

respectively, when the stumps were drawn. The duo had put on an unbeaten 59 runs together for the fourth wicket. With just a day left in the match, India A will look to push for victory by making best use of morning conditions on the final day on Saturday. Captain Pujara, who became only the second Indian after Ravindra Jadeja to score three triple hundreds, would be expecting Zaheer, Abhishek Nayar and Kulkarni to come good and help India A level the three-

match series 1-1. The day belonged to the Saurashtrian run-machine Pujara, who displayed an innings of discipline and character to tilt the match in India A's favour. Pujara, who had scored 302 and 352 against Orissa and Karnataka in firstclass matches, sweated out for nearly 10 hours in the middle, grinding the visiting team bowlers. Since November 2012, Pujara has registered three double hundreds and two triple hundreds in first-class cricket with scores of 206 not out

would take up the matter at the highest level and will appeal to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take steps for early resolution of the stapled visa issue which is hampering the scope of Arunachal's people. Tuki took up the matter with the external affairs ministry and sought its immediate intervention to facilitate the travel of the archers of the state to participate in the World Championships. He spoke to the joint secretary in the MEA Gautam Bambawale, who is in charge of Sino-Indo affairs, and sought his intervention for issuance of regular visa to enable the players to partici-

pate in the championship. The chief minister also met the two players at his office in Arunachal Bhawan here and assured all support to them. Meanwhile, vice-president of Archery Association of India and former MP Kiren Rijiju has decided to resign from his post in protest against the issuance of stapled visa to two archers from Arunachal Pradesh. "Visa is another humiliation to us. It is untenable for me to continue in the position as vice-president of Archery Association of India. I will send my resignation letter once I am back from border areas of Arunachal Pradesh," the former MP of Arunachal Pradesh said.

Young Mominul lifts Nadal, Djokovic stay on course Sachin Tendulkar to bid adieu at Wankhede Stadium Bangladesh with classy 181 for potential showdown Yuvraj dedicates match-winning CHITTAGONG: Mominul Test, added 46 for the fourth
Haque's fine knock of 181 took Bangladesh close to New Zealand's first-innings total of 469 on the third day of the first Test in Chittagong on Friday. At stumps, tailenders Sohag Gazi (28) and Abdur Razzak (one) were at the crease with the hosts on 380 for seven wickets, trailing the touring side by 89 runs. Resuming on his overnight score of 77, the 22-year-old Mominul continued his aggressive approach to reach his maiden Test hundred off 98 deliveries. Bangladesh built their innings around Mominul and the first meaningful partnership of 126 runs was shared by the left-handed batsman and Marshall Ayub (25). Mominul, playing his fourth wicket with Shakib Al Hasan (19) and another 121 with captain Mushfiqur Rahim (67) for the fifth. His 181 was the third highest score by a Bangladeshi batsman in Tests and came off 274 deliveries, including 27 fours. Mominul became debutant paceman Corey Anderson's second wicket of the day when he was adjudged lbw. Captain Mushfiqur, who hit 10 fours and two sixes, also fell five deliveries later to give paceman Doug Bracewell his second wicket. The other debutant, leg-spinner Ish Sodhi, picked up his first Test wicket and the last of the day when Nasir Hossain (46) topedged a pull off the 20-yearold to be caught at mid-on by Kane Williamson.

knock to Sachin Tendulkar

RAJKOT: He should have been on cloud nine after smashing a match-winning unbeaten 77 against Australia in the one-off T20 International in his comeback match, but Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh said he had mixed feelings as it came on the day Sachin Tendulkar retired from Test cricket. An emotional Yuvraj, who guided India to a six-wicket win over Australia here, dedicated his unbeaten innings to Tendulkar who on Thursday announced that he would quit Test cricket after playing his 200th match against the West Indies next month. "Well I don't know if I am happy or sad. Happy that I hit the ball and sad day that Sachin is retiring. But really happy the way I hit the ball and how I continued to play well since the India A and West Indies A series," Yuvraj said at the post-match press conference. "Definitely, I would like to dedicate it to Sachin and hopefully, maybe tell him on the phone as well. That is the least I can do, dedicate this knock to him. I will also like to dedicate this knock to my mother who prayed a lot for my comeback. Everyday she has been praying for me," he said.

SHANGHAI: Rafael Nadal survived a fierce assault from Stanislas Wawrinka to reach the Shanghai Masters semifinals Friday, staying on course for a potential title match against Novak Djokovic, who recovered from a set down to also claim victory. World number one Nadal was pushed to the limit by Wawrinka in a highly competitive first set, but the relentless Spaniard came out on top in a gripping tie-break lasting more than 20 minutes. It was one-way traffic in the second set as he prevailed 7-6 (12/10), 6-1. Top seed Djokovic kept his side of the bargain under floodlights at the Qizhong Tennis Center, withstanding a feisty challenge from Frenchman Gael Monfils to win his quarterfinal 6-7 (4/7), 6-2, 6-4. Elsewhere in last-eight action, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Juan Martin del Potro breezed through their matches in straight sets as they hunt

berths at next month's elite World Tour Finals. Nadal, who has won 10 titles -including the French Open and US Open -- this year, fended off three set points for Wawrinka, against whom he now boasts an 11-0 record, before taking his fourth opportunity to win the opener. A dispirited Wawrinka ran out of steam in the second set against never-say-die Nadal, who regained the number one ranking this week and is chasing a record sixth Masters title in a single season. Earlier, Monfils and Djokovic swapped two service breaks each before the match settled into a more regular groove, going to a tie-break won by the Frenchman when the top seed went long with a backhand. But Monfils, cutting an imposing figure in his bright orange top with a shock of dark hair, let his intensity slip at the start of the set and Djokovic immediately seized the initiative with a break.

Stosur, Keys, Bouchard, Nara in Japan Open semis

OSAKA (JAPAN): Former champion Samantha Stosur moved into the Japan Open semifinals with a 6-1, 3-6, 63 win over Misaki Doi of Japan on Friday. Third-seeded Stosur, who won the title in 2009, raced away to 5-0 in the opening set but it was far from simple after that as Doi battled back to stir the home crowd and take the second. The pair exchanged breaks of service in the third set before Stosur, the highest remaining seed, held out to win. Awaiting Stosur in the last four on Saturday is American teenager Madison Keys, who reached her first WTA semifinals with a 6-3, 6-1 win against Zheng Jie of China. In the other semis, Canada's Eugenie Bouchard faces the last Japanese, Kurumi Nara. Bouchard beat Barbora Zahlavova Strycova of the Czech Republic 2-6, 6-4, 6-1 in their last-eight tie while Nara defeated Polona Hercog of Slovenia 7-6 (4), 2-6, 6-1.

MUMBAI: Champion batsman Sachin Tendulkar will bow out from the game, which he embellished for close to a quarter of a century, at the Wankhede Stadium by playing his landmark 200th Test match against the West Indies next month. It was at this very venue that he made his debut in first class cricket. "Tendulkar had expressed the wish yesterday that he wanted to play his 200th match at his home ground and the BCCI (Cricket Board) on Friday acceded to his request and has decided that the Test will be held at the Wankhede Stadium from November 14-18," said Mumbai Cricket Association's president Ravi Savant. Savant did not want to go into the details of how MCA persuaded BCCI to allot the game to its home venue, amidst reports that the Cricket Club of India, BCCI's second affiliated unit in the city, also wanted to host the match. "I don't want to go into the details.

Suffice it to say that the match would be held at the Wankhede Stadium," Savant told reporters. The Caribbean outfit is set to play two Tests, from November 6-10 and November 14-18, as well as three ODIs, on November 21, 24 and 27, during its short tour.

Sachin Tendulkar must have known from his heart: Dravid

NEW DELHI: Former India captain Rahul Dravid knew that the time for Sachin Tendulkar to draw curtains on his long and illustrious career was quite close but he had no inkling that the veteran would decide to call it quits with the home series against the West Indies next month. "You knew that it was going to happen sooner rather than later. There were indications that he would finish it but he would finish that with the West Indies tour, I did not get that inkling," said Dravid. Tendulkar, regarded the greatest batsman in contemporary cricket, on Thursday called it quits from Test cricket, announcing that he would retire after his 200th match which would come against the West Indies, bringing the curtains down on an extraordinary career spanning a marathon 24 years. Struggling with form for the last two years, the 40year-old Tendulkar, who has scored a monumental 15,837 runs in 198 Tests at an average of 53.86, informed the BCCI about his decision to retire from Test cricket, putting an end to the intense speculation about his future. Dravid said Tendulkar chose the perfect time to bid adieu to the game given that his last Test will be his 200th overall. "It's been a great career, a great opportunity for him and for the whole of India...these two matches to recognise what he has done. I think it's a great time for him to go, in a sense the 200th Test match. It's a great occasion for him playing in his 200th Test, probably in Mumbai and in front of his home crowd. It's fantastic for him," Dravid told cricket website.

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Muslims, and creating a lasting divide by bringing in English as the gateway to Government jobs, resulted in deep-rooted feelings of discrimination and victimhood. This often results in communal clashes on one pretext or the other. In spite of all this, rural India has mostly sustained its tradition of acceptance of other religions and has rejected efforts to communalise the environment of brotherhood and amity.

