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find out who’s been shortlisted for our prestigious awards inside

World architecture festival
Barcelona 3-5 November 2010

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attend Waf 2010 to:
1. Hear directly from all shortlisted Waf awards entrants, representing the most exciting architectural cultures in the world across all continents. Record entry numbers from australasia, Singapore, India and brazil 2. exchange ideas with over 2000 architects representing more than 80 countries. Practices large and small have visited Waf, including gaPP architects from South africa, WOHA from Singapore, Turenscape from china, REMISTUDIO from Russia, Sanjay Puri architects from India, Battle & Roig Architects from Spain, HaSSell from australia, foster + Partners, Zaha Hadid Architects, Tabanlioglu architects and Isay Weinfeld 3. mix with the pace setters in architectural thinking including arata Isozaki, barry bergdoll, enrique Norten, matthias Sauerbruch, benedetta Tagliabue and Hanif kara. Find out their thoughts on the most up-to-the minute projects today 4. be inspired by this year’s landmark projects including david chipperfield’s seminal Neues museum and the groundbreaking landscape scheme gardens by the bay in Singapore. These schemes and more will be uncovered in Waf’s multimedia thematic exhibition, Transformations 5. keep up to date with the world’s most innovative and exciting architecture through insightful keynote and seminar presentations from Josep acebillo on the Transformation of barcelona and Jo Noero on his restorative red location project in South africa 6. make real connections with the people you want to meet before, during and after the festival with festival connect, WAF’s dedicated social networking site, focussed and comprehensive networking events and online communities on Twitter, linkedIn and facebook 7. meet the next generation of architectural talent at urbaN SoS, Waf’s live, global student competition sponsored by aecom

architectural excellence – lIVe!
“Waf is a unique congress that gathers the most important architects in the world, we’re very excited to be a part of it.”
alex camprubi, Turenscape, China, Winner Waf 2009, The adaptation Palettes: regenerative landscape design

Super-jury confirmed arata Isozaki, barry bergdoll, Hanif kara, benedetta Tagliabue and enrique Norten

Arata Isozaki

Barry Bergdoll

Hanif Kara

Benedetta Tagliabue

Enrique Norten

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236 shortlist presentations – 512 entries in the festival gallery – 3 days of interactive seminar content – 3 keynote addresses – 60+ media partner magazine distribution – Transformations multimedia thematic exhibition – aecom urbaN SoS global student competition – product showcases – free networking events – and much more...

