Basic Course – Day 5



The characteristic of the sign includes physical features, marks, Health, finances and professions. Malefic planets occupying ascendant, aspects of the planets change the characteristics and bring out latent bad qualities into action. A benefic in ascendant enhances the good effects. 1. ARIES OR MESHA Fiery by nature, sterile, movable, masculine or positive and its of short ascension. It represents Head and Face of the body of Kalapurush. Ruled by Mars. Sun is exalted in this sign, Saturn is debilitated.

1 According to Sayana System Sun enters Aries on 21st 3 11 March and leaves on 19th April whereas according to Niryana System Sun enters Aries on 13th April and leaves on 14th May. 4 10 Rashi represent rash nature, combative, lascivious, springy and hardy. Spirit of fighting and defending, to face resistance 5 9 7 from within due to Tamsa Guna and also are at times at once 8 instinctive and inert. Complete, rival, cope with another, contend, 6 struggle for or against ate the basic ideas. Physical Appearance: - Persons born under this sign possess lean muscular body, middle stature, neither thick nor stout, long face and neck, broad head at the temples and narrow at the chin.



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Mental Tendencies: - Ambitious, activity, courage, energy, enterprise, impulsiveness and ingenuity. Lover of independence. Personality: - Aries born persons are ambitious, rash in temper and of aggressive nature. They are of simple, frank and of outspoken nature, well disposed and capable of holding command in executive positions. They are not good in organizing schemes, but they can guide, control and govern themselves of others. Also well informed, ingenious, zealous, dogmatic in their opinions, remarkable for sudden changes and quick action and have progressive tendency. Life will be full of struggle and fortune is variable. Ardent in politics and religion. Traveling in life is imminent. Relatives are not favorable and the family ties ate sometimes strained, frequent changes in residence, having a few children. They marry early and in a hurry. Legal proceedings in life may follow him. There will be on dearth of enemies but you will be conquerors of them. Somewhat fiery or quick tempered. They will succeed best in vocations requiring quick action, decision, executive or mechanical ability and responsibility. Health: - Generally Arians enjoy good health and have power of resistance of the diseases. They are prone to minor injuries and serious accidents (particularly to the head). So they should avoid rash driving. Advice: - Arians should take plenty of rest and sleep. Green vegetables and good food is must for him. They should relax, control their feelings, and avoid worry, excitement and anger. Finances: - Arians are not meant for amazing wealth in spite of their strong desires. They lose money through impulsive actions and rash investments. They should think calmly and seriously before any action. Romance and Marriage: - Arians are extremely frank and enthusiastic in love; their good nature and charm attract the opposite sex. They are of practical views; desire lasting affection; freedom and adventure in love are their basic traits. Ladies: - Arian ladies are witty, intelligent, and independent, zealous, proud and always speak high of their domestic environments, appearance, and own family but prove to be a good host. They expect that their husbands should look after them well, speak high of them and never praise others especially in their presence. They like the man if they can admire him. Generally Arian ladies over ride and over power their partners and husbands. Domestic Environments: - A good neat and clean house. Food friends and excellent hosts. Love their home and family. Good company and many friends are the weakness of Arians and they are of cheerful nature. Professions: - Professions ruled by Mars best suit Arians. Profession connected with Army, Defense Department, Surgeons, Police, Chemist, Law, Iron and Steel, Machines, Factories, Industry or Sports goods are best suited for them. Lucky days, Number, Color and Stone: - Lucky days for Arian born people are Tuesday, Saturdays, and Fridays. Mondays and Sundays are fair. Day of fast is Tuesday. Lucky numbers are 9 and 1, attractive 4 and 8. Passive numbers are 2, 3, 5 and disagreeable numbers are 6 and 7. Favourable colures are Red, Yellow, Copper and Golden. Use of Black colours be avoided.


Mercury being Lord of 3rd House and 6th House is extremely malefic for this Ascendant. Mental Tendencies: . moist. Venus will have Marak powers and “Kendradhpitya Dosh” Arians a. and denotes Southern direction. 4. Eat sparingly but are mentally virile. aggressive. 2. music and literature. 3. ever smiling but highly diplomatic. opposite sex and will have many love affairs. Active.Basic Course – Day 5 KEY PLANETS FOR ARIES ASCENDANT 1.Persevering. 7. body part of Kalapurusha. Any thing done is well done and thought before hand. TAURUS . Sun is Lord of 5th House therefore is extremely benefic for Aries Ascendant. According to Sayana system Sun enters in Taurus on 20th April and leaves on 2nd May whereas according to Niryana system Sun enters in Taurus on 15th May and leaves on 14th June. 2. Jupiter’s Mooltrikona Sign falls in the strongest Trine therefore will give benefic results. rough. They are fond of pleasure and love. conservative determined. prejudiced when angry will not stop at any thing. Personality: . bright eyes. Walk is almost like a run.The persons born with Taurus as rising sign as the Ascendant are of short to middle height of broad forehead. They have the ability to earn and are good for executive jobs. Fond of ease. well developed body. Moon gets exalted in it. Ruled by Venus. fixed. Usually secretive and reserved. natural beauty. c. art. Slow but good and steady worker. obstinate and ambitious of power yet social.Taurians are enduring and very patient. d. (64) . domestic and determined. violent and unrelenting. Are clever but do not hesitate to pick up a quarrel in order to hold their own. semi fruitful. clear complexion. Can work hard. Sympathetic having a magnetic quality. Moon is Lord of Quadrant therefore will have “Kendradhipitya Dosh”. sincere.VRISHABH Taurus is earthy. The planetary significator is Venus. b. affectionate and loving but can also be very unreasonable at times. Saturn being Lord of 10. feminine. of short ascension. Mars being Lord of Ascendant and 8th House will give benefic result. dark hairs. reliable and trustworthy. 4 3 5 1 2 11 8 9 10 12 6 7 Physical Appearance: . They are slow and steady and are possessed of strong will. It indicated Neck. 5. plumy. constant. comfort. 6. when opposed they become stubborn and unyielding. rugged are Arians who resist diseases even. They become worldly and lead a pleasurable life. 11 Houses is a malefic for this Ascendant. One can depend of their opinion.