Mr Azam Khan, a senior Minister in the Uttar Pradesh Government, stands accused, not by the Opposition, but by senior serving police officers of his own regime, for having played a damagingly partisan role during the riots that engulfed Muzaffarnagar last month. It's not an allegation that he can dismiss with the contempt that he has shown until now, nor can he hide behind the bluff and bluster which he has so far used in his defence. The four officers have told the Allahabad High Court that they were suspended on orders from Mr Khan. What is even more shocking is their claim that Mr Khan was furious because the police had arrested seven Muslims in connection with the murder of two brothers in Kawal village. As the Muslim face' of the Samajwadi Party in the State, Mr Khan has been going around conducting himself in sectarian ways that does not behove a person who is mandated to follow the law of the land which does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of caste and religion. He has behaved more as a Minister for one community rather than of the State. If what the four police officers have alleged is indeed true, then Mr Khan will have to bear the responsibility for the outbreak of the terrible riots which left more than 50 people dead and scores others injured. Worse, the incident has shattered communal harmony in the region and left behind a deeply divided society. The police officers' claim that the Hindu community was enraged with the release of the seven accused, and that the anger resulted in the eruption of violence, has to be taken seriously. This is what bipartisan observers have been saying for long. While there cannot be any justification for the violence, in which both communities have suffered, one cannot simply wish away the trigger for the terrible incident. The police were compelled to release the seven members of the minority community on the orders of political higher-ups. The needle of suspicion has been pointing at Mr Khan ever since the violence broke out, and the statements of the four police officers seem to have strengthened this suspicion. It is amazing that, while Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav have been busy accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party and various other opponents for the Muzaffarnagar riots, they have chosen to gloss over the alleged role of their senior party leader and Minister. It's vote-bank politics, after all. Regardless of the inaction by the party and the State Government, Mr Khan stands discredited. He has yet to furnish a respectable defence of himself, more so after a sting operation that a television news channel conducted, showed upset police officers admitting to directives from Mr Khan that they should be selective in cracking down on trouble-makers. He can continue to wage a legal battle against the police officers, but his continuance as a Minister is untenable.


JS Rajput
Politicians of the vociferous secular clan learn their tricks as swiftly as they dump their voters and democratic values and principles. They do so unscrupulously, without any hesitation. Together, they try hard to feed the people on the dangers of communal forces'. The Prime Minister has recently called upon all the secular' forces to unite against communal forces. Almost simultaneously, one of his Ministers issued a circular to all the State Chief Ministers asking them to ensure that no Muslim youth is wrongfully arrested or detained. One wonders why he is so selective on religious basis. Recall the gems of pronouncements made earlier by the Union Minister for Minority Affairs, who wanted separate tribunals for the Muslim youth. This luminary is unsure of the very existence of Indian Mujahideen. Are the two Ministers not indulging in brazen acts of communalising the Indian polity? Why are they creating social wedges and fuelling religious jealousies and distrust? When Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad gets sentenced after 17 years, and Rasheed Masood after over 23 years, not much ingenuity is needed to visualise the sordid and sad state of affairs of the judicial delivery system in India. People suffer; young persons suffer for decades together. In 2011 alone, 64.7 per cent of the jail inmates were under trials. Those from economically weaker sections, arrested for minor crimes, are unable to arrange proper legal aid and suffer for no fault of theirs. A corruption-ridden system of policing has standardised' its practices of harassing the weak, deficient and the deprived. It is the fear of harass-

Minority appeasement has led to a deep division in society. But our secular politicians dont care
ment of the police that prevents people even from helping the victim of a road accident. The minimum that the Union Minister for Home Affairs could have done was to arrange intensive training and orientation of the police force on how to deal with the suspected wrong-doers and professionally handle terror cases. In fact, after the December 16 gang-rape incident, the inadequacy of the training system in police came up for severe public scrutiny. The police continues to behave in the same atrocious manner with rape victims as earlier. Nothing substantial has been initiated to orient the police personnel on the critical concern of gender sensitivity and provide a sense of security to women and girls. People who know the system point out how training is given due weightage in the defence forces, and the best of the officers prefer posting training institutes. In the police force, no one opts to even head a police training institute. They all want to be in field'; everyone knows the why' of it. The sufferings inflicted upon citizens must not be viewed through the prism of communal agenda hidden under the garb of secularism people find it rather transparent. The most sensible query which must be answered honestly by the Union Home Minister is: If Muslim youths are being harassed, why not take to task the persons responsible for it? Why can you not control the system? Has any officer been punished even in a single case of the harassment of any young person? The Home Minister is playing the old game: Create conditions that irritate and provoke opposition parties, allow them to criticise the move and then approach the Muslim community tactfully and tell them how sincerely we' wanted to be of help to you so why not vote for us one more time! This is pure and unadulterated communalism. The list of schemes and sops for minority welfare could be a legion. These are widely publicised in the print and the electronic media. It germinates feelings of segregation amongst young impressionable minds. When young boys and girls of 15 to19-year age groups find that some of their classmates are eligible for a special stipend or a loan simply because the colleague is a Muslim, sensitivities are hurt. Why can the system not evolve schemes in a manner that the entire lot is helped? The sarcasm that Muslim children face from their classmates is avoidable. It is a great folly to ignore such observations as insignificant' or matters of details'. Prejudices, when deliberately created with political gains in mind, could be lasting and get transformed into hatred and exclusion. It is another folly to assume that vote-bank politics and Muslim appeasement are the creation of the Bharatiya Janata Party. These have gained ground amongst people irrespective of party affiliations. This perception is injurious to social cohesion and religious amity. If a serious professionally-sound and academically-honest study is conducted on Muzaffarnagar riots, it would emphatically emerge that the riots were an outburst of pent-up feelings on both the sides. These were fuelled by the sustained manoeuvres of politicians of all shades. It is well understood that the British policy of initially favouring Hindus, then

Prejudices, when deliberately created with political gains in mind, could be lasting and get transformed into hatred and exclusion. It is another folly to assume that votebank politics and Muslim appeasement are the creation of the Bharatiya Janata Party. These have gained ground amongst people irrespective of party affiliations. This perception is injurious to social cohesion and religious amity.


Kalyani Shankar
That the political class has failed in Andhra Pradesh is seen by the present political crisis. Just for the sake of votebanks, almost all the parties are playing politics and not caring about the lives of innocent people. The Centre as well as the Congress cannot escape the blame that it is their callous attitude which has created this mess. Did they not realise that they were playing with fire while deciding on the separate Telangana issue? Even the Srikrishna Commission was careful in giving six options. The Centre as well as the Congress should have anticipated the consequences. Now, Seemandhra is burning and life has come to a standstill, reminding us of one of the earlier Telangana and Andhra agitations in the late 60s and the early 70s. The destruction to public property and danger to the lives of the common man are immense. With a reluctant Chief Minister who does not want a separate Telangana, law and order has become a huge problem. Vested interests would jump in to play havoc soon. Historically, Telangana was part of the princely State of Nizam while the rest of the Andhra Pradesh were part of the Madras presidency. The first States Reorganisation Commission had left the issue open: That the Telangana region be constituted as a separate State with a provision for unification with Andhra State after the 1961 election. But Jawaharlal


The Allahabad High Court's decision to ban the immersion of idols in the Ganga and the Yamuna rivers would not have been necessary if the millions of devotees in their misplaced religious zeal had desisted from repeatedly polluting the very rivers they hold as sacred. The court's directive would not have been needed if Government authorities had acted effectively to check the flow of pollutants into the waters that are our lifeline. Idols of deities that the devotees immerse are made of extremely toxic and polluting material, including plastic colours that are not easily dissolved. They leave behind a trail of destruction and devastation on our water bodies. The High Court also deservingly dismissed the Uttar Pradesh Government's silly suggestion that the idols can be immersed and then fished out. No religious sentiment is furthered by the pollution of sacred rivers, and no religious feeling stands violated if the idols are not immersed in the rivers although there will be vested interests who may want to rake up the non-existent issue of the courts interference in religious matters, and take the discourse in a different direction. The authorities ought to have by now taken religious leaders and environmental activists into confidence and put in place an alternative mechanism that satisfied all stakeholders. On the contrary, officials have sat on the matter even as the rivers got increasingly polluted. Ironically, the environmentally-dangerous idols kept adding to the destruction of the rivers even as Government authorities continued to pump massive funds running into thousands of crores of rupees to clean up the rivers. The UP State Pollution Control Board has admitted that water quality suffers drastically with the immersion of idols. The State regime should have taken cognisance of this finding and initiated measures to counter the damage. But in this festive season, when the idols are being readied for yet another round of immersion there are quite a few of these in a year the authorities remained not just passive but also willing to allow more pollutants to be added to the rivers, leading the High Court to step in. For the essence of the court order to be translated into reality, more needs to be done beyond the check on immersion of toxic idols, and beyond Uttar Pradesh. A parliamentary panel on environment and forests had months ago reported that the mission to clean the Ganga and the Yamuna rivers had miserably failed. Over the last 20 years, the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests has spent a massive sum of Rs39,226 crore on cleaning the Ganga and a very substantial Rs1,306 crore on the Yamuna. But the report came to the dismal conclusion that the quality of water in both the rivers has deteriorated. In plain words, both the effort and the money have gone down the drain. Various so-called Action Plans have yielded no result. Shockingly, there has been a complete lack of official accountability. Nobody seems to be concerned over why the plans have collapsed and where the tax-payers' money has disappeared. The ministry took the initiative to clean the Ganga around the Sixth Five Year Plan, while the first phase of the Yamuna Action Plan kicked off in 1993. It's time for a thorough revamp of the schemes and effective supervision.