Insight. Inspiration. exhilaration. learn, network and share at Waf Visit: www.worldarchitecturefestival.com Call: +44(0) 20 7554 5800 / 0845 056 8339 E: info@worldarchitecturefestival.com
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I’ve been amazed by the initiative of all the people from all around the world to come and meet and talk face to face. hear original ideas and make new connections 8. the student competition and overall awards 5. medIa ParTNerS – from over 60 countries. collaborate. submit and present their projects themselves.worldarchitecturefestival. Harvard Professor and Co-Founder. arquitectos // li xiaodong atelier // logical process in architectural design // logon architecture // malcolm middleton architects // manuel Ventura. katherine gustafson of Gustafson Porter 3. make friends and stay in touch using our online portals – festival connect. stunning modern architecture and some of the world’s most famous classical buildings and structures. Hear from the city’s most exciting and established architects with Barcelona taking a focal role in this year’s seminar programme Turn the page to find out which practices have been shortlisted this year!  at this early stage here are some of the practices attending Waf 2010: a. STudeNT comPeTITIoN – watch and support architectural schools compete for the AECOM URBAN SOS prize www. content rich and truly global three day event. drINkS recePTIoNS – network with your peers from around the world. centre // archetonic S. SemINar PreSeNTaTIoNS – be inspired by some of the most influential. arcHITecTS – over 2000 of them! Meet. where people can come. meet leading critics and documenters of the international industry 9. meet and share. Twitter and linkedIn All links to join are on our website www. aWardS ceremoNY . david chipperfield architects. offering architects and suppliers from all over the world the opportunity to learn.aecom. klepanov a-c-d // abiat architects // allford Hall monaghan morris // american Jack // arch. as well as interiors and fit-outs. rewarding excellence across a wide range of building types. facebook. arquitecto. barcelona/london What happens at Waf? World architecture festival is an action-packed. presentations by all shortlisted entrants (see page 5) in front of expert judges. innovative and stimulating individuals and practices today with Josep acebillo. Architect. // arch atkins // autoban // batlle & roig architects // ben adams architects // bentel associates International // boogertman+Partners // bruce concrete Institute // cHaNg architects // chelgipromez // chevalier morales architectes // christopher charles benninger architects Pvt. lda // marqta // maSINoProJekT koPrINg // mcadam architects // mccullough mulvin architects // me // miralles Tagliabue embt // mossessian & Partners ltd // murman arkitekter ab // NHarchitecture // nought // NSW architects and Plan aNd ParTNerS // PlaN architectural Studio // Price & myers llP // PTam Vissarionov // raffles design institute // ronald lu & Partners / // Studio gang architects // Studio Pencil Points // Sturgess architecture // Sweco // Tecino // Tekeli-Sisa architectural Partnership // Ten architecture zT gmbH // university of dammam // university of lagos // urbaN PluS // Wingårdh arkitektkontor ab // WoHa // zfP co . from museums to schools to commercial buildings to private homes. At its heart are the WAF Awards. farshid moussavi. and an awards ceremony for overall winners on the closing night of the event. The awards consist of a comprehensive exhibition of every single entry. auckland ltd // derek maSoN arcHITecTS ltd // di Pace e di Pace arquitetura e Interiores // drmm architects // eckersley o’callaghan etika architecture and design // feilden clegg bradley Studios // foster + Partners // francis-Jones morehen Thorp // gaPP architects / consult // HaSSell // IkI deSIgN grouP // ImPorTadora oPlIma lTda // Isay Weinfeld // Jaspers-eyers architects // kelVaN // kolbeh branco. environments and futures through architectural imagination.It’s a wonderful opportunity for architects from around the world to come and discuss architecture. technological development and professional teamwork in this year’s exhibition ‘Transformations’ 4. Jo Noero of Noero Wolff Architects.V. It is special because it is the only event I know. de c. ProducT SHoWcaSeS – discover the latest in product innovation 7.a.com 10.the festival finishes with a prestigious awards ceremony celebrating the winners of each category . structural designs and future projects.com/urbansos 6. category winners’ presentations in front of our eminent super jury. share. foreign office architects. feSTIVal gallerY – contemplate the breadth of international architectural excellence in the gallery where all entries are exhibited togethersee 500+ entries from over 80 countries 2. barceloNa – visit the city that fuses visionary masterplanning. THemaTIc eXHIbITIoN – see innovative examples of architecture’s ability to transform spaces. WAF offers architects from all over the world the opportunity to get inspired by the world’s greatest building design practitioners But that’s just the beginning! Here are 10 reasons to attend WAF this November: 1.

