S/No Characteristics

1. 2. 3. Assembling Handling Dimension

Should be conveniently assembled and dismantled Two carrying handles should be provided for convenient handling Left Plate Centre Plate Right Plate (Small/Large) (Small/Large) Small/Large) Height 1200 mm/1900 1200 mm/1900 1200 mm mm mm/1900 mm Width 700 mm/750 mm 700 mm/750 700 mm/750 mm mm Tolerance + 5 mm shall be acceptable in height & Width. Each plate should have one firing port window of size 175 + 5 mm x 125 + 5 mm with adequate overlapping. B.P sliding shutter from inner side. The height of the firing port shall be defined by the user. i) All fitments in the Bunker should be done in such a way that the proprieties of B.P Steel are not affected. ii) The joints shall be tested for its B.P property irrespective of the distance of such joints from the edges. iii) There should be no gap between the sheets in assembled condition of Bunker. Weight of B.P Mobile Bunker consisting all the three plates with all fitments should not be more than 152 Kgs for small Bunker and 260 Kgs for Large Bunker. Colour of the B.P Mobile Bunker should be Camouflage Pattern. Each plates of the B.P Mobile Bunker should have convenient locking arrangements for assembling and unlocking arrangements for dismantling. Each plate should provide following protection level at 90 degree angle : i) 6 Shots from SLR( 7.62 mm x 51 mm ) at a distance of 10 mtrs. ii) 6 Shots from AK-47(7.62 mm x 39) at a distance of 10 mtrs. Note: Minimum distance between shots should not be less than 20 mm. The distance of shots from the edges should not be less than 30 mm.


Firing port



6. 7. 8. 9.

Weight of Bunker Colour Locking arrangements Protection Level

1% of the total store shall be required to be provided in addition with the bulk supply without any additional cost for carrying out ballistic trial. 11. 12. There should be a provision to attach/detach wheels. Replacement Provision of Wheels Inspection of the item on supply Specification(s) Whenever the B. .P Bunker is fired upon and the port shutter gets damaged. the replacement should be possible.S/No Characteristics 10.

DIAGRAM OF BULLETPROOF BUNKER (SMALL SIZE) Not to Scale All Dimensions in mm Handle 205 mm Sliding shutters 125mm for firing port 175mm 870 mm Right plate Left plate Middle plate 700mm .

Left. Centre and Right are the same .DIAGRAM OF BULLETPROOF BUNKER (LARGE SIZE) Not to Scale All Dimensions in mm Handle 275 mm Sliding shutters for firing port 125 mm 175 mm 1500 mm Right plate Left plate Middle plate 750mm Dimensions of all the three plates ie.

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