The Congress and the UPA Government at the Centre are squarely responsible for the mess in Andhra Pradesh
Nehru in his wisdom agreed to merge Telangana with Andhra. Since then, a demand for separate Telangana had been cropping up now and then. The Telangana Praja Samithi movement led by M Chenna Reddy was one of those making the demand, but Chenna Reddy later joined the Congress and merged his party. Then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi handled the agitations with finesse and did not agree to a separate Telangana or Andhra demand. Since then, there were three Chief Ministers from Telangana region PV Narasimha Rao, Vengala Rao and M Chenna Reddy but none of them encouraged the Telangana movement. The other Chief Ministers, including Telugu Desam Party supremo NT Rama Rao or his successor N Chandrababu Naidu and later Congress leader YSR Reddy too were not in favour of a separate State. The Telangana Rashtra Samithi was born in 2001 when Mr Naidu sacked Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao from his party. It was the Congress, which encouraged the TRS for an alliance in 2004 poll and promised a separate State in its manifesto. But later, YS Rajasekhara Reddy crushed the TRS in the 2009 election. He also weakened the Praja Rajyam Party, which later merged with the Congress.
Kashmiri villages. The prime example of this renaming business in Kashmir is renaming of Anantnag as Islamabad. Not only is Anantnag an ancient name but the very name gives glimpse of its geography that is land of many springs. Similarly, Geur in Tral district has been named as Noorpoora. Locals of Kashmiri origins are told that nothing is more important than changing the history of Kashmir. Yours faithfully, Bilhan Kaul, Pamposh Colony.

The dream for a separate State has been eluding the people of the region. Had Nehru agreed, the merger would not have taken place at all. Had Indira Gandhi yielded to pressure, Telangana would have born. Had M Chenna Reddy continued the agitation, the State might have been created. If Mr Naidu did not sack KCR, the TRS would not have born. Had YSR Reddy lived longer, the Centre would not have announced a separate State on the midnight of December 9, 2009. The core issue continues to be Hyderabad, where rich industrialists from Andhra have invested billions of rupees. Had the Centre not have decided to give Hyderabad to Telangana or made it a joint capital for 10 years, the agitation would not have been so violent. So, why did the Congress-led UPA decide on Telangana when there are at least a dozen more pending demands for separate States elsewhere? Almost all the parties are playing for electoral gains. Andhra Pradesh had been a Congress citadel for long and had contributed to UPA1 and UPA2 assuming power. Now the Congress fears it may be wiped out if Telangana is not given. The region has 17 Lok Sabha seats and 117 Assembly seats. After a secret pact with the TRS for merger, the Congress hopes to get at least 15 of the 17 seats even if it gets no seats
from some media-persons having acquired enormous wealth. Even common journalists have demanded transparency in such aspects repeatedly at their associations. Issue was raised prominently by some very prominent senior journalists during an RTI seminar at Symbiosis (Pune) on 20.09.2013. But legal provisions can permit only such media-houses under RTI Act which are substantially government-financed even though indirectly like allotment of land at subsidised rate/lease etc. Best is to make such transparency-provisions compulsory for all registered media-houses with Press Council being the supervisory regulatory authority so that funding and profitability of media-houses and wealth-details of every director/employee getting earnings of more than say rupees ten lakhs per annum may have to be compulsorily put on website. Why only media-houses and their directors/employees, such provision of wealth-declaration should be compulsory for even complete private-sector! Yours faithfully, Madhu Agrawal, Jammu.

in the rest of the State, where the rise of YSRs son Jagan Mohan Reddy is posing a threat. In the bargain the TDP is left out of reckoning. Squeezed from all sides and without an option, Mr Naidu is knocking at the doors of the BJP. It was Mr Naidu who had stalled a separate Telangana during the NDA regime. The Congress is unable to deal with the spate of resignations from its Legislators, Ministers and MPs from the Seemaandhra region. Even Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is on an open revolt over the division of the State. Having created the mess, it is the responsibility of the Centre to deal with it.


Dear Editor, I want to bring to the notice of readers through your esteemed paper that many villages in Kashmir are renamed and given new names. This references the general perception that religious based symbols and religious motivation is a prime factor in Kashmir conflict. Readers are well reminded her that names carry more than historical baggage with them. Thus it is not whether you like Mohd. Tughlaq's rule or not but since he founded Tughlaqabad which carries his name it will be mischievous and sign of intolerance if anybody changes its name. Same is the case with Aurangabad which was founded by Aurangzeb. If anybody cares to visit Uttar Pradesh, he will find Muslim names of the towns like Ghaziabal, Murad Nagar, Muzzaffar Nagar, Mausoorpur and so on. All has become part of Indian ethos. But it seems there is renewed zeal to rename

Media and RTI

Dear Editor, Ever since media has echoed public-voice in supporting political parties coming under RTI Act, many mainly including political community have raised countervoice for media-houses for being covered by RTI Act. Those supporting media-houses to be covered by RTI Act have raised eyebrows on funding and profitability of TV news-channels and publications apart

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi was born in 2001 when Mr Naidu sacked Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao from his party. It was the Congress, which encouraged the TRS for an alliance in 2004 poll and promised a separate State in its manifesto. But later, YS Rajasekhara Reddy crushed the TRS in the 2009 election. He also weakened the Praja Rajyam Party, which later merged with the Congress.

Page 6.qxd 10/12/2013 12:13 AM Page 1



Share information suo motu, government told

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, OCTOBER 11: The governments should suo motu share information to reach out to the people and for enhancing transparency and accountability, Governor Nikhil Kumar has said. Inaugurating a national seminar on Right to Information Act the way forward, organised by the State Information Commission and the Institute of Management in Government (IMG), and launching the commissions portal here on Friday, Mr. Nikhil Kumar said the portal for tracking file movement in the commission was one such major step. India has set a model for other nations in sharing information to the public by implementing the Act. The Act has put governments and local self-government institutions under duress and they are being made to behave properly now. The expenditure of public funds and all activities are being subjected to public scrutiny. Its impact is most visible in the rural sector. Safeguards should be there to prevent misuse of the Act. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, in his presidential address, said the Act has become a deterrent to corruption and nepotism. Rather than fighting the malaise, if it could be prevented by making governance transparent and accountable, it will be a great achievement. The Act has strengthened democracy. K. Muraleedharan, who offered felicitations, reminded the shortage of power in offices to provide timely information and warned against the misuse of the Act by vested interests. Chief Secretary E.K. Bharat Bhushan mentioned about the misuse of the Act by government employees for their furtherance in service. State Chief Information Commissioner Siby Mathews welcomed the gathering. IMG Director General Nivedita P. Haran proposed a vote of thanks.

GoM on Telangana to meet again on Oct 19

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 11: The Group of Ministers (GoM) on Telangana met for the first time on Friday with an assurance that the concerns of Andhra Pradesh would be addressed with fairness and objectivity. Elaborate discussions on the issue will now be held on October 19, as A.K. Antony and P. Chidambaram could not attend the meet, with the Defence Minister indisposed and the Finance Minister out of the country. After the meeting, which was chaired by Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde, Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said the GoM discussed basic parameters for creation of a separate State. He said there is no timeframe for the GoM to submit its report. A press statement issued after the meeting said the

Paradip Port shuts operations amid Phailin threat

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 11: Paradip Port on Friday shut all cargo operations, plants and machinery and put in place a contingency plan to meet any eventuality due to Cyclone Phailin which is expected to hit the eastern coast on Saturday. Paradip is one of the 12 major ports in the country. We have stopped all cargo operations. We have set up control rooms and are ready with a contingency plan. We have cleared all vessels. People have been evacuated from low lying areas on war footing, Paradip Port Trust, Odisha, chairman Sudhanshu Shekhara Mishra said. Mr. Mishra said all officers have been mobilised and all arrangements have been done including storage of sufficient stock of diesel and fuel for generators besides food and water including dry fruits stock to tackle any untoward situation. We have tied up with local NGOs for any emergency plans and are working in close coordination with the state administration, he said adding, any decision to begin operations will be taken only after reviewing the situation after Saturday. Another senior official of the port said that all plants and operations have been shut down and people were evacuated from low lying areas and housed in shelter homes irrespective of whether they are port employees or not.

Ministers V.Narayanasamy, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Sushil Kumar Shinde, Veerappa Moily and Jairam Ramesh during the GoM Meeting on Telangana at North Block in New Delhi on Friday. GoM would like to assure the people of Andhra Pradesh that their concerns would be addressed with fairness and objectivity. The statement said the GoM also discussed the approach and methodology to be adopted by it and that the GoM would take opinion of stakeholders on all important subjects while formulating its recommendations. The GoM finalised different nodal ministries and departments of the central government, which will prepare status reports to be submitted to the GoM on subjects in the terms of reference, the statement said.

