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Siegfried Goldenhair Barbarian Siegfried does not receive a Magic Ring. Sword of Slaying Siegfried carries a Sword of Slaying.

Before starting the game, you may chose which monster the sword works against. The sword adds one additional point of damage every time it strikes the chosen creature. The sword also glows when the creature approaches so that creature may never sneak attack him. Treat all sneak attacks by the chosen enemy as a normal encounter. Farendil Elf Ranger Farendil does not receive a Magic Ring. Heightened Senses Farendil has acute senses just like the Ninja: He is an Elf! This makes it very difficult for any one to sneak up on him. If you draw a Sneak Attack card, roll a D6. If you roll an even number, you notice the monster in time and combat is resolved as normal. If you roll an odd number, the monster gets to make a sneak attack. Longbow Farendil may use his longbow in combat and has four arrows. Once the arrows are gone he may no longer use the longbow. The bow may be used only if you choose to attack. He may fire once before the Monster card is drawn and once after. If he fires once before the Monster card is drawn and the monster flees, the arrow is wasted. Meditation Farendil has the ability to regain lost LPs through meditation. Instead of taking a turn he may meditate, regaining 1 LP. He may do nothing else on a turn in which he meditates, and you may not increase his LPs to higher than his starting level. Potion Expert Farendil is a potion expert. If he drinks a potion and rolls poorly, he may ignore any negative results and discard the potion (This simulates him recognizing that the potion poison before drinking it and therefore discarding it). Arrows Killed only takes three LP from a Champion of Chaos. A second Arrow Killed does kill one.

Vikas Swordmaster Adventurer Vikas does not receive a Magic Ring The Swordmaster Vikas, as his name implies, is a master of combat with a weapon in each hand. When in combat, every second round Vikas is immune to taking a hit. For example, Vikas is fighting a Orc: In the first round, the Vikas' player chooses "Slash" and the Orc's player chooses Leap Aside. The Orc takes a hit as normal. The second round, the Vikas' player chooses "Mighty Blow" and the Orc's player again chooses "leap aside". Normally Vikas would take a hit. However, we are simulating Vikas now using the weapon in his second hand to which the Orc has no counter-weapon, therefore Vikas takes no hits. Sir Roland The Knight Sir Roland does not receive a Magic Ring. Warhammer Sir Roland's hammer may be used to knock open doors. If you wish to move through a door draw a door card as normal, but you may move through it even if a Door Jammed card is drawn if you roll six or less (his strength) on a D12. The hammer works best against heavily armored targets. It causes an extra point of damage when it strikes a Champion of Chaos.