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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Baciu Mirela Date: the 7th ofOctober Class:10th grade School: Liceul Teoretic ,,Jean Bart Sulina Level: advanced Time: 50 minutes Lesson title: Theres no place like home Topic: Describing houses (rooms, furniture and appliances) Skills involved: speaking, reading, writing; Materials: worksheets with different activities, photos Textbook: Click on, Virginia Evans, Neil O Sullivan; Procedures: conversation, describing the images, brainstorming, dialogues; Types of activities: frontal, individual, pair work, group work; Objectives: a) Cognitive objectives: appliances; to practice ways of describing houses, rooms and to talk about renting/buying a house; to use the prepositions of place;

b) Affective objectives: - to show interest on the topic; - to make students confident in using their skills; - to have fun; - to stimulate students imagination and creativity.

Stages Warm up Activity 1 Checking the Homework Activity 2

Teachers Activity T enters the classroom, greets the Ss, and asks them how they are, if there are any Ss missing. T remembers the task for the day, Describe your house/your grandparents house, and ask Ss to review it quickly to make sure there were no problems with solving it at home. T corrects the mistakes, if any.

Students Activity Ss answer the Ts questions Some Ss read their homework.

Interaction T Ss Ss - T T Ss Ss - T

Skills -speaking -listening -speaking -reading

Time 2

Initiation Activity 3

T shows Ss a picture of a house and asks Ss to tell if they like it or no, and why.

Practice Activity 4

Practice Activity 5

T writes on the blackboard the title and the plan of the lesson: Theres no place like home - Practice T tells what this lesson is about. T divides the class into groups of 4 and gives them different handouts. T announces the time of the task.

Ss listen to the Ts questions and answers to them carefully, saying what they like and what they dont like. Ss open their notebooks and write down the title and the plan of the lesson. Ss solve the tasks given by the T.

T Ss Ss - T

-reading -speaking

T Ss Ss - T

-speaking -reading -writing

T Ss Ss Ss Ss T

-speaking -writing


Practice Activity 6

Ss read their descriptions And T or a S correct them, puts them some questions to find the missing words Ss complete the initial plan on the blackboard.

Ss read and answer to the Ts questions.

Ss - T T Ss Ss Ss

-reading -speaking


Feed-Back Activity 7

Ss complete the plan in their notebooks. Ss receive their handouts. They solve the tasks given by the T. Ss listen to the teacher. Ss write down their homework.

Ss - T T Ss
Ss - T T - Ss

-writing -speaking -writing

Evaluation Activity 8

T gives handouts to the Ss. T announces the time of the task. T evaluates the Ss and appreciate those Ss who answered correctly and to encourage the other ones. T gives the Ss the homework: to read the text ,,The smart way to live



Assigning Homework Activity 9

T - Ss

-writing -speaking