Adopt national competition policy, urges CCI CBI to file FIR in LTC scam soon Four steel bombs seized
tionalised and it is difficult to demolish such institutions. Thus, we need independent agencies to review such policies to make them competition compliant and more relevant, he said. Speaking at the event Planning Commission member Arun Maira said redesigning of institutions is needed to address challenges facing the policy. Former chairman of the National Competition Policy committee Dhanendra Kumar was of the view that while competition in markets will be monitored by the CCI, anti- competitive outcomes of government policies, rules and regulations need to be reviewed through implementation of the competition policy. The policy broadly refers to government measures, policies and regulations aimed at controlling the behaviour of enterprises and structure of markets. Pradeep S Mehta, secretary general, CUTS said many countries have adopted such policies which has resulted in higher growth and thus enhanced public welfare. He gave an overview of a recent study that CUTS had undertaken which advocates certain interventions that could help remove competition distortions that exist in the markets. Andrew Soper, representing British High Commission in India, said UK firms are increasingly interested in India from a trade and investment perspective, and hence it was necessary for British High Commission to get a better understanding of the prevailing business environment in some of these key sectors. NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 11: CBI has found prima facie criminality in an alleged cheating case involving senior officials of Rajya Sabha Secretariat and some PSUs in claiming Leave Travel Concessions. CBI sources said the agency is carrying out a preliminary enquiry into the LTC case and has questioned several travel agents, which revealed an alleged nexus between officials of the Secretariat and several PSUs. The agency would be filing an FIR in the matter soon. The sources said several employees of the Secretariat, Air India, Shipping Corporation of India Ltd might be named as accused in the case but the agency has so far not found any criminality on part of any Member of Parliament. We have not received any complaint against MPs in this regard. No names of MPs have figured so far in the probe, a CBI official said on the condition of anonymity. The sources they have found there was prima facie alleged irregularities in claiming the LTC with an intention to maximise the personal benefit by scuttling the laid down norms which was done in collusion with the travel agents. The sources said based on its preliminary enquiry, the agency might also book travel agents who fudged the claims for the employees of the PSUs and the Secretariat. Lakhs of rupees are said to have been fraudulently claimed from the government through fake Leave Travel Concession (LTC) claims, availed by government officials to get concessional tickets. The incident had come to light after the vigilance department of Air India(AI) was alerted about the arrest of a man in March at the Kolkata airport with 600 blank boarding passes of the airline in his possession. Suspecting alleged criminal nexus between air travel agents and government employees, Air India got in touch with the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) which has now asked the CBI to look into the matter.One of the cases to be probed is the LTC facility availed on December 13, 2012 when seven tickets of Executive Class were purchased for travel on the Delhi-Kolkata-Port Blair route and back.The Air India in March got a letter from the Rajya Sabha Secretariat asking the airline to conduct an inquiry into this case after it got LTC claims from seven individuals in this regard. BJP MP Basavaraj Patil had raised the issue in Rajya Sabha where he claimed false travel claims were made by central government and public sector employees through fake tickets for travel on state-run Air India (AI). Six hundred fake AI tickets have been detected while another 400 SpiceJet tickets have also been traced, he had said, adding, there are cases where business tickets have also been issued to secretary rank officers in flights where there are no business classes. KANNUR,: Four powerful country-made steel bombs were seized from Ambilad near Koothuparamba in Kannur on Friday. The bombs made of steel containers were unearthed during a police raid inside the compound of an uninhabited house near the Ambilad Mahavishnu Temple. The bombs were found inside a plastic bag after the police conducted a raid in the area. The bombs were defused by the bomb squad personnel.

Man held for harassing daughter-in-law

COIMBATORE: A 72-year-old man was arrested on Thursday for trying to misbehave with his daughter-in-law for the last two months at Vadavalli on the outskirts of the city. The arrested person has been identified as V Chelladurai, from MGR Street at Vadavalli in Coimbatore. He is a car driver at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Chelladurai resides with his wife Margret (61), son Selvasamy Kirubakaran (41), who is also a driver at TNAU. He got married to Manimegalai from Erode in 2002. They have one son. The couple divorced in 2009 following which Manimegalai lived with her son in Erode. Meanwhile, Selvasamy got married to 37-year-old Jesi from Rathinapuri on July 10, 2013. After Selvasamy had gone to work, and while Margret was busy conducting prayers, Chelladurai tried to misbehave with Jesi who refused to reciprocate to his advances. Chelladurai allegedly threatened Jesi saying that if she spoke about the incident, he would break up their marriage. Unable to bear his torture, Jesi told her husband Kirubagaran about his father's behaviour. On Wednesday night, she lodged a complaint with Perur all women police station and inspector G Shameem registered a case against the elderly man under section 4 of the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Harassment of Women act 1998.

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 11: Terming it as a need of the hour, Competition Commission of India (CCI) chairman Ashok Chawla has called adoption of a National Competition Policy to help address entry barriers in public and private sectors. It was important to adopt the policy in the country where the state still play a major role in the economic sectors. The policy paradigm in the liberalised era still has a tilt towards control by the state. It is important to adopt National Competition Policy for India, he said while speaking at a seminar on ``National Competition Policy; organised by Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) International.Mr. Chawla said the policy is important to tackle entry barriers that are inbuilt into the system and in larger sense the policy will lead to more robust economic welfare and provide governance to the country. ``The policies prior to 1991 have been institu-

Former Minister After acquittals, fear haunts Dalit hamlet Mill owner held for harassing schoolgirls M.S. Katagi dead
HUBLI, OCTOBER 11: Congress leader and former Minister M.S. Katagi breathed his last at a private hospital in Hubli on Friday. He was 87 years old. He had been unwell since the last few months. Mahadevappa Shivappa Katagi, who got elected as MLA from Kundagol Assembly Constituency in Dharwad district in 1978, went on become Minister for Food and Civil Supplies in the Cabinet of the then Chief Minister D. Devaraj Urs. A native of Kundagol in Dharwad district, M.S. Katagi completed his LL.B. from Belgaum and then plunged into politics to later become president of Kundagol town municipal council. He has served as chairman of several organisations including Sawai Gandharva Vishwastha Samsthe, which conducts an annual national-level music LAXMANPUR BATHE (BIHAR), OCTOBER 11: On Wednesday night, Baudh Paswan kept tossing and turning in bed, his appetite and sleep gone. I feel they will come back again, he murmured. As they did on the night of December 1, 1997 and began a killing spree. Armed with firearms and swords, members of the Ranvir Sena, militia of the Bhumihar landlords, slaughtered 58 Dalits, including 27 women and 16 children. On Wednesday, the Patna High Court acquitted all the 26 accused, setting aside the lower courts verdict that awarded the death sentence to 16 and life imprisonment to the other 10. I do not have the strength to fight anymore. After 58 murders, no one is guilty. The courts are theirs, the government is theirs, the lathi [the baton of power] is theirs. The poor have nothing. This is injustice, Paswan said, hobbling around on his walking stick. He lost seven of his family members. Some more died later, of grief. The sense of victory felt by the Dalit hamlet after the conviction by the trial court has vanished. Now there lurks a threat. Will the doors be broken open again? Will the houses be invaded? Haunted by this fear, Sunaina Devi breaks down. Jiska ghar me itna parivar mara hai vo kaise himmat rakhega? [How will the family that has lost so many members find strength?] So many were killed and nothing happened. Now, they [the upper caste] are threatening us, saying they would barge into our houses and beat us with sticks as nothing has happened to them. Since yesterday, sweets have been distributed in the upper caste quarters and firecrackers have gone off. The High Court let them off and left us trapped. We have lost all hope. House after house shares her unease. The whole country knows who killed those 58 people. Only the courts dont know, said Pramila Devi,

festival in memory of Hindustani vocalist Sawai Gandharva. He built the Rashtriya Seva Dal in his town and served as its president for several years. Katagi was a sportsman too. He represented Karnatak University in kabaddi and was a State-level wrestler. He is survived by three sons including Congress leader Aravind Katagi and three daughters. The funeral will take place at Kundagol on Saturday at 11 a.m.

who lost three women relatives. Last night, they staged celebrations. They are free now. But we have to think whether we will survive. Laxmanpur Bathe is 100 km from Patna, on the banks of the Sone. As in any other village, there are upper caste quarters of Rajputs and Bhumihars and the Dalit hamlet comprising the lower castes of Mallah, Paswan, Ravidas and Rajvanshi. After the massacre, the hamlet got pucca brick houses from the government. But some of the mud huts with broken doors still stand, testifying to the violence.

Laxman Rajvanshi is a survivor and eyewitness who testified in court. Give us justice or drown us, he said. Asked about the High Courts observation that witnesses were unreliable, he said: How could I not have recognised them? We stay in the same village and I see them about 10 times a day! We worked on their fields. We had no inkling of this attack, otherwise we would have been alert. The Nitish Kumar government is hand in glove with the feudal elements. He slotted us into the Mahadalit category, collected our votes and then cut our throats.

Food on rails: have your choice, but pay more Fasting Naidu shifted
NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 11: From October 17, travelling by Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains will be a totally different experience with the menu and tariffs changed. You will enjoy a complimentary newspaper and be presented a menu to choose your meal from. But your morning cup of tea or coffee would cost more. So will the breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner and combo meals. The charges would be different for different classes in these air-conditioned coaches. The catering charges have been classified differently for different category of trains and classes and have been increased by up to 20 per cent. Passengers of AC I in Rajdhani and Executive Class (EC) in Shatabdi will have to pay the same rates, while those travelling in AC II and AC III have been clubbed to bear a different rate slab. Though Duronto train fares have been brought on a par with those of Rajdhani and Shatabdi, those travelling in second class sleeper will be paying lower catering charges. The morning brew, however, is an exception as it has shot up from Rs. 6.50 to Rs. 10 per cup. In the case of AC I and EC, a cup of tea will be served at Rs. 15, up from Rs. 12.50, while 2AC, 3AC and CC passengers will be required to pay Rs. 10 as against the current charge of Rs.8. In 1A and EC, breakfast will now come at Rs. 90 (as against Rs. 81.50), lunch Rs. 145 (Rs. 129.50), evening tea where dinner is served Rs. 45 (Rs. 41), evening tea where dinner is not served Rs. 75 (Rs. 65.50), dinner Rs. 145 (Rs. 129.50) and combo meals Rs. 75 (Rs. 66.50). For passengers of 2AC, 3AC, and CC, breakfast will cost Rs. 75 (Rs. 65.50), lunch Rs. 125 (Rs. 112), evening tea Rs. 45 (Rs. 37 where dinner is served and Rs. 40 where it NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 11: Forcibly evicted to a hospital in New Delhi on the fifth day of his fast, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is suffering from mild dehydration but has refused to take intravenous drip and wants to continue his hunger strike, doctors said on Friday. A team of doctors comprising a cardiologist, two physicians and four resident doctors at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital are monitoring the condition of 63-year-old Naidu, who is on a fast against bifurcation of Andra Pradesh.His health parameters are within normal range except that he is mildly dehydrated and ketons in the urine are 3+, they said. Ketone 3+ indicates that the body is drawing strength from the last of the calories reserved. We tried giving him intravenous DNS and vitamins but he refused saying that he wants to continue the

