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@ Pulse electro-magnetic field therapy device with auto biased circuit and method for use. A method of treating animal tissue with a time-varying, magnetic field and a device for producing such a field wherein a substantially unipolar, rectangular electromagnetic treatment signal having pulses of a predetermined frequency and amplitude is generated. The signal is transmitted to a coil wherein it induces a magnetic flux. The magnetic flux so produced is applied to a treatment site to promote healing of tissue. A biasing circuit is provided in the device to prevent the occurrence of a reverse polarity pulse upon the fall of the magnetic flux induced by the fall of the generated pulse and to diminish high frequency ringing at the beginning of a treatment signal. < in o 00

Design Physical 1. a Clinical Physiology 9-16. of in living used of tissue to Electro-magnetic broken bones. use Stimulator. to promote 4. treating animal the Specifically. enhancement a patient's healing of thereby of The promoting broken bones circulatory use of is deficiencies. 3. 1981. of of pulsed bone et al. Patent in fields U.502 arthritic to Liss.Background and The producing varying instant present Summary of the to Invention a magnetic-fieldtissues therapy only with device a timeof the invention for pertains therapy magnetic invention device field. Electro-Maqnetic Measurement. February. been promote healing Barker. generates pulse which a substantially assists faster unipolar bodily healing and electro-magnetic mechanism. frequency. No.315.S. pain al. No. Volume Clinical II. generates pulse magnetic and amplitude . voltage level into the tissue disorders. Bone A.m a g n e t i c .890.902. A reading field of of the rather treatment in extensive teaches field and literature that as to there the in is the little electro-magnetic amongst pulse of agreement effective treatment of one researchers the most for merits wave form.S. have The electrical well known. energy to produce modifications devices T.953 Use al. et electro-magnetic in U.f i e l d . has been disclosed No.503 Kraus. energy Patent to arrest 3. over the Without other. Pages Additionally. delving the treatment to method present invention device electroand relates which an e l e c t r o . frequency therapy unipolar.p r o d u c i n g a substantially of a predetermined rectangular. to of Ryaby. (PEMF) Patent healing to tissue and No. et electro-magnetic is in described U.S.

ringing beginning with A method treating and The of animal apparatus tissues for a time-varying. In the preferred embodiment. Another object of the invention field of and is to provide includes reverse polarity a device which will generate to prevent a magnetic generation of the of which circuitry pulse upon a transient field. a method field. frequency of The unipolar biasing at end also substantially of a treatment eliminates pulse. carrying out the electro-magnetic method in are field taught. cycle. of An o b j e c t treating wherein unipolar magnetic animal the field the with invention provide magnetic tissue is a time-varying generated pulse coil by a s u b s t a n t i a l l y which is is passed to upon rectangular.which includes a biasing pulse of means when a duty high for preventing generation pulse means the of a transient collapses negative at the a positive. method 1-100 involves hertz at an generating amplitude pulses of 1-15 a frequency range volts. has field to be has a detrimental by the promoted of application to due promote to the the magnetic Use not at PEMF d e v i c e s successful beginning of constriction frequency been the of ringing a device is to cycle. through the of the a electro-magnetic coil of wherein a reverse the biased pulse prevent the occurrence generated polarity decay field. premise may of form the teaching the is that of on a negative a positive the of vasopresence duty of highhealing electro- A basic pulse or spike which upon collapse effect electro-magnetic which is sought pulse. a treatment pulse . is the collapse generated the to A further device acting which as will be object invention form an to provide ice a pack by effective electronic a vaso-constrictor.

