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Sick Leave Policy


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This is a controlled document. Unauthorised access, copying and replication
are prohibited.
This document must not be copied in whole or in parts by any means,
without the written authorisation of the HR Head, TCS.

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Document Release Notice
This policy on Sick Leave, Version 1.0, is released for use in TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) with
effect from 15
September 2008.
This document is subject to TCS Document Control Procedure.
Soft copy of the latest version of this document is available in MyHR in Knowmax.

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The purpose of the Sick Leave Policy is to grant days off from work to an employee in the event of his/her
illness or injury for medical treatment and/or recuperation.

This policy is applicable to:
- All Full Time Employees of TCS India including trainees and probationers
This policy is not applicable to:
- Business Associates, ACE Associates, Academic Interns and Contract Consultants (Retainers)

1. Entitlement
a. The Employee is entitled to 10 Calendar days of paid Sick Leave every year.
b. The year for the purpose of Leave accounting is the financial year i.e. from April to March .
c. The leave entitlement for the year is prorated on a quarterly basis to arrive at the quarterly
entitlement. The entitlement for each quarter is credited at the end of the quarter to the
employees sick leave balance.
d. Sick leave is credited on a pro rata basis for trainees and probationers on completion of the first
calendar quarter after the date of joining and thereafter, at the end of each subsequent quarter.
e. Unutilised leave may carried forward to the next financial year and the employee may accumulate
upto a maximum of 60 leave days. Number of days in excess of 60, accumulated up to that date
are treated as surplus and will lapse without any encashment.
f. Sick leave must be availed only for an employees own medical reasons.
2. Availing the Benefit
a. Employees may apply for leave multiple times during the year, subject to availability of balance.

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b. Leave may be applied for a minimum of half a day.There is no limit on the maximum number of
days, subject to availability of balance.
c. The leave may be prefixed and/or suffixed with other leave types/weekends/statutory holidays.
d. The leave days in a request may span across financial years.
a. Leave may be applied after availing the same, however it must be applied within 3 working days
of reporting back from leave. If not applied within this period, the supervisor may use his/her
discretion to convert this into Loss of Pay.
b. If the employee applies for Sick Leave, but doesnot avail of the same due to any reason, he/she
may choose to cancel the same.
e. Incase the leave duration is >= 3 days, a Medical Certificate should be submitted to the
3. Special Scenarios
a. New Joinee
- The employee can avail leave if he/she has sufficient balance. No advance Sick leave is
available for any employee
b. Employee goes on Leave Without Pay (LWP)
- The employee is not entitled for leave when he/she is on leave without pay, hence there will
be no leave credit for the duration of the LWP
c. Employee goes on a short term International Assignment (i.e. less than 30 days)
- The employees leaves are linked to Home Country leave and the employee can avail leave
as per his/her Home Country balance
d. Employee goes on a long term International Assignment (home country payroll continues / is
- Depending upon the host country to which the employee is traveling, sick leave applicable at
the host country may or may not be linked to the home country (India) sick leave (Refer: List
of Leave Linked/Delinked countries on Ultimatix)
- For Delinked Countries:

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i. India Sick leave balance is frozen and the Sick leave policy at the host country
applies to the employee.
ii. When the employee returns to India after the assignment, the leave balance at the
host country (for equivalent leave type) gets adjusted back to the India Leave
- For Linked Countries:
i. India Sick leave balance continues and the India sick leave policy applies incase the
employee avails of leave in the host country
ii. The Sick leave availed at the host country is directly linked to the India leave balance
and whenever employee avails of Sick leave, the same is reduced from the India
Leave Balance.
iii. Since there is a direct linkage, there is no need of any adjustment to the home
country leave balance when the employee returns from the assignment.
e. Employee is transferred to another country (International Transfer)
- In the event of International Transfer, the entire leave balance will lapse without any
f. Employee serving Notice Period
- Employees serving Notice Period can avail Sick Leave if they have sufficient balance
g. Employee separates from TCS
- In the event of Separation, the entire leave balance will lapse without any encashment

Terms and Conditions
1. There is no provision for an employee to apply for Advance Sick Leave.
2. Sick leave cannot be encashed or exchanged in lieu of any other benefit.
3. During the leave period, the employee cannot take up any part time or full time employment for
remuneration or otherwise, for any reason whatsoever.

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4. For leave which is rejected after it is availed, a periodic report is sent to the Branch HR and the
employee is liable for disciplinary action (including but not limited to loss of pay), based on the HR
officers discretion.
5. Incase the employee does not report back to his/her supervisor on the leave end date, the excess
leave will be treated as an unauthorised leave and will be deducted from his/her Sick leave balance,
then from the Earned Vacation balance to the extent possible. Any surplus which cannot be deducted
from the Sick Leave/Earned Vacation Balance will be treated as loss of pay.
6. Incase the employee does not report back after 5 days of the leave end date and does not intimate
the supervisor, the separation process is initiated (Refer: TCS Separation Policy). The assignment
status in the system is changed from Active to Stop Pay.

Note: Incase an employee is unable to report to duty due to sickness, he or she is required to notify the
supervisor immediately by phone and email indicating the reason for sick leave and expected length of
1. Applying for Leave
a. The employee can apply for an leave through Ultimatix as follows:
Login to Ultimatix -> ESS -> Fill a Leave application form
b. The employee completes the leave application form and submits the same for approval
Note: The employee can also view the details of previous leaves availed and outstanding
balance through the ESS application
2. Approval Workflow
a. The leave request goes for a two levels of approval: to the employees immediate Supervisor and
to the Branch HR.
b. For Leave >=3 consecutive days, the employee should submit a medical certificate as
documentary proof to the Branch HR.
c. The Branch HR verifies the medical certificate and approves the leave.
Note: The Branch HR Head is responsible for verifying the medical certificate and MUST NOT
approve the request unless he/she receives the same from the employee.

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d. The Branch HR Head signs a hard copy of the documentory proof and forwards it to the Shared
Services group for filing.
e. Finally the employee is notified of the approval or rejection of the request.
3. Documents/Proof to be submitted
a. A Medical Certificate from an authorised medical practitioner should be submitted to the Branch
HR substantiating the reason for absence.
4. Leave Cancellation
a. Incase the leave request has not yet been approved, then on cancellation of the same, no
approvals are required.
b. Incase the leave request has been approved, then on cancellation the leave first goes to the
Supervisor and then to HR for approval. After approval, leave days deducted from the balance (if
any) are credited back.