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Does The Quran Come From The Bible?


This scroll will reveal the total out in the open relationship of The Bible and the Quran. The reason I say out in the open is because people read over things and not in to them. However I have done the hard work for you by finding almost the exact verses in the Bible duplicated in the Quran. I know many people might argue that, however you need to use your own mind (for once) and stop letting the forces of Zoopooh run you around in a state of ignorance where you are not even investigating these man made books and are always in heated debated about things you havent even read. So take the intelligent route and find out that seeing is knowing and hearing is believing. To make it easier for those who arent familiar with the Bible books and the Qurans chapter system this is for you. The Bible books will be abbreviated such as Genesis will appear like this. Gen. and so forth. The Quran has what is called Surahs, which means steps. The word Surah is used instead in

place of the English word chapter. For example S. 32:24 is the same as saying chapter 32:24. For those of you who have Dr. Malachi Z. Yorks version of the Quran it will appear like this. Els Holy Quran S. 32: 24. However to I shall write it as this. E.H.Q. S. 32:24. Let me also add when Dr. Malachi Z. York put his better version of the Quran out he specifically made it known that a lot of the Surahs (chapters) were either out of place and or replaced and he put that in the front of his version of the Quran indicating such. Here is what it looks like so you all who have your Quran can quickly reference back and forth. Notice the list has two rows. 1 has wrong order, which is in reference to most Qurans circulating today. The 2nd row is right order of which Baba had corrected the order.

I shall from time to time also reference Babas version of the book of Psalms titled Els Holy Tehilim

(Zabuwr). Which shall look like this, E.H.Z. Baba states in the introduction of his version of Psalms that the word Psalms in Hebrew is Mizmore meaning song, poem which comes from the root word Zamar meaning to sing, sing praise. In the Hebrew Bible, the Aramaic Hebrew root word Halal meaning to praise. The rabbinical literature refers to the book of Psalms as Sepher Tehillim. The Septuagint names it Psaltry from where the Vulgate gets its name Psalterium, Liber Psalmorum from. The English calls this book The Psalter which is a stringed instrument, a harp in which the Middle English gets their title Psalter. This book is one of the most common used books of the Bible. The Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) word used for Psalms is Al Zubuwr or the Psalms of Dawiyd. The word comes from the Ashuric\Syriac\Arabic root word Zabara meaning to inscribe or engrave upon stones; He wrote a writing or book, He wrote it firmly, skillfully or well. Also Zibrun, meaning a writing as well as Zabuwrun meaning a writing. It also comes from the root word Zabara meaning to scold. End quote. Lets begin.

Similarities In The Bible and The Quran Pt 1

Ps.37:29/S.21:105 and E.H.Q. 74:105: Both agree on the righteous inheriting the Earth.

Isaiah 44:6/Rev. 1:8;11/S. 57:3/E.H.Q. 94:3: Both agree on God/Allah being the first and the last

Exo. 4:11/Matt. 15:10 14/S.2:171/EHQ.87:171: Both agree those who reject God/Allah are deaf, dumb and blind.

Ps.84:6/S.3:96/48:24/EHQ. 89:96/111:24: Both agree Mecca used to be called Baca/Bakkah

Exo. 20:3/S.12:38/EHQ.53:38: Both agree God/Allah is supposed to be worshipped

Gen.2:7/S.15:29/EHQ.54:29: Both agree on God/Allah breathing his soul into Zakar/Adam

Matt.24:19/S.22:2/EHQ.103:2: Both agree on Judgment Day that every mother breastfeeding will forget their baby.

Jhn.6:26 30/S.5:112 115/EHQ.112:112: Both agree on the disciples asking Jesus\Yshua for food.

Ps.90:4/IIPtr.3:8/S.22:47/EHQ.103:47: Both agree a day unto the Lord/Rabb is like a thousand years.

Gen.3:11 24/S.7:20 25/EHQ.39:20 25: Both agree God/UriEl/A Allah (out of the group) questioned Zakar\Adam and Nekaybaw\Eve

The Bible has a book in it written by Paul called Romans (The 7th book in The New Testament). The Quran has a Surah in it called Al Rums (The Romans). S.30

Gen.1:26/S.2:30/EHQ.87:30: Both agree on the creation of Zakar/Adam

Gen.2:7/S.3:59/18:37/EHQ. 88:59/69:37: Both agree on Zakar/Adam being created from dirt.

Gen.2:8\S.35/EHQ.87:35: Both agree on Zakar/Adam being put in a garden.

Gen.3:2 24/S.20:120 121\EHQ.45:120 121: Both agree on the temptation of Zakar/Adam and Nekaybaw/Eve Gen.4:2 5/S.5:27/EHQ.112:27 -31: Both agree on Cain and Abels sacrifice

Gen.4:6 13/S.5:27 31/EHQ.112:27-31: Both agree on Cain murdering Abel.