architecture. // atelier Nini andrade Silva // e Shaw Partnership // buro Happold // bVN architecture // capita architecture // cement and . / Shibanee & kamal architects // Treusch onsultants // zodcI // .dreI architektur // Sabbagh arquitectos // Skinotechniki // Studio altieri Spa ngbom // Total environment building Systems Pvt.com Profiles of Selected Architects Save up to €200 before 8th october 2010. mashabane rose associates. // cox rayner architects // crosson clarke carnachan architects n Structural design // era Planning. consulting co.worldarchitecturefestival.com hitects Johannsen + associates // aruP daTTa arcHITecT lTd.ltd. // cm architecture lTd. ltd. // o’donnell + Tuomey // office25 architects // PITHaVadIaN // rTa Studio // S. mma architects // gPY arquitectos // gulf hSaz // koleksiyon contract office // leers Weinzapfel associates // lema barros + castelo s // malishev Wilson engineers // mam architectural research center // manasram architect edad consultant engineers // metro arkitekter // mimarlar Workshop // mimarlar Workshop nners INc // Nussli españa S. Quote code of the back of this brochure Visit: www.com Call: +44(0) 20 7554 5800 / 0845 056 8339 E: info@worldarchitecturefestival.friends of Waf Partner Sponsor Student Competition Sponsor Thematic Exhibition Sponsor Opening Night Reception Sponsor Winners Dinners Sponsors Seminar Sponsor Speakers and Judges Lounge Sponsor Spanish Sponsor Exhibitors Official Magazine of WAF International Media Partner Official Communications Partner Media Partners CONDITIONS arhitEkton magazine builder of illusions graditelj iluzija worldarchitects . // eSTa HoldINg llc // urban designers. a. ltd.

00 – 3. Directors and Co-Founders. Singapore Kathryn Gustafson. This will be followed by a Keynote Presentation given by a world-renowned architect reflecting on their career and achievements. Sener. Port Elizabeth.30 Shape. Barry Bergdoll. Space Group.worldarchitecturefestival.1. Autodesk Phillip Bernstein examines how the convergence of new technologies. process efficiencies and cultural changes within the industry can optimize product value + Embracing technology to add value to work and navigate shifts in the industry + Overcoming the challenges of economic efficiency and sustainable outcomes + Enabling significant changes in the fundamental processes of the building industry + Accessing the tools you need: developing collaborative models and business structures Transforming land and site: GARDENS BY THE BAY. CEO Barcelona Regional. Hanif Kara.00 Networking Lunch Architectural Practice Transformation Phillip G. Andrew Grant. Director and Mary Bowman.00 Keynote – In conversation with. Chairman and Managing Director International Art Consultants + Transforming spatial and physical working environments with corporate art and art in public spaces + Developing a constructive relationship between clients and artists: sidestepping the risks of contingency + Classifying the value and purpose of corporate art collections Identifying the future for corporate art post economic down-turn Thursday 4th November 11. Noero Wolff Architects + Transforming a former Boer war concentration camp and apartheid township into a dynamic and democratically accessible site for multiple public institutions + Devising an urban master plan: creating a test-bed for sustainable and just urban expansion + Assessing the potential for replication across South Africa and beyond + Tackling a universal problem: how can we prevent disenfranchisement in cities worldwide? Panel Discussion Project Transformation Lead by Phillip G. Senior Architect/BIM Leader.30 10. demonstrating why the city has and continues to be a creative Mecca for architecture and design 1. VP Industry Strategy and Relations. Arata Isozaki. Elodie Hanen.00–11. Director and Co-Founder. Director. Architectural Area Manager.com for the latest programme and speaker updates © Emap Ltd 2010. Aedas Architects.00 Introduction and opening remarks Transforming buildings: transforming culture David Chipperfield Architects and Julian Harrap Architects +R  ebuilding the Neues Museum to create a museum that reaffirms Berlin’s status as a cultural and economic world leader +A  ppreciating the wider significance of the rebuild for Berlin and Europe as a whole: why the Neues Museum’s transformation is so profound +N  egotiating a dramatic rebuild on a World Heritage Site: refining approaches to comply with limiting circumstances +E  stablishing a historically sympathetic yet transformative idiom: looking to the future of a city without denying the past Transforming image and meaning Sean Griffiths. . Also in competition will be Future Project of the Year. Architect. while delivery projects faster with improved cost efficiency and accuracy + Responding to an emphasis on fabrication: what action needs to be taken + Shifting perspectives on both the economic and environmental impacts of building Transforming Work and Public spaces with Art Alex Heath.30 – 4.00 2. Principal AuS Professor at the Architecture Academy of Mendrisio-Lugano (Switzerland) 5. Director. function and programme + Rediscovering architecture as a vehicle for conveying ideas beyond construction and function + Enabling architecture to convey ideas whilst satisfying function + Understanding the value and origin of images and visual codes + Challenging the legacy of modernism by incorporating traditional and popular imagery + Communicating design concepts in practice: recent projects that transform meaning whilst fulfilling purpose Red Location. Reflections on the career and achievements of a world-renowned architect Friday 5th November Live judging for the overall festival awards takes place on Friday the 5th November. Director of Grant Associates and Paul Baker.15 – 2. James Austin. Bernstein. Autodesk with Peter Chappell. Director and Co-Founder. along with leading industry figures 3. Dumo* Architecture Barcelona’s most innovative and exciting designers discuss recent work. Interior/Fit-Out of the Year and Structural Design of the Year. Director of Gustafson Porter. AREP Group Leading architects discuss industry transformations and how they are reevaluating the social dynamics of project teams and the building workflow + Satisfying the demand for sustainability in design + Successfully negotiating retrofits with increasingly complicated structures + Accessing the tools to navigate complex data. engineering and architecture to create visionary forms + Extending possibilities in shape.. FAT::Architecture Examining how architecture communicates ideas beyond construction. Ramon Jesus Gonzalez. space and design with innovative digital applications + Altering perceptions and pushing the boundaries of accepted design concepts + Combining perspectives to advance creativity and imagination in design Keynote .00 – 6. VP Industry Strategy and Relations.. Architect Project Manager.15 PANEL DISCUSSION Lunch time session: New Barcelona Marc Zaballa. space and structure transformed through digital technology Vesna Petresin Robert and Laurent-Paul Robert.Seminar Programme sponsored by Wednesday 3rd November 9.30 12. Lagula Arquitectes Jorge Duró and Laia Mogas.30 – 12. Senior Vice President of Design at Grohe discusses recent products and technologies and their impact on design. Bernstein..New urban paradigms: Barcelona case study Josep Acebillo. The programme may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Emap reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers.30 . Benedetta Tagliabue and Enrique Norten will decide which category winners will take away the awards for World Building of the Year. rethinking the possibilities for urban expansion: Jo Noero. Director of Wilkinson Eyre + Creating a public realm for Singapore’s equatorial climate + Rethinking urban landscape design it’s transformative effects on a society + Converting land to water: extending the coast to create parks which enrich the lives of a city’s population + Creating habitable outdoor space for Singapore: manipulating nature and natural forms to provide passive environmental control + Combining landscape design and architecture. Directors and Co-Founders of Rubedo and Engineers Adams Kara Taylor + Delivering an inventive multi-disciplinary approach: facilitating effective collaboration + Combining the digital arts. developing diverse outdoor space and satisfying the needs of a specific area Panel Discussion Transforming Design Paul Flowers. South Africa Case study. Keep checking www.