Moon is a malefic being Lord of 3rd House for this Ascendant. KEY PLANET OF TAURUS ASCENDANT Sun is a benefic being lord of Quadrant and a malefic considered by Sage Parashar. actors. reserved and calm. where as number 5 will disagree. Jupiter is a malefic because its Mooltrikona Sign falls in the 8th House and other one in the 11th House.Taurians possess normally robust and super-human health. taste in music. Practical and rise gradually. agriculture.Taurians like to trade in luxury goods. In married life they are well set. Peace. Ladies: . and take a long time in selecting partner in life. They know the value of money and never waste. Saturn is a Yogkarak being Lord of 9th and 10th House put is also a Badhak. less sensitive to pains. Friday. An orderly and decorated home. They should have self-control. Mars being Lord of 7th House and 12th House is a Marak and a Malefic for this ascendant.Venus is lord of Taurus sign. It indicates love affairs. 5. Divorce is rare. art. Of materialistic mind. dealer in ladies garments and beauty items will be a source of success. Mercury will bestow benefic results because Mooltrikona Sign falls in a Trine. Anxious to lead a happy domestic life. Taurians are loyal and sincere in love to the one whom they like even though there may be opposition and upsetting conditions. pleasure resorts. music. scents. If they fall ill then recovery is slow. Green and White. Any business connected with finance. cosmetics. Finances: . prosperity. will get money from others. They are not impulsive in love. popularity and position means much to them. transport business. 4. passive numbers ate 1.T. Ladies clubs and schools. The most sensitive part is throat for which a great care be taken. absolutely not extravagant but save always and do not risk money. will accumulate and hoard money and never squander unnecessarily. pleasure. Wednesday.The life will be good and prosperous. they do not take chances. 6. Lucky days. men will have loving wives and ladies devoted husbands. cinema.Such ladies are good wives and mothers.The numbers vibrate with them are 2 and 8. Gambling nature is also indicated and will gain during Mercury period. fashion and beauty parlors etc. Romance and Marriage: . will never admit physical disability. a tidy and good maintenance of house and furniture etc. 4 and 6. Venus is a malefic itself for the Ascendant because its Mooltrikona Sign falls in the 6th House. cinema and drama etc. Colours and Stones: . film producers etc. 3. 2. They doubt their husband’s love and make no secret of their love. Saturday and Monday are the favourable days. jewels and gems etc. 1. Numbers. 7. attractive to them are 7 and 9.Institute of Vedic Science Health: . Domestic Environments:. Department. 3. Thursday indicates gain through partner. The best-suited colours are Pink.Such persons have saving nature. I. They suffer from an over abundance of life. home and loving wife. They have unbounded appetite and try to lead temperate life. Avoid use of Red colour. Good and devoted husband and a happy. property. Profession:. (65) .

Geminians spoil their health through unnecessary and unavoidable worry and anxiety. By rest and good sleep he can maintain his health. At times they are restless. They are good advisors and can be relied only in the case of emergency. moderate complexion.Gemini born persons are tall. Thin legs and visibleveins. upright. d. The sign is ruled by Mercury. eat conservatively and cultivate physical and mental peace. Lovely and quick witted. Advice: . travel and invention. They should not give themselves up to a petty strife. curious to know the results of their efforts immediately. thoughts. They are subject to lot of changes in their life. drinking and all comforts of home. Love and diversity in all spheres to life. and ingenious and have retentive power. Mental Tendencies:. inventive. Fond of mental recreations. mentally timid. (66) . quick. but nervous and restless.MITHUNA It is Airy. and products of intelligence. GEMINI . intelligence. They want only short cuts. energetic. vigour. learning and acquiring a good education. fresh air breathing. Argumentative. take plenty of exercise.Quick in grasping. are able to carry out work quickly adopting improved methods. masculine.Basic Course – Day 5 TAURIANS Are remarkable power of endurance but rigid in out look. dance. Are fond of eating. memory. The main ideas contained in the sign are mental power. Admirer of music. They will enjoy the life with a good fortune and suffer continuous misfortune experiencing both privation and plenty. Weakness:.The Geminians lack in concentration and quick decision. common. So they should avoid mental strain. drawing. good disposition. 5 4 6 3 2 1 12 7 8 9 10 11 Physical Features: . Finance: . Are extremely passionate – chances of falling prey to sex ailments a. b. positive and a barren sign. self-control and obstinate but men of principles. slender. They refuse to be bound by rules. aspiring. c. Are selfish. mechanical. anxious highly-strung and diffusive. 3. They are ambitious. Capable of making friendship very quickly but such relations die due to their faultfinding nature.They should take rest. it has flexibility and quality but has also sharpness and power to penetrate into any field of intellect through a peephole. They are very clever as they are progressive. opinion and presence of mind. Like air. their health will be normally good. Enjoy the life to the maximum and suffer continuous misfortunes under the influence of opposite sex and disagreement with the father and family disputes arise. sometimes shy of retiring humane.There will be lot of changes in their life. indecisive and excitable. reasons. Health and Diseases: . engaged in two or more pursuits at a time.

Thursday. 2. alert and industrious. KEY PLANETS OF GEMINI ASCENDANTS 1. They can find ways and new methods of earnings and will have dual source of income in life. b. They make quick friendship and find fault quickly and often lose them. Day of fast is full Moon day. Mars is a malefic being Lord of 6th House and 11th House for this Ascendant. Mercury is a benefic being Lord of Ascendant and fourth House but is not a yogkarak. zest and pleasure but wants attention. (67) . Gets irritated easily but is soon quiet. positive numbers are 1. Colures and Stones: . Keen for keeping the home at a medium level. Ascendant is not purely a Trine. They are a bit extravagant. Lucky and favourable colours are yellow.Geminians have interest in varied jobs. so the natives will feel that variety is the spice of life. Lucky Days.Institute of Vedic Science Romance and Marriage: . 4. attractive 5.Geminians feel delight in entertaining business partners.6 and 9. GEMINIANS Are fond of life. d. Wednesday and Friday are favourable days. relatives and customers. blue. secretaries and efficient advocates. friends.9 is considered a Trine. Jupiter is lord of two Quadrants one of them is Marak and because it is also a benefic attains “Kendradhpitrya Dosh”. Their affection is controlled by the mind than by the emotions. therefore is a malefic for this Ascendant. Jack-of-all-trades but master of none. They are flirts by nature. Saturn is doubtful although Mooltrikona Sign falls in the first Trine. a. as they are active. falls in 5th House. 7. green and pink. Sun is malefic being Lord of 3rd House for this Ascendant. difficulties and loss. They often change their residence. Are remarkable for their ingenuity. Best businessman. so they cannot find a friend to their satisfaction even though they long for it.Gemini is a dual sign. Moon attains marak Powers. 3. 6. 5. purple. Numbers. Domestic Environments: . A good convincing power is one of their attributes and may lead in journalism. Because of having Trinal position form the two Trines 5. The vibrated numbers are 7 and 3. Venus is also doubtful because Mooltrikona Signs falls in the 12th House although another Sign.Monday. c. Tuesday and Saturday are days of worries. Avoid red and black. originality and intellectual ability whose grasping power is tremendous.2 whereas disagree numbers are 4 and 8. Profession: .