Gen. 17: 23/S.2:125\EHQ.87:125: Both agree God\Allah told Abraham and IshmaEl to build the Kabah (an Altar out of the many he built)

Exo. 2:2- 10/S.20:38 41/28:7 13/EHQ.45:38 41/49:7 14: Both agree on the childhood of Musa/Moses

Exo.2:11-15/S.28:14-22/EHQ.49:14-22: Both agree Musa/Moses killed an Egiptian/Hyksos Phoenician Exo.2:16-21/S.28:23-28/EHQ.49:23-28: Both agree on Musa/Moses meeting two women and marrying them. Exo.3:2-6/S.27:7-9/EHQ.48:7-9: Both agree on God\Allah calling Musa/Moses from the fire

Exo. Ch.3/S.27:10 -14/EHQ.48:10 -14: Both agree on Musa/Moses receiving instructions from God/Allah 105/43:46 54\EHQ.39:103105/63:46 54: Both agree on Musa/Moses was sent to pharaoh the first time with no success 12/S.7:106 135/EHQ.39:106 135: Both agree on plagues sent upon Egypt (where the Hyksos Caucasians lived in lower Tamare/Egipt)\S.26:52 68\EHQ. 47:52 68: Both agree on the drowning of the Egyptian Hyksos

Matt.23:7\Jhn.1:38,49\3:2/S.1 footnote # 20: Both use the word Rabb/Rabbi

Exo.16:12 17/S.2:57/EHQ.87:57: Both agree that God\Allah fed the Israelites in the wilderness. Exo.17:1 6/S.2:60/EHQ.87:60: Both agree on Musa/Moses prayed for water for the 12 tribes

Exo.24:18\S.7:142- 147\EHQ.39:142 147: Both agree Musa/Moses was on the mountain for 40 days.\S.2:51 52/7:148 156/EHQ.39:148 156: Both agree that IsraEl worshipped the golden calf

Exo. 31:15/S.7:163 166/16:124/EHQ.39 163 166/70:124: Both agree God/Allah/Matatrun instituted the Sabbath.

Gen.1:31/2:2/S.7:54 footnote 1031/32:4 footnote 3632/57:4/EHQ.39:54/75:4/94:4: Both agree that creation took 6 days.

Exo.20:5/IIkgs.17:5 23/Micah.1:5-7/S.46:5 6/53:19 24/71:23 25/EHQ.66:5-6/23:19-24/71:23 25: Both agree on the worship of God/Allah

Exo.34:6/S.2: Merciful in Hebrew is Rachuwm and merciful in Arabic is Rahman

Ps.119:81,174/Rev.7:9-10/S.5:119/25:15/78:31: Both agree that God/Allah is salvation

ISam.9:2/31:1-13/S.2:247 -248/EHQ.87:247-248: Both agree that Talut/Saul was the first King/Malak of Israel

Ikgs.18:40/Jdgs.2:11/S.37:125/EHQ.56:125: Both agree Israel worshipped a Babylonian God

Ps. Ch. 147/S.13:13/16:48 50/17:44/57:1/EHQ.96:13/70:48 50/50:44/94:1: Both agree Nature singed with David when he praised God/Allah

Ezk.47:5-6/Rev.22:1/S.108/ Both agree a river is in heaven.

Lk.1:26/S.19:17: Both agree GabriEl came to Mary Lk.1:30-32/S.3:42: Both agree that Mary was favored Jhn.14:16 -17/S.96:1/EHQ.1: both agree GabriEl came to Muhammad

Matt.12:28/S.21:91/96:1/EHQ.73:91/: Both agree Jesus/Yshua had the spirit of God/Allah in him Matt.22:37/S.9:31/EHQ.88:31: Both agree Jesus/Yshua taught the worship of one source/God/Allah

Mk.1:10 -12/S.2:87,253/EHQ.87:87,253: Both agree Isa/Jesus/Yshua was strengthened with The Holy Spirit/Khonsu

Lk.2:11/Jhn.12:44 -50/S.4:163/EHQ.92:44 50: Both agree Isa/Jesus/Yshua was a saviour. Matt.5:17/S.61:6/EHQ.109:61: Both agree Isa/Jesus/Yshua came to fulfill the law of Musa/Moses

Jhn.20:17 /S.5:117/112:117: Both agree Isa/Yshua/Jesus said to worship The Heavenly Father only

Jhn.15:26/16:7-8,13-15/S.61:6/EHQ.109:6: Both agree Isa/Jesus/Yshua prophesied Ahmad/Muhammads coming.

Acts.2:32/S.4:158-159/3:55/EHQ.92:158 -159/89:55

Jhn.10:38/S.4:171/EHQ.92:171: Both agree that God/Allah was in Isa/Jesus/Yshua and He was in God/Allah Rev.20:8/S.18:94/EHQ.69:94: Both agree on the appearance of Gog and Magog in the last days Rev.7:3/14:1/S.48:29/EHQ.111:29: Both agree on the righteous having the mark of God/Allah in their foreheads.

Rev.12:1-6/S.19:22-26/EHQ.44:22-26: Both agree that the woman in revelation is the same woman in the Quran but the bible doesnt name the woman where as the Quran says its Mary however its really Faatimah

Rev.4:8-11/S.39:75/EHQ.59:75: Both agree that angels sing in heaven.