MMA Architects Boogertman+Partners Spain Miralles Tagliabue Embt IAD AGi Architects SL MENIS ARQUITECTOS GPY Arquitectos Batlle & Roig Architects Sweden Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecure AB Tham & Videgård Arkitekter Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB Metro Arkitekter White arkitekter AB Sweco Elding Oscarson General Architecture White Arkitekter AB Turkey MAM Architectural Research Center Tabanlioglu Architects Nevzat Sayin Mimarlik Hizmetleri (NSMH) EAA-Emre Arolat Architects Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects ERA Planning. architecten Jaspers-Eyers Architects Brazil Estudio America Spadoni & Associados Arquitetura Isay Weinfeld Studio MK27 Gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados Canada Patkau Architects Inc. Architecture.o. Akihiko Hamada. Sir Peter Cook.o. Consulting Co Erginoglu&Calislar Mimarlik Insaat Ticaret ve Turizm Limited Sirketi Autoban Koleksiyon Contract Office TOCA Tekeli-Sisa Architectural Partnership Ukraine FOP I. Michael Heenan.M. and pushing the limits of how projects are presented. It’s a place of sharing. Stern Architects DA Group Skidmore. Director. South Africa GAPP Architects / Urban Designers. Hughes Condon Marler Architects Omer Arbel Office Chile Sabbagh Arquitectos + arquitectos Logon Architecture China Turenscape Li xiaodong Atelier NHDRO China Architecture Design Research Group Croatia 3LHD Architects upi-2m Cyprus Skinotechniki Denmark Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter Erik Møller Arkitekter BIG Henning Larsen Architects 3XN Friis & Moltke A/S EFFEKTDenmark Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects Christensen & CO Architects (CCO) COBE Holgaard Arkitekter Egypt Abiat Architects France Archi5 Barré Lambot Architectes Greece ldlp Kokkinou . it’s a great place for meeting friends and colleagues. Quote code of the back of this brochure Visit: www. Bill Hanway and Richard Hassell Australia Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp Suters Architects Cox Rayner Architects Lyons HASSELL TERROIR AECOM BVN Architecture McBride Charles Ryan Chenchow Little Elenberg Fraser Edward Szewczyk and Associates Architects Candalepas Associates Tanner Architects Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects Johannsen + Associates Austria Treusch architecture ZT GmbH PPAG architects Baar-Baarenfels Architekten Belgium Compagnie-O. Carlo Aiello.Svystun United Kingdom Eric Parry Architects David Chipperfield Architects Foster + Partners Zaha Hadid Architects MUMA Rick Mather Architects Will Alsop at RMJM BFLS Desitecture Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates Haptic Architects Ltd Terry Farrell & Partners (Farrells) Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architect Allford Hall Monaghan Morris dRMM Architects Woods Bagot Atkins Arup Associates POPULOUS Eckersley O’Callaghan Structural Design Buro Happold United States of America Studio Daniel Libeskind Toshiko Mori Architect PLLC Allied Works Architecture Eight Inc. Lda lema barros + castelo branco arquitectos Promontorio Architects Andreescu&Gaivoronschi Russia REMISTUDIO Saudi Arabia University of Dammam Republic of Singapore SCDA Architects WOHA MKPL ARCHITECTS K2LD CHANG Architects Architects 61 Slovenia Studio Kalamar d.com Call: +44(0) 20 7554 5800 / 0845 056 8339 E: info@worldarchitecturefestival. Perkins + Will Suisman Urban Design University of Dammam Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners Skidmore. Rojkind Arquitectos.WAF is like group therapy. Owings & Merrill LLP Save up to €200 before 8th October 2010. and getting to know what’s happening around the world.com . A great way of updating with colleagues and friends.worldarchitecturefestival. Nabil Gholam. Mexico City All shortlisted entrants present live to a jury featuring over 60 internationally acclaimed judges including Miquel Adria. Owings & Merrill LLP CetraRuddy Clive Wilkinson Architects/ Woods Bagot Weiss/Manfredi Robert A. Sanjay Puri. Stefan Behnisch. Peter Kudryavtsev.Kourkoulas Architects & Associates Michael Photiadis Associate Architects Hong Kong Aedas Ronald Lu & Partners The Oval Partnership Limited India Sanjay Puri Architects Sanjay Prakash & Associates MALIK ARCHITECTURE Indonesia djuhara + djuhara Iran Kourosh Rafiey METAPHOR ARCHITECTURAL ASSOCIATES KELVAN Ireland O’Donnell + Tuomey dhb architects Scott Tallon Walker McCullough Mulvin Architects Italy Tstudio Studio Altieri Spa Japan Tezuka Architects Nikken Sekkei South Korea SAMOO ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS Lebanon Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture Malaysia Eleena Jamil Architect Mexico PLUG architecture Hierve-Diseñeria Parque Humano/ Jorge Covarrubias + Benjamin Henze Netherlands mecanoo architecten Onix New Zealand Warren and Mahoney Stevens Lawson Architects Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects Auckland RTA Studio Copeland Associates Architects Norway Lund Hagem Arkitekter NSW Architects and Planners Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects MNAL Poland Mackow Pracownia Projektowa Portugal Manuel Ventura Arquitecto. Michel Rojkind. Wang Lu. Mashabane Rose Associates. and a place of seeing different presentations.