KARKA It is the sign of watery triplicity. tendency to stoutness. to wives sincere and sympathetic.Changeable. Sun enters this sign on 22nd June and leaves on 21st 7 1 July according to Sayana system whereas according to Niryana system Sun enters on 15th July and leaves on 14th 8 10 12 August.Cancerians have fragile health in youth but as age advances thy will pick up the health. CANCER . They are timid to face physical danger but are brave. fish etc. they cannot tolerate any dishonesty and are not extravagant. Fortunate in finances.Basic Course – Day 5 4. sympathetic and talkative. Interested in developing Vedic and sacred texts. import or export. pearl. Advice: . ups and downs of positions and occupations in life. shipping departments. sentimental. changeability and indolence are the other weakness. sympathetic. cardinal or movable.Cancer born are devoted to their family. being honest themselves. Indolence and changeability are their weak points and needs to be corrected. They should not be impatient. Anger comes and goes quickly. Mars is debilitated in it th and completely debilitated {Param Neech} in the 28 degree. transport and travels. attend to their friends host them to their full satisfaction. and tendency to double chin. sometimes awkward and walk with a rolling gait. They cannot impress others. constant journeys but even they keep home comfortable. Cancerians are more interested to obtain small sums of money from different sources than a big amount. They have changeable nature. Professions: . A good homely atmosphere prevails generally. Physical Appearance: . Digestive system and throat is to be taken care of. conches. Finance: . They love the home. (68) . to husbands. Health and Disease: . family and enjoy a settled family life. Romance and Marriage: . Also a good caterer. Domestic Environments: . Health will be fragile in youth but will improve as age advances. preachers.Cancerians have commercial career and in things derived from water. orators. restaurant managers. full cheeks.Cancerians should be patient. Their temper is changeable. They should control their emotions and develop spiritual side. its highest 4 2 6 point of exaltation being 5 degrees. Attached to relatives and home. Cancer born people love their home.Not usually above average height. novelty and traveling. Personality:. Cancerians can sacrifice all for their children. benefic. Jupiter is exalted here. Nervous and worried. May be sailors in Navy. sincere and affectionate in love. but are brave in mental or moral attitude. negative. They can teach or preach or speak in public and 9 11 carry the people with them. 5 3 Lord of this sign is Moon. Cancer rules chest and stomach. should not be vindictive. inclined to public life. They are devoted to domestic life.Cancerians are fond of change. mute of long ascension. but they lack in expressing their loyalty and sincerity to the partners. Round face. feminine. endured and avoid sensitiveness. Diplomatic. Of fertile imagination. Fond of collecting antiquities. from one source.Cancerians are very careful for the money. and derive pleasure. contractor or any god job in irrigation department. They have strong emotional nature and are romantic. Mental Tendencies :. discreet and conventional. A good homely bird as a general rule but of romantic and passionate in nature. A god family atmosphere. Of fiscal mind and have deep feelings of loyalty and responsibility. loyal.Monotonous life without romance for Cancer born people. changeful and inpatient. they also have psychic medium faculty. fruitful. Timid to face physical danger. submarine.

adventure. Jupiter is a malefic because Mooltrikone Sign falls in the 6th House. self confident fearless. b. Have habit of pondering over a thing over and over again. 5. dry. frank warm hearted.Sunday and Fridays are favourable for enjoyment and pleasure. Are attached to family but unhappy domestic life. White. upright upper body better formed than lower. Are imaginative and mimic but easily swayed by opinion of others. imposing. Sun enters in this sign on 23rd July and leaves on 22nd August according to Sayana system but as per Niryana system Sun enters the sign on 15th August and leaves on 15th September. masculine. 4. 5. ruddy or florid complexion. 7. Full stature and majestic appearance. 7 6 8 5 4 2 3 9 10 11 12 1 Physical Appearance: . Fond of power and distinction. 6 where as attracted numbers are 8 and 1. Mental Tendencies: . 9 and numbers. 2. Mercury is a malefic for this Ascendant because it owns 12th and 3rd Houses. commanding and dignified. c. grandeur. Moon is a benefic being Lord of Ascendant. Sun attains Marak Power. d. (69) . bestial.Ambitious. large bones and muscles. Sun is lord of this sign. Venus is also a malefic because of “Kendradhipitya Dosh” and ownership of the 11th House.Leonines have broad shoulders. power. high mind and eminent persons etc. and Colors : . Large hearted and noble but harsh in temperament. barren and fixed sign. 7. Most vibrated numbers are 4. One hand it becomes benefic because owning quadrant on the other hand it owns a trine. determined. Become moody and peevish if others neglect or over look them. It attaches a tendency towards rash temperament. hot. red and yellow are their lucky colours but blue and green should be avoided. In short a royal disposition. are 3 and 5. Numbers. malefic. 3. which will disagree and are to be avoided. positive. The day of fast is Mondays. strong will power. Saturn is a malefic because it attains Marak powers being Lord of 7th House and another malfeasance because of ownership of 8th House. Passive numbers are 2. KEY PLANETS OF CANCER ASCENDANTS 1. honourable. Mars is strongest Yogkarak of all the twelve Ascendants having no flaw. preserving and conscientious. impulsive.Institute of Vedic Science Lucky Days. LEO – SINGHA It is a fiery. CANCERIAN a. show. cream. Tall. generous. 6.

They are subject to flattery but do not fall victim to it. their bank position will be deteriorating as age advances. 9 and 6 are lucky. They will keep home tidy. 7 and 8 whereas passive number is 3. enthusiastic. They will have fixed income. popular. To reduce the evils. domineering. Red and Green are lucky coloures but avoid Blue. Wednesday.Sundays. they tend to recover rapidly from any illness. successful social worker and make favourable impressions on all. security of job. they have great hope. fiery in passions but sincere and faithful in love. not arrogant. boasting. They like the family members to be magnanimous and noble. cooperative. independent. Colures. They are good planners. has excellent organizing powers. roar like a lion and get into trouble. obedient and grateful to him. and joyous and jubilation. obliging and affectionate also courageous and confidant if they are also born in Leo. Being a fiery sign Leonines are ambitious. good natured. they arrive at forcing and hasty conclusions and suffer. Orange. free and outspoken.Leo born famous and high position in commerce or in Government. of wise judgment. They will love their children most. ideas and suggestions before deciding any issue. and effort of others. They always forgive others and forget the mistakes. so they will try to be leader in the house and expect all those to be a home to be submissive. leaders and have vitality and vigour. which temperament should be avoided. One will be best suited as manager of the big concerns. and it gives executive ability and tireless working capacity. sins. Professions: . White and Black. They ate tempted it gambling and speculation bit they ate luckily rewarded. Health and Diseases: . avoid drinks. keep fast on full Moon days regularly throughout your life. They are hasty and become irritated.Good natured. Over liberal and extrovert. The numbers 1. Their children will be good organizers. is a self-sacrificing and has an everlasting love. Numbers: . Helpful to mankind and other creations of God. curtains etc. Finance and Fortune:. They are spendthrifts. frank. furniture. and feel very proud of them. brilliant. Leonians will have great affection to the opposite sex and remain in the crowd of ladies. corporation or director. Ladies: . Lucky Days. avoid 2. Thursday and Friday are favorable days. But they will not show any demonstration of love in public as they consider it below their dignity. (70) . manages her home ideally. sales manager etc.Leonians generally keep a good and splendid health.Leonians are generally fortunate and have sufficient resources. forceful and impulsive. Tuesday. Marriage and Married Life:.Such ladies are ambitious and ideal. an ideal lover. commanding.Basic Course – Day 5 Personality: .Since Leonians are born to rule. they are constructive and ingenious. For good health and temperate living and balanced diet is absolutely necessary. clever actions. They try to deal with large issues and leave the minor details to their subordinates.Leonians are determined and of dogmatic views. decorative and attractive. Careful and choosy for dress. She will command social and prominent position. Romance. philosophical. Leonians are extroverts. So in order to keep good health and particularly to avoid heart affliction one should take balanced diet. stimulants and beverages etc. Advice: . they should avoid this. In case they fall ill. captain. In other words Leonians should have Satvik diet. they should take other’s views. very independent in views. strong willed. 4. 5.Leonians are romantic. Domestic Environment: . Leonians often occupy a position of trust and authority. inspiring. hopeful to the last minute. Actually they are born rulers.