COIMBATORE: Police have arrested a 49-year-old cotton mill owner for harassing school girls and speaking to them in an indecent manner at Mahalingapuram in Pollachi on Thursday. The accused has been identified as S Sriram Kumar from Kambar Street. He was caught red handed after a team of officers were deployed in plain clothes on the basis of a complaint filed by the parents of one of his victims. Police said that though the accused is married and has a college going daughter, he used to frequently park his car outside a local school and speak indecently to children returning home. "We had deployed two constables in plain clothes outside the school and spotted the accused trying to misbehave with the girls. Our people immediately moved in and took him into custody," said S Radha, sub inspector, Mahalingapuram police station. According to police, Sriram Kumar has been harassing girls for more than two weeks, parking his car in one of the by-lanes next to Mariammal Girls Higher Secondary School in Mahalingapuram. He used to taunt and tease the school girls on their way home and even invited them to get inside his vehicle. Police confirmed that he did not try to make physical contact with the girls. He threatened the girls saying he would run them down if they spoke to anyone about his behaviour. Sriram Kumar is a resident of Mahalingapuram and is the owner of a cotton mill in the same locality. He is also into real estate business. Some parents decided to have a word with him after their daughters complained to them recently but Sriram Kumar always escaped. Finally the parents decided to lodge a complaint on the basis of the statement of one of the victims, a class 10 student of the school, that led to his arrest on Thursday. Police have booked him under section 4 of Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Harrasment of Womens Act 1988 and sections 294 (B) and 506(ii) of the Indian Penal code for criminal intimidation and using abusive words in a public place. Sriram Kumar was produced before a local magistrate and remanded to Coimbatore Central Prison.

to hospital; refuses IV
fast, said Dr. H.K. Kar, Medical Superitendent of RML hospital. His blood pressure was 150/70, pulse 100 which is on the higher side, sugar 85, ketone 3+ and he is mildly dehydrated, Dr. Kar said. Amid high drama, the Telugu Desam Party Chief was on Friday forcibly evicted from Andhra Pradesh Bhavan here by police and taken to a hospital on the fifth day of his indefinite fast against bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. Hundreds of slogan-shouting TDP workers resisted eviction of the protesting leader, jostling with around 50 policemen who had to use force to make their way towards the podium where Mr. Naidu was sitting. A heavily guarded ambulance, which was stationed at Andhra Pradesh Bhavan to ferry Mr. Naidu, was laid siege to by his supporters, including women cadre.

Criminal held after shootout in Gurgaon

GURGAON: After a brief shootout here on Thursday, a man whom police described as a notorious criminal, involved in nearly 250 incidents of loot, snatching, attempt to murder and other crimes in the National Capital Region, was arrested, police said. Vikram Kadiyan alias Mogli, a resident of Delhi's Najafgarh area, was arrested from Palam Vihar area of Gurgaon, police said. He was also involved in shooting at former Uttar Pradesh legislator Ramchander Morya in Sector 29 Aug 16. Morya was also robbed of Rs.35,000 in that incident, police said. "Vikram Kadiyan was active in the Delhi region and Haryana's areas like Karnal and Rohtak," Gurgaon police commissioner Alok Mittal told reporters.Police said Kadiyan had managed to secure Rs.10 lakh loan against the robbed gold items in his possession.

is not), dinner Rs. 125 (Rs. 112) and combo meals Rs. 75 (Rs. 66.50). In the case of Duronto SL, the breakfast comes at Rs. 40 (Rs. 34), lunch Rs. 80 (Rs. 71) evening tea Rs. 20 (Rs. 18) and dinner Rs. 80 (Rs. 71). Passengers would be required to pay the difference in the charges on board. The Railways have decided to introduce five cyclical

menus and 1A and EC passengers will be obliged with personalised services with choice of meals catering to your culinary preferences. The choice of breakfast ranges from vada, idli, upma with sambar to a vegetable cutlet, to chana kulcha, stuffed paratha to variety of omelettes topped with capsicum or onion or tomato with finger chips and boiled vegetables.

Wanted criminal arrested

GURGAON: Gurgaon police have arrested Vikram Kadiyan, wanted in more than 200 cases of robbery, snatching and theft. Kadiyan had a reward of 70, 000 on his head. Police have recovered a Honda Amaze car, two .32-bore revolvers, cartridges and gold jewellery, which he had recently stolen in Faridabad. On Wednesday night, police received information that Kadiyan was coming to Gurgaon from Delhi via Palam Vihar. A police team, led by inspector Naresh Kumar, SHO, Palam Vihar police station, put up a barricade. When Kadiyan saw the police, he hit the barricade with his car and opened fire on the police. A police team gave him a chase and nabbed him.

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MOSCOW, OCTOBER 10: The father of U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden arrived in Moscow on Thursday to meet his son, but journalists gathered at the airport were told they had no chance to witness their reunion. Speaking to reporters at Sheremetyevo Airport, Lon Snowden thanked Russian authorities for granting Edward Snowden temporary asylum and expressed doubts his son would ever return to the U.S. I am not sure my son will be returning to the U.S. again, senior Snowden said, adding though that he had no idea what his intentions are. Junior Snowdens Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, who met Mr. Lon Snowden at the airport, said the father and son would meet at a secret location and their meeting would be off bounds to the media. We know that journalists are dying to know where they would meet but our top concern is Edwards safety, Mr. Kucherena said. The lawyer said the car he and senior Snowden were riding from the airport to a Russian TV studio for an interview had

Father to meet Snowden in Russia

been tailed by about five cars. I dont know who those people were, but it made us feel nervous, Mr. Kucherena said. Mr. Snowdens father said he would spend two weeks in Russia and other members of their family could come later to meet his son. He voiced extremely gratitude to the Russian government for giving shelter to his son and said Russia was the only place in the world where his son could feel safe.Mr. Kucherena, who claims to be Mr .Snowdens only link to the outside world, has consistently refused to disclose Mr. Snowdens whereabouts, saying only that Snowden Jr. (30) had private bodyguards and occasionally ventured out to take a walk.Last week, a Russian tabloid posted a photo it claimed was of Snowden Jr. pushing a cart full of groceries.

7 International Criminal Court treating Africa with disdain: AU

Saturday. "This unfair and unjust treatment is totally unacceptable and that's why we have been expressing serious concerns against the ICC," Tedros said. Tedros said the AU's concerns about the fair treatment of Africa have been ignored. The request to the United Nations security council to defer the ICC proceedings against Sudan President Omar al-Bashir who is wanted by the ICC for war crimes has neither been heard or acted upon, Tedros said The ICC also rejected the AU's request for postponement of the ICC investigation and prosecution of Kenyan leaders suspected of instigating the postelection violence. President Uhuru Kenyatta faces crimes against humanity charges for Kenya's 2007-08 postelection violence in which more than 1,000 people died. His trial starts next month. Kenya's vice-president William Ruto and broadcaster Joshua Sang also have been charged with crimes against humanity. Their trials, which began last month, continued Friday. Kenya's parliament last month voted to withdraw from the ICC. Kenya requested the convening of the special summit, Tedros said. In the build-up to the summit political insiders in Kenya's government have said that African countries may decide to sever ties with the ICC in solidarity with Kenya. Uganda's Deputy Foreign Minister Okello Oryem said recently that Uganda would be compelled to quit the Rome Statute that created the ICC court if a "summit-level" recommendation is made. Kenya foreign minister Amina Mohammed denied that Africa is trying cut ties with the ICC and said that the continent, whose countries make most of members of the ICC, wants its concerns heard. Any withdrawal from the ICC would send the wrong signal about Africa's commitment to protect and promote human rights and to reject impunity, 130 human rights groups said in a statement this week. "Considerations of withdrawal risk grave consequences for civilians in Africa, who tend to bear the brunt of serious crimes committed in violation of international law," the groups said. Kenyatta has pledged to cooperate with the court. However, privately several members of his government have told Associated Press they do not believe Kenyatta will report to The Hague. If Kenyatta decides not to attend his trial, Kenya could become politically isolated and be sanctioned. But in the wake of the Sept. 21 mall attack in Kenya by Somali terrorists, international repercussions may be lighter because of Kenya's importance to the West as a counterterrorism partner.

In several recent interviews Mr. Kucherena said that Snowden Jr. still feared for his safety. Snowdens former colleagues could try to use the arrival of the parents to track down his location, the lawyer told the Itogi magazine. I have definite information, which I cant reveal now, which suggests the danger level is very high.