ten ultimate treatment thereby of allowing signal device hertz. . device instant diagram invention.1-20 A circuit provided of the which the induces treatment any electrical through polarity collapse the current polarity signal treatment which coils. an substantially frequency. and advantages more fully the instant as the the method follows become read in apparent with the which conjunction Description Fig.e. low 0. of a biasing circuit 2 is into a schematic therapy incorporated Fig. and illustration with a biasing produced induced by the device circuit operating. of wave forms produced and 3 is illustration without the Fig. is pulses which are is of for a patient that the undergoing initial signal Circuitry times that such frequency frequency. device 4 is an an o p e r a t i o n a l of wave biasing forms circuit. output biasing is in instantaneous This very is is adjustment treatment when the particularly frequency in same desirable ranges. of treatment and other signal objects will is generated and These invention description drawings. induced by the an device. may be thereby absorbing reverse with spikes of the generated simultaneously field. producing 1 is a block of of the of Drawings the magnetic-field- diagram the therapy Fig. the device as i.generator transmitted provided the controls to the frequency of magnetic treatment.

a switch. where 16. It is desired output for frequency. 1. or. frequency to generated Amplifier the of transmitted to a timer Timer The an a m p l i f i e r 28 which connected treatment. meter 24 and Digital display provide 32. relation 12. is (amplitude) pulses transmitted 28 and treatment what components 12 to 32 c o m p r i s e . according includes to this generally from Device 10 a pulse A signal it is generator with 14 12 goes frequency a time to counter compared a signal transmits from base generator Frequency 18. 22. counter is a signal in the a frequency display which a digital display preferred embodiment. is is of to transmitted a desired the duty control. signal exits accomplished 20 and a frequency duty exit to divider enters cycle the control cycle volt Two s i g n a l s signal signal. controls duration as an 28 may a l s o signal volt be t h o u g h t leaving treatment digital 30. 24. The generator generated therefore produced is frequency of the and signal in the generated preferred by pulse is 12 is at ten adjustable.Detailed Turning field-producing is 12. of An u p d a t e A treatment a known by 26 generator is of off/on 26 is means. Thus meter 24 t r a n s m i t s display as to 18 and the a signal voltage to voltage 32 frequency information being display and complete of The frequency to the voltage coil. volt amplifier to a coil transmitted treatment to coil. the signal 26. a digital meter and treatment of frequency. divider treatment 20. shown first therapy at Description to Fig. made of the Drawings diagram to of a magneticinvention generator 14 a block device 10. dividing the necessary by g e n e r a t o r by provide 12 to means frequency This a usable. times to the embodiment. The frequency.

generated frequency factor 20. when routed through signal The A diode the 36 allows is at treatment level. pulse circuit acting use. signal 48. of by a known is relation originally on d i s p l a y 18. to adjust and is divided frequency voltage value which is Amplifier 26 may be v a r i e d the treatment 32. range to 20 c a u s e s signal the range is from Although device capable producing a much higher .1 of unipolar-rectangular Frequency hertz to divider 100 hertz. is now to As the Fig. which is produced wave in ultimately displayed reaches by v o l t a g e 12 is coil The this display signal by g e n e r a t o r the the frequency output a substantially of 1-100 hertz.referred to herein as pulse signal generating means. 34 is shown 26. The biasing 50 and 52 a c t from as noise suppressors. from treatment signal transmitted by a m p l i f i e r Turning schematic the signal the form. 0. as an oscillator. signal signal to in A biasing treatment line coil 30 at circuit such that 34 p r o v i d e s times of as the the a maintenance polarity of the 31 r e v e r s e s 26. which a feedback through act the loop 44 a s s o c i a t e d therewith. in treatment line to amplifier 34. The next which passes Darlington-configured as a series pass treatment 46 and providing together between a buffer op amp and Capacitors preventing the In cycle. to enter signal the is a high signal charges 38 and The signal remainder then fed passes into variable potentiometer has op amp 42. biasing signal 31 and the circuit leaves circuit circuit capacitor 40. 2. by a divider The frequency. pulse of generator this 12 initiates is a treatment and the frequency divided cycle adjustable to the frequency. coil 30. pulses in the ultimately displayed 12 by the generated preferred by g e n e r a t o r embodiment. of 10. transistors amplifier.