Rev.13:8/22:18/S.18:47 -49/50:4/69:19,25/83:7 9,1821/84:7- 15/10:61/EHQ. 51:61/69:47 49/34:4/78:19,25/86:7-9,18-21/83:7-15: Both agree on a book of deeds/life on judgment day

Rev.20:13 14/S.39:71 72/52:7-16/EHQ.59:71-72/76:716: Both agree on Hellfire for the unbelievers Matth. 24:36/S.33:63/67:26/79:42-46/EHQ.90:63/77:2526/81:42-46: Both agree only God/Allah knows the day and hour of judgment

Jhn.4:20 21/S.2:142,144-145/EHQ.87:142,144-145: Both agree Isa/Jesus/Yshua predicted the direction of prayer would change from Jerusalem

ISam.1:20/3:1/IIChron.35:18/Jer.15:1/S.2:246248/EHQ.87:246-248: Both agree that SamuEl was the IsaraElites last Judge/Eloheem and the first in a succession of messengers after Musa/Moses Matth.28:19-20/S.2:138/EHQ.87:138: Both agree on baptism Gen.3:4-5/S.7:20/EHQ.39:20: Both agree Nekaybaw/Eve spoke with the devil

Gen.11:7-11/S.67:24/EHQ.77:24/69:21: Both agree on the tower of Babel

Rev.8:2,6,13/9:14/S.23:101/69:13-14/74:89/EHQ.74:101/78:13-14/4:8-9: Both agree trumpets will sound on judgment day

JoEl2:10,31/3:15/Rev.8:12-13/6:12/8:5/S.81:1-14/82:15/EHQ.7:1-14/82:1-5: Both agree that the heavenly bodies will be affected in the end Matt. 16:24,25/S.2:154.3:169/EHQ.Both agree that when a believer dies in the cause of God/Allah they are not dead but alive

Jhn.6:39-40,44/11:23 44/S.17:49-52/EHQ.50:49-52: Both agree on a spiritual resurrection

Jer.14:22/Deut.28:12/Job.28:26/Matt.5:45/S.56:68 70/EHQ.46:68-70: Both agree that rain is a blessing from God/Allah

Ikgs.20:23/ISam.4:3/Jer.44:15-19/S.5:103/6:138140,143-144/EHQ.112:103: Both agree disbelievers invent lies about God/Allah

Isa.59:5/Job.8:14/S.29/ The Bible comparers unbelievers to a poisonous spider. The Quran has a whole chapter called The Spider Prov.6:24 -35/S.4:15/EHQ.92:15: Both agree that God/Allah hates unchasity

ICor.5:11/S.4:27-28,31/EHQ.92:27-28: both agree that unchasity should be avoided

Matt.5:28 29/1Ptr.3:1-6/S.24:30-31/EHQ.102:30-31: Both agree that sexual purity should be practiced

Gen.1:1/Isa.42:5/S.37:5-6/EHQ.56:5-6: Both agree God/Allah is the creator of the Natural heavens

Prov.8:27/S.67:3/EHQ.77:3: Both agree the heavens show the wisdom of God/Allah

Gen.47:9/Exo.6:4/Ps.119:54/S.2:158,196-203 foot note 217/3:97/5:2/EHQ.87:158,196-203: The children of Israel made pilgrimages in the past. So do Muslims. They even have a chapter called The Pilgrimage. S.22/EHQ.103

Jhn.14:2/S.9:72/EHQ.113:72: Both agree that mansions are in heaven

IISam.12:24/S.27:15-16/38:30/EHQ.48:15-16/38:30: Both agree Solomon was the son of David and 6/S.21:82/34:12-14/EHQ.73:82/58:12-14: Both agree Solomon/Sulaiman/Shelomoh built a temple

IKgs.10:1-13/S.27:28-44/EHQ.48:28-44: Both agree Solomon met Sheba

Exo.27:20/Ikgs.6:31-33/Gen.8:11/Ps.52:8/S.23:20 footnote # 2880/24:35/95:1 footnote 6195/Matt.21:1819/EHQ.74:20/102:35/28:1: Both speak on the olive tree and fig tree

Gen.6:8-14/7:15-23/8:4/S.7:59-64/10:73/11:25-49/23:2330/69:11-12/71:1-28: Both agree that Noahs ark landed on a mountain

Jhn.1:1,4/Rev.19:13/S.3:45/4:171/EHQ.89:45/92:171: Both agree God/Allah incarnated or came into fles Both agree on sacrifice


Deut.27:26/Lk.16:17/S.2:159/EHQ.87:159: Both curse people who dont follow

1Cor.10:13/S.3:154 footnote #467/34:21 foot note # 3821/EHQ.89:154/58:21: Both agree man is tested by God/Allah


Exo.21:8-11/S.2:229/EHQ.87:229: Both agree not to take back gifts given to women

Job.16:19/S.83:18-21/EHQ.86:18-21: Both agree that the records of the righteous are kept on high/Enuma Elish/Illyuwn

I dedicate this book to all those who want to stop the mental injustice that is plaguing our people and abroad. Krs one says Stop the Violence in Hip Hop. I say Stop the Ignorance In your Brain Top. Hotep.

Prophet Muhammad

The Master Teacher: Dr. Malachi Z. York