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VMware ThinApp

agentless application virtualization

VMware & Thinstall = VMware ThinApp
Thinstall is now VMware ThinApp
  Part VMware desktop product family
  Enables Modular Desktop Evolution

New Packaging
  VMware ThinApp Suite includes
Workstation, ThinApp Setup Capture
Packager, and 50 Client Licenses
  ThinApp Client licenses

Product & Services

  Application Link & Application Sync
  Gold & Platinum Support
  VMware ThinApp 2 Day Jumpstart


Virtualization: The Evolution of the Desktop

Primary Drivers: “In a growing number of organizations,

traditional PC software distribution
approaches are no longer sufficient to address
  Reduce Costs all user requirements. A combination of
streaming and operating-system- (OS-) to-
application virtualization often can fill those
  Stay Compliant deficiencies,
improve the user's experience, and may
improve the efficiency of application
  Increase Flexibility packaging and testing for IT.”

  Regain Control

1Gartner Research Inc., Software Streaming and OS-to-Application Virtualization Can Deliver for Client Architectures”,Ronni
Collville, October 1, 2007
ThinApp: Application Management through Virtualization
Features Operating System
  Decouples applications & data from OS
  Agent-less architecture Application Application

  Wide platform and application support

  Plugs into existing Application App Files App Files

Management tools

  Reduces Storage Costs Application App Files Application App Files

  Minimizes desktop images to be managed sandbox sandbox

  Streamlines application patch updates
  Allows multiple versions of applications to
be used Operating System
The ThinApp Virtual Operating System (VOS)
Comparison of a virtual machine to a virtual

Application App Files Application App Files

sandbox sandbox


Operating System

Virtual machines Virtual applications

Flexible Provisioning of Applications & OS

  Virtualization breaks the

bond between each layer

  Allows IT to manage each

layer separately

  Users can pick HW and

apps while still locking
down desktop

  Supports server hosted

desktops and PCs
Package Once, Deploy Everywhere
Works with Existing Delivery Tools
Audit & Deliver ThinApp Packages from same system
as natively installed applications (MS, BMC, HP, CA)
Create Conflict Free Applications
Tightly coupled relationships between OS, Applications and Data

•  Application Conflicts

•  Complex Compatibility Test Matrices

•  Diminished Time to Deployment
•  Loss of User Productivity

Solution: VMware ThinApp

Agentless application virtualization decouples applications and data from the OS
Application Link – Connect ThinApps

Seamless Interoperability Enhance License Management

•  Reduces package size to ease
•  ThinApp packages can talk deployment & delivery
together & with OS
•  Enhances software license
•  Enables interoperability between management tracking via
virtual applications and current inventory tools
underlying OS
Application Sync : Update ThinApp Packages

Turn IT into a profit center:

•  Manage applications in the
extended enterprise:
Partners, Subsidiaries
•  Ship only what they need,
when they need it

Without Business interruption

•  Flexible delivery to a
variety of devices (USB,
Thin Client, PC)
•  Conflict free application
HTTP/HTTPS Byte Level Updates over updates for unmanaged
WAN/LAN via Active Directory PCs (WAN)
Product Demonstration
Wrap Up
  Agentless architecture
  No compatibility issues with multiple versions
  No backend infrastructure requirements
  100% User mode execution

  Widest platform support

  Support for 16, 32 & 64bit windows,
  Windows NT, 2K, XP, Vista, W23K
  Citrix PS 4.x and MS Terminal Services

  Support for the widest array of applications

  Support for wide variety of .NET and Java runtimes
  Multiple versions of Internet explorer – run IE 6 & IE 7 on the same machine

  Works with what you have now!

  AdminStudio, MS SMS, BMC (Marimba), Altiris, HP, IBM, CA, Matrix42 and more…