Dark hair and hairy. Mental Tendencies: . Sun is a benefic being Lord of Ascendant. avoid criticism changeability. 3. Mercury kills when alone. (71) . Like to praise others and expect others to praise him. critical. Also concentration and expression by representation. Best suited for the post of inspector. 4. then decide and do it. VIRGO . it is an earthy sign. c. good mental abilities. Complexion will be as per ascendant and aspects on the same. Jupiter is a benefic since Mooltrikona Sign falls in Trine.Virgos are tall with a slander body. Experts in finding faults with others. changeable nature and environment. Curved and hairy eyebrows. Moon is a malefic being Lord of 12th House for this Ascendant. Venus is Lord of 9th House and hence a benefic for this Ascendant although it is also a maraka. first think. methodical. income tax officer or examiner. Saturn is a malefic being Lord of 6th and 7th Houses. analytical and a deep thinker. diplomatic. thin and shrill voice. barren. intellectual and economical. LEONIANS a. active mind. 5. Mingle with people. Mars is a yogkarak but is also a Badhak being Lord of 9th House. d. do not be fickle minded. thoughtful. and benefic. modest. Pride of family is great and spurns criticism of their family members. 2. They should avoid drugs. contemplative and industrious. Speculative. 7 8 9 10 11 12 6 5 3 1 4 2 Physical Appearance: . Venus gets debilitated. They have good endurance not easily contented. cautious regarding there own interest. high and low and have large – minded tolerance. A genius. The ideas of this sign are earthy and material things. feminine. auditor. trade.Institute of Vedic Science KEY PLANETS OF LEO ASCENDANTS 1. Mercury is a Malefic and Marak for this Ascendant being Lord of 2nd and 11th House.Virgos are ambitious for wealth. b. Sun enters this sign on 24th August and leaves on 23rd September as per Sayana system and enters Virgo on 16th September and leaves on 15th October as peer Niryana system. Love details of thing’s and accounts. negative. 6. commerce etc. should not be talkative. are conservative. undecided but usually precise though nervous and lacking self-confidence. delight in horticulture. 7. Mercury gets exalted in this sign. They should not be revengeful. ingenious. Personality: . cold.KANYA Virgo is ruled by Mercury. 6. also common.Fond of learning.

they have a commercial and business instinct. changing of residence and environments etc. Do not be sensitive. Revengeful and long sustained resentment be avoided. Numbers and Colours: . Virgos are slave to the work. abdomen and nervous disorder. (72) . Faultfinding habit is avoided. 3. Warning: . so they find great difficulty in selecting the partner as they give more importance to intelligence that to pleasure and romance. Lucky colours are Yellow. Active.Virgo born are very intelligent. surgeons. engineers. hard taskmaster and like to be left alone in a quite place to carry out the work and plans. Friday. Will succeed in matters connected with the earth and its products.Virgo born persons should not be so sensitive critical. 6 and 7 whereas disagreeable numbers are 1 and 8 and the passive numbers are 4 and 9. look younger than age in youth.Change is your basic nature. So you are warned to be careful from your servants and friends and choose them with great care. Normally you will have temptation for excess.Being of a commercial instinct. Return of investment will be poor. Advice: . you will hardly succeed as you are in the nature of finding faults with others. You should bear in mind that as you require appreciation for your intelligence. Virgo people like an orderly home and put up a show when guests are invited. Hard work will pay you in life and bring you to top. The day of fast is Friday throughout the life.A few of your friends and servants will betray you. Romance and Marriage: . When Mercury forms good aspects shows the profession as a broker. Finance: . White. you will be disappointed. Domestic Environment: . Monday and Thursday. wandering. Emerald and Green. you postpone marriage and prefer to be bachelor. 5. Avoid Red. who should keep them cheerful and utilize their intelligence as best.Virgo born people should select their partners in business very carefully. work connected with liquids etc. Blue and Black. They are particular about their health.Virgo born people enjoy robust health with long life and healthy old age. conversationalist and chatty. They are prone to the diseases of bowls. Professions: . accountant. you should be careful about your money. but when married you become home bird. Keep his stomach and nervous system in order. Lucky Days. will try to have your secrets. care for diet should be taken. Stomach and nervous system are very sensitive. High living and deep thinking should also be avoided. In love affair. lawyer. They are shy and not demonstrative in love. but in a few cases. Health and Disease: .Lucky and favourable days are Wednesday. Avoid too much calculating and in detail finding nature. rarely passionate. Lucky numbers are 2. Be cautious against gallstones. he will enjoy robust health with long life and healthy old age. As regards finances.Basic Course – Day 5 To maintain the health. so the people whom you love be praised and admired for their intelligence and beauty even if they do not possess these qualities. journalist.