WASHINGTON, OCTOBER 11: The Obama White House faced sharp criticism from a leading press freedom organisation this week, which said the administrations aggressive leak investigations were producing a chilling effect on reporters and a new internal government surveillance policy, the Insider Threat Programme, was contributing to an environment of paranoia and fear.In a stinging critique of Barack Obamas crackdown on whistle-blowers the Committee to Protect Journalists in its study on The Obama Administration and the Press, underscored recent high-profile cases where the Department of Justice vigorously prosecuted journalists writing about alleged government wrongdoing. Special mention was made of Mr. Obamas government going after New York Times reporter James Risen, who shed light on the warrantless intercepts of Americans telephone calls in the National Security Agencys covert electronic surveillance, and of the DoJ secretly subpoenaing and seized all records for 20 Associated Press telephone lines in 2012 after it carried a report on the U.S. covert opera-

Scathing report on U.S. Israeli killed in threats to press freedom West Bank attack Senior Pakistani Taliban commander captured in Afghanistan
tion against terror groups in Yemen. At the time AP President Gary Pruitt wrote in a letter of protest to Attorney General Holder that There can be no possible justification for such an overbroad collection of the telephone communications of The Associated Press and its reporters [which]potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of the newsgathering activities. Other investigations opened up against media focused on newspapers that published stories regarding the U.S. governments alleged covert use of cyber-attacks, including David Sangers 2012 articles for the New York Times describing a covert operation code-named Olympic Games, in which a computer worm called Stuxnet, developed by the U.S. was unleashed on the computer systems of Irans nuclear enrichment facilities. JERUSALEM: Palestinians wielding axes and iron bars killed an Israeli man outside his home in the West Bank, Israeli police said on Friday, the latest in a series of attacks on Israelis in the area.Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the man was "brutally attacked with iron bars and axes" at about 2am after he went outside to investigate suspicious noises. "We strongly believe this was a terror attack," Rosenfeld said.His partner witnessed the assault from a window and she escaped from a back door of the house, Rosenfeld said. The Israeli news website Ynet said the woman was lightly injured when she tripped on barbed wire while running away and later underwent surgery. According to the reports, the slain man was a reservist, a colonel in his fifties.The woman, identified as Monique Mor by Channel 10 TV, later spoke to the station from a hospital bed."Everybody knew him, he was a military man for many years," she said. The man, identified by the reports as Seraiah Ofer, had served as commander of the Gaza district and in several elite combat units, she said. KABUL, OCTOBER, 11: US troops are holding a senior Pakistani Taliban commander they captured in Afghanistan a week ago, an Afghan provincial official said Friday. The capture could be a significant blow to the Pakistani Taliban, who have waged a decade-long insurgency against Islamabad from sanctuaries along the Afghan border. They have also helped the Afghan Taliban in their war against US-led Nato troops in Afghanistan. Latif Mehsud was arrested by American forces as he was driving along a main highway in eastern Logar province's district of Mohammad Agha, said the Logar governor, Arsallah Jamal. The road links the province with the Afghan capital, Kabul. Mehsud has served as a senior deputy to Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud. The Pakistani Taliban confirmed the capture, but claimed Mehsud was seized by the Afghan army at the Ghulam Khan border crossing in the eastern province of Khost on Oct. 5. He was returning from a meeting to discuss swapping Afghan prisoners for money, said Pakistani Taliban commanders and intelligence officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media. The Pakistani intelligence officials said American forces seized Mehsud while he was with the Afghan army, and that they no longer know where he is.Mehsud, believed to be around 30 years-old, once served as Hakimullah Mehsud's driver but eventually worked his way up the ranks to become a trusted deputy. The two are not related and Mehsud is a common name in the region.Jamal said Mehsud was in a car with two or three other men when the US military arrested him.The US military in Kabul referred all question to the Department of Defense in Washington. A spokesman for President Hamid Karzai told the Washington Post that a senior Taliban commander was captured in Logar as he was being driven to a facility operated by the intelligence service for questioning. The spokesman, Aimal Faizi, said the commander, who he did not name, was then taken to an American detention facility in Bagram. There was no immediate comment from Karzai's office on the report.The detention apparently angered Karzai and may have contributed to a series of emotional outbursts this week alleging that the US and Nato inflicted suffering on the Afghan people and repeatedly violated its sovereignty. There were reports that talks on a bilateral security agreement, which have been ongoing in the past two weeks, were delayed because of the incident. American and Afghan officials have been meeting in recent days to negotiate the final details of the deal. Karzai has ruled out signing the US-Afghan deal until disagreements over sovereignty issues are resolved. The US wants a deal in October and is reportedly ready to abandon talks and leave Afghanistan at the end of 2014 if one is not quickly reached. The US-led international coalition plans to withdraw all its troops by the end of 2014, and American and its allies are considering keeping a small residual force in the country to train and assist Afghan security forces and go after the remnants of al-Qaida. But almost a year of negotiations on the deal has failed to yield an agreement - and it's possible the two sides will never produce one. Without the United States on board, it is unlikely Nato or any of its allies will keep troops in Afghanistan. Germany has already indicated it will not commit the 800 soldiers it has promised. Karzai has called a tribal meeting of Afghan elders - known as Loya Jirga - for next month to discuss the state of the USAfghan agreement and advise him on what to do. The Taliban, meanwhile, condemned a unanimous U.N. Security Council vote to extend the mandate of the Nato-led force in Afghanistan for the last time before it hands over total responsibility for security to Afghan forces at the end of 2014.

ADDIS ABABA, OCTOBER, 11: African leaders should not allow the International Criminal Court to continue treating Africans "in a condescending manner", an African Union official said on Friday during the start of a meeting to discuss the continent's relationship with the court. Far from promoting justice and peace, the ICC has become a political tool used to target Africans, said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the chairman of the executive council of the African Union and Ethiopia's foreign minister. The ICC has also come under strong criticism from other African leaders. The international court has indicted only Africans so far. Foreign ministers met Friday at AU headquarters in Ethiopia to deliberate the continent's relationship with The Hague, Netherlands-based court. African heads of state and government meet on the issue

Facing piercing questions from Congress the DoJ was said to have responded by opening aggressive investigations to find and prosecute the unnamed sources for the stories, with federal prosecutors and the Federal Bureau of Investigation questioning scores of officials throughout the government who were identified in computer analyses of phone, text, and email records as having any contact with the journalists involved. At this point a climate of fear started to set in, and it was exacerbated by the June 2012 announcement by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper that he had taken internal steps to stem leaks, including requiring employees of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies.


Rupee rises another 32 paise to Sensex rises for fourth day; up 256 points fresh two-month high of 61.07
MUMBAI, OCTOBER 11: The rupee for the second day on Friday, added 32 paise to close at a fresh two-month high of 61.07 against the dollar amid a rise in local equities and sustained capital inflows. A weak dollar overseas and dollar sales by exporters also supported the rupee. Analysts said the local currency got a boost on reports that the government is in talks to include Indian debt in global indices. The local currency resumed higher at 61.08 a dollar from the previous close of 61.39 at the interbank foreign exchange market. It moved in a range of 61.01 to 61.37 before ending at 61.07, a rise of 32 paise or 0.52 per cent. It was the highest closing level for the rupee since ending at 60.88 on August 8. On The benchmark 30-share Sensex advanced 255.68 points or 1.26 per cent. Foreign institutional investors bought a net Rs 614.27 crore of shares yesterday, according to provisional data with the stock exchanges. The dollar index was down 0.15 per cent against a basket of six major global rivals. Rupee continued to appreciate for the second day on the news that RBI may ease some restrictions on foreign inflows as India is talking with JP Morgan and others to gain entry to benchmark indexes for emerging market debt in hopes of attracting billions of dollars, said Pramit Brahmbhatt, CEO, Alpari Financial Services (India). The trading range for the spot USD-INR pair is expected to be within 60.50 to 62.00. MUMBAI, OCTOBER 11: Rising for the fourth straight day, the BSE benchmark Sensex on Friday surged 256 points on buying in IT stocks as the countrys second largest software exporter Infosys posted smart quarterly numbers and raised annual sales forecast, amid a firming global trend. After making a firm start at 20,559.69, the 30-share index fell to a low of 20,434.51 before settling 255.68 or 1.26 points higher at 20,528.59. Sensex had gained 378 points in the past three sessions. Similarly, the broad-based National Stock Exchange index Nifty shot up by 75.25 points, or 1.25 per cent, to 6,096.20, after climbing to days high of 6,107.60. The SX40 index on the MCX Stock Exchange closed higher by 138.72 points at 12,217.87. Brokers said the current rally was led by information technology stocks boosted by Infosys starting the second quarter earnings season. Its net profit rose by 4.79 per cent to Rs 3,273.90 and it

Infosys Q2 net profit rises to Rs. 2,407 crore

BANGALORE: IT major Infosys on Friday reported a 1.6 per cent rise in consolidated net profit to Rs. 2,407 crore for the second quarter ended September 30, 2013.The Bangalore-based firm had reported a net profit of Rs 2,369 crore in the yearago period, it said in a BSE filing. Consolidated revenue was up 31.5 per cent to Rs. 12,965 crore from Rs. 9,858 crore in the year-ago period.Reacting to the results, Infosys shares opened 7 per cent higher at Rs. 3,360 from the previous close on the BSE. They later fell to Rs. 3,220 apiece, still up by 3.07 per cent from its previous close.The IT firm, which had kept its US dollar revenue guidance unchanged after the first quarter results, revised it upwards to 9-10 per cent for the 2013-14 fiscal from 6-10 per cent earlier.It also revised rupee revenue guidance to 21-22 per cent for the 2013-14 fiscal from 13-17 per cent earlier.During the quarter, we witnessed broadbased volume growth, robust client additions, five large deal wins and increased sales momentum of our big data and cloud offerings.

Thursday, it gained 54 paise. The rupee was seen strengthening against the US dollar on account of positive news from the market that the government is in talks with global investment banks for including Indian bonds in global bond

indices, said Abhishek Goenka, CEO of India Forex Advisors. The rupee opened on a strong note, taking cues from the strong positive stock markets globally and strong Asian currencies, Mr. Goenka said.

