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Plum Blossom I-Ching - Different Ways Of Predicting Plum Blossom (Mei Hua) I Ching Compare the strength of the

Ti versus Yung trigrams. To gauge the success of the subject. Divination about process that moves over time, Pen Kua develops to Hu Kua develops to Shih Kua. Use the Date and Time of divination via the Chinese calendar to gauge the real strength of the subject at present time. Predict the time of incident occurring by: Inner trigram + Outer Trigram + Changing line. Predict scores/age, etc by: Inner Trigram x 10 Outer Trigram + Changing line. For auspicious numbers, e.g. telephone numbers, divide the digits in 2 groups, sum of first group represent the Upper Trigram, while the sum of last group represent the lower trigram. If the number of digits is odd, use the fewer digits for the upper trigram.

Plum Blossom I-Ching The Hu Tien Method The Hu Tien Divination deals with current events and uses the environment, situation and objects directly confronting us. For successful divination, one should only consider out-of-the-ordinary situations or sightings. For this, one has to be observant. Observe and notice peculiarity of a situation, then mark out the hexagrams. Importance of Trigrams Since everything has is represented by one of the eight trigrams, in the Hu Tien Divination method, it is important to be well versed in the meanings and significance of each trigram.

The above shows the direction relative to the diviner and the trigram that describes it. For the Pen Kua, the direction is the lower trigram. The Upper trigram of the Pen Kua is the subject. E.g. Old Man = Qian, a Bird = Xun. For the moving line, it is the remainder of: (top trigram + bottom trigram + hour)/6 Follow process of identifying the Ti and Yungs and the strength of the Ti. Plum Blossom I Ching Hsien Tien Method Mapping Hexagrams with Date and Time Hsien Tien Method While some practitioners use the Chinese calendar, others use numeric numbers of western dates for this method rather than the Chinese calendar. For example: Year 1982 => 1982/12 => remainder = 2 If remainder = 0, use 12. Month March = 3, Nov =11

Date 24 =24 Time 3pm = 15 In divination, we use the time in which the divination is done. For The Outer trigram:(Year + Month + Day) / 8Take the remainder. If remainder is 0, use the number 8.For The lower trigram: (Year + Month + Day + Hour) / 8 Take the remainder. If remainder is 0, use the number 8. To Determine the Moving Yao (Year + Month + Day + Hour) / 6 Take the remainder. If remainder is 0, use the number 8. Plum Blossom (Mei Hua) I Ching The Plum Blossom divination or Mei Hua I-Ching has its roots in the Sung Dynasty (920-1279ad) and is said to originate in 1011-1077 with a government official named Shao. This method does not involve the use of coins, but rather the dates and/or symbols that define the trigrams. There are 2 Divination methods to derive the hexagrams: Hsien Tien method and Hu Tien Method. Proficiency in this form of divination requires acute observation and intuition. Practice is usually sufficient for mastery of this technique. Refer to the Trigrams - The Trigrams are allotted Numbers 1 Qian , 2 Dui, 3 Li, 4 Zhen, 5 Xun, 6 Kan, 7 Gen, 8- Kun. Pen Kua and Hu Kua Pen Kua is the original hexagram we for the divination. This is derived from date and time, and or other factors. Hu Kua is derived from taking the four inner lines of the Pen Kua and arranging them like so:

Shih Kua Shih Qua is the final Kua after the change has occurred. It represents the final destination.

Ti & Yung Ti is inherent, material, born with, natural. Yung is adapted, nurtured, used for. In divining with hexagrams, the 2 trigrams of the Pen Kua hexagrams are divided to Ti and Yung. Where there is no moving line or Yao, the lower trigram is Ti and the upper is Yung. Where there is a changing line or Yao, the trigram with the changing line is Yung. Trigrams in the Hu and Shih Kua are Yung. The Ti trigram represents the subject or self. How the other Yung trigrams interact with it will determine the reading of the divination. Analysis of how the Yung affect the Ti will be approached by analysing the properties and element of the trigrams relative to each other. This is as per the 5-element theory. Ti is like the Self. If the Yung trigrams are elements that destroy or drain the Ti trigram element, then the divination answers in the negative. If the Yung trigram elements support or enhance the Ti trigram element then the divination answers the affirmative. Strength of the Ti trigram depends on the affect of the Yung trigrams. This is affected by the type of elements, the closeness to the Ti, and the number of opposing versus enhancing elements. Refer to the 5-element theory to understand the trigram relationships.