The animal tissue as sought ice to may be used frequency stated. As p r e v i o u s l y invention magnetic this end. initiation is formed as a treatment large induced impulse initially is a rather negative spike 60.1-15 range most effective Such the in 5. thereby a substantially duty cycles square.a signal steady or Referring at 56. control resulting signal. collapses. 31. spike as coil As the This as is terminates. 3b. Upon approaches the pulse. unipolar pulsed treatment Other may of The course be u s e d . reached. the a 50% d u t y cycle. the reverse polarity the wave illustrated at in a sensing pulsed 3b r e p r e s e n t s magnetic shown state field in is Fig. an e l e c t r o n i c of of 0. As each treatment pulse electro-magnetic the produced. has the capability the of delivering is generally voltages range coil. 58 which immediately followed by a p o s i t i v e . the Fig. 30 by the still wave of to treatment as-.frequency. in an line high in amplifier to voltage the being results at up of 15 amps. form in induced generated 3a. coil by in electro-magnetic or normally a negative Fig. cycle a unipolar have pulse. results 54.5 flux level volts. with the output range in 0. To on the the most premise that a unipolar therapeutic signal pulse the effective device generates of a treatment the which consists This is 22. in solely referred causes positive to herein device portions as to rectangular Duty signal.75-12. volts.1 the pack vaso-constriction with settings the device 5 hertz. of 4-22 a voltage at the a magnetic Fig gauss 3a r e p r e s e n t s unipolar field pulse is field a 15 h e r t z reaches the signal measured coil. ground the reference pulse line. of is based is instant electrowave form. pulses in it the has been found range that of treatments 1-100 hertz defects conducted are most with beneficial to be for frequency healing device of promoting treated. of however.

and more important. off 3c. present the 4a at 3a. a near- as voltage 66. as spikes. 4b which circuit but is is induced in in by c o i l spikes. biasing 70. depicted than does generated by a n o n . such 58 and not at 60 d e p i c t e d Fig. form maintenance reference negative wave 68. Fig. coil as the 30 when result a reverse of the polarity of signal the collapse field Biasing 0. results in the signal of the form same in 31 shown as the A maintenance is signal to in coil order polarity treatment signal transmitted is present about on is the in treatment line 30. induced When the as depicted voltage treatment shown steady being at subsides. circuit 4a. The inclusion line of the in biasing Fig. spike 54 as opposed The wave a sensing operation. the 4c.This ringing in oscillates Fig. means field generator the a non30 31. . the when extreme the coil has depicted 30 when as shown as is in the at Fig. prior treatment pulse generated. 34 duty cycle.b i a s e d signal. about in coil line circuit as the collapses. Although ring has a high a much the has ring only frequency smaller occurs amplitude. induced shown at instantly returns next to drops. the in peak. 72. The to presence transmit a reverse in of polarity line the 31 signal "triggers" polarity a signal component line in 34. form as line. The as ceases. the a signal signal into same treatment polarity slightly depicted depicted thereby line. As the resulting of such cycle ends.2 volts circuit to coil 34 p r o v i d e s 30 when duty in the a small voltage. above offsetting The the to the reverse signal signal elevates in in Fig. biasing ring circuit still as operating. gradually to the state. of 31. does in not exhibit 3b. as for As the approximately ringing by the induced 150 microseconds the 62. Fig. curve voltage at drops depicted the signal 64.