India is big on Googles map

BANGALORE, OCTOBER 11: Despite the proliferation of piracy and the troubling hardware certification standards, Internet search giant Google believes that India is a highgrowth area for products, with many of its partners interested in the domestic market. In an interview with The Hindu, Caeser Sengupta, VicePresident, Products, Management at Google, said that many other original equipment manufacturers were very enthusiastic about the Indian market. On Thursday, the company announced the entry of Chromebooks into the Indian market, with India being among the first emerging markets that this particular line of devices has been launched in. There is tremendous interest in the BRICS countries, so yes both us and our hardware partners are very excited about these high-growth areas. India is a first in this segment, and we hope to grow very aggressively, he said. Starting October 17, laptops running on the Chrome operating system will go on sale. The announcement has been long in the offing given that this made for the Internet operating system has been around for over two years in many overseas markets. First off the blocks are hardware manufacturers HP and Acer, which will be selling ChromeOS-preloaded laptops through retail stores (Chroma and Reliance) and e-commerce vendor Flipkart. Both releases, Google insists, come at very affordable price points, with Acers C720 Chromebook costing Rs. 22,999, and HPs Chromebook 14 priced at Rs. 26,990. The obvious advantage here is that all Google applications will be tightly integrated with this operating system, and will probably work most optimally on this platform. The OS is updated every six weeks, a timeline that is comparable to browsers. Google claims that cloud-based products will work offline, which makes it useful given the sketchy network that defines browsing experiences in many Indian cities. Google says that easy computing and security are

revised its dollar guidance upwards to 9-10 per cent for the current fiscal from 6-10 per cent earlier, saying its dollar revenue will rise as economic recovery in the US and Europe would prompt clients to boost spending.A firming trend in global stock markets on speculation that US lawmakers would reach an agreement on raising the nations debt limit to avoid a default, further supported the uptrend, brokers

added.Out of the 30 BSE index components, 20 stocks gained while 10 ended with losses. Top gainers were ICICI Bank, Infosys, Larsen and Toubro, Tata Motors and Maruti. Sectorally, the IT sector index gained the most by rising 3.12 per cent to 8,514.18 followed by bank index by 3.09 per cent to 12,087.53. Capital goods index rose by 2.77 per cent to 8,472.56 and realty index by 2.66 per cent to 1,354.47.

Gold, silver tumble on fall in demand, global trend

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 11: Gold plunged by Rs 340 to Rs 30,660 per ten grams in the national capital on Friday on fall in demand amid a steep decline in the global markets. On the other hand, silver dropped by Rs 1,280 to Rs 47,770 per kg in continuation to a loss of Rs 900 in last two sessions. Traders said the precious metals remained under pressure as retailers refrained from buying on hopes of more correction in prices and investors shifting their funds from bullion to equities. They said a steep fall in global markets, where gold traded below $ 1,300 an ounce as US lawmakers continued negotiations about increasing the debt limit and ending the partial government shutdown also influenced the sentiment. Gold in Singapore, which normally set price trend on the

Telecom Ministry issues LoI for new licence to Reliance Jio

NEW DELHI: The telecom ministry has approved new telecom licence for countrys only pan-India 4G spectrum holder Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited and issued letter of intent to the company for taking the licence.Telecom Minister (Kapil Sibal) has approved it (Unified Licence for RJIL) and letter of intent was issued last week, official sources said.The company has now to submit one-time entry fee of about Rs 1,673 crore, a performance bank guarantee of Rs 220 crore and financial bank guarantee of Rs 44 crore for procuring the licence.No immediate comments were received from the RJIL. RJIL applied for Unified Licences on August 21 and stated its net worth at Rs 5,033.32 crore.

product differentiators for this OS. The operating system is Linux-based, making it fairly robust, and secure. The focus of Chrome OS is to make computing hassle-free. The second focus is security. But we have added to that with multiple layers of security including Sandboxing and Verified Boot, he said. Google has also partnered with Airtel and Tikona for cellular and broadband offers. eing 737-800 aircraft from Singapore-based firm BOC Aviation to expand its route network. SpiceJet has taken delivery of the first of the six aircraft, with

the balance to be delivered next year, a BOC Aviation spokesperson said. BOC Aviation welcomes a new customer in SpiceJet, as we grow our fleet and strengthen our position, said Robert Martin, Managing Director and CEO of BOC Aviation which is owned 100 per cent by the Bank of China. The company is a leading aircraft leasing company with a portfolio of 231 owned and managed aircraft operated by 56 airlines and 33 countries worldwide, with the average aircraft age being about four years. It has another 106 aircraft on firm order.

domestic front fell 0.3 per cent at $ 1,292.15 an ounce. On the domestic front, gold of 99.9 and 99.5 per cent purity plunged by Rs 340 each to Rs 30,660 and Rs 30,460 per ten grams, respectively. Sovereign lost Rs 200 to Rs 25,000 per piece of eight grams.

Silver ready dropped by Rs 1,280 to Rs 47,770 per kg and weekly-based delivery by Rs 900 to Rs 48,000 per kg on fall in demand from industrial units and coin makers.Silver coins held steady at Rs 85,000 for buying and Rs 86,000 for selling of 100 pieces.


KU Council meets
KISHTWAR, OCT 11: The Health department Kishtwar on Friday celebrated International day of girl child at Government Girls Higher Secondary School Kishtwar. On the occasion, an impressive function was organized in which Principle Government Girls Higher Secondary School Kishtwar was the chief guest. A large number of students attended the function. Dr. Wajid Ali, District Health Officer, stressed the need of strict implementation of PC&PNDT Act. In another function by the deptt in Kishtwar, World Sight Day

Health deptt celebrates International girl child day at Kishtwar
was celebrated in Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School Kishtwar under National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB) in which Principle Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School Kishtwar was the chief guest. The Health Officer Kishtwar briefed the participants regarding eye problems, its remedies and prevention. Dr. Ghanshyam Singh Consultant Ophthalmology District Hospital Kishtwar also spoke on the occasion and replied queries raised by the participants. Dr. Wajid presented vote of thanks.

Governor urges Vice Chancellors to develop J&K universities as centres of excellence and bring them among 200 best in the world
SRINAGAR, OCT 11 - Mr. N. N. Vohra, Governor, has called upon the Vice Chancellors of Jammu and Kashmir Universities to develop these institutions as centres of excellence through sustained enhancement of the standards of teaching and research to bring them among the 200 best institutions of higher learning across the world. In this context, the Governor asked the Vice Chancellors of both the Universities to take all required initiatives for attaining this objective. The Governor made these observations while chairing the University Council meeting of the Kashmir University held at Raj Bhavan here on Friday. The Governor, who is Chancellor of the Kashmir University, suggested to the Vice Chancellors of both the Kashmir and Jammu Universities to devote greater focus on research in humanities alongside the science subjects and other streams for ensuring that quality research papers are published on a continuing basis in known national and international journals. He observed that the Faculty, scholars and students in the entire arena of humanities need to be encouraged to undertake more research and intensify their efforts to get high class papers published. 2013, and published in the Government of India Gazette on 25-9-2013, the Council discussed the issue and resolved to constitute a Joint Committee of both the Kashmir and Jammu Universities to look into the matter in detail, also associating the Vice Chancellors of other Universities functioning in J&K, and come up with its recommendations in the next 3 months. The Council further decided to upgrade the Post-graduate Diploma in Disaster Management offered by the University to a Postgraduate programme in Disaster Management. The meeting discussed agenda items and took decisions thereon. Among other members of the University Council, the meeting was attended by Prof. M. P. S. Ishar, Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu; Mr. R. P. Agrawal, former Secretary, Union Ministry of Human Resource Development; Mr. B. R. Sharma, Principal Secretary, Planning and Development; Mr. B. B. Vyas, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister and Principal Secretary, Finance; Mr. Navin K. Choudhary, Principal Secretary to the Governor; Sheikh Mushtaq Ahmad, Secretary Higher Education; and Prof. Zafar Ahmad, Registrar, University of Kashmir.

GWC, Gandhi Nagar organize freshers party

Emphasizing the need for Faculty development, the Governor observed that this was an essential element for bringing about all round improvement in teaching and research. He also laid greater emphasis on making the universities hubs of varied academic and extra-curricular activities for securing the objective of balanced personality development of students to equip them with the requisite knowledge and build their capacities to contribute in a big way towards the development of the State and the country. Stressing the need for continuously improving the quality of teaching at the under-graduate level, the Governor observed that this would in turn enhance the quality and standards of

teaching and research at the university level. Referring to the functioning of B. Ed. Colleges and other private institutions affiliated to the Kashmir and Jammu Universities, the Governor suggested for putting in place a monitoring mechanism so that high standards of teaching are ensured in all the institutions functioning in the State. While reviewing the infrastructure development at the various off-site campuses of the Kashmir University, the Chancellor observed that all the upcoming buildings and other infrastructure development must be completed within the envisaged schedules. Reviewing the functioning of the UNESCO Madanjeet

Singh Institute of Kashmir Studies, the Governor observed that the contents of courses offered by it should adequately reflect the aims and objectives of establishing this Institute. Mr. Mohammad Akbar Lone, Minister for Higher Education, put forth various suggestions for improving the quality of teaching and research on sustainable basis and making the universities and other institutions of higher education in the State centres of excellence. Prof. Talat Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, University of Kashmir, in his comprehensive power point presentation, dwelt on the status of various ongoing research projects and those in the pipeline, achievements of the University in varied fields

since the last meeting of the Council, various courses introduced and other initiatives in the pipeline. He also gave details of the functioning of the off-site Campuses of the University and the courses offered. The meeting approved the proposal regarding implementation of Choice-Based Credit System by both the Kashmir and Jammu Universities from the next academic session. Regarding adoption of the 2nd Amendment of the UGC Regulations (on Minimum Qualification for Appointment of Teachers and Other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and Measures for Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education 2010), as notified by the UGC on 13th June

2nd meeting of State Level CC of Agri Uni-State Govt held at SKUAST-K

Scientists have vital role for boosting agri-horti production in State: GH Mir
SRINAGAR OCT 11: 2nd meeting of State Level Coordination Committee between State Agriculture Universities and State Government for Research and Extension was held at SKUAST, here on Friday. Minister for Agriculture, Mr Ghulam Hassan Mir chaired the meeting while as Vice Chancellor, SKUAST, Kashmir, Dr TejPartap, Commissioner Secretary Agriculture Production Department, Dr AsgarSamoon, Director Research, Dr Shafiq A Wani, Director Agriculture Kashmir, Mr MushtaqMateen, senior officers of Fisheries, Animal and Sheep Husbandry departments attended the meeting. At the outset, the Director Research presented Action Taken Report by SKUAST, Kashmir in the field of Research and Extension in the State. The meeting discussed the diseases which erupt due to temperature fluctuation and sudden climatic change in plants. Besides issues like supply and use of spurious chemicals and fertilizers to farmers and measures to curb the menace also came under discussion. The experts

