Tubby's book covers this. It is excellent. We have two base plays.

Buck sweep (20's 121) and Belly (80's 187 weakside lead/ iso). We are going to run these two plays. If you are not stopping these plays, we will literally run them until you do stop them. Everything else is based off how you stop them. This gives us an identity and two true bread and butter plays . We also know how teams are going to try and stop us. We have seen it all. Buck sweep stopped: DE flies upfield or outside: down DT flies upfield or outside: trap LB's flying out and reading guards: gut (trap with playside guard pulling like s weep) DB's flying up: Waggle vertical Too much pursuit: waggle Too much pursuit and backside upfield: criss-cross Too much pursuit and backside closing: WB outside reverse Too much penetration or blitzing but we want to run sweep: power sweep or power OLB keying WB down block: down pass corner keying WB down block: down pass or over formation or sweep special blocki ng Too much pursuit and LB's keying FB and want no double handoff: down counter Belly stopped: DE closing: Belly sweep or toss with x blocking or waggle or sweep reverse OLB making play: Belly pass or belly sweep Too much pursuit: counter tackle trap or counter trey LB blitzing: belly sweep and counter tackle trap Too much penetration: trap weak Secondary rotating: belly waggle Secondary coming up to stop belly sweep: belly sweep pass or sweep reverse pass OLB up on the line: slant or belly sweep or formations - twins, slot, open

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