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"lang" { "Language" "English" "Tokens" { "TrackerUI_ConnectionSpeed" "Internet connection spe ed" "TrackerUI_FavoriteWindowLabel" "Select which Steam window appea

rs when the \nprogram starts, and when you double-click \nthe Notification Tray icon." "TrackerUI_FavoriteWindow" "Favorite window" "Friends_Chat_Title" "%friend% - Chat" "Friends_ChatTo" "To: %friend%" "Friends_ChatToPlusStatus" "To: %friend% (%status%)" "Friends_ChatToPlusInGame" "To: %friend% (playing %game%)" "Friends_UserSays" "%friend% says:\n" "Friends_TypingMessage" "%friend% is typing a message." "Friends_LastMessageReceived" "Last message received: %date% at %time% " "Friends_FriendInfoDialog_Title" "%friend% - User Info" Friends_Chat_FriendNameChanged "%old_name% has changed their name to %f riend%.\n" Friends_Chat_FriendStateChanged "%friend% is now %status%.\n" Friends_Chat_Send "Send" Friends_Chat_CannotSendFriendOffline "%friend% is currently offline, message can not be sent.\n" Friends_Chat_InvitedToGame "%friend% has invited you to joi n them in playing %game%. " Friends_Chat_FriendHasChangedGame "%friend% is now playing %game%. " Friends_Chat_UnknownGame "a game" Friends_Chat_ClickHereToJoin "Click here to join." "Friends_Title_Online" "Friends_Title_Busy" "Friends_Title_Away" "Friends_Title_Snooze" "Friends_Title_Offline" Friends_online Friends_away Friends_busy Friends_snooze Friends_offline Friends_MyStatus Friends_AddFriend Friends_Edit_Profile "Friends "Friends "Friends "Friends "Friends %name%" %name% - Busy" %name% - Away" %name% - Snooze " Offline"

"Online" "Away" "Busy" "Snooze" "Offline" "My status" "Add friend..." "Edit profile..."

Friends_FriendList_CurrentGame "CURRENT GAME" Friends_FriendList_InGame "IN GAME" Friends_FriendList_Online "ONLINE" Friends_FriendList_Offline "OFFLINE" Friends_SendInstantMessage Friends_InviteFriendToGame Friends_JoinGame Friends_ViewGameInfo Friends_UserDetails Friends_RemoveUser "Send message..." "Invite to game" "Join game" "View game info" "View user details" "Remove this friend..."

Friends_RemoveFriend_Title "Friends - Remove user" Friends_RemoveFriend_Info "Are you sure you want to remove %friend % from your friends list?\n\n(You can re-add them later through the 'add friends ' menu option.)\n" Friends_RemoveFriend_Button "Remove %friend%" Friends_Options Friends_Options_Title Friends_Options_ProfileTab Friends_Options_SoundsTab "Options" "User options - %name%" "Profile" "Sounds"

"Friends_EnterAccountNameOrEmailAddress" "Enter the Steam account name OR email address of the person you wish to add to your Friends list." "Friends_SearchingForFriend" "Searching for %search%. .." "Friends_FriendHasBeenAddedToYourList" "%search% has been added to your friends list, under the name '%friend%'." "Friends_UnableToFindFriendByThatName" "Unable to find %search%. Hit ' back' if you want to try and search again." "Friends_CannotAddSelfToList" "You can't add yourself to your friends list." "Friends_CannotAddFriendWhoIsAlreadyInList" "%search% is already in your friends list, under the name '%friend%'." Friends_ConnectedButOffline ly set to appear Offline to all your friends." Friends_NoFriendsInList t added anyone to your Friends list." Friends_GoOnline " Friends_SignIn_RefreshPassword Friends_SignIn_ActivateFriends Friends_ConnectingToFriendsNetwork etwork..." Friends_ScanningForFriends ends list..." "You are current "You have not ye "Sign in "Sign in..." "Join Friends Beta..." "Connecting to friends n "Downloading fri