GMC teaching staff to be regularized after receiving requisite documents: Jora

SRINAGAR, OCT 11: Minister for Urban Development and Urban Local Bodies Mr. Nawang Rigzin Jora on behalf of Medical Education Minister, while replying to the Calling Attention Notice of Dr. Shehnaz Ganai, said that 20 professors, 23 Associate Professors and 21 Assistant Professors have been placed, in their own pay and grades, in different disciplines of Government Medical College, Srinagar. The Minister informed that the proposal for their regularization is in the pipeline. The requisite documents, vizvigilance clearance, work and conduct certificate, APRs etc are being collected from

JAMMU: P.G Department of Food Science & Technology of Govt. College for Women, Gandhi Nagar organized the Freshers party to welcome the new comers. On this occasion Dr. Kiran Bakshi Principal of the College was the chief guest. Dr. Anuradha Gupta, Head Department of Food Science welcomed the chief guest, teachers and students and apprised them of the glorious tradition of welcoming the new comers to the new environment and institution of higher learning. Dr. Kiran Bakshi in her address to the students also welcomed the freshers and exhorted them to follow the

high tradition of the college and positively contribute in making their alma mater an institution of excellence. The senior students of the College organized a well coordinated programme of cultural extravaganza and interesting games which won the heart of everyone. Miss fresher contest was also held which included the runner up Miss Neha Kumari and Ms. Fresher Namita Bhat. The adjucator to this event was Prof. Sudha Gupta, Head Department of Home Science, Dr. Geetanjali A. Rana, Head Department of English and Prof. Ashwani Khajuria.

BSc Nursing students demand postponement of examination

the concerned quarters in respect of the doctors whose officiating placement is to be regularized. On receipt of these documents, the proposal will be placed before the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) in the J&K, Public Service Commission, he added. SRINAGAR, OCT 11: Scores of female students pursuing BSc Nursing courses through Directorate of Medical Education SKIMS on Friday staged protest seeking postponement of their examination. The protestors said that SKIMS authorities have decided to conduct the exams in November and for this purpose they have already published date sheets. "SKIMS officials are making us a scapegoat. To save funds, the officials want us to appear in examination before due date. The practice in the past is that exams are being conducted in January or February but this time due to reasons known to them, Director SKIMS want to appear us in November which is injustice towards us," said a student, Nazia Akhtar. The female students told that candidates are yet to complete their syllabus.

deliberated on certain measures to boost the production and evolve innovative techniques. Addressing the meeting, the Minister asked the officers to plug the gaps between university and extension department so that close liaison and coordination is assured to boost agriculture and horticulture sectors besides other allied sectors. He said agriculture is the only area which has potential to involve people and improve their socioeconomic conditions. Asserting that scientists have a great role to play in upgrading the quality of seeds and providing proper guidance and awareness to farmers, Mr

Mir said that this section of the society deserves appreciation and encouragement. He asked the experts to ensure quality pesticides and fertilizers to farmers besides providing counseling and other technical knowhow to bring improvement in the agricultural and horticultural crops. He also asked the concerned officers to keep contingency plan ready to control rust and other diseases on wheat crop. On the occasion, the Minister released new varieties of Shalimar maize, rice, wheat, oats, pulses, moong developed by SKUAST Kashmir and five varieties developed by SKUAST Jammu. Mr Mir hoped that the seeds released

would prove disease resilient and of high quality and help in boosting the production. He appealed farmers to make use of the seed for multiplying their harvest. Lauding the efforts of Vice Chancellor SKUAST Kashmir and Commissioner Secretary Agriculture for making hard efforts in boosting Agriculture, Mr Mir said that University is playing a proactive role in extending necessary facilities to farmers in respect of research and extension besides state Government is leaving no stone unturned in supporting the Universities in doing their professional duties in the field.

Addition of prominent personalities to Syllabi, Govt to constitute Expert Committee:Sadhotra

SRINAGAR, OCT 11: The Government will constitute an expert Committee to suggest measures and update information for incorporating contributions, vision and philosophy of eminent personalities of the State in the school and college curriculum, who have over the years changed the Politico-Socio-Economic discourse of the people of the State. The Committee will submit its report within three months and will also consider various recommendations in this regard. This was stated by the Minister for Planning and Development Mr. Ajay Kumar Sadhotra while responding to the resolution of Dr. Bashir Ahmad Veeri. The Minister gave class-wise account of the syllabus covering various chapters already present in the J&K BOSE and NCERT books regarding prominent personalities of the State and currently being taught in schools and colleges of the State.

New education policy for international students announced by New Zealand

CHENNAI, OCT 11: The New Zealand government on Friday announced that it would not grant visas to students seeking to enroll at institutions which are rated category 4 by the qualifications authority in the country. New Zealand has come out with the new policy with an aim to discourage international students from making wrong educational choices. "We want students studying in New Zealand to experience the high quality education we have to offer," said Education New Zealand's regional director, South Asia, Ziena Jalil. The new policy is expected to help students meet expenses in a difficult global economic situation. Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Steven Joyce and Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse announced on Friday that students pursuing international PhD and masters programmes would have unlimited work rights. All tertiarylevel international students enrolled in a course of at least

Prize Distribution Function held at JU

JAMMU: An impressive prize distribution function was organized by the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Jammu in connection with the Tourism Day competition held last month . The competition was held on the eve of Tourism Day which was celebrated on 27th of Sep. 2013. The theme for this years World Tourism Day was Tourism and Water conservation. There exists a strong relation between tourism and water conservation. As many of the tourist destinations are concentrated on the water bodies, like wetlands, lakes, beaches, rivers, waterfalls etc., there is a need to create awareness for the preservation and conservation of these tourist attractions, so that the future generations can enjoy the gift of nature. Nowadays, over commercialization of tourist spots have played an havoc on the natural resources, as witnessed in Uttarkhand Floods, where flash floods led to large scale devastation. Therefore, it is necessary to create awareness among the masses regarding the sustainable tourism and

SRS organizes quiz competition on Vedic Dharam

JAMMU, OCT 11: Shri Ram Sena Jammu- Kashmir on Friday organized a quiz competition on religious knowledge of Vedic Dharam and its philosophy at Sanatan Dharam Sabha School Jullaka Mohalla. Shri Ram Sena state president Rajiv Mahajan informed that organizing such quiz is a step forward to imbibe the religious knowledge in the youngsters. He said the young generation of today is deficient of religious knowledge and Shri Ram Sena is making its bit to acquaint the youngsters with Vedic Dharam knowledge. In this connection Shri Ram Sena has been organizing quiz competitions and debates in different schools and religious places on different occasions in Jammu city. About 30 children in the age group of 8 to 15 years took part in the quiz competition. Religion related questions were put up with the children. The children, who answered the questions fairly and qualified in the quiz, were awarded and given the trophies. Prominent among those who were present on the occasion included School Management Neeru Grover, M.L Vidyarthi Secretary Sanatam Dharam Sabha, Sh. Bal Kriashan Arora Secretary Shri Ram Sena. Quiz Competition Winners are Dhruv (Class Ist), Nikhil (Class 3rd), Keshav (Class 4th), Rakshit (Class 5th), Sunidhi (Class 6th), Sabhiya & Tanu Verma (Class 7th), Ishika and Aushutosh (Class 8th), SonalShawand Shubham (C lass 9th),Simr an(Cla ss 10th).

one academic year will now be able to work full-time during each scheduled semester break. All international students enrolled in an English language course of at least 14 weeks duration at a highquality provider will be eligible to work up to 20 hours a week. "Today's announcements will allow more Indian students to gain valuable work experience while they study in New Zealand," said Jalil. Working part-time while studying means students can gain work experience that will give them an edge over other graduates when they finish studying. "New Zealand is a country that's open to doing things in new ways," said Jalil. "We encourage learning by doing, and working while you study

is a great way to practically apply your new skills and knowledge in a completely different environment to the classroom - and get paid at the same time." Immigration New Zealand's general manager, service support, Rob Stevens, said the website - created by the New Zealand government would give international students and their New Zealand employers a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities. "While the global financial crisis hasn't hit New Zealand as hard as other countries, it will still take time to find the right job and students must have enough money to cover their living costs while studying," Stevens said.

water conservation. Dr Parikshat Singh Manhas, In-charge Director of SHTM presided over the function and he distributed the prizes to the winners. Mr Nikhil Gupta, Trade fair Consultant at Orbit International, Mumbai, alumni of SHTM was the Guest of Honour. The award winning slogans emphasized the relationship between tourism and water conservation, like Touring creates thirst Water quenches it so save it. Dr. Manhas congratulated the winners and called upon the audience to pay heed to the conservation of precious resources. He called for the sustainable development of tourism.

Dr. Anil Gupta, Asstt. Prof, also addressed the gathering and encouraged the students to participate in the activities related to tourism and environment. Dr. Suvidha Khanna, Asstt. Prof and other faculty members and research Scholars of SHTM were also present on the occasion. Ms Himika, Ms Jasleen, Mr Ranjeet Singh, Ms Zara were declared the winners of slogan writing competition. The winners of the poster making competition were Ms. Shagun, Ms. Himani, Ms Ayushi and Ms Zara.T he refreshments were provided for the event by Mr Manav Bali, M.D., The Mystic India, Jammu.


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