Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where has my top toolbar gone? The tabbed top toolbar has become redundant now that all of the same tools exist in the Assistant page. However, a single top toolbar with File operations and Undo/ Redo can still be switched on using the ‘Window’ drop down menu and select ‘Show Top Toolbar’. How do I link colours easily now the buttons have gone from the 2D-View window? Double right-click colours in the 2D-View palette to link them to the primary colour (or use Ctrl-l, if you prefer). To link all the colours use Ctrl-k. To unlink all the colours (or reset them) use Ctrl-r. How do I use the Undo tool when I’m using an Assistant tool? Use the ‘Window’ drop down menu and select ‘Show Top Toolbar’ from the menu to turn on a toolbar with the common file operations and Undo/Redo. Now I have two tool windows, haven’t I lost a lot of my works space? Toggle the side windows’ visibility with F6 & F7, or drag them off onto a second monitor, to get more workspace than has every previously been available. Can I use PowerSHAPE-e to model files with ArtCAM JewelSmith? No, you can use PowerSHAPE-e to model 3D files and share them with other PowerSHAPE-e users, but you will need to upgrade to the PowerSHAPE Designer module to use the full 3D modelling and design tools together with ArtCAM JewelSmith.

Dear ArtCAM Customer,
Welcome to your ArtCAM JewelSmith 9.1 pack. The ArtCAM JewelSmith Solution has become the most comprehensive jewellery design and manufacture product on the market, boasting more new features than ever before, and now has a completely new module which gives you full 3D Surface and Solid modelling. ArtCAM JewelSmith 9.1 has many new enhancements, beginning with a new streamlined interface and a new Layer Manager. For the first time in a relief based modeling system you will have the ability to model and organise your 3D reliefs onto multiple interacting layers*. In a few clicks of your mouse you will be able to create even more intricate and impressive designs, or a whole range of differing 3D designs faster than ever before.

New features in ArtCAM JewelSmith 9.1 include:
• Multiple 3D Relief Layers * • Enhanced Toolpath Generation • Simplified and Streamlined Interface • Adobe compatability with PDF import and • 16 Bit greyscale TIFF support. • Dynamically Adjustable Model Resolution • 100+ New Pieces of 3D Clipart • Improved Machining Wizard • Optional full 3D Solid and Surfacing module – PowerSHAPE Designer
*Patent Pending

Maximize the benefit from your ArtCAM investment by purchasing the ArtCAM Advantage Package
By investing in ArtCAM Advantage you will benefit from: Annual Software Upgrade •Dedicated Resource Website • International User Groups • Extra Training Material

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Please see overleaf for Dongle Exchange information.

ArtCAM JewelSmith Solution at a glance!
User Guides and Help ArtCAM JewelSmith 9.1 comes with two full User Guides; an ArtCAM Pro User Guide, and an ArtCAM JewelSmith User Guide. These will introduce you to the key features and also guide you through detailed tutorials on how to use ArtCAM JewelSmith 9.1. Please note that there is now a fully searchable reference manual included in the help menu, and please don’t forget that as always you can get detailed information on any of the tools in ArtCAM simply by clicking on the ‘?’ button at the top of the Assistant page. Even more tutorials and tools Another new resource is the ArtCAM Advantage Website, a regularly updated website provided exclusively for ArtCAM Advantage customers. This includes advanced tutorials, tips and tricks on how to get the best from the software, free reliefs for your relief library and much more. Fly-outs & Pin-outs The Assistant page has now been simplified by grouping similar tools into sets. Click the fly-out arrow, or right-click the default tool, to open the fly-out containing the related tools. To repeatedly access different tools from the same set, click the pin at the end of the fly-out to pin out the whole tool set while you work. Simply click the pin again to fold the tool set back up. The Layer Manager Existing users will already be familiar with the power of Vector layers in ArtCAM – welcome to the new world of ArtCAM JewelSmith 9.1 where you have the same power for Bitmap Images and 3D reliefs as well! Bitmap Layers Now you can have independent bitmaps in ArtCAM. You can have as many images as you like and edit them freely. This will give you much more flexibility in the way you work. Use one image to shade your model, another to model directly from and another created from the composite relief as a greyscale – all stored together in a single art file and simple to turn on and off as required. Relief Layers This is the BIG one! The model you now see in the 3D view is known as the Composite Relief – it is constructed dynamically from the visible, independent, relief layers in the new Layer Manager. Use the fly-out next to each layer name to define how the layer will combine with the one below it. Imagine a separate model for the text, one for the central motif, one for a texture and perhaps another one for the background. Edit them, or replace them, independently and play with the way they interact. All in a free and flexible design environment where different versions and ideas can be tried and tested within a single art file – without the danger of losing or damaging your underlying models.

Preview Relief Mode Use this button on the 2D-View toolbar to see the layer you are working on in the 2D view as you work. This is an important tool as it allows you to quickly scan through the relief layers in a model and make sure you’re working on the right one. Don’t forget to turn it on and try it out! PowerSHAPE-e and PowerSHAPE Designer In your pack you will find a PowerSHAPE disc, if you have not already purchased the upgrade to the PowerSHAPE Designer module, this disc contains a cut down version called PowerSHAPE-e. PowerSHAPE-e is a full 3D surface and Solid CAD modelling system which enables you to model parts in 3D space. PowerSHAPE-e is a new concept in the 3D CAD world and is completely free of charge, though you will need to pay individually for any models you wish to save in a format other than PowerSHAPE-e files. Please feel free to play and design with PowerSHAPE-e, and to try surface and solid modelling for yourself. You won’t have access to the interactive working between PowerSHAPE Designer and ArtCAM, but you will have plenty to play with. PowerSHAPE-e comes with its own tutorials and introduction on the DVD. As an existing ArtCAM JewelSmith customer you also have the opportunity to upgrade to the full ArtCAM JewelSmith Solution, by upgrading PowerSHAPE-e to PowerSHAPE Designer. The ArtCAM JewelSmith Solution gives you the best of all worlds - interactive relief modelling together with 3D surface and solid modelling. You will also benefit from custom tools for designing even more intricate jewellery and full ray traced rendering of your results. All models created in the ArtCAM JewelSmith Solution can be machined with the improved machining wizard. If you have purchased the PowerSHAPE Designer module you will also receive a ‘Getting Started’ manual in your kit with full instructions and tutorials.

Dongle Exchange Information for ArtCAM Advantage Customers Without an XM Dongle
With ArtCAM JewelSmith 9.1 we are introducing new security which requires you to install and activate a new Super Pro XM dongle (a teal blue hardware key, included in your preview pack). This is a very simple process which only takes a few minutes to complete. Simply install and start ArtCAM JewelSmith 9.1, and follow the instructions on the screen. The Dongle Exchange wizard will automatically start in order to activate your new dongle. You will need to have both you old dongle and your new dongle to hand and will need to plug both of them into your PC. The wizard will then take you through the steps of activating your new dongle and ArtCAM JewelSmith 9.1. If you don’t have internet access please contact your reseller for your new PAF file to go with your new dongle.

Please return your old dongle to your reseller for recycling.