Transformations – Thematic exhibition sponsored by The 2010 WAF Thematic Exhibition is based on the theme of ‘Transformations’. conversations. who will also contribute to the festival Seminar Programme. spaces. Investigate Singapore’s gardens by the bay. communities and ideas. Transforming Space and form: Vesna Petresin robert and laurent-Paul robert of Rubedo and the ParT group of engineers akT explore how differing approaches to design. engineering and digital technologies can push the boundaries of shape and space in architecture. in the hands of the designers like gustafson Porter. and to explore the relationship between plants and people that has shaped Singapore’s history. The exhibition will be located in the Festival Hall. an ideal location for manufacturers and cities to exhibit the approaches they are taking to tackle the need for intelligent change at every scale of architecture. Visit to learn how architecture can transform shape. Specific conversations and case studies featured will include: Transforming land and Site: Urban landscape design is one of the most exciting aspects of architectural design today. case studies and impromptu presentations. and sites as well as lives. Transforming Image and meaning Sean griffiths of faT::architecture and robert Stern of robert am Stern architects offer their perspectives on how semantic codes can be manipulated to create original and meaningful architecture. Explore what lies behind the obvious façade! . The exhibition will feature filmed interviews with participants. an ambitious project to transform land claimed from the sea into a habitable outdoor space for the city. andrew grant and Wilkinson eyre. Witness how landscape design can transform the equatorial climate into a comfortable and sensuous experience and how giant glasshouses can be cooler on the inside than out.