They have warmth and charming manners. They are fond of beauty in all forms. brilliant intellect. smooth. Librans are very courteous and hospitable. Saturn gets exalted in this sign. 5. Fertile imagination and correct intuition.TULA Lord of sign is Venus. Sun gets debilitated. good features. conveyance and other comforts. and make up perfumes. good looking graceful and youthful appearance with sweet smile. Are exceptional Rajyoga if Saturn Venus Mercury combines. hopeful. take interest in their dress. semi-fruitful. Sun enters this sign on 24th September and leaves on rd 23 October as per Sayana system. Are critical. 7. kind. cheerful. be quitted. supreme indemnity and pleasant nature. admirable refinement. easily appeased. Sun is a malefic being Lord of 12th House. movable. VIRGOS a. sympathetic. meditate and reach a higher plane of spiritual life. Mercury is a benefic being Lord of Ascendant and 10th House. is the keyword of a Virgo. 2. which will soon. Such persons look younger then age normally. Mars is a malefic being Lord of 3rd House and 8th House for this Ascendant. intuitive. d.Good complexion. 9 8 10 7 6 4 5 2 12 Physical Appearance: . furniture. loving nit changeful. It is airy. brown to black hair. c.The planetary signification is Venus. Personality: . forethought. LIBRA . idealistic.Libran is fond of fine dress. enjoy always the society and company of brave. Librans are affectionate. positive. 6. generous and compassionate. adoptable. Venus is Lord of 9th House and hence a benefic but also has Marak power. well formed body. 7. One can concentrate. Are meticulous but quick in fault finding in others. 11 1 3 (73) . often have dimples. analytical and dutiful. so they become easily popular.Institute of Vedic Science KEY PLANETS OF VIRGO ASCENDANT 1. slender in youth but tendency to stoutness in middle age. Mental Tendencies: . Saturn is a Malefic because Mooltrikona sign. art and music. 4. 3. fond of society. Moon is also a malefic being lord of 11th House. They do not consider anything else more important than pleasure. Are lovers of details (in expression) to the extent of boredom to others. sunny and mirthful people. here. perfumes. tall. quick in temper. artistic. constructive. happy. masculine and indicates West direction. b. Falls in the 6th House. impressionable and of compromising nature. Imaginative or artist. but as per Niryana System Sun enters Libra on 16th October and leaves on 14th November every year. curves and contours of body are regular. Jupiter is a Marak and Has “Kendradhipitya Dosh”.

Happy and harmonious domestic life is essence of Librans. 3 and 9 are inharmonious. Lucky numbers are 1.Librans have much to do with Government servants and officers. some times they will have partners who cannot satisfy them. Green and Yellow be avoided. Lucky Days. also enjoy the life to the full.Basic Course – Day 5 Librans should keep their emotions in check. Best suited for law and may engage themselves in liquid items. musician. Professions: . Tuesday. They keep the house decorative. They love and adore their partners. They try to maintain peace and not discussion. Romance and Marriage: . they do not seek divorce but try to adjust and in case of failure they cannot remain together for a moment. foresight and judgment. curios etc. They should not be extravagant. dress. logic. Librans are extravagant. and form the habit of forgiving but not forgetting. Saturday.Librans enjoys good physical structure. Health and Diseases: . Numbers and Colures: . Day of fast is Tuesday to mitigate or reduce the evils in life. happy at home and in social life.Librans should control their emotional nature. avoid copying mannerisms from others. 2. architects. Also they can be writer. They marry early in life. Ladies: . they spend on luxuries. 8 stands for investment and profit to one with whom Librans transact. (74) . well furnished and quite charming. and teachers and good salesmen. they should not be fooled. They must keep check on their expenditure as they are extravagant. they attract the opposite sex. also chemists. electrical engineers. Costly ornaments will be in their possession of which such ladies are fond. 4 and 7 whereas 5. Sincere and affectionate in love and their charming manners. They should also learn say ‘No’ to the people. dress. fashion etc. so they are most lovable people for sex life. But they are prone to infectious diseases. wealth and good conveyance. Monday. tactful and wise. They should forgive but never forget. Sexy and passionate by nature and lead luxurious life. their partners look to them for guidance and correct decision. should not allow things to get out of hand. Generally Librans do not have such younger brothers who are as useful. Their passions rise and die quickly. Advice: . play back singers. which should be avoided. Navy and painters etc.Librans are expert in love affairs. White and Red. Much of the time will be wasted in love and sex as they combine business and pleasure.Since Librans excel other people in matters of reasoning. transport.Libran girls are intelligent. be decisive. and Wednesday. 6. Librans enjoy happy family life generally.Lucky days are Sunday. Lucky colors are Orange. Being of liberal nature. They are more benefited by a few sincere friends. Domestic Environments: . reliable and true to them. Finance and Fortune: . they will lead mostly a public life with both financial and social success. Also good critics and suited for law so they are blessed with finance. They marry early in life.

b. 7. negative. Often Scorpions are blunt. A few are of practical nature. (75) .VRISHCHAK The sign is ruled by Mars and is watery. Mars is a marak and malefic for this Ascendant being Lord of 7th and 2nd House. Are a ‘peace-maker’ who weight the truth and merit dispassionately. Scorpions are best detectives and fond of investigating mysteries and occult. Venus is benefic being Lord of Ascendant. feminine. not easily imposed upon.Scorpions have good personality. forceful and positive. Physical Appearance: . get irritated and are highly sexed. They lose their temper quickly.Scorpions cannot remain idle. well proportioned body. So we can sum up Scorpions as quick. strong willed but irreconcilable and are indefectible and seekers of sensuous pleasure. Have strong conjugal affections and preserves traditions. broad face. justice. others are lower type. Jupiter is most malefic being Lord of 3rd and 6th Houses. chemical research and in mystery. service etc. 2. Scorpions are interested in occult.Institute of Vedic Science KEY PLANETS OF LIBRA ASCENDANT 1. and never surrender but fight to the last end. They do not want to remains under anybody’s control but want o command others. stature average. Cunning but very true. Reserved. keen shrewd. tenacious. courageous and sarcastic. energetic. They have fertile imagination Scorpio being a watery sign. plain and sarcastic. A subtle mind hard to influence. commanding appearance. Personality: . c. They have intense feeling of emotions.This sign represents two types. Scorpions are lucky in case of finances and in anything they want like vehicles. Moon in this sign becomes debilitated and Venus is in fall or in detriment sign. loyal. Mars is ruler of this sign. 6. fond of contest and travel. bold and of fixed views being this fixed sign. long hands. But in case others misbehave or become unfaithful etc. Moon become a benefic being Lord of best Quadrant though has “Kendradhpitya Dosh”. 8. determined and quick-witted. blessed with power of intuition. short and curly hair and muscular body. will be jealous of others and rude. d. Are susceptible to diseases so take prophylactic measures. benefic and of long ascension. They are violent but have complex moods. SCORPIO . faithful and reliable. The higher type people who have control over their senses. Sun is a malefic being Lord of the 11th House. 3. critical of penetrating mind and keen judgment. 10 9 11 8 7 5 6 12 1 2 3 4 Mental Tendencies: . They are self reliant. Libra-thy name is harmony and sympathy. Mercury is slightly benefic being Lord of best Trine. Saturn is Yogkarak being Lord of 4th House and 5th House. LIBRIANS a. Their domestic life is generally happy. 4. business. fruitful. Alert. house. while facing obstacles and hind-trances they are at their best talents. wife. fixed. but they cannot save the money. 5. They are free frank.

