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Mathematics Lesson Plan Understanding Money cents

Lesson Topic: Lesson Number: Grade level: Duration: Recognition of Australian Currency One 2 45 minutes

AUSVELS Outcomes:
Physical, Personal & Social Learning Interpersonal Development - Building social relationships - Working in teams Discipline Based Learning Mathematics - Number and Algebra - Money and financial mathematics The Arts - Creating & Making

Lesson Objective:
Continue to develop the students understanding of doubling.

9 Box Grids Whiteboard marker (for students)

Introduction (Part 1): Description: Group Discussion (all students together on the floor) Time: 5 minutes Commence with posing the question Has anyone heard of the word CURRENCYwhat does the word currency mean (a system of money in general use in a country ie in Australia they have the Australian Dollarin England they have the British Pound). Introduce the Australian coins. Are each of our coins worth the same amount? Introduce the large coins. Place them in order from the SMALLEST coin to the LARGEST COIN (explaining this as you go) and pose the question Would this order be correct? Does size matter? If they are arranged as the smallest to the

largest in size, does it mean they are also in order of the smallest cent value to the largest cent value? How can I find out what they are worth Discuss with the group the markings on the coins. Identify that the one and two dollar coins specify the word dollar and that the numbers on the silver coins denote their cent value. Discuss one dollar is 100 centstwo dollars-200 cents. Have the students put the coins in the correct order from smallest denomination to the largest.

Introduction (Part 2): Description: Group Activity Instructions (all students together on the floor) Time: 5 minutes Demonstrate to the students rubbing one of the plastic coins (to emboss the coin on the page), using paper and a lead pencil. Instruct they may place the plastic coins into order on their desks first BEFORE commencing rubbing them into their books. Instruct the students they are to do the same in their maths books, but rub them so they appear in order, from there lowest value to the highest value, going left to right.

Main Lesson: Description: Sorting Australian coins into value order (all students at their desks) Time: 15 minutes Students may work together at their desks ordering and rubbing the coins into their maths books.

(If timer permits) Main Lesson (Part 2): Description: Group Activity Instructions (all students together on the floor) Time: 5 minutes Call for students to return to the floor. Discuss what we know about the numbers 5, 10, 20 & 50. Can one go into the other? So, what do we know about cents, in that, if I wanted to give you 50 cents, what are some of the ways, using any of the coins, could I give you 50 cents? Description: Group Activity at desks(all students together on the floor) Time: 5 minutes Call for students to work on different combinations to make up 20 cents and 50 cents, within their maths books. Return them to their desks.

Description: Students gather on the floor Math books are handed to me as the work is completed. Ask the students what they believe they have now learnt about the Australian currency.

Ask questions to reinforce the objectivesDoes the size of the coin matter? How can I find out how much the coin is worth? Can I use more than one way to give someone a certain amount?

Evaluation: Formative this lesson will be devoted to finding out what students already know about currency and coin values.