Port Elizabeth.com Call: +44(0) 20 7554 5800 / 0845 056 8339 E: info@worldarchitecturefestival. provoke. WAF on a budget WAF represents outstanding value in what it offers to delegates. private car/coach hire. spouse programme.worldarchitecturefestival. city tours. contact our accommodation team on + (00) 34 93 550 03 58 or waf@beinbeyond.To make the most of your visit to the wonderful city of Barcelona. Quote code of the back of this brochure Visit: www. Berlin. If you would like us to book you a room. Barcelona Business Pass. ingenuity and innovation that exists within the industry. Witness how the introduction of such institutions can confirm the enfranchisement of the poorest members of a society and provide lessons in urban masterplanning for developing-world cities across the globe.Red Location. Germany The transformation of the Neues Museum by David Chipperfield along with conservation expert Julian Harrap symbolizes the transformation of Berlin from a Cold War scar to one of Europe’s most exciting metropolises.com Never has there been a more appropriate time to showcase the vast talent. They can help you with airport transfers.com ✔ Local Services .by adding appropriate civic institutions and spaces. Neues Museum. There are hotel rooms available from €79 a night. To make the cost of attending WAF and travelling and staying in Barcelona easier to manage we offer the following information: ✔ Staying in Barcelona – Book your hotel room through us to get preferential rates. The exhibition and seminar programme will inform. South Africa Explore how Jo Noero of Noero Wolf Architects transformed an apartheid-era township – itself originally a Boer War concentration camp . social events. For details email waf@beinbeyond.com ✔ PLUS! Save up to €200 before 8th October 2010. challenge and incite debate and will be a main attraction at the festival November . restaurant reservations. please contact our official destination management agency. meeting rooms in Barcelona. the reborn museum shows how architecture can both record the past and project the future. On a site. and working with a structure where every stone tells a story.