Scorpio indicates chemistry. 5. c. 1. b. control their temper. penetrating and secretive are Scorpions. Professions: . iron and steel works. Red. bladder. Friday and Thursday. detectives. chemists. Calm and quiet men but lose temper when aroused. become very intimate in a short period. d. dynamic. garden etc. business or good position in service. vehicles. Intensive. 4. Jupiter is a benefic being Lord of 5th House. so you like the same at home. and 8. Venus is a malefic and a Marak being Lord of 7th and 12th Houses.Your basic nature is to boss over others. Avoid 5.Scorpions are lucky for wealth. Revengeful nature be avoided. over critical. Mars is Lord of Ascendant and sixth House. wife. but provide full comforts to the wife. You cannot lead the life without full comforts. Their income will be substantial. C. Avoid Blue. Moon is Lord of best Trine therefore it is also a benefic. Pure White and Green. Domestic Environments: . Finance and Fortune: . also they gain through speculations. try to avoid secret enmity of the ladies and be not selfish. Romance and Marriage: .D. Mercury being Lord of 8th and 11th House is also a malefic. Scorpions will occupy good and honourable professions Advice: . They are extravagant. Scorpions are more successful and happy than others.. Being Lord of 2nd House it is also a Marak. The day of fasts or Tuesday for success and prosperity.Scorpions are intense. 7. Sun is Lord of best Quadrant therefore is a benefic. Lucky Days. Numbers. military and naval departments. enlargement of prostrate glands.Basic Course – Day 5 Health and Diseases: . 6. SCORPIONS a. Do not easily make friends but once made. Do not fall prey to the habit of drinking. Lucky number in order is 3. Tuesday. blessed with money. and Colors: . maternity departments also surgeon.Scorpion should not be sarcastic. They cannot tolerate any criticism. insurance.Scorpio denotes generative organs. 2 and 7. 3. unless Scorpions have sympathy. Monday. 4. KEY PLANETS OF SCORPIO ASCENDANTS 1.I. house. Lucky colours are Yellow. and energetic in romance and love but of complex moods. Orange and Cream. research work. good understanding and steady affection and try to cultivate they can not have a pleasant smooth life with opposite sex. Have independent opinions but won’t clash with those having opposite once. Spend more than income. medicine. 2. Saturn is a malefic being lord of the 3rd House. 6. Its Mooltrikone Sign falls in the sixth House therefore Mars is a malefic. Pelvic bone. as they know how to make and earn money. 9. (76) .Lucky days are Sunday.

fearless. During obstacles. Advice: . dauntless with self-confidence. positive.Generous and friendly with opposite sex whereas they do not like relatives. Sagittarians should not insult or hurt others by giving their frank opinion. over anxious and highly-strung. dry. If Jupiter is not affected politics will prove lucky. generally long or oval faces. they are at their best. fixed. They are rich with full comforts of life quickly and have gains without pains. They look to the bright side of the things. You will be liked by your friends and will be generous to the opposite sex and friendly with them. free. liberty. They are always outspoken. Generally Sagittarians enjoy good health. large forehead. clear complexion but subject to aspect of other planets. Love. sympathetic. false promises. Physical Appearance: . and medicine of religion. slender. humane and somewhat impulsive. parents and brothers. At times they are restless. charitable and friendly. just. Finance and Fortune: . masculine. also they are good humoured and honourable. nervously energetic. ambitious. Sun enters this sign on 23rd November and leaves it st on 21 December as per Sayana system. They are blended with power of intuition and prophetic. nor they prefer to sit tight at one place and work. Personality: . Domestic Environments: . Care for your family in addition to outdoor activities. Respectful to religion. lung troubles. they will not flutter nor fear and tremble even in adverse conditions. Blessed with energy. No planet gets exalted of debilitated in this sign. law. cheerful. good tempered. They are not fond of home but are much interested in outdoor life. outspoken. But according to 10 8 Niryana system the Sun enters this sign on 15th December 9 7 11 and leaves on 13th January every year. generous and charitable. Health and Diseases: . frank. Lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter. religious and attached with educational institutions. Act after deep consideration. Tall. hip fracture. common. bold. liked by wife and friends.DHANU It is fiery. straight and directly hit the mark. Jupiter is the ruler of this sign. cannot remain under the control of others. high or bushy eyebrows. insulting or hurting others are your basic traits which be avoided. pushful ambitious.Sagittarians are not timid. Sagittarians are inclined to philosophy. sincere and quick. spend much on children. jovial. of long ascension sign.Diseases indicated are gout. God fearing and religious. to the point. Active and enterprising. hopeful.The married life of Sagittarians is generally happy and prosperous. (77) . demonstrative. good hearted. this will not pay you. Also charitable. Vigour and vitality.Sagittarians like frequent changes. rheumatic pain. independence and freedom. and dual bodied. They make friendship with all due to their sweet smiles and quick wit.Institute of Vedic Science 9. Exaggeration and continuous speech without truth.Be moderate and do not hate your relatives. Romance and Marriage: . SAGITTARIUS . 12 1 3 2 6 4 5 Mental Tendencies: .Generous. law and order and customs. enthusiasm. to work with free hand rather to be ordered to do.A well proportioned and a well developed body. The Sagittarians must be very tactful in dealing with their children. Charming appearance. hot. greedy and aspiring. Blessed with good wife. Do not develop hatred towards your brothers and parents. They try to get higher education and fond of travel. They are frank. brown or chestnut hair.

Avoid 2. 3. benefic and denotes South direction.You can be a good teacher. bank employee. Avoid Red. CAPRICORN . Sun enters this sign on around 23rd December every year and leaves on 21st January according to Sayana system. 7. earthy.MAKAR The sign is governed by Saturn. expansive and b. Saturn is ruler of this sign. philosophical. Are extensive. Moon does not acquire malfeasance being Lord of the 8th House as advised by the sage. 12 11 10 1 9 7 4 5 8 2 3 6 (78) . but speculation will not be helpful and profitable. Mars gets exalted. politics will suit you best religious and educational institutions. Jupiter gets debilitated. semi fruitful.Basic Course – Day 5 Professions: . civil Engineering. feminine. Will speak out what he feels right without considering how others will relish his words. The day of fast is Thursday. public speaker. Numbers and Colures: . Green. Jupiter itself is benefic. Saturn is not that bad being Lord of Quadrant. Sun enters on 14th January and leaves on 12th February every year. Thursday and Sundays. whereas Monday will cause anxiety and troubles. Shadha constellation. quadruped. Are optimist. 3. both gay and bright who loves independence and disdains restraint. Cream. Friday. Sun is Lord of best Trine therefore is benefic for this Ascendant. Lucky colours are White. 6th and 11th are posited in P. 10. 6. The numbers 1 and 4 will be passive. preacher. foreign assignments. 3rd. SAGITTARIANS a. 4. 2. movable negative. c. 2nd. Light Blue and Emerald. dry. Lucky or favourable numbers ate 6. contractor. mercury is doubtful Marak and ownes two Quadrants. cold. Also editing and publishing will be rewarding. of short ascension. KEY PLANETS OF SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT 1. 5. d. 5 and 8.Lucky days are Wednesday. ‘Gains without pains’ if lords of 1st. But according to Niryana system. 7 and 9. Pearl and Black. Venus is a malefic being Lord of 6th and 11th Houses. Mars is benefic because of the ownership of 5th House. Orange. Lucky Days. You may master company law.

