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START OF REEL JOB NO. E-L0 8 Alle- 199-7 F ilo. Eu OPERATOR Llanttoe. Hhts | z W25 Ms, mu DATE 9: 12. VE THIS MICROFIL™ IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MICROFILMED BY NPPSO—NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM. SECTION Wane Gs 3a) NOt Yard. Fue Adare Ow Tus Geers BEARTIED vp of Naval Records and History 1 Metories Sects HISTORY OF USS WAHOO (38.238) ‘Ghe ship vas called the one-sub wolf pack, she vas called plei of things by the Japs, she ves called WAHOU! fio one knovs where 3 fe nov, Perhaps there 48 some Valhalla for submariners; some hspp: hunting ground for the men who found such goed hunting under the seas. Tho keo2 of the WAHOO was laid 28 June 1942 at the Navy Yard, Years Island, Calsfornia, whore sho vas launched 14 February 1942 iitth lrg: Wilitan 0, Barker, Jr., vito of Captain William @. Berker, Jr., USI, swinging the traditiond bottle of champagno ageifist the sub- meréns's Elupt nose, She was comisasoned 15 May 1ol2 with Lt. Couman- der Harvin G. Kennedy as hor first Commanding Officer. Tt was a great day for WAHOO, 23 August 1942, for she vas slipping out of Pear2 Harbor on her first war patrol. Three days later sie crossed the 180th meridian and another three days found her surfacing fh onerty water 90 miles east of Taongi Atoll, While patrolling north of Ponaze, between Hall and Namonuito Islands, she picked up the sound of fast propellers crossing her bow headed toward Truk, Her first contact = probably @ patrol boat. WiaHO0 never o4a fine out whether she sank her first tanker 15 miles nosth of Truk on 6 September for an approgching plane forced hor to dive, Ive explosions folloved, after which the sound of propellers was lost, With a Jap plane overhéad and the Jap base nearby, no pes- iscope observations could be made, Just before midnight of 20 September, the officer on watch sighted a collumn of sroke across the horizon and WAHOO started out for a "Kil1." Upon dppreaching, the terget appeared to be of the 6500—ton KETYO MARU class. One torpedo hit scored aa the Jap ship took a 50 degree 14st. and séttied by the stern. An escort approacned and WAHOO was greeted Sith about e doson dopth cbarges dropped 1000 yards off. Shortly efter Bounds weve picked up whieh sounded Like internal oxplostons from the eeinpies Biliows of black smoke Were seen until the ship siid undex tho surface. Just about the time KAHOO got her speod up, en escort vessel cane Gown upon hes by Leapa and bounds, but the most welcone rain squs: Wianioo hed ever fad the pleasure to encounter afforded sweet sanctus: But the Jap escort folleved NAHOO right on though and forced ker to Plunge right beck anto the squaii and make « radios) tun whieh ort Ene dap pursuer barely visible on tho horizon. ‘he last of September WAHOO sighted a Jap atrerazt tender but she prescnted no target for a torpedo and vas lucky in zig-zgging to Bafety, But WAHOO bad epperentiy found a busy soa lane, for 5 October brougig en adreraft carrier into view, She Was Well protected with en RiaGink-clasa destroyer ahead and astern and the best approach was Still 7000 yards evey. It was heartbreaking for the submarine to see the best target ahe could over hope for slip ayay over the horizon un- Eouched. ‘fhe carien's position was successfully radioed to Pearl Haybos.