rate available until 8th October only ■ €695 3 day ticket late rate . email. you may be refused entry to the event. please contact our official hotel agency Barcelona Business Pass on +34 93 550 0358 or email waf@beinbeyond. Please Note The conference fee covers entrance to relevant sessions.■ ■ Amount £____________ Card Type Card Number Visa ■ Invoice for bank Transfer You are able to transfer funds directly into our Nat West bank account: account Number: 42023602 Sort code: 60-00-01 IbaN: 9B20NWBK6072144023602 Swift Number: NWBK GB 2L (for overseas customers) account Name: Emap Support Services Ltd Conference Receipts.150 3 PEOPLE ■ €1.final 4 weeks ■ €495 ■ €200 3 day ticket -rate available until 8th October only ■ €695 Late rate . we will refund 50% of the price of the delegate place. valid for 12 months. conference language English I have read the terms and conditions and the cancellation policy. conference code and delegate’s name in any correspondence. you agree to allow Emap Ltd and companies associated with this event to contact you (by mail.com (for scanned form) delegates rates early rate Past entrants / visitors rate (2008 2010) New visitors rate Spanish residents rate 1 day ticket Spanish residents rate 3 day ticket Standard rate late rate ■ €445 3 day ticket . Please use invoice and account numbers as reference PleaSe ProVIde deTaIlS oN WHere INVoIceS & receIPTS SHould be SeNT: Email (accounts contact) Invoice Address (if different from above) . To book your hotel.com +44(0) 20 7728 5299 +44(0) 20 7554 5800 / 0845 056 8339 World Architecture Festival Registration First Floor. you remain liable for the sums due under the invoice. If payment is not made accordingly. 1-7.worldarchitecturefestival. Rambla Prim. a credit voucher for the full payment will be issued. If you object to Emap Ltd passing on your details to carefully selected 3rd parties please tick here q accommodation There are many hotels within walking distance of the venue and special rates have been negotiated for Festival delegates. 08019. conference documentation and available papers. and coffee/refreshment breaks.■ ■ Issue No (for Maestro) ■ ■ Valid From (Compulsory for Diners Club & Maestro) ■ ■. Regrettably no refunds/credit voucher will be available for cancellations received 30 or fewer days before the event start date or for non-attendance. for part or full payment for any Emap conference. If you do not wish to receive such communications please contact us in writing using the details above.com.beinbeyond. Barcelona. cancellation/Substitutions A substitute delegate attending in your place is welcome at no extra charge. before the event start date. If written notice of cancellation is received up to 31 days before the event start date. on your written request. Signature Please quote the brochure code. Alternatively. Greater London House Hampstead Road London NW1 7EJ UK info@worldarchitecturefestival.World architecture festival 3-5 November 2010 CCIB. or at our discretion you may make payment using a credit card on the day.300 4 PEOPLE Terms and conditions Please see www.final 4 weeks Until 5th November 2010 ■ €395 Until 5th November 2010 Conference code: A003 delegate details (Please complete in Block Capitals) Title Surname Line Manager Company Name Nature of Company’s Business No of Employees (please tick) 1-25 Address Town Postcode/ZIP Country County 26-50 51-100 101-200 201-500 501-1000 1001-5000 5000+ First Name Job Title Job Title Students rate group discounts group discounts group discounts ■ €200 ■ €800 2 PEOPLE Until 5th November 2010 ■ €1. Payment Payment must be made by the due date of your invoice.com or visit the website: http://waf2010. or if no invoice is requested. If you fail to pay your invoice by the due date and do not attend the event. Tel No Mobile No Email Dietary Requirements (if any) Access Requirements (if any) Fax No Please photocopy this form to register further delegates easy Ways to Pay (Please tick relevant option) credit/debit card Mastercard ■ Maestro ■ Amex ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Expiry Date ■ ■.rate available until 3rd september only ■ €495 3 day ticket . I authorise the use of my credit/debit card for the above payment. Spain 5 Ways to register www.worldarchitecturefestival.com for full terms and conditions data Protection By entering your details in the fields above. telephone or fax) regarding their services.

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