Ericsson develops tiny basestation that fits in the hand

no comment richard wilson 2013/09/25

Ericsson has introduced its smallest mobile phone basestation, which is small enough to fit a person‟s hand. The disk-shaped Ericsson Radio Dot System, is designed as a radio booster system, which uses an new design of antenna and supports broadband radio channels for in-building newtworks. The basestations are connected and powered via standard internet LAN cables (Category 5/6/7) to indoor radio units that link to a basestation. Radio Dot System leverages the same industry-leading features found in Ericsson‟s macro base station. The aim, said Johan Wibergh, head of Ericsson Business Unit Networks, is to “lower the (cost) threshold to building indoor coverage”. The product is expected to be commercially available by the end of next year. - See more at:


The Virtex-7 H580T FPGA interoperating with the Finisar optical module following the OIF CEI-28G-VSR implementation agreement.electronicsweekly. It will demonstrate interoperability between its 28.dpuf . The Physical and Link Layer demonstration by OIF members at ECOC will include CEI-28GVSR chip-to-module interfaces for CFP2 and QSFP28 pluggable module form factors.See more at: http://www.95Gbit/s.       News Blogs Multimedia Companies Events Newsletters Jobs 100G fibre links are interoperable at ECOC 2013 no comment richard wilson 2013/09/18 Xilinx will demonstrate a 100G link running at OTN data rates in participation with the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) at ECOC in London next week ( September 23-25).com/news/design/communications/100g-fibrelinks-are-interoperable-at-ecoc-2013-2013-09/#sthash.65auZKYx. CEI-25GLR backplane applications and module thermal specifications that enable 100G capabilities. illustrates real-world integration of 100G networking systems. .05Gbit/s capable (GTZ) transceiver and a Finisar CFP2 optical module running at 27.

It provides 600W of output with 21. .030-1.4dB typical gain and 63% efficiency.        Home News Blogs Multimedia Companies Events Newsletters Jobs GaN-on-SiC HEMT packs 600W for pulsed power no comment steve bush 2013/09/17 Macom Technology Solutions has announced a ceramic GaN-on-SiC power HEMT for avionics. MAGX-001090-600L00 is a gold-metallised matched GaN-on-SiC RF power transistor optimised for pulsed avionics at 1. such as secondary surveillance radar in air traffic control systems.090MHz.

“The device has a thermal resistance of 0. and the device will be on show ot the Macom stand at European Microwave Week in Nuremberg on 8-10” “The device provides the highest load mismatch tolerance in its class.dL93Mqfl.See more at: http://www. . the device has a pulse droop of 0.dpuf LTE-Advanced test scripts without programming skills no comment steve bush 2013/09/17 Anite has eased the development of test scripts for LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) device testing.electronicsweekly.” claimed product manager Paul Beasly.” said the firm. and the firm is predicting MTTF of over 600 years at a maximum junction temperature of 200°C. “In addition. Called „Scenario Mode‟. Evaluation boards are available from stock. Operating voltage is 50V max.05°C/W and load mis-match tolerance of 5:1.2dB and can be used effectively under more demanding Mode-S ELM operating conditions. it is an addition to the firm‟s Development Toolset and offers a graphical interface intended to enable engineers without specific programming skills to develop and edit test scripts. .

even the most complex ones. said Anite.electronicsweekly. .com/news/design/communications/lte-advancedtest-scripts-without-programming-skills-2013-09/#sthash. IBM.dpuf Office LANs get speed boost from passive optical networks at ECOC no comment richard wilson 2013/09/05 Corning.See more at: http://www. through a simple drag and drop graphical interface. and TE Connectivity are part of a group of companies looking to promote the adoption of passive optical networks in computer data networks. which can make test creation simpler and faster. and they have formed a cross-industry body called the Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN) .“Users of Anite‟s LTE-A Scenario Mode are able to create most types of tests.Fcc0fd1V. The companies will use the ECOC Exhibition in London later this month (23-25 September) to demonstrate how passive optical networks can be the basis of very high speed data networks in computer centres and offices.” Development Toolset provides ways to validate lower layer test scenarios and includes tools that support the wireless device development lifecycle “from pre-silicon protocol module development through to systems integration and verification”. . The user creates a complete test by assembling procedure blocks without necessarily working through each message in detail. “It offers a procedure-based rather than a message-based approach to script creation.” claimed the firm.

Tellabs. It can bring enormous data bandwidth and scalability to LAN infrastructure compared to traditional workgroup switch-based LAN architectures.Passive Optical LAN has been used in telecoms netwroks for some time. making Passive Optical LAN an appealing solution to address current and future bandwidth demands. electronics and consulting services. representing infrastructure. “The deployments of Passive Optical LAN to date have demonstrated significant cost and performance advantages compared to traditional Ethernet designs. “With data and video consumption forecast to grow between 7-10X in the next few years. IBM. TE Connectivity. president and chairman of the APOLAN.dpuf         Home News Blogs Multimedia Companies Events Newsletters Jobs Broadcom uses Wi-Fi Direct to link wearable electronics to the cloud . Zhone and 3M.electronicsweekly. and the optical foundation “future-proofs” the network for any new bandwidth demand – a clear advantage over existing copper solutions. the demand for highly cost-effective and high-quality voice. but it could yet make a signifcant impact on IT networks. video. and data continues to grow in the enterprise LAN market space. . Enterprise Telecom at” said Dave Cunningham.3xc872A8. research manager.” said Nav Chander. SAIC. APOLAN members are Corning.See more at: http://www.

iW06TchN. which does not need a Wi-Fi access point or computer. glucometers. Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi links allows for data to be collected from wearable devices and transferred to a smartphone or into the cloud in low power more at: http://www. ABI Research. The company has integrated the Wi-Fi Direct point-to-point interface into its WICED platform. Senior Analyst.dpuf . Android and Windows 8. . Broadcom said its WICED platform is being used in blood pressure monitors. For Bluetooth Smart this already exists and the GATT. For example. This allows a consumer to directly connect two Wi-Fi devices together without the need for an access point or computer. Wi-Fi is now following a similar route. smart watches and fitness monitors. will bee used in the development of smart clothing and other wearable sensors. simplies the development of applications allowing them to run easily on different platfiorms such as iOS. Generic Attribute Profile. It believes support for Wi-Fi Direct. “OEMs creating wearable products require interoperable technology that will allow these new devices to connect with smartphones and tablets available today.” said Joshua comment richard wilson 2013/08/30 Broadcom says companies developing wearable electronic systems will find it easier to link to the cloud via smart mobile devices with the integration of a device-todevice Wi-Fi interface into its WICED embedded wireless platform.electronicsweekly.

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