Friends_NotConnectedToFriendsNetwork "A connection to the friends net work could not be established. Steam will automatically retry connection until t he service becomes available." Friends_NotConnectedToFriendsNetwork_InvalidPassword "You need to log back in to Steam in order to use Friends." Friends_NotConnectedToFriendsNetwork_LoggedInElsewhere "You have been signed ou t of Friends, due to this account being signed in elsewhere." Friends_NotConnectedToFriendsNetwork_InvalidVersion "This version of Steam is too old to connect to Friends. Restart Steam to receive the latest upd ate." Friends_NotConnectedToFriendsNetwork_ServersBusy "The Steam serve rs are currently down for routine maintenance. Friends will automatically reconn ect as soon as they come available." Friends_NotConnectedToFriendsNetwork_NoConnection "No network conn ection could be made to the Steam servers. Steam will automatically retry connec tion until the service becomes available." Friends_UserRequestingFriendship_Title "Friend request - %friend%"

Friends_UserRequestingFriendship_Info "%friend% has added you to their Friends list." Friends_AllowUserToSeeMeOnline "Allow %friend% to see w hen you are online and contact you." Friends_BlockUserFromSeeingMeOnline "Block this person from seeing when you are online and contacting you." Friends_AddFriend_Title Friends_Settings_Title Friends_FriendInfoDialog_DetailsTab Friends_FriendInfoDialog_StatusTab Friends_FriendlyName Friends_RecentlyUsedNames Friends_PlaySoundWhenFriendJoins riend joins a game" Friends_PlaySoundWhenFriendComesOnline mes online" Friends_PlaySoundWhenReceiveAMessage message" Friends_NotifyMeWhenUserComesOnline r comes online" Friends_PlaySoundWhenUserComesOnline r comes online" Friends_PlaySoundWhenUserJoinsGame this user plays a game" "Add Friend" "User options - Friends" "Details" "Status" "Name" "Recently used names:" "Play a sound when any f "Play a sound when any friend co "Play a sound when you receive a "Notify me when this use "Always play sound when this use "Always play sound when

Friends_RemoveUserExplanation "If you remove this friend from your list, they won't be able to see when you are online or send you messages." Friends_FriendInvitedToGame_Title Friends_FriendInvitedToGame_Info n sent to %friend%." Friends_NotifyFriendOnline_Title Friends_NotifyFriendOnline_Info "INVITE - %friend%" "An invitation to join your game has bee "%friend% - Friends online notification" "Your friend %friend% has come online." "Steam - Refresh login" "Please re-enter your Steam logi "Account name" "Login" "Password" "You are not yet part of the Fri "Friends - Join Beta" "Join Friends Beta"

Friends_RefreshLogin_Title Friends_RefreshLogin n details in order to sign into Friends." Friends_AccountName Friends_Login_Btn Friends_Login_Password Friends_CurrentlyInBeta ends Beta." Friends_JoinFriendsBeta_Title Friends_ActivateFriendsBeta

Friends_JoinFriendsBeta_Info "The new version of Friends is currently in beta.\nPlease give it a try by adding a few friends to your list.\n\nTo repo rt a problem or to read a list of known issues, please visit:" Friends_NameToUseInFriendsBeta "To continue, enter a Friends name for y ourself:" Friends_BetaHomePage ge" "The Friends Beta information pa

Friends_PleaseSetFriendsName Friends_SetFriendsName

"Your Friends name has not been set." "Set Friends name..."

Friends_TooManyFriends "Your friends list is full. Remo ve some friends and try again." Friends_DefaultAddError "Sorry, there was a problem addi ng %search% to your friends list." Friends_UnableToFindFriendByThatNameInvitePrompt "Unable to find a Steam user with email address %search%.\n\nIf you'd like to invite %search% to join Steam and be added to your friends list, hit 'next', or hit 'back' to sear ch again." Friends_InvitingFriend "Sending invitation to %search%. .." Friends_InvitationPending "%search% has been invited to jo in Steam recently, when they respond, they will be added to your friends list.\n " Friends_InvitationSent "%search% has been sent an email invitation, and will be added to your friends list when they respond.\n" Friends_DefaultInviteError "Sorry, there was a problem send ing an invitation to %search%." Friends_TooManyPendingInvitations "You've sent too many invitations recently. Try inviting %search% again in a day or two." Friends_DontGiveOutPassword "Never tell your password to any one.\n" Friends_DontGiveOutPassword_URL " /steampowered.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=301" Friends_invalidname_title "Friends - Reserved Name" Friends_invalidname_info "Your Friends name cannot contai n 'Valve', 'Steam' or 'Support'. Please choose another name." Friends_JoinGame_Dialog %" } } "Failed to find game for %friend