signal a value of output. setting potentiometer device 40 output. PEMF d e v i c e s to high to which vaso-constriction the ringing coil. may be applied. and v o l t a g e settings. electronic may be a p p l i e d a bruise. signal and signal coil strength the the treatment treatment signal terminates 20% t h e magnetic of the field A maintenance has spike. collapse about treatment use of the A specific invention an a n i m a l device is device and m e t h o d which of the to The exemplified which used to ring reverse is polarity spike. is calibrated instance. produce found to mentioned. of is for 20% of is determined on in the maintenance by the variable terms biasing circuit. As been able limb suffered ice have pack. This a frequency at the setting the 22 g a u s s produce of treatment technique to reduce sufficient The of vaso-constriction same coil severity used soft turns flux with bruising. by a t r e a t m e n t for an instance.5 coil wire. volts will has the when been A specific applied With to formed turns a treatment site a voltage 3 hertz. and 40. signal by the 40 If. to the of as shown at 70. magnetic field negative generated coil 30. from specifically Potentiometer 0 to to 100%. treatment 22 gauge of 12. device of potentiometer a maintenance will the be fed to adjusted 20% the 30 when collapses. Various combinations thereby wire voltages gauss may be u t i l i z e d . producing magnetic 0-60 . and been found signal to by value treatment or eliminate the any of negative value. not may be form known previously promote occur pulse. due at frequency of the of wave forms during the beginning of 329 and of site. collagen and of damage. at coil means 30. The duration of the proportional The strength treatment frequency. to of a frequency tissue 15 h e r t z would be e f f e c t i v e treat size.

While described. may be made it is a preferred appreciate departing embodiment of the from of the invention and of has been variations the spirit modifications the invention. without .

signal generating as time-varying means for comprising pulse a treatment unipolar. amplitude adjustment of the predetermined The therapy means amplitudes device is of claim 3 wherein to vary the said amplitude adjustment adjustable 0. for operatively when generating is of means. a reverse producing.1. The a fifty percent of therapy includes device generating adjusting means the 4.1-15 of predetermined 5. The therapy site. said therapy has device treatment signal 3. signal treatment signal the polarity. 1 wherein cycle. . means that and said amplitude The between device are volts. 1 wherein means unipolar said for pulses. treating magnetic generating A magnetic-field-producing tissues with therapy device for animal field a uni-directional. of said flux a component signal. means offsetting and for coil reverse polarity portion to said treatment generating said to means operatively joined producing for use a concentrated in at applying a treatment of claim duty claim the magnetic flux from treatment signal so p r o d u c e d tissue undergoing 2. at signal characterized having pulses a biasing of a substantially known polarity rectangular electro-magnetic frequency and of a predetermined relative to said predetermined means amplitude joined the to a reference level. 3 wherein said coil such therapy means claim generating coil means cooperatively a magnetic flux constructed of 0 to produces 60 g a u s s .

device of the claim 6 wherein said pulse of therapy to adjustable pulses vary predetermined hertz. a treatment of in of the claim the The method a frequency The method in 8 wherein of 0. . range claim range 8 wherein of 0. signal signal. between of 0. signal pulsed electro-magnetic as having field comprising generating characterized substantially of unipolar. the biasing signal the component flux reverse site. applying magnetic 9.1 generated pulses have amplitudes 15 v o l t s .6. generating for The therapy further output device includes signal of an claim 3 wherein said generator means an adjustable pulses pulse with a generating having controllably operatively value having variable joined to known said frequency. magnetic said generated a reverse offsetting to during energizing. rectangular electro-magnetic pulses a predetermined flux by e n e r g i z i n g when a frequency. generator to the frequency for readout means displaying frequency.1-100 A method treating with a timea varying. polarity. equal frequency known having with a frequency frequency multiplied previously-mentioned 7. said a frequency and generator in response pulses by t h e a known relation known frequency and to said said divider amplitude output means operatively means interposed for adjustment a lower to known the producing. the coil and with signal polarity. animal tissue frequency unipolar 8. generator the is The relation. producing a coil the with the is-of a time-varying signal.1 the to the to generated 100 hertz. signals have 10.

biased 12. maintain of a positive claim cycle voltage the The method have 8 wherein of fifty generated pulses generally a duty percent. signal is The to method of claim 8 wherein the generated across the coil.11. .