Secretive. quite. reserved. either honest. They may have affection but are not demonstrative in love. take hot and stimulating food and laxatives. Advice: . land and animals. dark or black hair. Advice: . the native will be mostly selfish and egoistic pessimistic. fame. Capricorns are depressed and discontented. They are also methodical and plodding. When it is found advantageous. Keep the home beautiful. It is not easy to cheat him. changeable. worried and gloomy. They are economical. but will work continuously to gain success. Desirous of wealth. gradually the digestive system will become weak and may cause flatulence. crystal grazing. He will have special organizing capacity and with good tolerance. egoistic. They will work hard and over exert. seclusion and peace. They do not miss any chance and opportunity and do not speculate. greedy. Capricorns are self-reliant. miserly. long chin. Health and Diseases: . If ascendant or Saturn receives bad aspects from any planet. He should not become desperate and broken hearted. self willed. hate noise and like calm atmosphere and privacy. interested in theology. He will not depend on the hopes of others. Cement manufacturer. contractor in irrigation department and a successful agriculturist. thoughtful and of practical nature. money and reputation. capricious and will have push and confidence.they are anxious for early marriage. trustworthy. He should not overstrain and feel fatigued. Professions: .Capricorns are desirous of name.Capricorns should be in cheerful youngsters. pensive. They are calculative and business like. thick neck. lawyer.Capricorns are economical.Capricorns are not emotional. never hesitate to commit any crime when Saturn. will not mind difficulties. They should do regular exercises. They are conservatives. capable. dealer in scientific instruments. One should not over work and exert too much but also take rest to maintain his health. Personality: . Brick kiln owner. one will not hesitate to change his career. thoughtful. Yoga is advantageous. Generally defective walk and liability to rheumatism in the joints. Mental Tendencies: . contemplative nature. patience and steady nature. but are destined to marry. Also one is caution. long or prominent nose. he can make friendship with anybody quickly but he will make test of an individual and finally make a permanent tie of friendship. hard worker. Mercury indicates engineers. reasonable. usually not very handsome stature short in early age but one grows tall suddenly after 16 years of age. not demonstrative in feeling and do not readily show his sympathy. ability for managing and organizing. prudent. and pessimistic. selfish. not bold and rash and never take lead opposite sex remains worried by the hesitancy of the man born in Capricorn. power and authority. the signification is much afflicted in birth chart. Mars forming favorable aspects denoted engineer. one will execute quickly any work after taking a careful decision. Romance and Marriage: . Finance and Fortune: . possessing dignity and self-esteem.They should develop dignity. quite.Indicates business of kerosene oil. (79) .One should not be selfish. Thrifty. contemplate meditate and tax himself much and due to overstrain will be fatigued.Capricorn being a movable sign. and wide-awake and they do not take risk they do not expect a windfall. of much endeavour. but slow and cautious in approaching opposite sex. They take long time to choose a partner.Institute of Vedic Science Physical Appearance: . handicaps and hindrances. avoid nervousness and discontent. Serious. deep thinker.Prominent features usually thin and long. sincere or reliable or the most conceited. much mental ingenuity and fertility. diplomacy. Domestic Environments: . respectful to religion.

The keywords of Capricorn are rational. b. But according to Niryana system Sun enters on 13th February and leaves it on 12th March any year. clear complexion. 5. Mars is a malefic being Lord of 6th and 11th Houses. Are coward in social matters and always worried about fear of being ridiculed. unselfish. 2. it is called an airy. CAPRICORNS a. humane. Very capable of dealing with facts. They are very social but very choosey about friends. quite. intelligent. and Colures: . malefic. economical and practical. They often become physicians. oval face. Mental Tendency: . cautious. also shrewd. KEY PLANETS OF CAPRICORN ASCENDANT 1. positive. Personality: . Saturn is a benefic although a Marak. preserving.Basic Course – Day 5 Lucky Days. Sun for Capricorn lagna may not kill but gives troubles and inflicts evils. c. inventive and also psychic. Defective teeth. Jupiter is a malefic because of the lordship of 3rd House and 12th House. 7. Constant. other numbers are passive. well-formed. have organizing capacity. Mercury is considered benefic because Mooltrikona Sign falls in the best Trine. AQUARIUS . kind. Hard workers. Outspoken. happy disposition. humane and in personal. tendency to stoutness in middle age. prudent.No doubt that this sign is of short ascension yet the people born under this sign are tall with full stature. self-controlled. Red and Blue. Lucky numbers are 6. Saturday and Wednesday. Avoid Yellow and Cream colour. Moon is a Marak for this Ascendant being Lord of 7th House. Have prodigious memory and take interest in versatile subjects. Favourable colours are White. prudent and determined. Black. The sign is ruled by Saturn. humane voice. 6.KUMBHA Aquarius is the eleventh sign of Zodiac. 4. Sun does not attain malfeasance being Lord of the 8th House. of short ascension. of profound thoughts.Lucky and favourable days are Friday. clear headed. Have many friends. and 8.Intelligent. 11. fixed. Strong. good. possess good concentration. Day of fast for good luck is Saturday. thoughtful and of contemplative nature. Number. 1 12 11 2 10 8 5 6 9 3 4 7 Physical Appearance : . handsome appearance. quick-witted and wide (80) . 9. 3. moist. According to Sayana system Sun enters this sign on or around 22nd January and leaves on or around 19th February. d. Avoid 3. good memory and reasoning faculty.Aquarians are serious. Can read other’s characters. barren sign and indicates West direction. Venus is a Yogkarak. Tuesday.

