Bella’s p.o.v

I lay there on the ground with Edward by my side oh so much I loved him I shooting star went by make a wish love Edward murmured to me I made a wish my wish was to be with Edward when he was human then suddenly everything went black I opened my eyes the place where I was very old fashioned then I heard a boys voice say mother father will be back in 5 minutes it was familiar and the boy turned around I gasped he had emerald eyes bronze hair Edward I whispered funny he didn’t hear me I touched him my hand went through him then it hit me I was a ghost an elderly looking woman came to Edward and said son get ready and I wish you best .get ready for what I thought a man walked through the door I supposed that would Edwards dad come on son time to go yes dad was Edwards reply with a eager expression n his face his emerald eyes filled with life suddenly Edwards father coughed oh the Spanish flu is rising Edwards mom said aloud in a motherly way I will be fine Elizabeth so that was his mother’s name as Edward and his dad left Elizabeth called I love you two take care of yourselves we will take care

was their reply after they were gone I sat down in a corner I thought about what had just happened me stuck in time don’t know how to get out dyeing here Charlie will be so worried when would find out I am missing Edward going through all the pain thinking of Edward like that made me cry the more I was glad Edwards mom could not hear me it had been hours I sat there crying and thinking as the terrible thoughts filled my head after half an hour Edward and his dad came Edward looked fine but his dad looked over exhausted and tired lay down father you need some rest his father did what his son told both Edward and Beth [Elizabeth ] had worried expressions on their faces about the head of the family after Edward and his mum talked they went upstairs I caught some f the conversation words like what will happen if he gets the flu what will happen will be the best of it I followed Edward to his room which had a bed and the other side was covered with journals and books of all sorts Edward picked up a book it looked Shakespeare after a while I got up left for a look outside everything looked beautiful to me the lovely dresses I wanted to buy one but I didn’t have any money nor I was visible to anybody I spent my time sitting by the seashore after while I thought it was time to get back to Edward house they whole time was walking I wondered could ghosts sleep probably not I thought when I

reached the house it was evening Edward was in his room his mom sewing and his dad fast asleep after an hour’s time Edwards mom called him down for dinner for dinner they had soup , chicken and pudding I tried eating before in the afternoon and tried again now I put a piece of fruit in my mouth it just dropped down with a thud which made Edward and his mom jump They ate there dinner in silence I thought they were trying not to disturb the head of the family who was sleeping on the couch when dinner was done they got up and sat by the fire Edward sat by the fire reading a story and his mom mending a sweater an hour went by eventually they got tired and went to bed saying their goodbyes I sat there by the fire I sat there for about 3 to 4 hours after a while I went up to Edwards room he was fast asleep never in my life had a seen Edward so calm and in peace when it struck dawn Edward was still in bed but his dad wide awake he was worse than before so Beth decided to take him to the hospital I followed .they had left Edward a note telling him why they left . they went to see Carlisle or as they call him Dr. Cullen he gave him a check up and the results were Edwards dad did have the flu the admitted him in the hospital Beth was worried she got home before Edward woke up boy I thought how much does he sleep Edward woke up around ten o clock he went to the bathroom changed his clothes and headed

down stairs Beth sat there looking hopeless mother what’s wrong your dad he has the Spanish flu Edward just stood there for a second well he said worry in his eyes and voice showed what will happen will be for the best remember mother yes she said now Edward I need to go to the market to buy some stuff you can make your breakfast okay bye mother Edward made his breakfast but ate glumly shoulders slouched head down when he was done he sat back on the old couch a practiced his aim until his mom came back to me she did not look to good herself of course she didn’t show to Edward it would worry him to much all she was I am going up to my room Edward okay mother was his reply because he was to absorbed in what he was doing Edward got bored and went out for a walk while I stayed back and wandered around the house the best place to me was the attic were they were hundreds of their family’s history stored trophies , antiques and etc…. Edward had been out for a long time when he arrived there was another boy with him they both sat down and played chess and had juice phew I thought Edward doesn’t drink it was past eight and Edwards mother was still in bed I grew worried and went to check on her she looked horrible her eyes were dull lifeless when Edwards friend left he began to grow worried of his mom he went upstairs to check on her oh mother he said I am so sorry I should have

checked on you I will bring you some soup he went downstairs before his mom could say anything to him it took him a long time to make a bowl of soup poor boy I thought he couldn’t cook but finally he was done he went up to his moms room Beth was very grateful of her son . Edward was very tired so he slept starving .that night Beth could not sleep well and would wake Edward up every hour or two when she got up in the morning she was too sick to get out of bed so Edward carried her down to me he didn’t look well himself he took her to the hospital over there it was said that she had the flu they admitted her and Edward went home he looked lifeless he was getting drowsy himself slept all day in the morning he woke up and went to see his mother she was much worse he pulled together and walked home it was official Edward had the flu for he was in bed and too weak to get up for the last three days one morning Edward got up and went to his mum she was sick but when Carlisle saw Edward he told he had the flu himself and it was much worse than his moms Edward lay there on the bed fast asleep with drips attached everywhere I hated seeing him like that than the news broke first Carlisle told Beth in his excellent bedside manner that Edwards dad had died she was devastated then he told Edward who was nearly in tears hearing the new when his father had died he worried

even more about his mother but he was in the worse condition one day Beth was really sick and had a feeling she would die I thought so she told Carlisle please do all you can to help my son all in your power please .Carlisle looked stunned how did she figured out when he came back she had died I cried myself when I heard the news but Carlisle did as he was told to take her to the room where people are put when they die in the hospital after a while of thinking he came to Edward he said in his excellent bedside manner I have a duty to do to you requested by your mother who is now dead he said Edward just looked up deep pain in his eyes and what I am about to do now is so painful after that he swept Edward up and took him into the night his fever still high he rested him o n the kitchen table and then plunged his teeth in to Edward screamed then Carlisle stopped woke I saw Edward waited by the table when Edward woke up suddenly everything went black I woke I saw Edward everything was normal again he turned to me his eyes emerald AHHHHHH I screamed fooled you Edward said in a teasing tone that is it Edward Anthony masen Cullen you are going to get it from now oooooo I’m scared Edward said in a teasing tome UGH !!!!!

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