and hence he should cultivate activity. Mine contractor. They do not preach others but act themselves.Aquarians can be scientist. export and import business of liquids. Constant in friendship. copper and steel or C. Will so all things. Cannot withstand cold. Lucky Days. Green and Blue. Blessed with new and fresh ideas. Passive number is 6. or dealer in shipping and export. They develop intuition and good concentration. Domestic Environments: . use own thinking and discretion. 4. mechanical engineering. Numbers and Colures: . sincere and good but with some of them they might be somewhat reserved.Aquarians are very social. brick kiln owner. cement dealer.Thursdays. Advice: . Professions: . Avoid Orange. 2 and 7. Health and Diseases: . Aquarians never seek them. Good partners in business. (81) . He should be pushful and alert. Romance and Marriage: . good executive. But unfavourable numbers are 1. Red. One should not overtax oneself but take rest. dealer in lead.Aquarians are susceptible to infectious diseases. He should avoid solitude. Friday. they keep the home clean and tidy. They are both fortunate and unfortunate.Institute of Vedic Science awake. To money. They have their own individually and specialty. Aquarians are prone to infectious diseases. Blessed with the good family and sound financial position. They are not in habit of finding fault with others but take everything easy. They are neither very much attached nor detached with their family. Fond of entertaining friends and collecting more and more antiques. it may be rheumatic or cause blood pressure. that it is only needed for worldly life. well furnished. a lecturer. officer.D. they should attend immediately to an injury. which are morally right. They prefer permanent and strong attachments.The native will be lazy and lethargic. more dutiful to their relatives. 9. they are neither much attached nor detached. gloomy and pessimist. legal. astrologer. Tuesday and Monday are favourable and lucky days. Finance and Fortune : . 6th house lord Moon indicates one may practice in medicine. Aquarians are strong in their likes and dislikes. 10th house lord Mars denotes the professions of building construction.Honour comes to them. The heart may cause trouble.I. Yellow. originate new ideas. promptness etc. they consider. In case the person is not up to their standard they may slowly and without assigning any reasons discontinue the love relations and friendship. so the partners if are passionate they will not be satisfied. They work hard and wait patiently for some development and novel results and then only expect money. They prefer society and solitude. They want many friends. pump set dealer. modern fashionable home. 5 and 8. shipping. position in large office or concerns. submarine. should not overtax themselves and take plenty of rest.Aquarians are intelligent and always prefer educated and equally intelligent partners. He should not be worried. social service. They move with all very freely but with those who are social equals they are shrewd and studious. and are almost reliable. chemicals. White and Cream are lucky and favourable colours. surgeon. financial or education advisor. One should immediately consult a doctor in the case of even a minor trouble or ailment. stick to a principle. sailor. Aquarians do not show love and are cold. Favourable and lucky numbers 3.

painters. passionate. Courteous and hospitable. short limbs. loving. Are independent detached and of unconventional thinking. 2. Venus is Yogkarak. changeful. full of fleshy face. Mercury gets debilitated. 2 1 3 11 12 9 6 10 4 Physical Appearance: . c.Basic Course – Day 5 KEY PLANETS OF AQUARIUS ASCENDANT 1. polite and modest. Jupiter governs the sign. Saturn is a doubtful. pale complexion. Mental Tendencies: . accountants. vital temperament. and muscular. are very sincere and true to friends. Should avoid solitude. Lacking generally in self-confidence. and they cannot harm any one. tendency to double chin. reserved or mysterious in their way of doing things.Pisceans are generally of short stature. emotional. keep hopes on other’s promises. Sometimes they are secretive. mostly sweet tempered and social. 7. worries. Personality: . they should choose their friends carefully. Restless. affectionate and charitable. 5 8 7 (82) . easy going. b. They are best suited as poets. versatile. rely friends and many a times suffer at their hands. being Lord of 12th House and Ascendant.MEEN Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the Zodiac. Of varying moods. AQUARIANS a. Keep their home clean and well furnished and are fond of entertaining friends.Kind. self esteem. of plump body. Mercury is a malefic because Mooltrikona Sign falls in the 8th House. fond of music. 12. 4. truthful and of sympathetic nature. nurses. Moon is a malefic because it is Lord of 6th House for this Ascendant. According to Sayana system Sun enters this sign on 20th February and leaves on 20th March around. It is called sign of Moksha. modest. over liberal. but loyal in love and attracted to romantic side through out their life. 5. timid. Pisceans love happy domestic life.Quick in understanding. can not be steady. Jupiter is malefic being Lord of the 11th House and a Marak. Being dual sign Pisceans are puzzle to others and to himself even. in planning commission. Venus gets exalted in this sign. caterers. gloom and pessimism for a good life. inspirational. d. PISCES . Suspicious by nature. teachers. good natured. Give a helping hand to all but bow their heads to no command. Led away by fancies and new ideas. musicians. 3. Mars is benefic being Lord of 10th House. actors or as Liaison officers etc. helpful and humane. 6. Sun is a Marak for this Ascendant being Lord of 7th House. psychic. banker. But according to Niryana system Sun enters on 13th March and leaves on 12th April every year. They use best of circumstances.

They do not relish the idea of being dependent on their children. IF YOU GOT ANY ANSWER. They are endowed with wealth and power. banker. cinema occult science. do not be contemplating and dreaming always and they should not entertain and rely on other’s promises. deals in drinks. Poor Pisces! d. Numbers and Colures: . Romance and Marriage: . music and opera house. The profession connected to Saturn will result in defeat. 3.Pisceans should not rely upon all their friends. best suited for navy shipping. Mars is a benefic being Lord of best trine but a Marak too. Professions: .Institute of Vedic Science Health: . cosmetics. be generous but not over liberal. 4. Yellow. Are fond of drinking water frequently and in large quantities. Cultivate push. actor. Lucky Days. Piscen lagna people shine in Mars and Ketu dasas ACTIVITY COLLECT AS MANY HOROSCOPES AS YOU CAN. CHECK THEIR ASCENDANT AND GET THE ANALYSIS OF EACH ASCENDANT AS DESCRIBED ABOVE. The persons will suffer from gastric troubles.Lucky days are Sunday. 5. Pray. wish to have educated partner in life and have good children. Jupiter is a benefic for this Ascendant. Throughout their married life they do not get tired to carry out the romantic legend of lovers. must be choosy about them as they all will not be sincere. and Orange are their lucky colures but they should avoid Blue. They have purity of interests. Avoid suspicious nature and varying moods. WRITE US OTHERWISE WE WILL GUIDE YOU. varicose veins or guinea worms. 1. Venus is a melefic being Lord of 3rd and 11th House. Mercury is Marak and has “Kendradhpitya Dosh”. prefer beauty of the partner and intellect. 3. 7. serve and feed the poor. Are liable for various illnesses but recovers speedily. chemicals. KEY PLANETS OF PISCES ASCENDANT 1. Domestic Environments: . Finance and Fortune: . which kills their love but they like flattery. Moon is best benefic being lord of Trine.Pisceans have food business ability. Red. Saturn is a malefic being Lord of 11th Houses and 12th House. 4 and 9 are lucky numbers but avoid 8. Suspicious by nature towards partner.Pisceans have many friends and are happy to entertain them at home. Sun is a malefic being Lord of 6th House for this Ascendant. beverages.Pisceans can be successful as an accountants. ANALYSE WHETHER THERE IS ANY DIFFERENCE IN ANALYSIS WITH THE ACTUAL CASE? THINK WHY IS IT SO? HERE IS A HINT FOR YOU – CHECK THE PLANETARY DEGREE OF LAGNA. c. PISCEANS a. Advice: . 2.Being a watery sign one will be addicted to drink. 6. Tuesday and Thursday. b. medical and educational department. They should not select any partner who is free with all. (83) . oils. Rose.Pisceans will remain attracted to the romantic life. Will lead a happy married life.

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